Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Plan A or is it B

News not so good. Have now dislocated the joint next to the broken bone in foot and that too requires an operation. Plus surgeon has now extended my hospital stay from 2 days to 3 and possibly 4 because I may need a bone graft and they will take this from my hip (another operation within an operation) and this will actually be more painful than the foot operation and I think he said will take longer to heal. I am now looking at 6 weeks on crutches.

But to look on the bright side, my hip measurement might be marginally smaller and I might have to resort to a granny bike to terrorise the neighbourhood.

Starting to really not look forward to this.

Here I go again - sooking. It is really nothing compared with other peoples problems and woes.

Going home soon to catch up on housework.

Prep for end of financial year seems to be progressing well - tomorrow is rollover day. Not worried just tired.

Which brings me to another observation: For most of this term have been getting by on 6 hours sleep a night. Dont seem to be able to turn the light off until around 11 especially since daylight saving started and then up again at 5.30. Am really going to have to start trying to get into bed by 9:30 pm. Trouble is Mark is usually so late home from work we end up having dinner late and that seems to throw the whole night out.

I think I am going to have to start serving dinner at 7 for whoever is there. It apparently is not good when you are trying to lose weight to eat after 7:30 pm. And another thing, and this relates only to me - you all know how I love my wine (or is it whine) well, Ive noticed that the next morning after I have had wine (whether it is one or two or three small glasses) I am extra tired. After 21st on Saturday am going to conduct a little experiment next week.

1. In bed by 9:30 pm if possible
2. No alcohol (except on Saturday nights when I can sleep in the next day)
3. Dinner at 7 pm at latest

That mice and men plan quote comes to mind again but I will try. I have been reading others plans for December/January and I am enthused which is the really great thing about this forum. It keeps re-invigorating me.

I feel better already - Sorry I was such a downer at the beginning.
Was going to be an unhappy face but I feel better now so signing off....

Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Bun time is fun time - not

Thanks for all your kind comments.

Today has been sort of better except for the bun that boss bought for morning tea. Started off doing the right thing and declining and he said I saw you eating sweet biscuits at morning tea yesterday. I explained about how I shouldnt have and how I beat myself up about it all day and missed desert last night and afternoon tea to bring myself in under the points and then HAD a very small piece of bun. Sometimes I am hopeless. More wine tonight. Elderly neighbour with a weight problem called in with pressie for Jess and I asked her if she wanted a drink thinking she would say no but guess what, she said "I shouldnt but I will" so I opened a new bottle of verdelho and we had a drink and chatted. My points were slightly over without taking in the bun because I couldnt estimate how many points were in it. Oh well.

BUT, this is a long story, I came home to get changed before I caught the train to Chatswood to get my foot xrayed. I tried on my usual pants and they were very loose so I tried on one of those special pair of pants that Im sure we all have in our cupboard that hasnt fit for ages (if ever)and tried them on. I could do them up! but the muffin dough that was going on above the waist band was quite hilarious so back to the loose pants and a bit of comfort.

Tomorrow is the end of rollover preparation at work (end of financial year in education) and everything is kind of going to plan.

First I have to see the foot surgeon at 8 am.

Wish me luck!

Monday, November 28, 2005

Just one of those days

Couldnt read or post today at work (I know I shouldnt) because it was really busy and I think the stress is starting to get to everyone and I didnt want someone walking into my office and finding me slacking off by updating my blog. So here I am at home trying to do it before everyone else gets home and I nearly forgot to put on the leg of lamb for dinner.

My photo looks really strange. I am smiling my Bronwyn Bishop square smile. I wish I would stop doing that and also tucking my chin back into my neck so that it looks like I have three chins. Anyway its up now and thanks to Margaret and her clear and concise instructions I nearly managed to do it by myself. Had to call daughter in because I thought I had done something really wrong at one stage and was getting all despondent but it was nothing and I was told to just calm down etc etc and she told me what to do and - voila! there I was.

Had one good day out of the last three. Saturday was okay and two thirds of Friday was fine but dinner on FRiday night was a bit over the top.

Yesterday was the Hunter Valley in the pouring rain with three very charming French people and Mark (the charming Aussie) of course. We visited three wineries where we are known (maybe not a good thing to be known at wineries) and had a lovely lunch at Amanda's. I am amazed that these people speak English so well and a couple of other languages as well. Are we that insular that we only speak English and expect everyone to understand us! Makes me want to learn another language - eith French or Italian I think. Something to put on my wish list.

Tai Chi only has two or three more lessons. Am I ever going to be able to remember it all? I wish I could video tape Jorge so that I could practise more at home.

Am going to try to talk someone into helping me streak my hair tonight. Have decided that I dont like mousy and want to be blonde again. I can imagine the sighs when I ask but someone will eventually help me Im sure.

Everything is coming together for Jess's party. Cake stand arrived this morning - it has to be stuck together so hopefully Mark will help out because he will approach it slowly and methodically (afterall he is an engineer) and not like a bull at a gate (me) and end up stuffing it up.

Ordered the camera we are giving Jess for her birthday on Friday morning over the phone and it was here when I got home from work on Friday afternoon. Very impressed.

Am a bit disappointed with my family. I know it is a busy time of year but we told everyone 6 months ago that Jess's party was on the 3rd for that very reason and now the only people coming from my side are my middle sister and her fiancee (engagement happened last Wednesday) and maybe Mum but am expecting her to dip out at any moment as she thinks midnight is far too late to be out which is fair enough too. Everyone has declined for various reasons, all legitimate but nonetheless disappointing.

Now for the owining up - ate 3 biscuits at morning tea this morning for no other reason then it was cold and rainy, I thought I was hungry and who knows what else. I would have eaten more but my boss took the biscuit jar down his end of the table - thank heavens for small mercies. Have just looked up the point value and it is 5 altogether. That's a quarter of my daily allowance. Damn - what was I thinking? or obviously not thinking. Oh well, write it down and move on.

Better get on with all the housework I didnt do on the weekend. I feel like a mouse on a mousewheel - constantly running and getting no where.

Friday, November 25, 2005

Power of positive thinking

Okay everything is finally organised - I think - and Im feeling slightly calmer. I actually think it might all come together.

Looking at myself this morning got me thinking about how things change, seemingly with every major decade change. I cant be specific about 30 because I dont really remember (something that happens after 50 - memory loss) and I was in the middle of having children but I remember at 40 everything seemed to drop, literally. LOL. I found that truly amazing.

And now in my 50's Ive lost my waist (although I am trying to get a bit back). I know it is probably perfectly normal but I dont feel old. My mind still trys to tell me Im not old but my body and in particular my skin is definitely yelling old at me.

Brought home last night when I downloaded my photo (I am getting there, Margaret has given me instructions on how to put it in my profile - I think it was "photo editing for dummies" - my words not hers, she is much too gracious) and I got a close up look at my skin in the photo. Bugger when did that happen and are my mirrors lying to me?! I probably dont stand close enough to them to see the damage and my eyesight is not what it used to be. LOL.

Weigh in last night showed no loss or gain which is okay I suppose because I have been really BAD this week, sometimes letting the black cloud descend (see Michelle it happens to all of us).

Read my WW book this morning and it is about "Think yourself slim". Something that was written was "You've come too far to be told what to do by a bar of chocolate (insert icecream, glass of wine, lasagne in there). The advice is to plan ahead and
picture yourself in control of situations and something I really have to practice is slowing down my eating. I eat so fast and am always the first finished. I dont know why Im like this but it could have something to do with not feeling I have time to waste by sitting still and eating.

Anyway this week is THINK POSITIVE. Lots on - visitors in Sydney from France because of new plane so Mark thinks we may take them to the Hunter on Sunday for a day visit. Think Positive - I really dont need to taste the wines as I know most of them backwards up there so maybe just a sip here and there. Lunch will be as simple as I can find and no dessert. It actually will be nice to be up there in summer when the vines are in leaf as we usually go in Winter when everything is bare (nice weather for a fire and a red).

Pre-op X-rays and surgeon visits next week, I have to drive to North Sydney to pick up cake on Friday (havent driven to North Sydney in yonks but when I looked at the street directory it all came back to me so I think I will be fine).

I am probably taking a break from the gym sessions starting today as it will just allow me and extra hour in each day to do other things so my stress levels will go down but I will be back at the gym on Monday week for a few more visits before the op. Of course I will still be going to Tai Chi and maybe pilates.

Anyway, postive thoughts:
I can lose weight
I will eat healthily today

I will repeat these thoughts 20 times so that these thoughts become habit.

Following Margaret's instructions I will try to get my picture up and running tonight or tomorrow.
Have a great weekend everyone

Thursday, November 24, 2005


I am suffering withdrawal symptons by not being able to read other blogs. I cant believe how hectic it is a work, home etc at the moment. I really shouldnt be doing this but what the hell.

The stress of a daughter who somehow thinks that everything is going to just fall into place next Saturday week and a husband who is complaining about the lack of organisation while not having done anything to help, is starting to tell. Have spent the last hour trying to organise a cake for daughter who doesnt want your plain old run of the mill birthday cake but a cup cake cake (you know stack of cup cakes arranged in tiers). Found someone willing to hire me a stand but they were out in the western suburbs and out of my time line although very nice and helpful. Have ended up buying one from a Melbourne company who will post it to me today and I should get it by Monday. Everyone cross your fingers now! Next the bloody cupcakes - have found a bakery at North Sydney who will make 80 for me for $140.00. (The cheapest so far). This means that I will have to take next Friday off and drive to North Sydney to pick the cakes up if this meets with madam's approval. The colours are probably going to be unacceptable. Asked her about balloons last night and was told that she expects them but doesnt have time to get them. She has other 21sts to go to etc etc.

Sorry about the rave but I am being stretched to the limit at the moment.

Luckily the boss is out of the office for a few hours so I should be able to get a few things done (other than personal things) today without constant interruptions and bright ideas.

Sadly, am not expecting a great weigh in tonight. Was trundling along okay until last nights discussions about the cake with grumpy husband and daughter. Then proceeded to eat some of the leftover lasagne from their dinner, 2 glasses of wine and two (two Suzy) Bulla ice creams. All the time telling myself I was an idiot for letting everything get to me yet again and compensating in the worst way. I know I know but I was not listening to the little voice of reason. I dont think a little voice is enough, maybe it should have joined the yelling to get through.

Biggest loser final shows are on tomorrow night in Sydney just in case anyone missed the TV guide. They are being really sneaky with this show (for reasons only known to the programmers) and we nearly missed the one that they showed on Sunday night rather than Monday night but luckily noticed it in the TV guide in time.

Jess has just rung and she is happy with the cakes and stand (well at the moment anyway) so just have to work out the balloons, food and drinks and Ive finished. Hopefully will have time to purchase a new dress that doesnt make me look too lumpy.

Had an early call from Mum this morning. I think that she is venturing further and further into lala land. She is coming to the 21st which is good although she will have a horrible time as usual, but she wanted to speak to Jess so I work her up and it was to ask her why she kept sending Mum SMSs about cleaning her room etc. Jess had no idea what she was talking about but to her credit remained bright and cheery throughout the conversation assuring her that it wasnt her. Will check her phone myself when I next see her because I dont think she knows how to delete messages - she barely knows how to use the phone.

Middle sister got the redundancy she wanted yesterday so she is happy for the moment. She is off to Centrelink to see what she is entitled to - pensionwise. Doesnt know what the package is yet so hopefully it is good. Cross your toes this time. LOL.

This was meant to be a short post - sorry!
:o| (me clenching my teeth)

Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Son For Sale

I couldnt believe what happened when I arrived home from the gym yesterday afternoon after work. Gareth's car was in the driveway and I could hear Lucy inside going ballistic because she heard me in the garage. Opened the door, hit by small ball of fur, called out hello - no answer. Went and opened his door - no one in there. Back door open but screen door shut - went out on deck and called out - no answer. Thought, is he hiding from me? Rang his mobile - with his girlfriend on their way to Port Stephens for a couple of days holiday. HE LEFT THE HOUSE OPEN AND THE DOG STUCK INSIDE! Honestly, if I could have reached him I would have happily strangled him at that moment. I sometimes wonder what planet he is from!

Okay, now I have got that off my chest back to normal. Decided not to mention this to Mark as it would make it worse and he has enough stress from work as it is.

He was home early from work today as he had to go to the doctors and get stitches removed from both arms where she had removed some sun cancers last week. They have turned out to be cancerous but she assured him that they got it all. The doctor has only been checking his arms and hands because they are quite noticeable on them but no where else so I am thinking of booking him into my dermatoligist to have a full body check. But you know some men really have to be pushed to do things like this and he is one of them. More nagging to follow.

Amended my tracker last night to not include Friday, Saturday and Sunday for this week as once again I have overindulged. At the moment it doesnt seem to matter too much because I am good for the other 5 days and it seems to be working okay but I know that this fairytale cannot continue much longer.

I really have to face this problem I have on the weekends. I love nibblies and of course my wine (both in copious quantities). We have so much wine that needs to be tasted (LOL) and Im thinking of joining another winery, Fox Creek Wines at McLaren Vale, because of their dog, Shadow. Oh damn, side tracked again talking about wine.

Anyway, its Tuesday again - Folk Art tonight but I dont think I will be painting. Need to finish off the crosswords and puzzles I have completed to post tonight. They wont mind - I think they are used to me doing other things. It is kind of my time out of the house and I tend to do things I have trouble finding the time for at home.

My sister has just rung, the company she works for closed two regional offices completely yesterday, and virtually closed hers as well. Her partner was made redundant but she wasnt (she wanted to be). There are only 5 people left in her office. They have diverted all the phones to Sydney so she in uncontactable on her work number and she is finding it hard to do her job. She sounds depressed. Poor thing.

These are difficult times and my weight problems are really quite minor compared to other peoples problems.

Monday, November 21, 2005

Weekend happenings

Aren't I clever - I managed to post two similar posts last week -heaven knows how.

Wine at Trivia on Friday night was not a problem because I was apparently the designated driver. Being the designated driver is not fun especially when most people are drinking copious quantities and getting silly. (Dont they know that's my job!) BUT I scored another adorable teddy bear out of the night. Mark was getting crotchety because it was so noisy and he is slightly deaf (from working with aeroplanes for eons)and the more alcohol he consumes the more pedantic he gets about the answers even when he is wrong. His favourite saying used to be "I thought I was wrong once but I was wrong" or something like that. Actually gave me a compliment on the way home saying I would have to be the best woman driver he has known (believe me this is a big compliment from him).

Tai Chi was wonderful again on Saturday morning even if I was very tired from Friday night. The movement is progressing and getting more complicated which is really taxing on this poor old memory. I also have trouble telling the difference of my left and right with Jorge telling me "the other left" or "the other right". I will be sad when classes finish but I will be back next year for more. It is such a pleasure to drive through the lovely leafy suburbs early in the morning to get there.
Afterwards it is back to the gym for leisurely breakfast and then on to pilates class.

Eventually got home after 1 and sat down to finish my book so that I could take it back to the library before 5 and promptly fell asleep. Woke with a start knowing I had to be somewhere but couldnt remember where. Oh the library. Anyway, I looked up the status of the book on the internet and found that nobody else had reserved it and I rang the library and explained that it wouldnt let me renew it over the internet because it was a new book but nobody else had reserved that copy and they very kindly renewed it for me for another 2 weeks. Stopped panicking and relaxed. Mind you I havent read anything since.

I wont finish my crosswords this month because I will have to post them on Tuesday so I will just send what I have completed rather than everything for the first time ever.

Did some gardening yesterday, planted out the rhododendrum that had been struggling in a pot for years into the garden, moved a small camellia. Lucy was intent on helping me dig the holes so I have had to put rocks around each plant to keep her out as I cant tell you how many plants she has relocated over the last two years. She also likes plastic pots, with or without plants, so I have also learnt not to put them within her reach. Lucy is my beautiful dog not my daughter.

We decided to stay home last night so I have a few wines and some pesto and my beloved jatz and dont forget a few sundried tomatoes. Oh well, I was good the rest of the day.

Margaret thanks for the warning about the rebound, I read your comment in the midst of rebounding. Made me stop - thanks again.

Have posted my measurements (finally remembered). As usual the cms are coming off my top half and not the middle bit where I am storing my extra food for next winter (the analogy of squirrels and nuts comes to mind) but I will keeping slogging away at it. The gym sessions are making this area more toned but no less bigger.

I am still reading about how I add my picture to my profile. Hopefully it will all become clear soon instead of gobbledegook. LOL.

Friday, November 18, 2005

Another Weigh-in bites the dust

I somehow managed to lose another 800g this week. Goodness knows how. But anyway yay!!

Bought some dim sims yesterday and I am going to have some tonight with some stirfried vegs before we go out to Trivia night with friends. Hopefully that will keep me away from the nibblies that are going to be on each table. Now just got to address the problem of wine.

Yesterday went I got home from work I was starving so I had 2 small corn cobs (or cobettes), microwaved with salt and pepper. It was really yummy, filling and I think Point free.

Will try to update everything over the weekend and catch up with peoples posts too.
PS finally got around to getting son to take a picture yesterday - mind you my supposedly grown up daughter was making signs behind me but I'll try to crop her hand out and work out how to put it on my post this weekend too.

My voyage of discovery continues, albeit slowly.

Another Weigh-in bites the dust

I somehow managed to lose another 800g this week. Goodness knows how. But anyway yay!!

Bought some dim sims yesterday and I am going to have some tonight with some stirfried vegs before we go out to Trivia night with friends. Hopefully that will keep me away from the nibblies that are going to be on each table. Now just got to address the problem of wine.

Yesterday went I got home from work I was starving so I had 2 small corn cobs (or cobettes), microwaved with salt and pepper. It was really yummy, filling and I think Point free.

Will try to update everything over the weekend and catch up with peoples posts too.

Thursday, November 17, 2005

Aussie Aussie Aussie, Oi Oi Oi

Okay Ive checked some blogs and found out what people are up to.

I think Ive just offended a friend a little bit. She rang for obviously a long long chat but Thursdays is really busy (Im doing this in my morning tea break)and I had to ring off. Will ring her back this afteroon when I get home and suggest afternoon tea. She has retired (although she is really too young to call it retired) and I think she has forgotten how busy work can get.

It is wonderful that the Socceroos have won I know but I did try to go to bed last night reasonably early but the noise from the family room (husband and daughter) made that impossible. Not to mention the fact that they came in and jumped on me when it finished. They were so excited. Mark is hopeless to watch sport with on the TV or even at the game but I think the TV is worse. He yells at the TV continually. I have explained that they cant hear him but I think it makes him feel better. LOL.

Got a duster sample in the mail yesterday, I think called "Grab-It". It is really good for the venetians but I think I filled it up in about 2 minutes. It went from a fluffy white mop type thing to a very sad grey dustladen mop type thing in no time at all. I hang my head in shame suzy.

My sister has just rung. She works for a certain telecommunications company in a regional office and thinks that on Monday she and the rest of the staff may be out of a job. It is being done fairly sneakily and they have only found out what might happen through a slip up. She is not too worried in fact is looking forward to redundancy but there are others that rely on the job. This world can be crappy sometimes. Anyway, I hope that they are wrong.

Jess has to go and have more eye tests done as part of her police application. It is looking more and more like it is not going to eventuate but she is hanging in there. She is nothing if not tenacious.

Weigh in tonight. Not sure how I am going to go as I have had several blow-outs this week but hopefully I will not have put on any extra weight.

Further to the toothache I had a couple of weeks ago - it is really strange. I stopped using the whitening toothpastes (both Colgate and Sensodyne) and reverted to just plain old toothache and the pain has just about gone. Now isnt that weird?

Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Sleepy, Sneezy - I think I'm a Dwarf

Am feeling a bit lethagic today and have been quite sneezy lately too . Dont know what is wrong, am having trouble getting out of bed in the mornings and if it wasnt so busy at work I would be thinking about having a doona day. Today would have been a good doona day - cold, windy and rainy. Hope the lethagy isnt from daylight saving cos that means that I have a stacks more time to go before I start feeling jetlagged.

Have nearly finished my second crossword for this months competitions. Knowing my sisters they probably finished weeks ago. Oh well, neither of them work full time.

Have driven the new car to work for the third day in a row but probably will go back to my little zippy 121 tomorrow. When southerly came through yesterday Mark rang me to see how the car was as he had heard thunder and was worried about hail or falling branches. LOL. I enquired as to whether he would like me to take it home and garage it and bring mine back (lucky I live close) but sanity prevailed. He is hopeless with new things - paranoid is the word I think. Doesnt matter whether it is carpet, furniture or cars or who could forget the polished floors inspection. He is a dear man but can be a dingbat at times but then again, cant we all.

Yesterday was a bit of a disaster with the diet. Finding the afternoons hard again but I am going to the gym today after work so I wont be home alone in the kitchen for as long. Dinner was a long and interesting time last night with the entire family finally in one place at one time. Lots of laughter and a few glasses of wine (me). Everyone is so busy nowadays that it is hard to all sit down together.

After all my uhming and ahhing yesterday didnt go to folk art last night. P had a uni assignment to finish by today so we postponed our get together for a week. It was nice to stay home and watch Fraser (one of my favourites). Cant believe that next week is the last episode.

Caught up with Biggest Loser too last night (I tape lots). I felt so sorry for Matt when he voted Mark off. But doesnt Mark look great. I find it a really interesting show. Probably one of the few I watch.

Aside from the tiredness I feel great. I am going to take measurements tomorrow so I can see if I have lost any cms. This is exciting. Can I say just one thing, nothing against WW as I am following their diet plan again and it does work but I am getting more help and support from the bloggers and that is motivating me more to keep going.
So thanks to you all from the bottom of my heart. Because of you all I think I can do it this time.

Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Shining On...

It is a lovely very hot morning this morning with a promise of a southerly change.

Jess has just rung and let me know that the last two or three invites have gone out. Will have to ring venue and find out what we have to do, probably just pay more money. She bought herself a VCR/DVD player for her bedroom last weekend so that has further reduced fights with her father over who watches what. We all have a TV now except Gareth who doesnt watch TV much anyway. Peace should reign in my household. Stupid isnt it?

Yesterday was a good food day although I forgot to fill out my tracker. I think the tracker is great but I am going to modify it a bit by adding a sugar column and an exercise column as both those items have maximum point limits and I think it would help me decide what to eat especially towards the end of the week and whether or not to get a bit more mobile.

Gym session was okay yesterday but I feel that I am getting a bit stale. I really miss walking with Lucy and checking out the neighbourhood. I really really miss running but I know I probably wont be doing that ever again except maybe on a treadmill.

My garden looks beautiful at the moment. The roses have really loved the rain but the humidity will do a lot of damage soon. The lawns are greening up (I have a lawn maniac for a husband)and everything is growing at a rate of knots. My lawn maniac is very tolerant as son is a greenkeeper who practices on our lawn, not always with great results.

Had a thought that I might not go to folk art tonight and stay home and read my book but I would miss the girls, the tea and the chatter so I will just have to read lots tomorrow and hey, if I dont finish it I will put my name down again so that I can finish it.

Happy thoughts to everyone today.

Monday, November 14, 2005

Life moves on

Sorry I have not been posting lately. I have been a little distracted but I just wanted to let everyone know that I really appreciated your kind thoughts.

We have been out a couple of times over the weekend and the diet kind of went by the board but Im back on track today. The trouble is when I do go off the diet it really doesn't agree with me.

Just about all the 21st invites are out - but not all of them. Heavens this child is driving me to distraction. Everyone is asking me what she wants and I have absolutely no idea.

I dont think I am going to finish my library book before it has to go back to the library so I will have to reserve it again and wait my turn and it doesnt look like I am going to get the crosswords finished this months.

I'm still time poor and it is getting to the busy end of the year. Mark wants to go to Queensland after Christmas and I will have to work out doctors appointments and whether I can sit in a car for long periods - I'll probably be okay. He has had some sun cancers cut out of his arms today, stitches and sent off for checking out.

Anyway,thanks to all you dear people out there. I have missed you.

Friday, November 11, 2005

A happy sad day

This is only a very short post. I weighed in at 68.6kgs - a loss of 900g. Yahoo!!!

It has been a very busy day - in a work at 7.30, then to the funeral - the service was very moving and went for 2 hours, then to the cemetry for the burial and then home to pick up food and back to friends home for the wake or celebration of their daughters life.

It was a huge funeral with not everybody fitting into the church.

I have come back to work to finish up a few things but the father has asked us to go back tonight so we probably will.

Such a sad, hectic day. Makes me count my blessings and hope that it never happens to me.

As you probably can see my weather pixie hasnt worked. Will try again tomorrow to rectify it. I really am a computer klutz.


Thursday, November 10, 2005

Letting Go

Have officially give up trying to do everything for this week (a big concession from this little control freak). I am working later today, back in earlier in the morning, then the funeral, then back to work to work late again - no time for gym or house cleaning this week. But who really cares - there are more important things like friends and family to think about.

Jess (daughter) has accepted a job offer at a different preschool for next year. She is so excited. She will be working 10 hour days but will get a day off a week and one rostered day off a month plus time to do her programming. So much better than where she works at the moment but she will miss her littlies.

I did 34 laps of the pool yesterday in about 10 minutes. Its only a normal home pool about 9m I think and towards the end there was a lot of gliding off and on the wall but I think it was nicer than sweating it out in the gym. Then one of Gareth's old school friends turned up. He has been in Tasmania for 4 years do a uni degree in marine biology and has now finished and come home. Well, I had to have a drink with him while we found Gareth and waited for him to come home (it was the social thing to do LOL). BUT with a little bit of juggling I still have managed to finish the week quite well. Although Margaret, I found myself sneaking food last night when I was cleaning up the kitchen (so sad) but at least I realised I was doing it and stopped.

Weigh in tonight. I feel better, dare I say slimmer. I will remeasure next week to see if I have lost any cms.

Weatherman saying bad storm on the way. Hope I get home in time to rescue Lucy the wonderdog from scary thunder. Off the check the radar and finish some more work.

Wednesday, November 09, 2005

A scorcher

It is so hot here today. I will be surprised if there are no bushfires reported.

I didnt go to the gym but came home to have a swim instead. If 30 mins breaststroke equals 6.5 points than I can surely keep it up for 10 mins which should earn me at least 2 points shouldnt it? Anyway it has to be more refreshing than the gym today.

I am swamped at work at the moment and also at home. That is entirely my fault. I have my days mapped out pretty much so that doesnt leave a lot of time for hiccups or deviations which in turn leads to stress (me). I now have three computers in my office while they wait to transfer my files to the new one which is a pain as it means that things have been moved and I cant find anything. I printed off some papers today and put them down somewhere - it took me most of the day to find where I had left them. (I know Im whinging but its been that sort of day.)

Foodwise Im doing fine this week - mainly because I dont have anything too fattening in the house (Suzy - I ate all the Bulla lite icecreams as predicted I would). Last night was the first time I have been to folk art and not heard the siren call of the biscuit plate which I am still finding amazing nearly 18 hours later.

But I still feel frumpy. I mustlook for my summer work uniform. It is probably just the heat. (There I go again! - Stop me please). Before my swim I am going to have a quick read of some blogs. They never fail to inspire me or make me laugh. Im so glad I found you all.
Cherish the good times and take care
Quote of the day: I'm glad my inner process hangs in with me. Sometimes I'm a slow learner.

Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Time Out

I have been so busy at work this week. Arrived on Monday morning to find that the marine studies area had been broken into. They stole a fish tank and pumps and filters and heaters and did a lot of damage getting in so I spent all day yesterday trying to work out the "new" electronic notifying system that we have to use but have received no training in.

Have just had a phone call to let me know that a dear friends 16 year old daughter has just died in hospital. Apparently she was hit by a golf club on Sunday while playing golf.

That's all I can do today. My heart is breaking for this couple who are two of the nicest people I have ever met. This was their baby. Oh god.... sometimes it seems so unfair.

Edit: I dont know what is happening. Have just received an email to let me know that a work colleagues 18 year old daughter was killed on Saturday night coming home from a party. The world seems to be going to hell.....
Sorry to be so depressing - I am just so incredibly sad at the moment.

Saturday, November 05, 2005

Good movie watching weather

Went over points last night. Went to the Comedy Store. Boy was I running late to meet DH. By about 35 minutes. Couldnt contact him because he refuses to have a mobile phone - so I just got agitated. Went to pub but they said they would take about 20 minutes to get dinner and he said we didnt have time so walked down to cab rank and cabs were pulling up short to pick up passengers not at the rank, driving past with their lights on etc etc. At this point I felt like cutting my losses and going home but we eventually got a cab and ended up at the entertainment quarter. Met up with other friends, luckily we did, because we were on our way to the Hordern Pavillion but it wasnt there. Anyway it all turned out good but we didnt get home until midnight and I went straight to bed, make-up and all, because I knew that I had to get up early for Tai Chi. Anyway Ive been slightly off track all day but I should be back on track tomorrow.

Nice and cool and rainy today.

Watched a DVD "The Wedding Date" which was a perfect chick flick and a good ironing movie.

Got new book today from the library - the latest John Berendt book which off the top of my head I think is called "Falling Angels". Anyway I only have two weeks to read it so I had better get cracking.

Looking forward to tracking well this week.

Friday, November 04, 2005

Yo Yo girl

Weighed in last night at 69.5 so a loss of 500 grams which isnt too shabby but I would have liked more.

Moods swinging up and down - must be hormonal (at least I hope it is). Bit sad last night for whatever reason, I really dont know, so there are no more noughts and crosses left - ate everyone. Oh well.

At least I am back in the sixties again, even if it is just back in the sixties.

New computer just arrived. Really flash looking and the CD slot thingey (like the technical lingo, LOL) is on the side. It is the newest Mac I think. At the moment I have three computers in my office - hopefully the radiation wont affect me too badly.

Off to the comedy show at the Hordern Pavillion tonight with DHs work mates. We are having dinner at a pub near Central that a friend has been working on (actually two friends - one the architect and the other the interior designer) then catching a cab to Fox Studios which is great because it means less walking for me. Am going to wear my sneakies anyway and change into "going out" shoes when I get there. Hopefully getting a cab back to Central wont be a hassle.

If we are late home, T'ai Chi might be a struggle tomorrow but DH is playing golf early so he mightn't want to stay out late. The trouble is once he has a few drinks, he forgets how old he is and how tired he gets, and turns into the original little party animal. Quite funny to watch actually - but only if you are not married to him and want to go home.

If its a rainy weekend and I cant get into the garden I might follow M's example and clean out my wardrobe, or go to the local craft market and see if I can find a deep tray I can paint my santas on or Parklea markets and buy a new birdcage for Rosso and Spike. So many things to do so little time to do them - have a good one!

Thursday, November 03, 2005


I've just read Philippa's post about teenage girls and obsessions with their weight. It was very thought provoking and made me think I may send it to a friend who is a food tech teacher at the local girls high school. Maybe she could use it to help these young women open their eyes. I am lucky that my daughter is naturally slim like her dad (at least for the moment) so I did not have the worry in her teenage years of her obsessing about her weight - puberty with its hormonal changes are hard enough both on the children and their families - without this extra pressure. I only just survived her puberty - I thought I had lost my beautiful daughter who had turned into a sullen, non communicative person but she has finally emerged again (or nearly). Cant stop her talking and telling us everybit of her day and her generosity and kindness of heart is humbling. She still has her moments but thankfully they are becoming less and less. So much so that when my husband was talking about our retirement the other day he mentioned moving to Western Australia - and my simple remark was "you are not taking me away from my daughter". She can move away from me but I will not move away from her. Anyway thank you Philippa for your insightful post.

Have 18 points left for today and weigh-in tonight. Will have to be very careful with points today as aside from some shopping I dont plan to do much exercise although I could go for a swim when I get home. I saw in the latest WW mag that breaststroke uses more points than freestyle which is lucky because my freestyle is not sustainable over long distances but I can do breaststroke for quite a while although perhaps not half an hour.

Speaking of the latest WW mag they have named the slimmer of the year and all the finalists. What an amazing bunch of people. It is an inspirational read.

The group that has been staying at work left this morning so I have been able to shut all the windows and doors and turn the airconditioning back on and the building is cooling down nicely. It is another hot and steamy day in Sydney and I dont think that we are going to get a storm tonight. They have promised one nearly every night but nothing has eventuated as yet.

DS dropped in yesterday afternoon to pay his sister her winnings before he spent them. He said his interview went well but it was just for the Rotary Apprentice of the Year which is across all trades, not the TAFE one. I am slightly confused about all this and he was still tired and emotional from a big cup day. He may not have been able to drink much at the track but I think he made up for it later in the night.

Finally got some of DD's 21st invitations posted this morning. Now hopefully people will reply by the designated date. Ive noticed over the last couple of years that people dont - is this a new trend? It is not just the young people either.

Received an invitation to a family wedding which is being held down at the beach before Christmas. Should be gorgeous but, on the invitation, rather than wedding presents they are asking for a contribution to pay for their honeymoon. A bridal register has been set up at a travel agency so that you can buy a gift certificate for them. It took me a while to get used to bridal registers but now I think they are okay and make life easier for me but I feel a little strange about this idea. I think I may be a bit oldfashioned. The couple have been living together for a while so they probably dont need any household goods so this is probably a good idea.

Oh well, back to work

Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Once, Twice, Three Times a Lady

Just managed to sneak in my points yesterday. On a visit to supermarket found noughts and crosses jube-type things. They looked quite big on the packet but when I opened them there are individual packs with little-bitty jubes. Anyway, a packet is 1 point so I included that. With just a little bit more tweaking I will get my points down to normal this week but I wont have any spare - drats. Went to folk art last night and was strong for the second week in a row. Took my own skim milk, had herbal for the second cuppa and valiantly resisted the biscuits. Its funny, I had just finished dinner when I went to folk art so hunger wasnt a problem, but I looked at those biscuits and knew that I could have polished off two or three of them no trouble even though I wasnt hungry. Anyway I didnt - woohoo for me (makes a change from earlier in the week).

I was so glad that Makybe Diva won yesterday. Didnt get to see it at 3 because the dentist didnt have a TV that I could see. DS rang and told me the results (he backed her) and I watched the race when I got home. I had tears in my eyes watching it. She is such a great horse. May she have a wonderful retirement.

Re visit to dentist - he couldnt find anything wrong with my teeth and gave me some sensodyne toothpaste to try. He packed the tooth with fluoride and said to wait and see if it settles down as he didnt want to start fiddling with the filling without knowing what was in store. I guess I will just wait and see if it does settle down. Actually he was a nice dentist, very young, but then everyone is very young to me lately.

Have just had a visit from a young water dragon. He climbed up the tree outside my window (so funny I could only see his knees on either side of the trunk) and then jumped on the roof.

My new computer is arriving at work tomorrow and the tech will come and install it on Friday. Everytime this happens there is a steep learning curve for me because everything seems to change. We use Macs at work which I love as they are so user friendly but I also have to use a PC for the finance program. I am going to install virtual PC on the Mac to see if that will make it any easier but I somehow doubt it.

Weigh in tomorrow night - looking forward to seeing if I have managed to reign in the excesses of the weekend. My poor goldfish on my ticker - maybe I should have made it a salmon swimming against the current LOL.

Lists are still working okay even though I got a bit testy last night about the perceived lack of help from the other people in the household but maybe it just comes down to me not explaining my needs clearly enough. I also tend to play the matyr a bit (hence the comments about "can anybody smell burning matyr" from the peanut gallery). Need to calm down. As I get more into T'ai Chi I intend to somehow get up earlier and practice it although I have reverted to getting up in the dark now daylight saving has started so maybe not for a little while yet. Oh goodness - who knows when and where I will be able to do this. One thing I do know is I have to get comfortable light shoes to do it as the whole time is spent on your feet and I need to be able to wear my orthotics. Doing it in my gym sneakers at the moment but they are a bit heavy. Maybe I can ask Santa.

Missed Fraser last night due to above tantrum but DD has told me that she will start buying me, for Christmas, Mothers Day and Birthdays the series on DVD now that we have collected all the SeaChange ones.

Sorry I keep jumping around with different things - my friends do say that I have a grasshopper mind and that it can be sometimes hard to keep up.

Tuesday, November 01, 2005

She's Off and Running.....

Managed to stay within points yesterday with the help of the gym session. DH opened a packet of jatz (a big weakness) when he got home yesterday and left them unguarded on the kitchen bench. After several forays into them I put them in a container and put them away. Worked like magic - out of sight out of mind. BUT I did count them in my points and cut back on other things.

The new canary is singing like pavrotti and driving everybody made (except me). He especially likes Kelly Clarkson. Hopefully he will bring a bit of spark back into Spikes life. They seem to be coexisting okay so far.

DD is a supervisor in a preschool centre and loves her kids muchly. She was telling us last night that they are making hats today and having picnic lunch outside (weather permitting) for race day. I did tell her that maybe some parents wouldnt approve but she will get around it somehow. She has always been great with small children (she has more patience with them then she does with me) and I am so happy she is doing this job. BUT (a day of BUTs) she wants to join the police force and has been going through the gruelling application process for what seems like eons. It has cost her a fortune in specialist bills as she has an innocent heart murmur which had to be checked out rigorously (ECGs and scans) and now it has been found that she doesnt have binocular vision. This has never affected her or anything she does but it may stop her application. Today she went for some sort of computer vision test and I normally go with her but as I had a rheumatologist appointment I couldnt go. I must admit sometimes I am like a lioness with a cub when it comes to her. We have always made them stand on their own two feet but I have been know to step (or stomp LOL) in when I feel that people are trying to pull something over her because of her age. I think it is one of the nicer things about getting older is that Im not scared to stand up for myself (albeit hopefully politely).

I think that this rant is now finished.

No it hasnt, she just rang test went well but opthamologist was a bit of a downer. She is going to ask the police force if she can get a second opinion as she is not very confident in his. I think he is past his use by date too!

Off to the dentist today (really am falling apart) to see about sore tooth. Hope he has a TV!

Gave DH my bets for the Cup. Just a tiny flutter. Changed one at the last moment which he wasnt happy with because, according to him, you dont change your bets but I just had a "feeling" this morning. DS has worked a couple of hours and gone to Randwick. Good Luck everyone and as Lee Freidman said yesterday, "Go the Diva"! Just heard it is raining in Melbourne at the moment.