Thursday, March 24, 2011

Things Not to Believe

I have come to the opinion this week that men (husbands and tradesman) have a very loose grasp about how long something takes.

Still no laundry and doesnt look like it will be before this weekend.

Statements not to believe:
This wont take long
Be finished by the weekend (which one?)
Not a problem
Couple of days

and I am sure that you could all add more of these pronouncements.

Patience is wearing thin in proportion to the pile of laundry that needs doing. On a brighter note the floor is finished, the tubs are going in, the new doors are at least ordered but the tiler who assured me he would be finished in 2 days is not coming back until next week now to do the wall. Give me strength!

Still not having much luck on the weight loss - I usually go so well during the week but then the weekend comes and it goes to hell in a handbag. All down to me I know.

Re-instated the list of things to do system yet again. I think it has something to do with the lack of control in the laundry problem (I know I am harping).

On to food - last week end I tried to make some spicy tomato sauce or ketchup. While the result was okay it was not what I wanted so if anyone has a recipe I would appreciate it.

Had more success with an Italian Chicken and Vegetable soup - it was utterly delicious and I can see it being made again during winter. Served with crusty sourdough - yum yum.

Lucy and I are still walking every morning or nearly. It is dark when we start and dark when we finish. Daylight saving ends the first weekend in April so we should go back to a bit of daylight again soon although the sunrises are pretty - very red and orange lights on the horizon, but not a lot of light that early.

I hate getting up but I love walking early in the morning it is a nice way to start the day. Such a time for optimism isnt it.

I am having trouble inserting a link but here goes yet again
I am nearly ready to go back to yoga and maybe pilates and have found this wonderful post Nadine. Maybe I will get lucky this time. Am planning to do some classes in the next school holidays (less than 3 weeks away) at the gym to see what my mobility is like now before I commit to classes. I wish I could go to classes on a weekday. Am finding the thought of going out at night during the week or Saturday morning something I really dont want to do. Think I am starting to look forward to retirement - only a couple of more years and counting.

Anyway, back to work. Have a great weekend.

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Creature of Habit

I am really a creature of habit. I like things in order. I have basically the same breakfasts on the same days every week and the same lunches on weekdays. So much that I have made them Monday breakfast, Tuesday lunch in propoints. A lot easier to enter in the food diary.

Mess at home finally got to me on the weekend and I spent hours cleaning the lounge room and dining room. Adding fresh flowers etc. To get up on Sunday morning and walk out into a nearly perfect room made my heart sing. It's amazing how simple things make you feel better.

I've had some sort of lurgy. Don't want to talk about it too much but there is definitely something going around at the moment in various forms. A day in bed has made me feel better thank goodness.

Having my hair cut today. Dont quite know which way I am going, probably shorter as it is easier to look after and am seriously thinking of a different colour rather than blonde. Will talk it over with hairdresser today and ask her for some suggestions. Maybe a redhead so that I can match my children. Maybe not - it suits them more than I think it suits me.

Havent walked Lucy for the last two mornings and no gym today because of hairdresser but hopefully tomorrow if it is not raining we will be out there again. If the rain can hold off this afternoon we will go for a walk before dinner. I dont mind getting wet but a wet little dog is not nice.

Weight still wont budge.
Renovations finished, well kind of. Still floor polishing, painting and new furniture to go and maybe plantation shutters on the windows. Mark carried out his threat and demolished the laundry. The builder is coming back on Wednesday to put in new floor waste and repair some areas where the "kanga" got out of control. The tiler is coming on Thursday to start the waterproofing and then back, hopefully on Monday, to tile. Painting the walls when tiles can be walked on, new doors put on and then a general clean up and that's it - at least for a while.

Endoscopy showed that the ulcer is healing but hasnt healed completely. More tablets to take and then another endoscopy in 6 months time.

New rheumotologist doesnt think that I have rheumatoid arthritis after all. She is thinking it might be psoriatic arthritis. I dont think anyone really knows, no I know nobody knows what is attacking me but hopefully something may come out of this.

Hope everyone is having a good week.

Thursday, March 03, 2011

Carrying on

I have been slack but really just trying to get back into the swing of things.

Back at the gym this week for the first time in over 3 months. Just walking and cycling but nice to see everyone again.

Still walking Lucy every morning, even in the dark, which is kind of scary for me but have rearranged my mornings so that I get up and pack my lunch etc first and then walk a half an hour later so the sun is thinking about showing itself. A bonus is that I am getting to see some lovely sunrises and a bootcamp type thing has started in the mornings in the park where I walk so there are a few more people around.

Weight wise - it has been up and down but still hovering around 69-70.

And talking about weight brings me to ProPoints. I just cant seem to get it right. I am basically eating the same things as before but blowing out every day. I am constantly amazed at the number of points things cost. I am recording on line when I can (not weekend away) and have only seemed to stay within range once in 3 weeks. Is anyone else managing?

We went to Melbourne the weekend before last for the first game of the Super 15's and there was lots of alcohol and food involved but there was also a lot of walking although I did dip out on the tour of the MCG as there is only so much my little feet and ankles can do. It was a great weekend. I love Melbourne and catching trams was a great adventure.

Last weekend we were in Kiama for the rugby 7's. The coast walk there is a beautiful walk to do early in the morning. Lots of food and alcohol again but managed to maintain the weight i.e. didnt put any on. Also walked my first hills for months too.

Yesterday's morning walk actually felt a few extra muscle kicking in and didnt feel like I was walking with concrete blocks attached to my feet. A certain spring returned. Hopefully I can build on it. Going to buy a bumbag today (although I am worried about how big it will make my bum look) and maybe some wrist weights. Jess carries one and it looks good and she carries her iPhone etc, though of course she is 15 kilos lighter than me. I am tired of carrying things in the morning for our walks. I have one somewhere but I dont know where and I can't be bothered looking.

Renovations are nearly finished finally. House is an absolute disgrace but it is too hard to clean with mess everywhere and no matter how hard I try the dust etc returns everyday with interest. Now Mark is talking about pulling out the laundry and retiling. I know it will look lovely but I am honestly over it. Washing machine is going out on the deck and somehow I am still going to be able to use it.

I read an interesting phrase in a book recently along the lines of:
You need a sense of humour to stay married for a long time otherwise you would take to them with a hammer....
so true - sometimes.

The possum has left the house. After setting up webcams etc finally went with my suggestion to just wait until it left for its nightly forage and block up the entry/exit point. Been fairly peaceful ever since. Before people start worrrying about a homeless possum the engineer I married built him/her a new home but dont think it met its approval as I dont think it has moved in although some king parrots were eyeing it off.

Another endoscopy tomorrow morning to check on ulcer, trivia tomorrow night at golf club, dinner in the city with niece and her husband who are visiting from Queensland for the weekend to see the Chinese clay warriers at the art gallery. Hopefully Sunday will be back in the garden.

I am also going to start catching up on everyones blogs - so be prepared for comments appearing for posts eons old.

Happy it is Autumn at last - looking forward to warm days and cooler nights. Enjoy your weekend