Friday, February 13, 2009

Biggest Loser Synopsis

I love this series.
There are so many nice people on this show this time.
Amanda is my favourite. She is the person I call to mind when I am at the gym and dont think I can finish my set. Bloody Hell! This woman can do it, so the bloody hell I can I.

People I like (who cares?)
Meagan and Julie
The younger of the brothers, Andrew I think (the older may win them the series)
Amanda and Shaun (the hold hands all the time and I am so impressed by her determination)

I have just watched nearly a whole week of BL. Girls night by myself. Mark watching rugby with workmates. Me drank wine tonight. Did ironing.

This year they appear so more positive then they have in previous years.

Anyway in Sydney it is pouring with rain. I have once again put it out to the universe to send something to Victoria to help them. I am at the point when I cant read anymore about the fires. The mega money that has been donated and the govt assistance better get to them fast and the insurance companies had better step up and the banks better back off.

Anyway I have lost another 900 g this week. I know it doesnt work for everyone but weight watchers seems to work for me. I know how to do it but I need the meetings. My goal is to reduce my weight so when I am on crutches I dont have too much weight to carry around.

In three weeks I have managed 2.8kg (not boasting) it has been extremely hard.

Bought a Wii this week. I know I know I got a WiiFit for Christmas but as you all probably know I am a luddite. Anyway, the kids wil turn up and sort it out for me or else I will step up and work it out myself.

Anyway, BL has finally finished for this week. Am catching up on Desperate Housewives now.

Should really go and sort out my house. Grocery shopping everywhere, ironing finished (hallelujah), washing half done and drying (because it is raining) quarter done.

Guys I will catch up with you all this weekend I promise (rainy Sunday forecast). I am either so slack or bloody busy trying to stay fit, run a house (more badly than I have ever done before) and work full time.

But life is wonderful at the moment (scary to say that) and I hope you all are in a similar position.

PS: Jess's partner has found a job and started this week. So proud in these difficult times, she loves him so much. This may be the start of something big. Keep fingers crossed.

Friday, February 06, 2009

The Universe

I know this will sound sort of loopy but about a week ago, on the spur of the moment, I addressed the Universe on behalf of my daughter and her partner. He desperately needed to find a job, had applied for lots and lots of jobs with few responses and my baby was starting to stress with carrying the burden of being the sole wage earner.

the interview started, and today he was offered a job. I am so happy for them although I think they are considering moving closer to the city (and further from me).

Lost another 500g this week even though I went out to a work dinner on Tuesday night and ate and drank everything that was put in front of me. I was a bit worried because I thought I had blown it but two days of back on track helped. I was hoping for just maintaining but a loss was a bonus.

I know how to do this (I am sure we all do) so why do I keep ambushing myself? It's like: I lost 500g this week I can have a glass of wine with dinner tonight. 'bout time I realised the implications.

Anyway the other good news is that I fitted back into my skinny black jeans (could get them over my thighs). Of course I had to wear a loose top as there was still a bit of muffintop going on but hey, I was so happy.

Ankle operation has been put forward to 2nd April. Got the paperwork yesterday.

Mark has said that I can order the lounge I want. The problem is me. It is soooo expensive. He said get what I want this time. The builder is coming tomorrow to talk about the renovations. All happening in our household.

Looks like it is going to be a scorcher this weekend. Temps in the 30s and 40s. I know I will regret this statement in August but I am so over summer and we still have February to go. Looking forward to autumn - my favourite season.

Hope everyone has had a great week and will have a great weekend too. My wish for you all.