Friday, January 30, 2009

The week that was plus more

Well, you could have knocked me over with a feather. Mark actually suggested that we go looking at lounges on Australia Day. I suppose there is a first for everything. So off we went to King Furniture and even though they are horrendously priced I knew he would love the construction (engineers are like that). We had a great time with a great salesperson who wasnt too pushy and left with leather samples and catalogues. Much measuring later (Mark measuring not me) and I sent off an email last night with a request for a new price because the suite we had liked was a bit too big so just awaiting that and step one in the remodelling of the family room has been completed. It wont be delivered until after Easter but that will fit in with the plans for knocking walls out and polishing floors (I hope).

Back at work this week after 5 weeks holiday and chaos has reigned. My office looks like a cyclone has blown through it and I dont work well in mess but at the moment both work and home offices are disgraceful. Didnt help that I had to take a day off for a first aid course so actually only worked three days and got pulled off normal work today to work on another project. I have a headache!

Good news - no injection this week. Side effects becoming too great so GP refused to give it to me. So nice not to be the one pulling the plug on this stuff this time. Off today to have more blood tests to see what damaged has been done if any. But for the first Friday in months feel human.

Lost 1.4kgs this week.

Jess and I saw Marley and Me last week and cried ourselves silly. A lovely movie. Mark and I finally got to see Gran Torino on Sunday after months of waiting for it to be released in Australia. I will have to buy it for him when it comes out on DVD he really enjoyed it but then he is a rabid Clint Eastwood fan.

Had lunch with Catherine aka Caramel KitKat when we went to IKEA. This gorgeous woman is moving to Melbourne so I can only say it is Sydney's loss. Jess came with me and I dont know what she was expecting (yes I do, someone my age) but she thought Catherine was a stunner. Mind you so did I - she is looking so well. Thanks Catherine for taking the time to catch up and come out in that terrible heat.

I am back to being slack again with reading blogs just because I am a bit time poor at the moment and as mentioned before dont work well in chaos so I am going to instigate lists again until I can get back on top of the stuff at home and keep in contact with everyone at the same time.

My gym program is fairly basic at the moment but I am trying to go everyday. Doing cycling to get some cardio into my routine every day (sometimes easy and long or sometimes short and hard) and weights twice a week. Pilates and yoga once a week and on Sunday I am going to try to go swimming unless we have to go out. I dont know what else I can do. Hopefully I will be able to walk again after the op.

Now to put everything I have written into practice must go and do housework. Have a great weekend.

Thursday, January 22, 2009

A Lunching Lady

Sorry if I appear to have dropped off the edge of the earth but I have been a lunching lady for January. I have caught up with stacks of people, heard their news, imparted mine and just generally chilled.

All coming to an end next Tuesday when I finally return to work. In a funny way I am looking forward to it I think.

Anyway my news:
Finally went to seek ankle doctor yesterday (cant remember what they are actually called). Lovely man, not so lovely news.

As of 9th April I am going into hospital for an ankle replacement. Bummer that it is at Easter but that was how the dates worked out. I'll be in plaster for two weeks and then into my big ski boot thingey (great that I get to use it again). Have asked to go into rehabilitation locally when I get into hospital and that is dependant on me getting some scooter chair to support my leg. Dont ask me why but I will have to arrange with friends who live at Bondi to get it for me because that is the only place I can hire it from.

Bad news is that apparently it will take me 6 to 12 months to recover so our trip to Europe will have to be deferred once again until next year. Also bad news is that I will have to give myself injections daily for a while to counteract DVT which is scarey but I am sure I will be able to do it. Not much choice actually.

Weight has gone up and down but stayed basically the same which is not good because it was too much but I will just keep trying and hopefully I can fit back into my jeans by winter.

Re previous topic of grumpy old men - well I told my darling this morning that he was "a bad tempered prick" and that is a direct quote. I became a grumpy old woman and surprising he turned into a nice person again. I have had enough of grumpiness and walking on eggshells so that I dont upset the equilibrium. I AM WOMAN HEAR ME ROAR! and if someone is going to act like a spoiled child they will be treated like a spoiled child.

Im off to read everyone else news now, have a good long weekend Australians...

Friday, January 02, 2009

Happy New Year

Well I seemed to have survived yet another New Years Eve.

7 hours of solid partying (when will I remember how old and infirmed I am) and a day spent sleeping and recovering.

On New Years Eve finally got around to buying Shauna's book - The Amazing
Adventures of Dietgirl. This amazing woman has realised something that even though I kind of know it too, still hasnt sunk into my head properly.

Just eat well, exercise to the best of your ability (I especially like the vampire training method) and dont give yourself a trip to guiltsville when you do, allow yourself some leeway. It is not the end of the world.

I really really recommend reading this book - beg, borrow or steal - no dont do any of these because she wont get any royalities. It is uplifting and inspiring.

So what am I going to do different this year - well for a start, no resolutions. They only make me feel bad when I dont keep them.

I am going to try and jump off this diet mousewheel I have been on for nearly 40 years. Really it has been feast or famine, literally. I just have to not eat mindlessly for no reason (how's that for bad grammar)! It is my choice.

I am going to try and learn how to meditate - damn this little grasshopper mind of mine. Never lets up! Apparently, according to the Mayo clinic, I can use the mind to control pain. Hey we all know that really, look at childbirth and that wonderful breathing technique. Still use it to this day when something is hurting.

And that's it. May 2009 be a year that all the little mousie treadmills fall over and we all learn to just enjoy life as it happens. Mind you this is a big call coming from this super control freak but I will try.......