Monday, November 29, 2010

Handbag stocktake

As I lugged my handbag into work today I thought, no wonder I have a sore back. This is the contents of my bag today

Red Leather Wallet which contains cards and notepad plus pencil and pen
Sunglasses (no case as I cant find it)
Coin Purse
Black wallet for extra cards and cash
Diary to use as a food tracker
iPac (work)
Digital camera
pain killers
2011 Diary
External HD
Glasses (in case)
Another card holder for the excess cards I have (mainly store ones for rewards)
and this is before the iPad arrives.
Good grief!!!!
Now what is in yours?
Edit: Forgot the trusty iphone

On a sad note, the weight I was so excited to lose last week has returned. Not as much as I lost and I guess the difference was two restaurant meals. I really have to learn to do this better. Any hints greatly appreciated.

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows was very good. Maybe not for small children though. Definitely dark undertones and adult themes. Jess and I got to go with lots of young people. The girls in front of us, still in school uniform, were very funny and lovely. The younger boys from one of the North Shore's top private schools were hysterical to listen to. Anyway a good movie and a lovely dinner afterwards.

Saturday I went to the Sydney Opera House with Gareth. We had lunch first at Studio Cafe and then in to see Twelfth Night by the Bell Shakespeare company. I really enjoyed it and so did he. They are a wonderful company and the twists they put on Shakespeare are really great. Gareth really enjoyed it too and I think I may have found a person to go with finally. He actually said that it was awesome on facebook.

Have a good week and keep your fingers cross on Wednesday for Jess sitting her detective exam/interview.

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

the good the bad and hopefully no ugly

Starting with the good news - the scales told me I lost 1.2 kgs last week. After weeks of 100g and 200g losses (yes I know a loss is still a loss) you could have knocked me over with a feather at this weeks weigh in. I am back in the 60"s, just.

The bad is that everyone has tried to get me an emergency appointment with the neurosurgeon but they all hit the bane of so many peoples lives - the doctors receptionist. Firstly I found out that the rheumatologist's receptionist had not passed the MRI results on even though the email I received from her said she would. That had wasted nearly two weeks. Then the GP rang on Monday as I had spent three days in bed because the pain has escalated and she was told there are no emergency appointments and given the name of another doctor who is probably ok but this is my spine and I really want the best surgeon so I will wait until January for my appointment. GP has increased the slow release morphine dose and upped the painkiller and I've got my disability parking back again.

Yesterday I went back to work and found out that a friend who worked in the park and who I used to have coffee and gossip with had committed suicide on Saturday. Even now I am having trouble with this and tearing up. I should have been a better friend. I know loneliness and depression were part of the problem. Damn we get wrapped up in our own lives and don't reach out to others because we are too busy. I was alone at work yesterday and my beloved daughter who is on holidays and studying for her detective exams came down and spent the day with me so that I wasn't alone.

I have been a bit slack lately with reading you blogs. Not any more. I am going to get myself an iPad and I am going to carry it with me at all times so that I can find out what is going on in your lives at any moment.

Jess and I are going to see Harry Potter on Friday and then Gareth and I are going to see Twelfth Night by the Bell Shakespeare Company on Saturday. Very very different things but I love them both.

Finally, my thoughts are with the families and friends of the trapped miners. Have just heard the news of the second explosion and that there are no expected survivors. Gut wrenchingly crappy news. Namaste - May peace be with you all - eventually.

Friday, November 19, 2010

It's nearing Christmas time and

I am confined to bed again. Didnt't make it to work today. Cant walk. Rang the neurosurgeon yesterday about being put on the cancellation list and asked had they received the MRI report. The answer was no. So rang the rheumotologist and asked had they sent it and the receptionist said she had not send it because she didnt know that she had too. Unfortunately I had an email from them saying that was what they were going to do. I know mistakes happen but I thought I have been waiting to hear from someone about the results and nothing had been done.

I have been trying to keep mobile but I think last Wednesday's yoga was the last time for this year which makes me sad. I enjoy it so much but the pain is now too great. Have also put my gym membership on hold until next year.

I have spent today in bed and probably will spend the weekend in bed too. I can't not walk. I have to go and see Oprah with Jess! LOL. Glad I have my priorities right. Only another four weeks of work - four fairly important weeks of work. Please, I need a break.

On top of all this I have to have an endoscopy in two weeks time. Keeps getting better doesnt it.

The back pain is being caused by degeneration to the spine probably by the arthritis and also this time I now have a cyst on my spine which is pressing on the nerve. I think it is nerve pain that I am feeling and painkillers don't seem to work with nerve pain.

Oh well, a quiet weekend ahead. Poor Mark - thank goodness he has retired from work. He has to take over everything now, as well as helping the builder, etc etc.

Enjoy yourselves.

Monday, November 08, 2010

Pandora charm award (finally)

I have lost another 200g this week. Painfully slow but still....
A pandora charm, an owl for wisdom, has joined the buddha (for calmness) on my necklace. A new charm for every kilo.

Exciting news, Jess has been allocated tickets in the ballot to go and see Oprah on the 14th December and is taking me. Woohoo! I didnt know anything about this so was very excited to get the news. Have already put in my request for long service leave for that day.

Back or whatever it is, is still painful. Had an MRI on Friday. Just part of my contributing to keeping the health system afloat in NSW. Hopefully will get some feedback today.

Still having a problem with possum in the cavity. I think we have upset him by removing part of the eaves and the outside brick wall. Mark was out there last night building a possum highway because he was afraid that he couldnt get down. So cute (Mark that is not the possum - no the possum is cute but vicious and smelly and I dont want him to live in the roof.)

Out to dinner twice on the weekend and had Italian both times and am paying for eating cheese. The rash is back. But I dont care - I love Italian and I knew when I was enjoying it that this would probably be the outcome but it will be gone in a couple of days and it was worth it.

Going to see Leonard Cohen tomorrow night at the Acer Arena at Homebush with a girlfriend. I heard that his concert last time he was here was brilliant and I am hoping for a repeat performance.

Have a great week everyone. Under 7 weeks to Christmas - dont panic!

Tuesday, November 02, 2010

What's buzzing this week?

Sorry sorry sorry - have been very very busy and sick and all the normal stuff.

After losing 1.2 kgs in one go I have lost 300 g over the past 2 weeks. Very very demoralising as I have been sick and not wanting to eat a lot like I normally do and I have been keeping a food diary via the internet and have kept well below points and not even added in bonus exercise points.

Have been going to gym twice a week, walking Lucy four days a week and yoga once a week and it doesnt seem to make any difference.

All this exercise has been happening through pain (doctor has increased dosage of painkillers) but it doesnt seem to make any difference. So while this week I am still tracking the food, I am doing very little exercise.

Scans and xrays showed all sorts of nasty things have happened to my back. Dr A (Rheumotologist) has asked me to get an MRI done and then he will ring the neurosurgeon and try and get me moved up the list a bit.

Mark (god bless his little cotton socks) is worried that I will once again stuff up Christmas by being sick. As if I do this on purpose.

Anyway, catchups:
If you get a chance go and see Jersey Boys. Incredible show. Great singing, sets etc etc. Of course it helps if you like the music.

I have bought a lovely long dress for Christmas. All reds and oranges. Please please let it be a lovely hot Christmas this year and not back into winter woolies.

Renovations have started again. Do have a picture of the starting work.
The outer brick wall has been removed and work has started on the inner brick wall. Dust like you wouldnt imagine but the idea of having a long table/s the length of the deck and the family room for Christmas day is keeping me happy. It was amazing to see what the inside of the cavity looks like - no wonder we have had trouble putting in electricals - trying to get them past all those concrete "dags" but apparently the roughness of the bricking has something to do with the rendering of the inside walls - better perhaps.

Anyway, new bifold doors will go across this space - goodbye backdoor and window. The stairs for the deck have to be resituated or else that first step will be a doozy and I can fall quite easily down the back steps without any help thank you very much.

Mind you I dont think it has stopped raining since these renos started so blame me - it always happens. Garden looks wonderful though.

Last trivia of the year this Friday night. We have won the last two out of three so keep your fingers crossed that we will continue to mow down all the opposition before us. Me competitive - never!

Hopefully my weight will dip a bit more next week. Isnt it funny - this weight has snuck on insidiously over the past 18 months using stealth and camouflage and now I want it gone - NOW! So unrealistic but normal I thinks.

Hope all you lovelies in Aussieland have a great day today and back a winner in the Melbourne Cup. Sometimes it is hard to work by yourself in an isolated location. Oh well have one for me.

Have a great rest of week and weekend.