Friday, February 24, 2006

Weigh in No. 4

I feel really good. I've lost another 700g this week and I feel so much better.

Mind you, this week is going to be playing catch-up as dinner last night put me over the days points allocation and I still have the weekend ahead of me to look forward to. Bought some WW Nibblies so that I can have something that I can track easily when we have sundowners. So many challenges ahead and believe it or not I am looking forward to them. Bring them on - I'm ready.

Mark liked my really short hair cut which was a relief as he always says when I go to the hairdressers dont get it cut too short and this time I did.

My computer problem is Microsoft Works on PC. Not the Mac it always performs well. I must have been unclear. I hate cumbersome computer programs.

Have joined Walking with Attitude now that I can and am currently walking around France. Have to do a bit of research on the places that I am walking through.

Oh well, I am off to pack for Kiama. Hope the weather is kind. Talk to you all on Monday. Have a great weekend.

PS: Sue, the Tahs have a secret weapon. Mark keeps tipping against them in the tipping competition and they keep winning. He doesnt think its funny but we do.

Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Quiet week

Have a fairly quiet week with Mark away and therefore have managed to stay well within my points for the week. Now we all know who the bad influence is - no, not really. As mentioned before he has been very supportive of this weight loss effort lately which is making it a lot easier. I'm afraid the bad influence was me. (Note I said WAS.)

Bought a pair of pants from Sussans yesterday in anticipation that we might go out tomorrow night (after weigh-in) for our anniversary. Couldnt believe it but they were a size 12 and fitted really well. They maybe a bit long but the short size looked too short even with my flatties on so opted for the slightly longer ones.

Still stressful at work. Maybe someone could give me some advice. We use Macs at work and I love them but I also use a PC at home and for some things at work (I have two computers in my office). For years I have been using Microsoft Works and find it very easy to use for database and merging using the word processor but Microsoft in their wisdom no longer support Microsoft Works for Macs. So I have installed virtual PC on my Mac and am using Works 8 but it is nowhere near as easy as when I used it on the Mac and now I have to keep going back to my old eMac to do the invoicing etc until such time as I figure out what is going on. Anyway if anyone can help me with an alternative database/word processing package for Macs let me know. Have had a look at Appleworks but it seems as cumbersome as Works 8 is proving to be. Email/comment or carrier pigeon would be most welcome.

Enough about work.

Mark is home tomorrow (haven't had word that he has been offloaded anywhere so assume he is winging his way towards me as I type). Trouble is he will probably make it home after I go to work but that just gives me something to look forward to all day.

Have signed up for the Mikibo exercise program and am slowly implementing it into my day. Even took Lucy for a short walk yesterday. Luckily I didnt have to carry the fat little podge back home. Did a 15 min walk on treadmill at gym today. That is the most I have walked on the treadmill in eons. Still cant walk very fast but have made a start. Foot not too sore so it all looks good.

Couldnt believe they voted David off BL but doesnt he look good. His family seemed so nice (arent Mums wonderful - mine not included in that comment).

Speaking of Mum went to visit her on Sunday and came away depressed. BUT for the first time staved off the lamingtons, breadrolls etc. Couldnt get away from the cold fried chicken and creamy pasta but had small amount only and said no to seconds. Had black coffee because no skim milk (which I didnt mind) and my water bottle. She is a very negative person who has continual sly digs at you (in the nicest possible voice) and a visit (especially without Mark) is always very draining. Her 84th birthday is in 10 days time so another visit is on the cards but Mark will be with me so it should go well. She doesnt muck up as much when he is around.

Anyway I will try to record tomorrow nights weight in before we go to Kiama.

This weekend is going to be tough WW-wise because it is a continual non-stop party, catching up with friends we haven't seen for a year. Suzy we used to all camp in a big circle with the cooking and socialising area in the middle and it was a really fun weekend (for a camping weekend) but the camping ground has slowly changed to cabins and onsite vans so we all now stay in cabins with spas and I cant say I was sorry to say goodbye to the tent although your sites with ensuites did sound appealing.
Hope everyone is having a great week.

Friday, February 17, 2006


Woohoo - another 600gms gone!

After weighing in last week my leader asked me what I had done differently to get the weight loss.

Not being good at answering questions off the cuff I answered I had tracked and drank more water. She didnt sound impressed or convinced and asked me was I going to be able to keep losing. Now both of these facts were true to some extent but afterwards when I was thinking about it I realised they were not completely true.

I had tracked (in a fashion) before and I had also drank water before in the many times (at least three when I had reached goal weight) - maintained for six weeks and then gone my merry way usually back to the bad old habits I had before.

But this time is different - I feel different.

When I followed weight watchers before I got the weekly menus and followed them fairly religously because I felt that the regimentation suited me. Of course, it is really hard to follow them completely. I really wasnt learning anything either.

This time using the e-tools, I am working my own menus out to fit in with my life and my family. I know how many points I have left at any given time each day (it's only a keystroke away) and I am finding it so easy.

An example, by boss gave me a mini Mars bar the other day. I looked it up and it is worth 2.5 points. I decided that I would rather spend that 2.5 points on wine so it is sitting on my bedside table. I will give it to Gareth when he comes home. I feel I am in control (at the moment). I know that this feeling could change at any time but I am no longer worried. I know slip ups or whatever they are called are fleeting and I just have to climb back on the wagon and set off forward again.

On that thought I will sign off.
A week until Mark returns from France in time for our anniversary and yearly visit to Kiama for the rugby 7s.
Just over a week until Gareth returns from Canada.
Jess off to Goulburn tonight to attempt the physical test for the police force.
Me to Tai Chi and hopefully a pump class in the afternoon on Saturday and driving up to the Central Coast to visit Mum on Sunday and buy a new birdcage for the boys (Spike and Rosso Canary).
Hope you all have a good one.

Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Reach Out and Connect

Just a quick post.

Got my new copy of "Notebook" today and in the editors letter she talks about a woman whose son died posting a cry for help in their online forum and finding support in the replies from other Notebook readers.

This is why this forum and you people are so good. There is always someone there (wherever there may be) for me to share my thoughts, triumphs and downfalls with. And yes the day to day drudgery that we all come up against.

My life has been enriched by the kind, funny, witty and just plain commensense advice I have received. I have managed to connect with people who think along the same lines as I do (not about everything - that would be too boring) but who always seem to be there when I need a lift, a kick in the pants or even just a cyberhug.

Guys, in the words of my children - you rock!!
(keep chanting short post, short post short post)

Tuesday, February 14, 2006

A perfume by any other name would smell the same - not!

Mark rang this morning to let me know he had arrived okay. Sounded so tired. Cant find the perfume I want and tried to get me to agree to another one without having ever smelt it. At least this time he asked - he sometimes just buys it for me - often with dire consequences. Not to worry anyway, I will order it from Singapore. It will work out just as cheap.

After a disasterous but fun weekend I am back and tracking hard to try to get my points down. It is a bit cooler today and I was a bit hungry but instead of getting stuck into the bikky barrel at morning tea I went to my food cupboard (a new idea) and got out a WW bar and had that.

What did you all think of "The Biggest Loser"? Is it my imagination or did those people cry more than their american counterparts? Found it slightly annoying. Anyway, besides that, looking forward to watching tonight again. But aside from all that, what a house!

Have been out and had my hair cut today. Jess helped me streak it last night and I took along photos of the time when I really liked my haircut to the hairdresser and I think she did a fairly good job of replicating it. Really short (Mark will have a fit) but I feel really light and not 110 years old. If anyone was home I'd get them to take a picture.

Increased my weight repetitions yesterday at the gym. And even managed 5 mins on the treadmill although very slowly (5kph). Am thinking of doing a pump class on Saturday afternoon. I looked it up yesterday it is the same instructor who does body balance on Sunday.

Gareth is now in Canada near Banff. He dislocated his shoulder again on his last day in Alaska but put it back himself. I think he is living on nurofen at the moment. Stupid child. I guess he will have to think about a shoulder reconstruction when he gets back or give up snowboarding. He saw a moose when he was in Alaska while he was snowmobiling.

Anyway, off the make dinner and watch biggest loser before I go to folkart.
Hope everyones day was great

Sunday, February 12, 2006

When new friends get together....

Well yesterday was really nice. I'm sorry I had to leave earlyish but Mark was leaving for France and things needed to be done before departure.

Funny thing was I must have walked further than I thought (or my pedometer recorded) because when I got home and went to take my shoes off, I couldnt get my sandal/thong off my left foot. It had swollen so much. So it was a case of forcing it off, and putting reliable old sneakers on before anyone noticed and gave me a lecture.

Anyway, I had a lovely lunch with the girls. Mary and I discovered that I had been married longer than she was old. Michelle and Linda flying in from points north and south - incredible. M was every bit as witty and funny as her posts. Jodie had that look that only expectant mums have - a certain bloom and Kathryn, who remembered to bring wine thank you so much. Mind you I think I have blown my points for the week (I knew that roti was too good to be true) but I had a lovely day. Good choice of restaurant Jodie. The weather was beautiful and we had the added bonus of dragon boat races being held at Darling Harbour as well. I didnt know so many people dragon boat raced. Once again sorry I had to beg off early and hope you had a good time and didnt spend too much money.

By the way, I would like Kathryn (am I spelling it right?) and Linda's blog addresses. Actually I think I have found Linda but just want to check so that I can keep in touch with you two as well.

Different tack now, I read an article in the Sunday Herald today that mentioned a website that I am going to investigate more later tonight after garden watering time. It is a free exercise/training site called Mikibo.

Did a modified Body Balance class this morning at the gym which was great. Explained foot problem to instructor and she just gave me modified options which worked pretty well. May consider this class rather than pilates on Saturday or maybe alternate them.

Hopefully I will get a chance or a lot of chances this week to catch up with everyone. If not, happy tracking

Friday, February 10, 2006

A loss - finally

I had a win! Lost 1.3 kgs this week. Have been using e-tools and tracking everything. Finally some movement down.

Will update my ticker when I get the time, hopefully Sunday.

Stressful day today going to and from work. Anyway not to worry - its FRIDAY!!!

Have just read the comments from last post - Michelle I didnt realise you were coming to lunch too. How wonderful. I printed out the directions today and the telephone number in case I am running late but I dont intend to. Must look up and see if there is any trackwork planned for this weekend. I am so looking forward to lunch. You wont be able to miss me - I'll be the one trying to walk without a limp.

Hope everyone else has a good weekend.

Go the Tahs!

Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Touching Base

Hi, I'm still here. The cave was lovely.

I'm refocussed and recommitted.

My meeting the other night really shook me up which was just what I needed.
Am using e-tools to track both food and exercise and enjoying doing it.
Back at the gym doing very gentle short bursts of exercise and a little little bit of cardio.

Looking forward to catching up with Margaret, Jodie and Linda on Saturday. Must have another look at where we are going so that I can plan my trip.

Thanks to you all for your kind thoughts. I will catch up with everyone asap.

As you can see from my ticker January was not a particularly good month for me but February is going to be great. For the first time Mark is being really supportive. He actually asked me to go out and have dinner but didnt want to disrupt my diet too much. That was the first time ever he has been that considerate about my eating habits. Am going to buy the eating out guide this Thursday.

Have been really busy at work which is really chaotic at the moment due to new office furniture and computers that will not do what I want them to do easily.

We are enjoying a child-free house. It is like being newly married again. Just ourselves to please.

Mark is going to France next Saturday with work but will be back in just under two weeks time for our anniversary which I thought was really sweet.
Jess will be back on Saturday from Bryon and with her permission I have been opening her mail and relaying it to her - she finally passed her medical for the police force and now has to do her physical/fitness, maybe in a couple of weeks time.

I'm not the only one who has to lose weight - Lucy has lost her waist (do dogs have waists?) and has to lose weight too. As soon as my foot is a bit better we are off!

Anyway, this was meant to be short. Take care and once again, will see you Sydney girls on the weekend.

Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Honesty Time

Okay honesty time.

I am half way through reading your blogs and marvelling at how well you are doing and even if your not, how you are motivating yourselves and feeling really honoured to be linked to you guys.

I am a fraud. I have been out of control this week. God knows how many points I have been consuming daily but it is lots.

I havent wanted to blog because of this. I have just been reading and sometimes commenting. All your good words seem to go in one ear and out the other.

Tomorrow is weigh in day (my first since beginning of January) and I can tell you all now that there will be a gain.

If you have been reading my journal for a while you will know that I am a control freak when it comes to home and work. I have lists and I like everything to be neat and orderly. It takes a lot for me to do things on the spur of the moment (drives DH mad).

Well after 6 weeks on crutches I am attempting to get the house back in order. I vacuumed and dusted our bedroom on Monday (filled the vacuum cleaner in one go). The lounge/dining room was last night and tonight is the family room.

Because of office renovations at work it is chaos there with everything moved and am unable to find anything. I have been fielding phone calls from teachers wanting their information and getting fed up with having to explain about the office situation. Everyone is really nice BUT it is driving me loopy.

As a result I have been getting stuck into the chocolates and biscuits at work (for some reason the fridge is full of chocolate mini Mars Bars etc) and the dips and bread at home.

I cant exercise (not even walk Lucy) because my back is sore and my legs are aching. I know it is all muscular but I really want to exercise and cant.

Im feeling overweight and bloated. Not drinking enough water (no where near 1 litre let alone 3 litres a day).

I marvel at people who eat their fill and leave some on the plate. I dont think I could ever do that. It may be my upbringing I dont know. People who can stop at one piece of cake or one chocolate (my family are like that - mind you none of them have a weight problem).

Im fed up and whingey. It is hot and horrible. I feel like I am 80 years old or more. I wish I didnt feel this way but I do.

I also know it will pass (hopefully soon).

I think I will now retreat to my cave (if men can do this so can women) and regroup to maybe fight another day.