Thursday, April 30, 2009

Last post (not literally)

Well this will probably be my last post until after operation (God this has been a long time coming).

Returned to work on Tuesday for four days (1 day to go) and has it been hard getting there. On Tuesday I got up at 6, Wednesday, 6.15 and today 6.30. It is so hard but I am past caring and once I get there I am fine. It has kept my mind off the pain and, even though I thought everything was uptodate I have been so busy.

Yesterday, when I went for my monthly blood test I happened to meet Jess for coffee near the Freedom Home store and bit the bullet and ordered the two ivory leather armchairs that I have been coveting for so long. Sent Mark an email so that he has a few days to think about it before I see him.

He will be home tomorrow. Lucy and I have missed him so much. Got an email this morning (not sure whether it was his time or my time) saying he was in London awaiting his flight home via Bangkok. They had better not off load him.

Gareth rang today to tell me how awesome (his words) he is. Just got his latest uni assessment/assignment back and he got a high distinction. Both the kids have got their rudd money or as they put it "have been stimulated". Jess is heading to IKEA to buy new furniture for her home office.

Not a lot to say today. Boring things to do like ironing, tidying house etc and early to bed.

Have a great weekend and keep your fingers crossed for me.

Friday, April 24, 2009


Jess doesnt want me to mention it to anybody until after I see if I get through this wedding tomorrow but my operation is scheduled for Saturday 2nd May as long as I dont have anymore blisters etc.

Visit to doctor a success.

This parking permit I have for 6 months is proving a godsend. Jess was able to park, in Chatswood (very very busy) virtually outside his building. It was also unlimited which is always good because doctors dont run on time.

I have just tried on my ski-boot thingy to wear tomorrow to protect my foot. I will look ridiculous but who cares. This is more important. If I could get out of going to the wedding I would because it is going to be a difficult day with taxis (on Anzac Day!), boats - getting on and off and a wedding party where I will have to sit (strictly no dancing allowed).

Had trouble finding something that fits me anymore because over the past two weeks I have blobbed out. Virtually no exercise and eating pretty much everything. Strange but I am looking forward to returning to my normal life hopefully within the month.

One more week before operation, two weeks in plaster and four weeks in my ski boot for real. At this stage the surgeon said I will be able to weight bear which I know means not walking the dog but hopefully means some movement.

Since all the children have sort of left home (visit often) I downgraded our internet because I thought we didnt need to have so much download stuff. Big mistake. Forgot Mark works from home and I have been visiting lots of those 'Britain you've got talent' sites lately and we have run out of download and are at dialup speed again. How did we ever put up with the slowness. Fought my way back onto the internet and upgraded again but it takes 24 hours. All should be back to normal soon thank goodness.

House is starting to look so good and clean. Study was a challenge and have not really resolved it but it looks better except I've just noticed the windowsill. Today is finishing the lounge and dining room which has proved bigger than I expected and maybe moving on to the family room.

Mark is supposed to ring up and order the new lounge for family room today so everybody keep your fingers crossed that he remembers/has time. If it had have been up to me this lounge would have been ordered in February but sometimes we have to step back and let our other half make a very expensive decision.

Have a great day.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Where Do I start?

Am sitting in my study wondering where to start with the decluttering and cleaning.
How on earth did I manage to accumulate so much paper, books, magazines and craft stuff.
This must be the worst room in my house.
Feeling swamped and ready to give up before I start.
Or it could just be the weather and/or pain level.
Oh well, as my daughter says "pump up princess".
Time to start but maybe a cup of tea first.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Just another Tuesday

Am posting late today because woke up very very late after Mark went to work. Lots of pain but found some stronger digesics which seem to have taken the edge of it.

Pain maybe coming from yesterdays Pilates but I doubt it. Dont extend myself too much at the moment and Deb watches me like a hawk to make sure I am okay. She teaches the Menezes method and I have sent away for a DVD of this type of pilates so that I can keep doing it while I hopefully am recuperating - soon.

No word yet. Still tentatively booked for 2nd May.

Talked to the person I have decided to be my personal trainer as soon as the gym lets her have that position. We get on really really well and she knows all about me and is going to work out a rehabilitation program when she is officially a PT. I was going to wait until the gym offered a special on PTs but have decided that as soon as I am able to I am going to recommence exercising. I miss it soooo much.

Gave myself a quick kick up the backside today. I have been letting things slide lately (secretly hoping that someone will pick up the slack) but got in today and vacuumed and dusted our bedroom and the guest room. Moved furniture (dont tell anyone or I could be in big trouble), pulled things out from under the bed etc. Have a huge stack of stuff to go out in council cleanup at the end of the next month. The decluttering is starting to work.

I am wasting time while tonights Biggest Loser records. I cant stand watching it in live time with all the recapping and ads. So I record it and then fast forward. I must admit that this year's bunch are quite nice. Must have been hard for the scriptwriters to drum up any "shock horrors". I suppose Tiff and Bob have been my favourites. The thing I cant stand is the tears but I suppose it must be emotional to be away from loved ones for that long.

Mark is still at work and probably wont be home for another hour or so. He works incredibly long hours either at work or at home. The joys of dealing with people on the other side of the world. He is off to Toulouse on Sunday but will hopefully be home the following Friday.

It is still raining here but not as much. Bad accident at lunchtime on the F3. Truck driver killed. Heard all the sirens, then a police car went down the street and then a helicopter was hovering overhead. Thought something was wrong but not sure what so locked the doors (usually when helicopters are that low they are looking for someone). Jess rang so I asked her what was happening as there had been nothing on the radio and she checked and rang me back with news about the accident. Thought it was cute that I had locked all the doors. I guess I will be show and tell at the station tonight.

I'm off to the nursery tomorrow to buy some more plants to replace 3 that insisted on dying.

Hope you all had a good day today.

Monday, April 20, 2009

Another week

We had a good weekend. Friday night was a spur of the moment dinner with friends. Steamed barra, small roasted potatoes and steamed greens and homemade tartare sauce. It was the nices meal I have had for a while.

Saturday I was going to try and get to pilates but Jess needed a new tyre on her car and for some reason was stressing out about having to do organise it. I dont understand her sometimes. Anyway visited one tyre shop and they didnt have it in stock but gave her a price and then came home and I rang around until I found the best price and who also had it in stock. Made appointment for Saturday morning before pilates thinking this wont take long. An hour and a half, two new tyres and a wheel alignment later all thoughts of pilates had disappeared. Oh, and I also paid for them as this was not in her budget. She is good with her budgetting so suggested she might see what she could put away for car maintenance in future.

Went to the rugby on Saturday night. Another lacklustre game. I dont know whether it is the new rules or what but Super 14 rugby is appalling and boring. I cant believe that I made the effort and trust me it was a big effort considering the state of my ankle to go and watch them again but I have decided that we are going to save ourselves $600 odd dollars next year and not bother. We can watch it on TV in the comfort of our own home.

Because of all the unwanted exercise I spent yesterday in bed. And it was a great day to spend in bed too. Raining and blowy. Actually I can hear the rain hitting the deck roof now but unfortunately I have things to do today. So up the painkillers and off I go. Might just finish my rereading of an old favourite book first.

Winter seems to have finally thought about arriving here although it is not that cold. Might dig out the long sleeved tshirts today.

Have a marvellous Monday.

Friday, April 17, 2009

Best not talk about it

Went to weight watchers last night. Recorded loss of 100g but I manipulated the figures. I usually wear my sneakers but I wore thongs instead. I have probably put weight on but we wont talk about that. I miss exercising so much especially now that the weather has turned autumnal (that may be a made up word).

Last night was not a good night food wise again and the wine wagon fell on me again. I am either going to have to go to bed at 7 or work out a strategy to get me through this time of night. Suggestions welcomed.

My google reader count is steadily going down. It was up to a massive 198 but now down to well under 100. The only thing that stops me is that it keeps playing up and signing me out so after a while I give up for the day.

A friend called in yesterday and I was talking about my efforts to reduce the number of magazines lying around the house and how I didnt seem to be able to just recycle them. I had to flick through them again and pull out recipes, hints etc that "might come in handy". I am going to have to now go through this pile again too as it is growing quite large. She was the same but she also said that it had dawned on her that she could probably find a recipe on the internet so why was she clipping recipes. Good point.

I emailed the builder about the extra project we wanted done. His wife said he was lying in the corner of the room in a foetal position sobbing. Apparently he has more work than he needs which is great for him but not so good for me. I may have to kidnap him.

Spoke to my resident handyman about changing my study around and lowering benches. Seems willing to comply. Of course I would like it to happen this weekend but I think I have Buckleys. I have decided that I have just about finished folkarting. I have a couple of projects to finish and that will be that but I dont want to give up the group. So I may take my embroidery with me sometime and just sit and sip tea, sew and chat.

Further jobs accomplished yesterday - glass jars to pickle lady at local markets, box of surplus mugs to Lifeline and clothes that had been bagged and dumped in lounge room months ago finally sent to charity bins and of course, more mags disposed of.

Another beautiful day here - planning gym session with the weights and grocery shopping and coffee with Jess. She is working at the Show this afternoon. Pilates tomorrow morning (new instructor) and rugby tomorrow night.

Have a good weekend.

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Cold roast potatoes with spicy tomato sauce....

Cold roast potatoes with spicy tomato sauce, 2 slices of pumpkin seed bread, orange slice and shortbread cream. Yesterday or more importantly from 6 pm onwards was not a good day and my stomach didn't think so either. Am still paying for these indiscretions. Enough said!

Went back to GP. She couldn't believe what had happened to me. Quite comical now. Results of monthly blood test show that I am anemic (although I was taking 2 iron tablets a day), low sodium and low protein levels. Have to eat more protein because protein reduces swelling apparently and have to get my iron levels back up somehow or I may need a blood transfusion when I eventually make the operating theatre.

Actually got into the garden for a little while yesterday. Just doing some judicious pruning. Not sure whether it is the right time to be doing it but looks tidier.

Visited the gym. Just did strength training - upper body plus some stomach crunching and stretches. I think it was the gym session you have when you aren't having a gym session - a Clayton's gym session.

More magazines hit the recycled bin. Even though I did tear out a few more pages yesterday than previously have done will go through those pages today and probably cull. I always have good intentions about these articles or recipes but in all fact life is usually too busy to revisit them and I forget about them.

Finished the Demon crossword in this month's Lovatts BIG Crossword book.

Had coffee with Jess.

Got rid of some clothes in the charity bins. Still more to take but Mark has stuffed them in a big big bag which I can hardly lift so will have to make some smaller bags.

As you can see, life is very slow and fairly relaxed at the moment. Boring to some but to me it is really bliss. I am normally so busy and so tired that I can barely function so I am enjoying this time immensely. My sister wants me to come to Queensland, my girlfriend wants me to come to the Gold Coast but I have thanked them all for their kind invitations but I am going nowhere. I am happy to be at home and since I am briefly back on my meds, even Mark has remarked on the fact that the permanently pained look has gone from my face. Mind you it will be back next week when meds stop again in preparation for surgery but I am determined to take it easy. I am not going to jeopardise another chance. Slippers or sneakers is my mantra now.

Happy days to you all.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Holidays - Bliss

You can tell I'm on holidays - I have lots of time to do stuff. The days are beautiful (sometimes still a bit too hot and humid - it is April after all) and I love being at home.

Have deferred all my deferrals for a couple of weeks until next attempt at operation.

Yesterday's baby step was okay. A couple of very thinly sliced homemade bread with a little bit of butter was my biggest sin. No wine - Day 2.

Lots of little jobs done:
More magazines into the recycling bin
Light bulbs replaced and glass covers washed
Kitchen benches tidied up so I have more room to spread out when I am cooking
Pencil/pen container near phone cleaned out (the stuff that gets shoved in here is mind boggling)
House generally tidied and things put away.
Finally sent our tax papers back to the accountant

Things I would like to purchase this holidays (but maybe not):
A dehumidifier for the house
A new sewing machine
A small camera
A new computer (working on the powers that be for this one)

Have a happy day!

Onwards and upwards today.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

A Baby Step

After three days of trying unsuccessfully to get myself back on track I was finally successful yesterday. I felt good that I managed it but I physically felt sick. Now this may sound strange but I know it was my body trying to trick me again. Whenever I feel nauseau I eat carbs and everything settles down. I dont know why it happens and I dont know why I do it but it is a cycle I have fallen into. Anyway I survived Day 1 - here I go on Day 2.

Have worked out my meals for this week and hopefully will be able to follow it without too many spanners being thrown into the works.

Am going to have to sort out all my deferrals from the gym and weight watchers. See if I can defer the defferals for a couple of weeks.

Sore on foot is healing well and should be gone by time of next appointment with surgeon. I am afraid I am a sneaker and ugg boot girl from now until I reach hospital except for the wedding in a couple of weeks where I will wear my skiboot thingey to protect my foot. I am now officially paranoid.

Am using this time to sort out a few things. Have finally signed my tax and all ready to be posted off today. Getting rid of magazines that I have kept for years. Being ruthless. Still having a look through them before trashing but am pulling less things out. I love recipes but know I will never get to cook half of them so what is the point and nowadays there is always the internet.

Have told builder what we would like in the bathroom. Awaiting his response. We may have to defer this project a couple of weeks too as cant quite comprehend foot in plaster, crutches and no bathroom.

Happy Easter Tuesday everyone. Many many moons ago (and I am showing my age now) this used to be childrens day at the Royal Easter Show. Have a great day.

Thursday, April 09, 2009

Update - Bad News

Hey guys
Bad News
Arrived at hospital today at 6 a.m. for operation. They couldn't do it.
Had a sore on my foot from my foot being so swollen that shoe rubbed skin off. Not worth the infection potential to my ankle.
I was so disappointed and in tears but I knew deep down it was the right decision. Shit I need this ankle so that I can at least start walking again eventually.
The hospital staff was wonderful and of course my surgeon was diligent. Anyone in Sydney area needs a good foot and ankle surgeon let me know. I can recommend one.
My daughter drove me there this morning and has stayed with me all day. God how did I manage to have such a wonderful person.
For a while it looked bleak (and might still be). Surgeon is booked out until after June but he is trying to arrange "out of hours" surgery time, maybe on Saturday 2nd May. Foot will be hopefully healed by then. Slippers are the derigeur footwear from now till then.

I have a wedding to go to but Jess and I discussed it today and I am going to wear my skibootie thingy to protect my ankle and foot and a normal shoe on the left foot.

I have been slack as far as the diet has gone but as of tomorrow I will be back on the wagon again. To use an Oprah phrase "I think the wagon fell on me" during the past two weeks. I am going to weight myself tonight so I once again have a starting point. I had suspended my weight watchers membership but will give them a ring on Tuesday and try on work it out. Also my gym.

I was at work until some ungodly hour last night organising everything for the next month but the way things stand at the moment after the school holidays I will work a week and then have a month at least off.

Anyway, just an update. Am going to take it easy and will catch up with everyone soon. Expect a lot of comments on old blogs. I have a lot of reading to do.

Love to you all.