Tuesday, May 30, 2006

A Small Update

Lucy and I completed the Million Paws Walk at Parramatta Park. Everyone was extremely well behaved and it was a fun day. Mark came with us because he was worried I would get into difficulty and therefore I didnt get to stay as long as I wanted to after we finished our walk but next year I will be better prepared.

Have been having physio once or twice a week on my back. Have not managed to get to tai chi once this term and have been going to pilates but not doing much. Finally had a CT scan on my back last Friday and the results were not great. After talking with rheumatologist today am going to have a Xray guided injection of cortisone into my back by a radiologist. Just have to make sure I have not infections beforehand.

Jess has found a place to live in Goulburn and starts at the academy on 26th June. She is very excited. If anyone knows any good places to buy secondhand furniture in Goulburn let me know.

Congratulations to any Crusader supporters out there and commiserations to the Hurricane supporters but wasnt the final a hoot. I dont think that I have ever seen such thick fog. As for the Waratahs, oh well there is always next year.

Wish me luck with this injection. I am a bit tired of all the pain and just want to move on. The people at the gym have forgotten what I look like and have started ringing me to find out why I havent been lately. Still hoping to register for City to Surf again.

Hope everyone is travelling well. Am still reading you blogs when I get the chance.
Work is fine and has quietened down considerably.

Monday, May 08, 2006

A Cross Road

A Cross Road

A thought has been percolating in my mind for a while now.  Maybe I am spending too much time blogging and not enough time doing.

As you dear readers will know, I have had a few health problems starting with breaking a bone in my foot last May which took eight months to resolve and since February two bouts of bad back and now a cold which has subsided into a nasty cough which could lead to the divorce courts and has resulted in me have to learn to sleep sitting up.  Really strong antibiotics has cleared the sore throat that has been around for weeks, the pinched nerve in my leg is getting better and I have been told that it takes six weeks to get better with or without physio.  I think Im up to about the fifth week so no wonder it feels better.  Anyway this is all old news.

I am going to take a month off and try to instigate a new fitness plan which is really the old one but since I haven’t exercised in months now it will be like starting new again.

Monday:     Walk Lucy
Tuesday:     Gym – Weights and a little cardio
Wednesday:     Walk Lucy
Thursday:     Gym – Weights and a little cardio
Friday:          Walk Lucy
Saturday:     Tai Chi and Pilates
Sunday:     Family walk with DH and Lucy

Am not tracking this week as I have had two days of eating badly.  I think, looking on the positive, that it could have been two months of eating badly with the old Julie because I would have been feeling immensely sorry for myself and think ‘what the hell”.  The fact that it has only been two days after 6 weeks of pain is heartening for me.  It shows me I have learnt something, not everything, but something.  Also, now I am back to WW goal I am going to cut back going to the meeting to every two weeks rather than weekly.  For no other reason than time constraints.  I enjoy the meetings a lot and have always got heaps of advice and support from them.  This is heading towards not tracking at all –just knowing what or whatnot to eat and in what quantities.  I know, I know, it all sounds good on paper.

Anyway, will sign off now.  Am going to try to keep reading your blogs in my lunch hour so I can keep uptodate with all your lives.

If there is anything important like lunches etc just email me. Take care.

City to Surf in August (a lot of work to do before that is confirmed)
Million Paws walk in May (if I can talk Mark into going)
DD joining the police force this June (keep your fingers crossed)
Mum is leaving on 25 May and hopefully she will be more happy at her new home

Friday, May 05, 2006

Still Battling On...

Low down on health:
Back getting better slowly. Traction is helping heaps and pinched nerve is not too bad just at night it really aches when I lie down.

Now have a cold - started with a sore throat which is still going, moved on to head cold with all the horrible implications that come with that and now a cough is developing as well. Going to hit the warm brandy with lemon juice, etc etc tonight.

Really upset tummy - who knows why.

You know, a couple of weeks ago (maybe four) I felt on top of the world and invincible. Is this some kind of test?

Physio said I can try pilates this weekend but have to keep to all the low levels but at least it is better than nothing. That is of course if the cold has subsided.

Tai Chi starts to tomorrow but will have to give it a miss but since it is the first week it shouldnt be too bad.

Weighed in last night 500g heavier than last week which makes me feel better as I had no idea why I should have lost so much weight last week. Still within WW Goal weight range (4th week of maintenance).

Our litte suburb finally has a restaurant so group of friends are walking there tonight to have early dinner. It is Thai which is my favourite. Hope it is nice and hope it succeeds because it is nice to have something local that isnt fast food.

Sister No. 2 tells me Mum's furniture is being packed on 22/5 and she is moving on 24/5 which makes more sense than what she told me last weekend.

God I feel like crap. I should get back to work. One more meeting a noon and then I might go home early and have a rest.

Hope everyone has a great weekend.

Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Small things

I am so thankful for:

* a clean house. Linda came today and I have come home to a sparkling house.

* Kate from Walking With Attitude who must have felt extremely sorry for me and my pedometer woes and sent me a nifty little thing to attach my pedometer to my clothes (a sort of a safety belt) so I stop losing them.

* my health. And I promise I will appreciate it even more when the cold subsides and my back gets better so that I can exercise again.

* my lucy dog who constantly brings me great joy, companionship and love.

* my husband who, although sometimes qualifies for that TV show "Grumpy Old Men", is a rock who has put up with me unable to sleep for the past week or so and the myriads of other things wrong with me at the moment. He surprises me sometimes with his patience.

* my children who have both promised to move soon and hopefully visit often.

* my mother for moving to Queensland. Our relationship will improve dramatically when this happens. (18 days to go.)

* my friends for just that, being my friends.

* the sheer luck of being born in this wonderful land.

(The above are not listed in any particular order although the clean house was what prompted me to write this list.)