Friday, August 30, 2013

No Photos

I have photos and just went to download them off my phone and found I am nearly out of battery.  Damn.  Will have to wait until next time

The professional learning overnight stay last week seesawed between great and horrible.  On Friday it was blowing a gale and freezing cold.  Stayed at a place with no heating except in the bathroom where there was one of those heaters in the light. I think they are Fantastics.  The sight of three women standing in the bathroom trying to get warm was very funny.  I ate all the wrong foods and have paid for it in spades.

We had to walk to another building to have dinner and there was no lighting and it was pitch black and no paths.  Thank goodness for flash lights in mobile phones but I was deathly scared that I would fall again.

It was professional learning about cultural immersion and the two young Aboriginal men who performed and guided us were amazing.

If I could have gone home on Saturday morning I would have but as I had no alternative I soldiered on and I am so glad I did.

We drove out to Mount Yengo near Wollombi which is a very special spiritual place for local Aboriginals.  We didnt actually go to Mount Yengo because it is such a special place to these young men but we could see it and we also went to a map site where there were lots of Aboriginal engravings and Stewart explained what they meant to this people.  I did put a picture of Mount Yengo on Facebook and I will put it on here next time when my phone is charged.

Anyway, I got home about 3 pm and went straight to bed.  I was so tired.  And also, because I am slightly stupid, I got up the next day and tried to do everything that I normally do on the weekend in one day.  As a result when I woke up on Monday morning I was in so much pain and exhausted once again.  Ended up staying in bed all day Monday and slept until mid afternoon.  Have felt a lot better for the rest of the week so have decided that while I probably wont over exert myself to that extent again I will take a day off every 3 months to get my strength back.

I have started walking Lucy again.  Just a short easy walk every afternoon when I can (probably not today as I wont have time).  It is just a short flat walk but since the weather is so incredible at the moment it has been the highlight of my day and it is not something that I feel I have to do but something I really want to do and look forward to.  The fragrances from all the flowers blooming at the moment is quite heady.

My weight is now hovering between 65-66 but will probably go up this weekend as we have such a busy social time lined up.  Some weekends we have nothing (yahoo) and some weekends we are out all the time.

Tonight we are going to a concert at Chatswood and having dinner before hand and have just heard we are meeting for drinks before dinner.  It is getting earlier and earlier.  Not sure I will make the drinks but will try.

Tomorrow night Fox is going to a high school reunion and of course it is Fathers Day here on Sunday.  We were going to go out to lunch but he decided that it is too expensive so he cancelled the booking and we are doing brunch at home with the children supplying all the food.

I am going to make a dairy and gluten free pizza tomorrow night for my dinner.  Sounds weird I know but it is actually really yummy.  I am also going to make some of Lynda's wheat-free rolls.  Saw her recipe on blog the other day and they look yummy too.  I cannot for the life of my find the link to her blog (still having problems with Feedly).

As mentioned previously the weather in Sydney has been marvellous lately (except for a few windy days). No rain though.  Todays temperature is supposed to get to 27 deg C.  This is the end of winter would you believe.

J is moving home in a couple of weeks.  Shock horror!  She is going to move in with a friend but they cant move in together until October as the other girl is in a lease.  After yet another phone call this week bemoaning the fact that she had no money to which I pointed out that at the moment she was paying an outrageous amount of rent and she had just got back from 5 weeks overseas, I suggested that she put all her stuff in storage (because she doesnt want to sell any furniture yet) and move back home for a short period.  Paying the storage charge would have to be cheaper than weekly rent.

Anyway she has done that and has given notice at her flat and booked the removalist.  Our life will be in turmoil for a month but we have told her she has to be moved back out by the end of October as we have people coming to stay.

At the moment, on paper, it all looks good.

Fox's birthday last week.  I ended up buying him his own iPad and even though he said he didnt want it and it hasnt really been out of his hands since I gave it to him last Tuesday.  I bought the wrong cover for it though and Apple very kindly replaced it with the one I should have bought at no extra charge because I am such a good customer.  It made my day, no actually that made my week and just re-enforce why I love dealing with this company and buying their products.

I think that is all at the moment.  I hope everything is going well for everybody - you are in my thoughts often.


Monday, August 19, 2013

A Snapshot

Realised that it has been ages since I last shared. It is so easy to put off updating and I really must stop procrastinating and get on with it.

As my Facebook friends will know, on the first day of my holidays I sliced through my little finger on the right hand while cutting up pumpkin.
Luckily my doctor was still at her surgery so two stitches and a tetanus shot later I went home.
I will never complain about her being late again because I she saw me immediately that I arrived.  I know how the other people must have felt when I walked in with my finger wrapped up in a bloody paper towel.  They must have thought oh damn or words slightly stronger.  Anyway all healed up though slightly numb and I have been removed from pumpkin cutting up duty forever.  The things I have to do to get out of my jobs.

Something that I didn't share with the world via Facebook was that I had a bad fall about 5 weeks ago.  J has been going through a tough patch relationship and healthwise (thank goodness it seems to have settled back down now as I am getting too old for all this and it exhausts me) and this was a particularly bad night.  G brought her up to our house as he couldn't handle/placate her and after they arrived I went into the kitchen to get J a glass of wine.  From here details become hazy though spectacular.  

As I was walking back out, I started to fall backwards.  The children think I tripped over Lucy but I didnt fall forwards I fell backwards.  I don't know how it happened.  I remember the fall backwards and thinking this is not good but that is all.  Landed on my coccyx with the full force of the fall.  Then lay on the kitchen floor for the next 15 mins as they all wanted to ring ambulances etc.  There was red wine everywhere, nearly to the ceiling and all over me.  Really quite funny.  I was still finding splashes a week later.

Anyway I went and lay down and virtually stayed there for the next 36 hours.  Back has been really sore and eventually went to the doctors two weeks later and she sent me to get xrays.  Turns out there is a compression fracture at L1.  Not a lot they can do about it but she thought I should start getting some sort of injection (twice a year) for osteoporosis but she will have to check with the renal physician because of the kidney damage.

It never ends.

Since the medication has been changed the weight is dropping off slowly.  Now hovering between 66-67.  Exercise has been minimal.  Lucky if I walk Lucy once a week and I have put the gym on hold until mid September.  I really need to tone up a bit but not sure if maybe I am past that too.

Anyway, the weather here in Sydney has been wonderful most days.  I think the winters of old are no more.  Glorious warm days and cold nights.  We have had a bit of wind lately but that is normal for August.  No rain which is a shame as the garden could certainly use it and I wouldnt mind it if it rained at night, gently.

Sunday is my garden day and I have been having a wonderful time pottering around and pulling out weeds, a bit of judicial pruning here and there and planning new plants.  A nursery visit is coming on - I can feel it in my bones.

I have resubscribed to Gardening Australia and enjoy watching the TV show every week.  Makes me wish I had more time to spend in the garden but that time will come too - be patient grasshopper.  Have added a gardening blog to my reading too.

Yesterday was spent weeding the rose garden.  I started off by trying to use a long handled weeder that M has as I really cant bend anymore  but it was too difficult so ended up sitting, very carefully, between the roses and hand weeding small patches and I stole one of M's small buckets so that I didnt have to keep stretching to the big weed tub.  All in all it worked really really well and that garden looks so tidy.  I am glad that our garden is fairly secluded because the sight of me getting up, using a type of downward dog move, very carefully so I wasnt impaled on the roses would have made anyone laugh - but heck it works for me.

I also raked up all the spent camellia flowers that have fallen and the front yard is looking really good.

I have started repotting the inside plants - one each week.  I cant remember the last time I did this.  Poor little things.

There will be photos of the garden next time I promise.  I wish I could take photos like Jen does - she has the talent to know exactly how to take a great photo.  J has this talent too.  Am jealous but I will try.

Not much else to report.  Fox's birthday this week.  G seems to still be skiing down the snow but will make it home soon for the birthday celebrations I am sure.  J is in Goulburn finishing the last week of her detective course and will be back in Sydney on Thursday too so that is the day for the birthday celebrations.  Think dinner out would be nice.  Have to look for a nice local restaurant.

I am off for an overnight stay on the Central Coast.  A professional learning course for work visiting aboriginal heritage sites.  A bit worried about the sleeping arrangements but hopefully my snoring wont keep too many people awake.  Hey, its an adventure.

And on the topic of adventure am looking forward to my next adventure - retirement.  I have pencilled in early 2015 but have to talk to the superannuation guy first to find out the best time for me to retire - tax wise and with a bit of luck we might be able to wangle a part pension for Fox.  

I must admit our friends are leaving in two weeks for 5 weeks in Europe including a tour of Britanny and a river cruise - Nice to Paris.  Sounds blissful and I am feeling very envious.  The good news is that Fox is looking after their garden etc while they are away so I will be down there with my camera taking photos as at the moment their garden is magnificent with all the magnolias and orchids etc in flower.

If any of you are wondering why I dont comment very often anymore it is because I am having trouble with Feedly and the iPad.  I write long comments and then do something wrong and the whole thing disappears, sometimes twice when at which stage I give up.  The iPad is very unforgiving to clumsy people sometimes.
So I am reading your posts and have stacks of witty chatty comments to make but they are disappearing into the ether.  Will have to start reading on the computer instead.

I hope everyone is well and enjoying life to the full