Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Time is Flying

Wow, it is over two weeks since I last checked in.  Slack slack slack.

Linda has inspired me to catch up.

Everything this travelling well.

The new physio is providing me with some really great tools namely how to use my body correctly.  I am virtually retraining it.  Following his advice I can now nearly walk up and down stairs pain free.  I am relearning how to get up from a sitting position.  Getting up from the floor is the next thing.  I have learnt how to breath with my diaphragm and not to shallow breath.  He can actually touch my left leg without me going through the roof.  Where has this man been all my life.  My walking gait has improved and strengthened.  It all takes a lot of concentration in trying to get my body to use the right muscles to do things but it is happening slowly.

Okay what else - Ocsober has progressed well.  Day 23 and no real problems except it really isnt fun being the only completely sober person at an event.  Hasn't made a great deal of difference to my weight but I think I am sleeping better.  Planning to do parched March but cant do dry July as that is our Hunter Valley visit month but will try and think of a witty name for June and do that instead.
Three months of the year completely alcohol free should do me good.

My girlfriend from Queensland, Chez, and her husband are visiting the first weekend in November. She is glad Ocsober will be over by then.

M has finished another plant stand.

It is not what I wanted there.  I wanted a raised garden bed to hide the fence and next doors dilapidated garage but these plant stands are growing on me.  He has made another one but now it is too hot for him to be out in the sun all day and they are so heavy he has to make them in situ unless he has someone (not me) to help him move them.

G has decided that buying a unit is all too hard and he cant find anything he likes in his price range.  He really is a Gen Y. LOL.  He is about to re-enter the renting market.  His life seems to have settled down again.  He looks well and doesnt seem so dissatisfied (at the moment). Sigh.

J is travelling along well.  She has been out to Bourke to visit a friend.  A long drive by yourself so of course I got lots of phone calls with "I'm bored".  I think she is looking at going overseas again in the near future.  Talking about doing Tough Mudder again in February.  She is a glutton for punishment.

Oh well, that is all.  Not exciting but at least I have checked in.  We have no Sundays free between now and December.  Let the madness begin.

Enjoy your week - catch up soon.

Friday, October 05, 2012

Brief update

Okay have completed 4 days of Ocsober.
Tonight we are out to dinner and trivia with friends.  Test time.
Don't think it will be a problem.

Physio yesterday introduced some simple pilates exercises.
Still having trouble with diaphragm breathing but I think I am getting there.
If I concentrate I can nearly balance.
Used pilates machine (not sure what they are called) for the first time and it was not easy.
My body is all skew-if when I walk. Similar to the way I hold myself when I walk up and down stairs.
About my body sending messages to my brain re pain and my brain compensating and trying to help me by twisting myself and favouring one side.
When I walked Lucy yesterday I tried to put into practice what I had been shown.
Probably tried too hard.
Very tired after the 30 mins and lower back is slightly sore today.
He (physio) still thinks he can fix me.  I have faith in him too.
If he shows me what to do I will do my best to do it.

While I have been wheat-free for months now I have been fudging on other things like carbs.
Probably too many carbs so have cut potato out of my diet at night.
Other things will follow.
I am not going to rush this.
I am still learning and with the help of Linda and Jenny,  I am getting there.

Holidays are nearly over.
Back to work next week - checked my work emails this morning and there are already people wanting to book for next year.

Today is quite warm.  Feels like bush fire weather.
Also read this morning about storm season starting and probably being quite bad this season from now until Autumn, especially hail wise.  I think there is one threatened for tonight.  I will stay home with Lucy the wonder dog until it has passed. Hopefully it wont go on forever as I am expected for dinner at 7 pm and I missed out completely last month because of sickness.
Still croaky and coughing a bit but a lot better.  My sister thinks my voice is husky and sexy. LOL.

Have a great weekend and enjoy yourselves.

Wednesday, October 03, 2012

Holidays are almost over

Today is a beautiful spring day. Warm, nice breeze blowing. Probably a bit too warm for Lucy who is still sporting her winter coat. Time for M to clip her I think.

Well I am 3/4 way through holidays. Back to work next Monday except I am attending a stop work meeting in the city. Job cuts, no redundancy, workers comp losses, leave entitlements being attacked - where will it end. I work in a professional typically prized by mothers of small children ( as I once was) but the future is looking gloomy for those who will follow me. Anyway that is a battle yet to be fought and one I dont think we will win as the work we do is not seen as "important".

I have accomplished a few things in this time I have off.  I have sorted our taxation papers out. Just waiting for the arrival of one more piece of paper and then it can go off to the accountant.

I have been referred to and started going to a new physio who specializes in backs, clinical pilates(?) and acupuncture. He thinks he can help me. Last week it was learning or relearning how to walk up and down stairs without looking like a penguin. A very stiff looking penguin. Yesterday was learning how to breathe from my diaphragm while holding my stomach muscles in and not tensing my neck.  I suck at this. I am supposed to practice twice a day for 40 or 50 breathes. As mentioned previously I suck at doing this and since I have the attention span of a gnat am trying to do it in lots of 10. Have a feeling I may be in trouble when I go back tomorrow.

J and I went to see Madagascar 3 last week and then sorted out my new iPhone 5 with Optus ( not the most helpful people) then had lunch at the Mooney Club.

On Sunday for my birthday we were to meet the children at Greenshades for lunch.  M and I got there first which is normal. J arrived about 5 minutes late - not too bad. We waited for G to turn up. J eventually rang him. He had forgotten. After she told him off ( as only a sister can do) and told him we were not going to wait for him as it would take and hour for him to get there we ordered lunch. These things happen.  He made it there in 40 minutes. I asked for hostilities to be put on hold and we ended up having a lovely lunch.

Lots of football finals last weekend.  The mighty Swans won the AFL grand final in Melbourne and The Storm won the NRL grand final in Sydney.  Of course the Wallabies lost yet again in South Africa.  I'm thinking of changing codes and becoming an AFL supporter.  Such a great game.

Finally caught up with Jenny from NZ this morning for coffee.  I didn't mentioned to M where I was going and Jenny's family were worried she was meeting up with an axe murderer.  Lovely catching up and going over the finer points of the eating plan we are both following (me a bit more loosely). Have actually found since I got home Dr Davis brief synopsis of do's and dont's. I really need to do a bit of revision as this spare tyre around my middle is driving me insane.

Am recovering from whatever I had. Voice still has it's croaky moments and cough has changed to a different cough but still very annoying at night. It's been over a month so surely must be on the downhill run now.

That's about all I think.  I am attempting Ocsober. No alcohol for the month of October. They all think I can't do it but that is just the encouragement I needed to prove them wrong. Hopefully my abstinence will also reflect in my weight. Meanwhile I will have to cut back on food intake too. A little bit here and a little bit there may make a difference.

I hope everyone is traveling well this week. I will use the rest of the afternoon to catch up on blogs.

Thursday, September 20, 2012


Hi, back again.

Still dont have a voice much to the hilarity of everyone I try to talk to. 
M cant hear me (that might be a ruse), my boss thinks I sound like Don Corleone and another work colleague said I sounded like I should be doing adult phone calls.

Still have the cough too but that is mainly at night or when the temp drops a bit.  Means sleeping is difficult for all of us but hopefully it will lessen soon.

Second last day of term today and after tomorrow am officially on school holidays yet again.
J and I are going to see Madagascar 3 on Tuesday.  I just love the giraffe - "afro circus afro circus afro polkadot polkadot afro.  Everytime I hear that I just break up.  Look out - second childhood coming. 

Last weekend we went to the Mooney Club at Mooney Mooney for lunch.  Such a nice day with nice people.  Am going to take Jess there next Tuesday and join up.  Very popular restaurant - requires booking in advance.

Lovely thing happened last week - NZ Jenny T rang me.  She is still here visiting her daughter and I am hoping that my voice returns soon as that will make it easier but whatever, we will meet up, if possible, if she has some free time inbetween official mother/grandmother and nurse duties in the next two weeks.

Weather in Sydney has been glorious.  Warm sunny days and cool nights.  The storms have started and except for the fact that they terrify Lucy I love them and the garden has had at least two good soaks.

There will be pictures next time I post.  The wisteria is in full bloom as are the blossom trees.  Looking forward to the jacarandas soon too.  Nothing says storm season to me like the blooming jacarandas against a dark gray sky.  My birthday azalea is just starting to bloom.
M has made a plant stand (apparently the first of a few).  They look quite good.  Not quite what I wanted or envisaged but he is so proud of it.

Re last post - list is back in operation and my world, which was slightly out of kilter, is back where it should be.  

Any way back to the title of this post - It is 7 years this month since I started blogging.  Have met quite a few of my fellow bloggers (unfortunately most are not blogging anymore) and I cant tell you what your friendship, advice and encouragement has meant so much to me over all these years.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart....

Tuesday, September 11, 2012


Am having trouble doing this on the iPad.

Control.... Something I have lost in the last week of being sick.
Still can't talk, still coughing but throat has subsided.

Still being asked what are we having for dinner - I actually don't care at the moment please yourself is not going down well.

No washing is being done but to be fair if I put it in the washing machine it does get hung out and brought in folded.

I must check today if the canary is still alive.  Feeding it probably is not high on the list of things to remember.

I'm thinking I should make one of my famous lists so that when I am incapacitated the normal processes will continue.  Rather like a checklist.  I know that everything I do everyday may not be  essential to anyone but me (and the canary).

So I lie here plotting and planning about how I am going to try harder when I am well again - please let it happen soon.

Try to exercise more (gentle walking is a good starter), eat well, drink alcohol less (hasn't been a problem lately as it all tastes vile).

As an aside.
Thank goodness for SMS and emails.  It is how I am corresponding with everyone even M.
Thank goodness for the iPad. It keeps me in touch with the world.
Thank goodness for the kindle and the unending supply of books.
Thank goodness for Words With Friends - it is keeping my brain from turning to sludge.
Thank goodness for my little dog who rarely leaves my side and makes me smile often just by looking at her.

So from the control freak - hope you are all having a better week than me but the good news is it is all up from here.

Sunday, September 09, 2012

Life wasn't meant to be easy...

Finally able to type something.  You know - one of those days when nothing goes right.

I am sitting in bed, a place I havent left in two days except to vote in the council elections.  I have been as sick as a dog and let me tell you I am over it.

It started with a bit of a cough on Monday.  Progressed on Tuesday to starting to lose my voice. Still went to a work conference on Wednesday/ Thursday even though I had started to feel terrible.

Just made it through but got a doctors appointment on Friday and cancelled the endoscopy which was to have happened on Friday because didn't think an anesthetic was such a great idea.

Couldn't face the trip home by public transport so Jess offered to drive into the city and pick me up.  On the way home she rang the doctors changed my appointment to that afternoon, took me to the doctors and the chemist, brought me home and I went to bed and I have been there ever since.

I obviously have a secondary infection but had to plead with the doctor for antibiotics.  They all know that my immune system is impaired and can't fight even normal infections.

I am still coughing like I have a 3 pack a day habit, my voice hasn't returned as yet, my throat (complete with ulcers) is slightly less sore than it was, no energy, no food in the house, no clean clothes, have run out of the medication I am supposed to take first thing every morning and I don't have a prescription because I think I thought I was having the endoscopy on Friday and I might not need to take it any more.  At least that is what I thought I thought, I can't remember.

I am supposed to fly to Mudgee tomorrow night for another conference but I don't think I am going to make it.

M hates it when I am sick.  Big problem at the moment is that I still have to tell him what needs doing - he is deaf and I can hardly talk and he asks me to repeat everything I say.  If I was well enough I may hit him.

Oh well, what did Malcolm Fraser say all those years ago - life wasn't meant to be easy.

Thursday, August 30, 2012

An update

Good news to report.

No. 1 - spring is in the air although they have promised us a southerly change later this morning which will drop temperatures quite a bit.  Damn I have just remembered I didnt bring my coat to work and I have to go to the farmers market today.  Talk about a short memory. A couple of warmish days and I have forgotten winter.

No. 2 - have been hobbling around for a week.  Got up on Tuesday morning, which I think, is a week since this latest problem started.  Could hardly weight-bear on that foot so took some painkillers and got on with it.  Gradually during the day I noticed that the pain didnt get any worse and here it is Thursday and I havent taken any painkillers since Tuesday morning.

On Monday I went for a walk at lunch time extremely slowly with lots of limping.  I just needed to get out and do something.  I felt like I should have had a walking frame or cane.

Then by Tuesday lunchtime as mentioned above the pain has lessened to the extent that I felt okay walking a bit further.

Here it is Thursday and there is a little bit of a niggle there but nothing much.

I have been writing down what I eat each day and trying to drink water.  I am not dieting but I just wanted to see what days were the problems because I basically eat the same things each week.  My weight is going down so that might be helping.

But I think, Dr Julie strikes again, that it might be something like gout which is another form of arthritis.  The week before last we had a very hectic social time with at least two glasses of wine (ahem, maybe more some nights) each night and I have a feeling this might have had something to do with the pain in my left foot.  It is another month or two before I go back to the rheumotologist and put this theory to her but it will be interesting to see if it happens again although I am back on not having alcohol 4-5 days a week.

G has moved back home, kind of.  He is in the process of looking at units to buy.  We have offered to lend him the deposit.  Am I a bad mother? I am kind of over living with grown children no matter how much I love them.  Next hurdle is I am going to ask him for board.  Anyway he has to find something before the end of September so here keeping our fingers crossed.  He has been a bit like a nomad since his split with "the love of his life", sleeping on peoples couches etc.

I think I can finally say that M has retired (two and a half years) although he still wont admit it.  Previous employer offered him another consultancy job a couple of weeks ago and he said no. 

J has decided that she is not going to keep looking for a flatmate and can handle the rent on her own.  She actually likes living by herself. 

Anyway, thank you for your concerns - just thought I would let you know that things are starting to feel better.  Fingers crossed (and everything else) I hope it keeps going that way.

Monday, August 27, 2012

Back Again

Hi here I am back again.
Virtually back where I started.
I have been concentrating on exercising as my Facebook friends can attest as Runkeeper has been keeping everyone abreast of my walks with Lucy the Wonderdog.
But last Tuesday, I think, everything went haywire again.
I woke up in the morning and could hardly walk.  The pain in my left foot was and still is severe.  It kind of feels like a stress fracture but honestly I was fine when I went to bed but not the next morning.  Surely I could not have broken something during the night.
Then my calf muscles have become really sore like I had done too much.  Back of course kicked in in sympathy.  I am a mess.
Also my hands are swelling.  Having trouble getting my wedding rings on and off my left hand and I think the rings on my right hand will have to be cut off.  There is no way they are budging.
Dont quite know how to approach this.  I suppose the first step is the GP but I dont have great faith in GPs other than treating colds, writing prescriptions and referring you to specialists.  And besides, I think my GP is cross with me because I complained about her always being late.  Finally went to see her again last week and I was the last appointment and was in and out in no time and she was only 30 mins late.  She also wouldnt approve my care program until September although she previously had said she would renew it in July. Sigh.
Weight is still slowly going up.  Not eating wheat or dairy. 
This could be part of the problem of course.  Am now trying to write down what I eat everyday and tracking my weight.
So I am taking Panadol Osteo a couple of times a day to take the edge off the pain.
I will wait another week to see if everything might settle down. 
Hopefully I will have better news next time but walking and the gym have been put on hold at the moment which is really annoying me as the weather is glorious at the moment.

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Things have been travelling along normally for a change although I did miss the gym last weekend.  Just couldnt get myself there.

I find the weather effects me horribly.  I hate doing the housework on rainy days so having to do the housework last Saturday and then going to the gym on a cold, rainy day was beyond even my super powers.

Today is sunny and from the weather reports quite a pleasant day out there.  Unfortunately I am at work but I have a nice view of the national park and people sitting out in the sun enjoying myself.

M is sick at the moment.  This man never gets sick but after day 5 I am over it.  I get a blow by blow description of how he feels and what is happening within his body.  I dont mind looking after him and doing everything because he is sick but I dont really want to hear about it in minute detail.  Anyway, doctor has finally decided that it prostratitis and told him today that he should start feeling better from today onwards.  The power of positive thinking!  When I left for work this morning he was telling that he would probably end up in hospital.  Oh, give me a break.  After the visit to the doctors he was a bit more chirpy.

G is off to US on Saturday with his on again/off again girlfriend to attend a friend's wedding in Alaska and to celebrate his 30th birthday in Las Vegas.  This is so weird.  He is sleeping on the couch at J's place because he has realised that he cant live with this girl yet he is travelling to the other side of the world with her.  She drinks far too much, spends money like it really does grow on trees and is a bit of a pyscho, but a very attractive one.  Sometimes I just want to smack him.

Maybe I should try out for that show "Grumpy of women".  Seem to be spending a fair bit of time lately ranting.  LOL

OK calm again.  Have been using the app on my iPhone call Runkeeper and although there have been a few hiccups am really pleased with it.  Thanks Linda for the headsup.  I have found the music that I walk to makes a hell of a difference to the speed I walk.  So have made some special playlists in iTunes for my iPhone with an upbeat tempo.  I've found when the tempo is faster I walk faster without even noticing I am walking faster except for the little voice that tells me all the stats for my walk as I go.  I know it is a new toy but it is really making me want to walk every day.  Becoming a bit of an obsession, we (as in Lucy and me) even walked in the dark last night - thank goodness for soccer training and the sports lights being turned on at the oval.

Busy busy weekend ahead.  You know, when you say yes to things because it seems like a good idea but then when it actually rolls around you wish you could stay home in your jammies - that's me this weekend.

As Jen says, hooray today is hump day.  All downhill from here workwise.
(Sorry have forgotten how to do links again to the marvellous women I have mentioned above)

Thursday, July 19, 2012

Minor Meltdown

Everything has been chugging along nicely lately.  Except for the aches and pains as winter progresses not feeling too badly.

Except last Tuesday
Had a doctors appointment booked two weeks prior for 4 pm. 
4.45 pm doctor wasnt even in the building being out on house calls.
then when she did show up the muppet of a receptionist put someone else in first because they only wanted a prescription!
I probably over-reacted but it was the end of a tough day and I had a few questions for them, such as
When did my time become less valuable than anyone elses.
Could you imagine me turning up 50 mins late for a doctors appointment and expecting everything to be hunkeydorey?
Did they perhaps ever think about the fact that she was overbooked.
I really didnt expect a visit to the doctors to flare up my ulcer and blood pressure.

The said muppet tried to tell me that this was a rare occurrence but that is rubbish.  It is happening more and more and I am continually hearing people complain that they have had to wait over an hour to get in to see her.

Dont get me wrong, she is a great doctor and I really dont want to have to go to another doctor.

A letter has to be written when I calm down more and I will try again to get an appointment.
Sigh -  Maybe a Saturday when I dont have to keep taking time off work.
Is it just me or is this happening to others too?

Friday, June 29, 2012

Short and Sweet

I have been absent without leave.
I will try to make this short as I am at work.
All doctors reports are back in - if I can put up the pain, the longer the better, than that will be a good thing rather than have anymore major ops with maybe not so good consequences.

Lost my mojo somewhere along the way.  Was exercising by walking Lucy at least three times a week and had started back at the gym two days a week using the weight machines but it suddenly stopped. Things, actually life, keeps getting in the way.  I am trying to put myself first but seem to have got out of practice at that since M has retired.  It is a conundrum.

Weight is still the same so I guess it wasn't the hormones in the HRT.

Anyway today is the last day of the school term and I am off on two weeks holiday.

Over the next two weeks:
  • I have plans to do classes at the gym - pilates, yoga and body balance when I can.
  • I plan to walk Lucy 5 days a week.
  • I will go to the gym on the weekend to use the weight machines because my muscles, especially the hamstrings and quadriceps, have disappeared completely.  Upper body on Saturday, lower body on Sunday.
  • I will really really try to limit my glasses of wine to 3 days a week with a plan to reduce it further.
  • I will post more.
  • I have loaded RunKeeper app on my iPhone so that might help when I can work out how to use it.

We are off to the Hunter for four days/3 nights mid school holidays.  That will be hard but I will try.

J is at the very moment walking the Kokoda Trail in Papua New Guinea.  I can follow their progress as one of the guys in her group has a GPS tracker.  It hasn't moved since yesterday but I am sure that there is a good reason for that.  Please please hold her in your thoughts until she is safely home.  Why couldn't I have a daughter who loved dresses, makeup and just being a girl.  I had to have Action Girl.  No, I wouldn't change her for the world - she keeps me on my toes.

Love to you all - Molly is off to Ireland etc to visit family - travel safely and Linda is running in a race tomorrow - may the weather be kind and remember to enjoy yourself.

Thinking of you all

Friday, June 08, 2012

Boring and Normal - just how I like it

Well this week has been fairly normal for me.

Firstly, Dr Hormone had news - the previous Dr Hormone had upped the oestrogen and testorerone levels of my troche quite significantly.  New Dr asked me did I know why.  Last time I saw old Dr was in April 2011 and I have no idea why he put the dosage up.  My question was surely he wrote notes.  Apparently not and I could not remember.  I hadnt had a blood test since 2010 so I think that old Dr Hormone may have been getting a tiny bit slack towards the end.  He is still practising somewhere further west but has sold this practice.

Anyway the upshot was that this may be the reason why I have been putting on weight significantly around the middle and when I look back I think yes that is probably when I started piling it on.  I was just thinking that it was normal but maybe there is no such thing as normal.
Anyway I am just awaiting the compounding chemist to post me my new prescription so that I can start it and hopefully see some improvement in my middle.

Also although I was taking 2 biomagnesium tablets every day my magnesium was very low so am now on a scoop of magnesium powder in my juice every morning and 1/2 tpsn of zinc powder in water every night after dinner.  Still anemic but not low in iron so dont quite know what that means.  Too many things to take in. 

Have to drink less coffee and wine and more water or herbal tea.  Sounds boring but will try.

Also had my flu shot as I am finally over the bronchitis.

Secondly, went to see the neurosurgeon re my back.  He couldnt see that it was much worse than it had been in December 2010 when he last operated which was really great news.  I just have to find out where the MRI scans are and send them down to him as of course they werent in the envelope with the rest of the stuff.  So friggin annoying.

Although today looks lovely the weather here has been cold.  6 degrees this morning.  A lot colder in other parts of Sydney.  An east coast low hit on Monday night  and temperatures dropped significantly plus the winds picked up and did lots of damage in southern suburbs and Illawarra.  Ski season starts officially this weekend so children are happy with the weather and are off to the snow tonight for a couple of days. Snowboards and skis are all packed.

Despite the weather,  the builder has finished the brickwork around the study window (shoddy job from a previous builder) and possum proofed the roof (same builder not finishing off roof join properly).  Hopefully roof will go back on deck soonish.  Last weekend when it was raining really missed having that buffer of a dry area and Lucy had no where really to go.  Boy did I get tired of drying her and she is not all that fond of the hairdryer.  AND he (the builder) actually talked about the front verandah and what we have to do there yesterday.  I thought he wasnt going to do it this time and I would have to wait another 12 months but no it is going to be done and then I will get it tiled.  Or maybe I have to get it tiled and then he will redo the posts.  Cant remember but M was there too so I am sure he will remember what was said.

Nothing much else to report.  The market people and I are establishing a nice rapport but I must admit it involves a lot extra planning and work but I enjoy it.  Also found a discount pharmacy nearby to the markets so am going to be getting my prescriptions there in the future when I can.

A small karma type thing happened yesterday.  I wear my mother's wedding ring given to her by my father.  I dont think it is of any great value except it was something that my father gave to my mother.  Inside is engraved "tru love" which I think may have been true at the time.  Anyway it is so small I wear it on my little finger and yesterday when I got back to the car to put away my purchases from the market I suddenly became aware that I no longer was wearing it.  My first thought was to check the car - so I went back and had a quick look but it had so much stuff in it it was like looking for a needle in a haystack.  Then I thought that I would go back to every place I had been and ask and look.  Not really practical as I had been a lot of places.  My last thought was "I hope whoever finds it cherishes it as much as I did".  While walking back into the shopping centre for some reason I decided to check my handbag and guess what I found in the bottom.  The ring.  Now safely restored to my finger.  It must have slide off when I put my purse back in my bag.  I cant describe the feeling that went through me.  I would have done a little dance if that wouldnt have looked a bit strange.

It is a long weekend here this weekend and we have nothing set in concrete to do.  Three whole days off.  Bliss.  Mind you school holidays start in two weeks which is also a reason for celebration except we are being audited (at work) in the last week of term which might be a bit stressful.  Checked the gym timetables and have pencilled lots of things into my diary such as pilates, yoga and body balance. 

Still reading "Wheat Belly" and highlighting so many passages that seem to apply to me.  Skipped the diabetes chapter as dont have that problem.  Tests were negative.

That's all.  Fairly boring week actually.
Enjoy yourselves

Thursday, May 31, 2012

Morning Person? Not really

I am not a morning person.  I love sunrise and I love being up at that time of day but it is something that really doesnt come naturally to me hence this picture
I dont know where this picture comes from, maybe Jen, but I remember sending it to my boss as a warning and it really does sum up me in the morning.

I used to be a night owl but that too is changing.  The highlight of my day now is going to bed with my book and reading.  So so sad.

I had a bad weekend last week.  I had to have a glucose tolerance test down which meant that I had to carb up for 3 days beforehand and then fast.  Carbing up when you are wheat free can be a bit of a challenge but I just ate more fruit, visited the gluten free lady stall at the farmers markets etc etc.  BUT it really played havoc with my insides.  Having that test also required me to have blood tests, drink a really really sweet liquid and then wait two years hours in their waiting room then they took more blood and set me free.  Eventually made work at 11:30 with my breakfast in my hand and a lovely boss having my coffee waiting for me.  Boy does he know me well.

Will get results next week but I dont think I have a problem in that regard yet.  It was just that diabetes runs in my family so I think my new "hormone" doctor was just being careful.  Still havent had MRIs on ankles and I dont think it will be next week either as I already have two doctor appointments.  Just doing my best to keep the medical system ticking along.

The cold is settling in here now.  I know it is going to get colder but am feeling it in my joints for the second year in a row already.  But it is not constant just burst of pain that last for a couple of seconds.

And talking about pain, I got a second piercing in my ears 4 weeks ago so I was able to take out the earrings last night but I think today I will be buying extra sleepers because trying to put in the studs again this morning was difficult and painful.  For someone who doesnt heal easily usually, my ears tried to  comply last night.  Must put earrings on my shopping list for today.

Other than that, there is nothing much to report.  Got a new Nano yesterday (bright orange) which apparently hooks up with the Nike training program without anything else.  When I have time I will work it all out.  Lucy and I have managed two walks this week.  The gym is going to send out a search party soon if I dont return to the fold but I have decided that at the moment I want to walk her.  She is starting to resemble a fluffy keg on legs.  The vet will kill me if she puts on any more weight.

New deck roof not progressing because when they took down the old one, the builder saw what a poor job the previous builder had done on the brickwork around the window we had moved about 20 years ago and promptly demolished that brickwork and has redone it.  I must admit it looks so much better and as the deck roof is being lifted the cr*p brickwork would have really stood out.

J has about 3 weeks I guess before she goes to Papua New Guinea to walk the Kokoda Track.  I think she has finally finished splitting everything with her ex but she still hasnt found someone to share her apartment.  We will miss him but she seems a lot happier now.  It's funny with this generation, how could he not see what playing computer games was doing to their relationship and although he did try to limit it I dont think he quite managed it.

Wheatfree living is progressing well. 
The gluten free lady I mentioned above told me that they dont have any wheat products in their kitchens at all so that there cant be any slip ups.  Going back today to buy some more stuff. She told me what she uses and it seems okay.
Have been building up recipes on my iPad so that I can have them with me at all times.  Am about to try and master Readiris which is a program that takes pdfs and converts them because I want to change recipes without having to retype them.  Also would be handy to add notes and observations to recipes.  I am going to have to read the application instructions unless I can talk a co-worker into explaining it to me - again.

Havent been able to keep up with blogs yet again mainly because I am reading books again.  You know when you are reading a book you are really enjoying and you dont want to put it down.  I have been known to cook while reading.

I hope all of you in the southern hemisphere are settling into hibernation time - winter is nearly here and those in the northern hemisphere getting ready for summer.  Both lovely times of the year.  Take care and blessed be.

Sunday, May 20, 2012

He is The Eggman, he is the egg man...

The iPad and I are having issues today so don't blame me if this makes no sense. 
I typed this post on the iPad and have now opened it on the computer and it just looks like one big sentence.  Oh, well some editing to do.

When I went to the markets on Thursday the egg man asked me if I wanted double yokers at no extra cost. Asked how he could tell and I think he said because they were bigger. All the doubters (insert men) I told looked at me like I was a bit gullible but as they didn't cost anymore I thought why not. Well the proof is in the picture. My breakfast this morning.

Damn it is coming over cloudy and I have gardening to do. At the same markets I bought 5 more pots of violas. M just rolls his eyes now when I come home with them but I think they are such classy little flowers and I have planted them in most of the pots around the larger plants. They will flower for ages as long as I keep watering them.

Egg shell scattered around them to discourage snails and slugs.  Seems to work.

I also bought some common mint as the mint I have has gone woody. This stuff used to grow weed like at home when I was growing up but I don't have much luck with it. Hopefully this time will prove lucky. Everything has settled down in Js life. They have just about sorted everything out financially. She still hasn't found a flat mate but hopefully soon. Not a psycho please. Her M is moving the last of his things out next Sunday. I have lent her some more money to pay out her half of the credit card debt so she can start afresh.

 Have not exercised for over two weeks. Bronchitis or whatever it was has nearly gone. A bit surprised because normally it hangs around for at least six weeks but hit it this time with antibiotics, puffer, cough medicine, tablets to help me sleep at night and Fess. Will start walking again this week. Lucy and I are definitely getting a waddle up.

 Have been going okay with no wheat, very little sugar and no dairy. BUT had some feta cheese on Friday night and paid the price on Saturday. Serves me right. I am going to have to watch my portion sizes too I think. A bit of a problem there. Still can't believe the difference in the swelling in my ankles. Still have to have MRIs on both of them but they hardly swell at all anymore. Two months ago it looked like I had a cricket ball strapped to one and a baseball strapped to the other. Most of the time I am also feeling a deep-seeded contentment too. One of my strange little joys is the fact that my fridge is slowly emptying of stuff. The pantry too. I try to shop at the farmers markets when I can get off work early (thank you gorgeous boss), plan our meals for the week and only buy the produce I need. It has cut down on wastage and the amount of money I spend. That in itself makes me happy.

Mothers Day breakfast with the children at Echo on the Marina at Roseville was so nice plus I got the bonus of a lovely card plus a gardenia scented candle. I had eggs benedict with smoked salmon and J ate the sourdough that it came on for me.  Selfless daughter.

G and S have moved back to her parents home to save money and at the moment he seems to have settled in quite well. They are off to Alaska in a couple of months for a wedding. J is off to Kokoda in 4-5 weeks. I will be asking you all to focus you thought on her when she is away to help guard her. I am such a worrywart and I can't tell her how worried I am that she is doing this. Worried and extremely proud. It never stops does it?

Discovery of the week:  there is a kindle app for the iPad and I can access all my books on my kindle on my iPad as well.  How cool is that.

Anyway my morning coffee is finished, those scrumptious eggs gone, M has gone to golf and I have the glorious whole day stretching out on front of me to potter before the dreaded ironing tonight.

Although M has gone to golf he has been ill all week and in a lot of pain.  He was really focussed on what was happening to him to the point if he didn't stop talking about it I would have smothered him.  I had lots of yukky things to do such as change dressings, inspect problem etc etc.  Thank goodness, for all concerned, he seems to be getting better.  Still on antibiotics and back to the doctor tomorrow.  He is very sweet, even bought me a cup of green tea this morning at 5:30 before he headed off and as much as I love him I am over it.  Heartless trollop aren't I?

 Have a wonderful day and week and blessed be.

Sunday, May 06, 2012

A bit late

I'm a bit late this week posting.

It has been really hectic at work lately. So much so that early in the week I resorted to sitting in the print room chanting "om" to try and recentre myself and stop the rising sense of panic that was threatening to engulf me.

Everything is trundling along quite well except I have developed a really bad cough. My boss has one which he caught from his young children. One of the joys of working with young people. I had thought that I was passed this phase. Can only get worse as the staff at work gets younger. Have nearly lost my voice and sound like I am still smoking a packet a day. Have started taking cough mixture and will see the doctor soon if it doesnt improve as it has moved down to my chest. 

A couple of good things this week. On at least two or three occasions I have actually said I have eaten enough and not finished my meal. If you know how I eat, it is usually eat until that plate is empty. This feeling of fullness is an unfamiliar feeling for me.

Went to see the ankle surgeon on Thursday night but he can't really tell if the subtalar joint has collapsed from the X-ray so it is off to get a ctscan on both my ankles when I can. The ankle replacement or pacman (because that's what it looks like in the X-rays) is okay though which is good news.

 I love Spencer and Ruthford handbags etc. So it may come as a surprise to some who know one of my fetishes is handbags/purses that I actually went to buy another purse the other night and suddenly thought I don't need this what the hell am I doing. I was so proud of myself. Another milestone I hope.

On a different note, there was an article in the Sydney Morning Herald this week by Kasey Edwards about Jenny Craig and them having Dame Edna as their spokesperson now. It is worth reading and the link below should take you there. If not perhaps cut and paste it.  A sentence in it really hit home with me and it was "''Their profitability depends upon failure and their programs ensure that failure happens.'' 
and also this paragraph 
"With such damning rates it is extraordinary that we still blame individuals for ''failing'' at weight loss programs rather than accusing the diet companies of selling snake oil. Can you imagine buying any other product with a 95 per cent failure rate and then blaming yourself when it didn't deliver on its promise?"

Read more: http://www.smh.com.au/opinion/society-and-culture/all-diet-customers-are-losing-is-their-dignity-possums-20120429-1xspw.html#ixzz1u3m5hY5q

On another positive note, I have finally decided to get rid of some of my shoes. There are rather a lot of pairs in the wardrobe (to put it mildly) and believe me, this is a major step for me. Even though I can't wear high heels anymore because of the ankle replacement I have kept all my high heeled shoes. Time to move on I think. Meant to mention that when I saw the surgeon I told him about that fact that I had stopped eating wheat and the swelling in my ankles had virtually disappeared. He said that a number of his patients had told him a similar story.

Exercise has been at least 30 mins 6 days a week which I am happy with although some days had been a struggle. Went to a memorial service today for the mother of one of G's friends. She lost her battle with breast cancer last Monday. She was the same age as me. I had only met her once but know her daughter really well. She sounded like a truly remarkable woman and I am sad that I didn't know her better.

Now family roundup:
M is still as grumpy as ever although he did vacuum for me on Friday for which I am grateful.
G&S have now moved back home with her parents to try and save some money.
J&M have finally split up. For good this time. Amicable but lots of tears. She is looking for someone to share the apartment with her. So far she has been offered 4 children and a cat.

And lastly I have discovered the joy of dropbox.  Using it mainly at the moment to move recipes between iMac and iPad but it seems to work really well.

 I hope everyone is having a great weekend. I'm off to bed.

PS: This was written yesterday and today I have had a fairly easy day due to the fact that I am having trouble breathing but I feel like I have been given a leave pass.  M has gone off to caddy for someone at golf and I am just pottering around like old times.
Blessed be everyone.

Tuesday, April 24, 2012


Damn damn damn.
I just get used to one type of blog layout and they change everything!
Isnt this just like life?  Okay, building bridge now.

Back at work and the planets have all realigned in my household I think.  M is back to pottering happily around home without me there and I dont have to make him lunch anymore.  Bargain.

Had lunch with girlfriends last Wednesday.  Went down to Chatswood early so that I could do some shopping because it is a larger shopping centre and guess what, bought some new eye shadow and that's all.  Had lunch and then came home.  Things certainly are changing (mainly in my mind I think).

My sister and her partner came for lunch on Thursday which was a surprise and a great chance to catch up.  He had been up the Central Coast to visit his father, who by the way is 99 years old, and our place is halfway between their place and the Coast so he caught the train down and she picked him up.

Friday was cleaning the house day as I was planning to be out all day Saturday.  I made a HUGE mistake by moving that furniture.  Can't tell M or he will literally kill me.  I guess my back would not be sore anymore if that was the case.  Soldiered on as we all do and then spent the evening sitting with heat packs against my back.  Stupid stupid stupid.

Saturday went to into the city early and went to the Rocks Markets.  My shopping tastes have really changed.  There was nothing that caught my eye there except a little sparkly "L" for Lucy's collar.

Walked around to the Opera House and had lunch and then saw "the Scottish play".  J said I have got to stop referring to it by its proper name as it is bad luck.  It didnt finish until quite late so I went and sat by the harbour and waited for M.  Tourists kept asking me to take photos so I gave up sitting quietly and reading to go and find M.  Luckily he was walking towards me by that stage and we met up, tossed up whether to go and have a drink but ended up just sitting again looking at the ferries and the sun setting.

Friends picked us up in Macquarie Street and we went out for dinner.  Wont mentioned the place we went to because I couldnt stop laughing when they brought the food that we had ordered.  Large plates (not white, a small mercy) and small amount of nice food at exorbitant price.  Will not be going there again and certainly wouldnt recommend it.  Should have taken photos!

Then on to the rugby to watch the Waratahs play scintillating rugby for the first 27 seconds.  Oh well, at least they won.  Eventually got home at 11 which made it an extremely long day.

Sunday was just bits and pieces and of course the ironing.  I know I know I am the only person left in the world who seems to iron.  It is a habit I am trying to break.

Yesterday was raining when I woke up and it is dark again at 5:30 am.  Luckily by the time I got home it had semi-cleared so I was able to take Lucy for our walk although by the time I got home it was getting dark.  Magnificent sunset though. 

Now some good news - pretty much wheat free last week (99.9%). 
  • I am not eating as much fruit as I used to because I used to eat it as a filler when I was hungry between meals and after meals.  Not so hungry now.  Bread cravings have died and when I do eat potatoes it is mainly habit not because I want them.  Replacing with pumpkin etc now.
  • Lost a little bit of weight but that is not the main aim.  It is an aim but not the main one. The main aim is my health.  I want to get off some of the tablets I take if that is possible.  I havent lost any weight for the previous two weeks and it hasnt worried me at all.  I feel I am going along the right path now.
  • The swelling in my ankles has reduced majorly. The swelling was the reason for all the xrays and MRIs and the news was not good and I dont expect my diet to fix those existing problems as I dont think I can regrow cartilege  but I am hoping that no new problems will arise.The medicine has not stopped my body from attacking itself but this might.  Hope springs eternal!
  • I have more energy.  
  • I am sleeping better - no sleeping tablets for a month now.
  • I feel better generally.
  • I am going back to the gym today for the first time in months.  Nothing too strenuous just walking mainly and am seriously considering resigning from the gym and just concentrating on walking with Lucy.  As mentioned previously the gym was going to be my haven when I retired but at just under $1000.00 per year in membership fees I am beginning to doubt the value.  Not retiring for at least a year probably two so will think long and hard about this.
 I hope everyone is having a great week - I think I am!

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Holidays are nearly over...

Have had a series of forgetful moments over the last week. Went specially to buy some fennel and left it in the shop. Had to go all the way back again. Sigh. And the funny thing is there was something else I was going to mention but I have forgotten what it was. Double sigh.

My kitchen has been the world centre for choko pickle making this week. We finally found a source for the chokoes, our butcher, as honestly we didn't want to buy them. I think the days of everyone having a choko vine over the back shed and chook yard are long gone. But anyway, M has made so many jars of pickles that we ran out of jars and have been scouring the neighbourhood for more.

Also he pulled out the tomato plant that has run rampart through my garden this summer and ended up with two big bowls of green cherry tomatoes so of course he made green
tomato pickles as well.

Today the butcher gave me another big bag of chokos. Honestly, will this never end. I now have a pickle display in my beautiful dresser in the dining room. He did it while I was away on the weekend otherwise it would never have got past by the board. Haven't got the heart to move them (he is so proud) and besides where would I put them all.

Cleaned out my plastic container cupboard the other day. It happened because I wanted to make pesto out of the abundance of basil that I had (first time ever). Because it is so heavy and M wasn't home I couldn't lift the food processor down, tried to use the little one but of course it is far too little to use so used the blender. Big mistake - the bottom was on so tightly that my poor old hands couldn't undo it so I spent a very very long time trying to get all the pesto out of the bottom of the blender.

I decided that perhaps I could downsize the plastic container cupboard (which used to be called the Tupperware cupboard but who can afford Tupperware these days), move some containers up to where the food processor was living and move the food processor down to a lower cupboard which is more accessible. I now have 3 boxes full of plastic containers destined for either J's kitchen, work because all the ones I bought for there have disappeared or LifeLine. Also at the moment the cupboard is super organised which makes me feel I have achieved something.

Went to trivia on Friday night and ate of all things, fish and chips. Why I didn't go with grilled fish and salad or even the thai beef salad still amazes me. On Saturday morning before I flew out to the Gold Coast I was in a very bad way. I even packed some Imodium in my purse because I didn't think I was going to be able to make the trip without multiple toilet stops. Luckily everything settled down more or less so was able to make the flight and travelled relatively okay.

To call our trip a flying visit is an understatement. We left Sydney at 1:10 pm Saturday and eventually returned at after 8 on Sunday evening and then had the long journey home. Lots of miles done.

Sadly Queensland didn't bless us with sunny weather just great company. We were up at 5:30 on Sunday morning, on the road to Kirra by 7 for the race briefing at 7:30 then J was bussed around to Rainbow Bay for the start of her 2km swim back to Kirra. It was raining when we left Main Beach but fined up along the way and I thought that we might be lucky as I had a 3 hours wait for her to return. But no it rained and I couldn't really move from my spot because a gentleman had asked me to mind his bag for him and I didn't want to disappear with his bag or leave it unguarded. So I ended up standing under the umbrella that was over my little table as sitting was not an option in the rain. The highlight of the morning was the arrival of the lovely Linda. Now I met Linda, firstly through her blog and then at a bloggers lunch in either 2005 or 2006 in Sydney at Chinta Ria at Darling Harbour and we have managed to stay in touch ever since.

First let me say that this lady is awesome. She looks wonderful. She drove all the way down to Kirra to chat in really cr*ppy weather. I wanted pictures but by 10 a.m. I looked and felt like a drowned rat and we both agreed that being photographed is something that neither of us likes very much.

And it was like we did this every week. I thought that I might not recognise her because it had been so long but I had no problem. She showed me how the Runkeeper app works and it is definitely something I will look into. I love charts and stats. Talking to Linda was so easy. I worried about J when she got out of the water because she can be slightly difficult (to put it mildly) sometimes but taking into account she had just swam 2kms, got kicked in the face, someone had grabbed her leg and pulled her backwards at one stage, got smashed by the waves coming into Kirra she became almost human when she went and changed and sorted herself out. I don't really mean this in a bad way, she is just this fiery little red hair kitten - all spit and hiss sometimes.

Went and had coffee and then had to say goodbye and back to Main Beach for lunch. Then we eventually headed off to the airport and after many delays arrived back in Sydney. I wouldn't let J drive me home from her place as it would have added another hour or more to her trip so I stayed on the train. She positioned me next to the guards compartment with strict instructions not to speak to strangers and if there was a problem to alert the guard. I felt like I
was twelve. I also had to ring her when M picked me up from the station and if I didn't, if I forgot to ring her and let her know I was safe, she would ring me every two hours for the rest of the night as punishment. I made it home and to bed by 11:30 pm and I remembered to ring her.

Yesterday we packed a picnic and Lucy and went up to the Hunter for the day.

Lucy ready for her big adventure!

View from terrace

I made salads and bought a cooked chook and we ate it with a couple of glasses of white wine while sitting on our friend's terrace looking out over tothe ranges. Lucy had a ball running around the vineyard and slept very soundly all the way home.

It was so lovely and relaxing and very hard to get moving again but we had family baked dinner night. I had to ring and ask the children to put the vegetables on as we didn't get home until after 6 when we had told G we would be home at 4. Oh well, this is probably karma for all the times they are late for dinner. I think we have been classed as irresponsible parents now.

Today is rainy. I thought I had to go to the dentist but it was next week. Just have to go and put the grocery shopping away and then I am going to put my feet up.

Was going to rearrange furniture so that I can install (just plugging in to the gas outlet) the new gas heater I bought but honestly don't think I have the energy.

Oh I forgot, went to see "The Most Exotic Marigold Hotel" movie last Wednesday night. M came with me and you could have knocked me over with a feather when he offered to take me. I have known him for over 40 years and he still has the power to surprise me. But we both enjoyed it. A lovely gentle movie with a wonderful cast.

Am doing my best to stick to wheat free (aside from fish and chip debacle) and to keep dairy free too. On the whole it seems to have settled down things that have been giving me trouble for a while. Am slowly reintroducing "normal" foods to my diet and losing the diet ones. I realise that small amounts of fat especially the good fats and oils, are not going to hurt me. Have managed to bring my consumption of fruit down to a normal level and am not having the munchies anymore. One problem is that I am leaving the gap between meals too long sometimes and I end up feeling slightly sick and off my game. I have so much reading to do about this subject but I will get there.
The winemaker also gave me the name of a naturopath to contact. She is in Byron Bay but maybe able to recommend someone down here or apparently she is thinking about relocating to Sydney.

Have a great week everyone and enjoy yourselves.

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Holiday Time

I am finally on holidays. Great things planned.
Cleaning out that pesky cupboard in the kitchen that breeds plastic containers. We all have one.

M is making choko pickles today and while looking for the large pot (in my bedroom wardrobe - where else) found heaps if stuff that I have kept for goodness knows why but no pot. I actually think I gave it to future s-i-l as I thought I didn't need it anymore. See it just goes to show you should never throw or give away anything. We managed without it anyway. But I found a single bed doona. I don't think I know anyone who has single beds anymore so I have washed it and it is now on the line drying and I will take it to Life Line. Somebody might be able to get some use out of it.

Today is freezing. You can feel the snow in the air and it is actually snowing down the mountains. As you can expect my children are ecstatic about the thought of snow season starting again soon.

On Sunday night when we were down at Palm Beach we could see a storm building out west. Checked the radar and sure enough it was sweeping across quite a large part of the state from the mountains towards the coast. Spectacular light show. Of course we were an hour from home and could only hope that Lucy was okay.

Driving home we could see that there were a couple of tree branches down and the power was off in some suburbs closer to home. Got home and the garage door wouldn't open which means that our power was also off, the back deck was a third wetter than it should have been and a pot plant had been blown over. Lucy was okay and has since forgiven us for leaving her alone at a time she absolutely hates.

Anyway yesterday J rang me to check that we were okay. Yes everything is fine and I had actually thought that she would have copped it worse at Swansea where they were camping. What she was actually ringing about was that the next street over had been trashed by the storm.

Lucy and I went for a walk this morning down to our usual park at the bottom of the street. It looked like a cyclone had gone through it. I would say that we have lost at least a third of the trees. Talking to other walkers, everyone was a bit dazed as it was only in this corridor that the damage was done. Walked around a couple of streets, dodging tree loppers and clearer uppers, cars were crushed and houses had lost their roofs. It looks like a miniature cyclone went through there. The funny thing is that the pattern of all the trees lying down shows that the wind came from the north or maybe the northeast which is strange as the storm actually came from the west. Looking forward to reading the local paper this week to see if there is a logical explanation. Meantime I am in mourning for my beautiful park and the loss of all those trees.

Lifestyle change -
Going well most of the time. Energy has definitely improved and I notice the few times I have made a bad choice how tired I get and how much my digestion hates it.

I am surprised that my hunger levels are dropping. Don't need extra fruit at morning tea and lunch time now to get me over the munchies. Have actually said no to dessert a couple of times when we have been out and the times when I didn't, I wished I had been stronger and said no. I was eating to be polite or because it looked nice not because I actually wanted some.

Of course Easter chocolate has been a disaster but am trying to limit it to one piece a day (except for the Facebook bunny) and only good quality chocolate.

Am still reading lots and getting new ideas for modifying recipes.
Have a shopping list of ingredients to buy such as coconut flour and coconut oil. Had a look around the local supermarket quickly the other day but couldn't find it so will either go to Thomas Dux Grocers or the health food shop. Have found a organic grocer down at Artarmon so if all else fails I will go down there.

I made a version of shepherds pie the other day which was yummy (thanks Jenny T). Made two in individual pie dishes - M's had the traditional mashed potato on top, mine had cauliflower on top mashed with a little soy cream cheese but the meat base was the same. Nom Nom.

Have a whole stack of recipes to try too while I am on holidays.

My failing over the weekend was nibbles before dinner when we were out. Am going to have to take some cut up vegetables with me in future so that I have got something to dip or munch on. At one dinner I ate the rice crackers and then compounded the mistake by sampling the potato chips. Of course I couldn't stop - stupid woman. The other dinner I ate the grissini sticks with the hummus. I am still amazed that I listen to my subconscious but it is early days and I am determined I will make changes.

Have resigned or whatever from WeightWatchers online. That will save me around $360 a year which is a good thing. I had to laugh - when I first tried to cancel, a window opened saying did I really want to do this and if I would change my mind they would send me a cookbook and warning me of failure. But I have made up my mind - I am not dieting anymore, I am not worrying about portion sizes. I am not going to weigh myself every day or even every week.

Next step is cut down on:
Potatoes and sugar.
I love potatoes and even though I don't eat a lot of sugar I think I get hidden sugar in some things like fruit (was eating far too much) etc. Finding roast pumpkin and sweet potato is a nice alternative to potato plus last night I roasted some carrots as well.
Probably too much wine too but a girl has to have some sort of vice although as the designated driver twice over the Easter break I actually didn't have much to drink when we were out (notice I said when we were "out").

Anyway that is all for now. Going shopping tomorrow for my favourite candles - Lemongrass and I have forgot what. They smell absolutely heavenly. I have to drive out to Terrey Hills because it is the only place I know where to get them. Probably should research them more and find another source closer to home but I might visit some nurseries as well to get some camellias for a new hedge I am planning near the pool.

Friday night is trivia again and then on the weekend J and I are on the Gold Coast for the Cooly Classic. Staying with friends, hopefully catching up with Linda and then home again. A flying visit and hopefully we won't kill each other (J and I not Linda) being in such close proximity for two days.

I know it sounds like we don't get on but I think we are just going through role reversal and I don't want to be treated like a child so I am resisting. She has good intentions and her profession makes her bossy.

Anyway, off to see what I can do for the rest of today - bitterly cold wind blowing at the moment so I guess it won't be outside. Crossword puzzle book and kindle ahoy!

Enjoy autumn in all its glory.

Wednesday, April 04, 2012

Mellowness in Autumn

This week's weight went up a bit - 100g but the thing was I didn't exercise at all and also the only things I restricted were wheat and dairy (except on Friday night I had cheese and have been paying for it ever since I think - when am I going to learn to say no when we go out.)

It is not as hard as I thought it would be. I know I am not exactly following any plan but I feel okay.

I know I am eating too much soy cheese and probably too much fruit but that is slowly stopping because I only eat fruit when I am hungry and the hungries are getting less and less. Trying to drink more water too because I could see I wasn't drinking enough.

Daylight saving has ended thank goodness. I love exercising in the morning when everything is fresh and bright but because it has been pitch black when my alarm goes off I haven't been out and about but for the last two days Lucy and I have walked. No problem getting up at 5:30 to go.

Problems looming - another two joints have collapsed. Cried all the way home from the doctors yesterday but then got on with it and made appointments with neurosurgeon and ankle doctor and then went and had my hair cut and surprisingly, felt better.

Driving home I thought (or should I say the evil subconscious did) I want bread. Just bread - didn't have to have anything on it. A month ago I would have eaten it but then I thought why? I'm not hungry and it really isn't going to make me feel better or solve the problem so I had a cup of weak black tea instead and didn't think about it again. Now that really is a giant step forward for this woman.

I have done a lot of reading of blogs on Google Reader and caught up with the blends that I read all the time. I must go through and clear out the ones I don't read often. Jenny T has a private blog and it has been a big help with links and recipes and just advice on what she is doing. I now have a special book which I have copied down some of her recipes and links so that I can find them easily. Plus other recipes which appeal. Can someone tell me how to put a recipe tab on my blog?
Anne (NZ) if you do read this, I have lost access to your blog yet again. I know I would try the patience of a saint. Could I try again please?
Thanks to Lynda I watched a video clip called "The Cure is U". Hopefully by next week I will work out how to put a link to it on my blog. Really worth watching.

(Looking out my window at work, autumn leaves are floating past - so pretty.) I know I have mentioned this a million times but I love autumn. Today is glorious, sunrise this morning was spectacular and orange. I feel like everything is now back in the right time place.

Except I think I have been attacked by sand flies, maybe on Sunday when I was gardening. I am soooo itchy. I always have a really bad reaction to them and I have heaps of bites - sneaky little buggers.

Seriously thinking that I will resign from Weight Watchers online. I don't think I will go back. I know I cant track. Have tried and tried and tried and I am not sure I believe in them anymore. There I have said it out loud. This is a personal decision mainly because I don't think I want to be on a diet anymore. I cant see myself dieting for the rest of my life because I am so crap at it and getting worse! My weight was just going up and up no matter what I did. Will be interesting to see if this new relaxed approach works. Only time will tell. I think we have to do what suits us individually and I am always interested in hearing what others are doing and what works for them.

Now can someone tell me what protein powder is and where you get it. I would like to add it to my smoothies. Mind you I haven't had smoothies for ages but I think I will start again soon.

My goals are
Reduce or stop blood pressure medication (under doctors supervision of course) but my question is how do I know that I don't need it any more.
I am going to start reducing HRT to every second day.
Maybe just weigh in once a month instead of weekly and definitely not daily as I am a master at sabotaging myself.

Now news in brief:
J won 1 gold, 3 silvers and a bronze at the Police Games swimming. So proud of her even if she can be a pain in the neck sometimes. So bossy.
G and his girlfriend are thinking of moving in with her parents (who don't mind) to save for a deposit on something. Not sure how that will work out but I guess only time will tell and at least they are not moving in with us. We would go crazy.
Because I came home early from work yesterday I know what M does with his day (or at least yesterday). He spends hours looking for things he has put in a safe place. My suggestion to him was that we get a big box and write "safe place" on it and put it in the garage. Then he could put stuff in it and know where it is when he wants it. You can imagine what his response to that suggestion was! LOL.
Lucy the wonder dog is fine - her cough has gone and she can make it up two or three steps just not the big ones.

Today is my second last day at work before the school holidays and then two glorious weeks off. This weekend is very busy - M going fishing with male members of extended family tomorrow night to hopefully catch enough fish for Good Friday. His family has been doing this for ever, long before he was born. A lovely tradition with lots of funny stories. Male bonding at its best.

On Friday we go to his brother's house so that we can eat the fish they caught and have family time. Lots of cousins and their children and a few of us crusty old aunts and uncles. I think there may be fish in the freezer just in case but they usually catch enough fish and as it is fresh it is lovely.

Saturday we are catching up with friends we have not seen for a while and probably watching some sort of rugby.

Sunday or Monday we might be going to Palm Beach for a meal. Some friends have a lovely holiday home there and they came around last night for a drink and invited us up. Just trying to fit it in is the problem.

And then of course Monday night is bake dinner night - pork this week I think. So the children will probably be there as usual.

In the next two weeks I hope to go and see that movie on at the moment about the elderly English people who retire to India and I would really like to go to the Easter show. M of course wants to do neither of these things but that is what girlfriends are for.

Sorry this has been so long - Had so many things to talk about. Life feels very exciting at the moment (except for the medical side). Hopefully you hung in there. Have a wonderful Easter and may the Easter Bunny visit you.

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Wheat belly

Wheat belly, bagel butt or biscuit face - any of these terms could apply according to Dr William Davis.

Well it has been a week or just over.
Not as hard as I thought it would be.

Havent noticed any negative side affects yet but think there may have been some positive ones.
I lost 800g without trying at all but that just could be fluid.
I am sleeping better but that just might be because glorious autumn has arrived.
Except on the days I still have wheat, tummy problems non existant.

I am reading ingredient lists diligently. Amazed at what has wheat in it. Soy sauce does but have found a wheatfree brand. Also have found a wheat free bread made by Dovedale and available at Coles. It is a rye bread.

Discovery - gluten free doesnt necessarily mean wheat free it just means the gluten has been removed.

I am reading Wheat Belly too. Downloaded it on my iPad. Read the sample first and thought I would like to read more so ended up buying it last night.

Subconscious is still in revolt about no bread, pasta or noodles but is learning to live without it. It is not going to kill me to eat it, it just doesn't seem to agree with me and if it makes a difference then yah!

Any way more reading and exploring recipes to do yet.

Read a comment on a blog yesterday that resonated with me.

This is not a diet - a diet has deadlines - this is a plan - a plan has a timeline and focus. I think that is what she said or words to that effect.

Daylight saving ends this weekend. I like the daylight at the end of the day but I really miss the daylight at the beginning. Cant walk Lucy anymore because it is pitch black when I get up and I am a scaredy cat who doesnt want to tempt fate. So as of next Sunday, time returns to normal and I should be able to walk in the mornings again for a while before winter sets in. Especially since I am not as tired has I have been. Maybe another positive from being virtually wheat-free.

Not counting today, only 6 more work days before the school holidays start. Woohoo.

Going to sit down with M and talk about my retirement. I love my job but there are so many other things I want to do. Just got to work out if I can afford to retire and when. After September next year but not sure what to do with the long service leave and tax years. Another plan to formulate.

Had two MRIs and 4 xrays done today. I have worked this week to support the medical imaging company. Dr thinks knee problems could be a meniscus injury. Will hopefully find out one way or the other when I go back and see her next week.

Yoga tonight or my version of yoga. Me and my trusty chair to help me get up etc.

Nearly finished my salad for lunch. Coffee time and then back to work. Was going to go for a walk over to the creek to see if there are any fishes about but it has started raining. I am trying to convince M to come down one day to go fishing and maybe have lunch with me but he is playing golf today.

Have a great week everyone

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

An idea is germinating...

I am seriously thinking about cutting wheat out of my diet.

J has cut wheat and dairy out of her diet and I have watched her skin clear and she feels better. She is not doing it to lose weight as she doesnt have that problem - yet.

Today a casual teacher came in to work and after I complimented her on how well she looks she told me that she had decided to cut wheat out of her diet. She has lost weight, finds that she is not as hungry as she used to be and doesnt crave sugar. She looks great - glowing actually. We had a laugh about that description as glowing usually refers to someone who is pregnant and after 5 children she definitely doesnt want to go down that path again.

Anyway that is what I am thinking about today. It will be gradual I hope as I cant bear to waste what I already have but I had my last wrap today for lunch so I am not going to buy anymore and dinner should not be too much of a problem once I use the frozen meals in the freezer - they seem to be based on pasta. Of course there is still cereal to eat but I envisage that in two weeks that is all I will have left and I only eat it twice a week.

I am very tired at the moment. Still having trouble getting up on time in the morning and this morning's weigh in was horrible. I weigh more that I have in over 30 years and it is growing every week. Am aiming to do measurements this afternoon as I think I need another yardstick to measure myself against.

Hopefully I wont become too anal about this. (Subconscious is already in full revolt about the no bread thing - damn this is not going to be easy)

Trip to Melbourne was wonderful. Wedding was in Gembrook and it was such a lovely setting.

Reception was at Forest Edge.

Have tomorrow off due to doctors appointments and meeting J afterwards for lunch. She wants to go to the museum but dont think I will have time.

Lunch with pilates girls on Saturday - another challenge.

Wish me luck with this - I am beginning to doubt myself. I dont seem to be able to find the path back to where I was. Sorry if that sounds like a moan, it isnt. I am desperately trying not to settle for "I'm over a certain age and this is what happens". Balderdash!

Have a great week yourselves


Wednesday, March 14, 2012

The drought has broken...

I am sitting here in bed with my trusty iPad today because my knee decided to let me down last night and after a night of much pain and lots of painkillers (probably too many but I was becoming desperate for respite) I couldn't face work although I miss the coffee my boss makes me every morning. The service is definitely not as good here as it is at work.

I have no idea what is wrong with the knee but I have my theories but I am not going to voice my thoughts to the doctors because I have found that they latch on to what you say rather than form their own opinions. I am going to stick to the facts:

It first happened at the beginning of January
I am not doing anything that warrants this amount of pain - sitting or last night I was ironing
While the pain at its worst means I can't weight bear on that leg it also hurts like hell when I lie down. There is no comfortable position for it.
This is probably the fourth time it has happened this year.
I have been getting numbness in my lower leg and tingling pins & needles the length of my body up my left side to my neck.
My left hip aches and I have a niggling pain in my left buttock.
GP put me on prednisone when I went to see her about it in January.
I am going to rheumatologist next week so will take this list and see what she says.

Enough of my problems.

Autumn is here at last. Glorious days and cool nights. My favourite time of year and the rain seems to have moved on for the moment (said very quietly in case rain god hears me).

J swam her last harbour swim for the season last Sunday. Her times are getting better. Down to 31 mins for 2 km in open water. We are going to coolongatta in April for an ocean swim. Flying visit - arrive Saturday, swim sunday leave sunday.

Facebook friends would have seen the picture of the egg poacher my sister sent me. I have wanted one of the little ceramic egg poachers for ages and my nephew went to Eumundi markets on a visit to the sunshine coast and bought me one, brought it down to Brisbane and big sister wrapped it ever so carefully but Australia Post still managed to break it. Was so disappointed.

I have downloaded those books that are being talked about in the press. There are three of them - the first one is "Fifty shades of grey" I think. Best described as a "bodice ripper". I need some mindless entertaining reading at the moment. The thing about this trilogy is that it came out as an ebook first and is now being published. Was/is No. 1 on the New York Times ebook list. The call it mummy porn.

I now have so many books lined up waiting to be read on both the iPad and the Kindle not to mention the real books stacked around my side of the bed.

This weekend we are flying to Melbourne for a wedding. M's niece is getting married. It will be happy and sad too. M's brother was an alcoholic and died far too young but nobody could save him - not even his beloved daughter. He never saw his grandson who he would have treasured. He was a lovely man, one who I am glad I was not married to, but he was one of the lost ones.

The children are looking after Lucy for us. G tried to extract payment from us from us for his stint. M said of course, if that's what it took but what goes around comes around. G likened dealing with us to dealing with the mafia.

There is tension between my children at the moment caused by G's girlfriend. Hopefully it won't get worse. We will let it go at the moment but if it gets worse M will mediate. Not me because I will make it worse.

Going to have to miss yoga tonight because of the knee. Damn. Look forward to it so much. Back to the knee - I think the weight gain has a bit to do with it.

Have a great day everyone.

Friday, February 17, 2012


I have been very quiet lately.

Feeling a trifle overwhelmed lately.

Hit the floor running at work 3 weeks ago and have barely had time to draw breath.
Also struggling with the normal: housework, meals, washing, ironing and of course the perennial favourite - weight.

By Friday am exhausted.

Sometimes wonder how I did it all and coped with the kids extra curricular activities but I guess the answer is I was younger and probably had better energy levels.

Tomorrow we are going to see Love Never Dies and then out to dinner.
The weekend after we are in Kiama for four days.

Really looking forward to it all but I am dragging my feet.

Anyway off to bed in a minute. Have to play Words with Friends because apparently I haven't played it for 3 days (SMSs starting to arrive) but will do that in bed.

Good night and have a wonderful weekend.