Sunday, February 18, 2007

Another week another kilo (not a good one)

A gain this week - bah humbug. All my fault. Have been following the "see food" diet and the scales show it. Zanna is putting me to shame - 6 weeks of no alcohol and good eating, she is soooo motivating and I am sooooo envious of her resolve.

On the positive side - am slowly getting back into exercise
Sunday - swimming
Monday - gym
Tuesday - walk Lucy
Wednesday - walk Lucy and small yoga stretch session
Thursday - walk Lucy
Friday - gym
Saturday - walk Lucy and pilates

These arent long walks or full gym sessions but am working my way back towards being fully mobile again.

(Lucy has to lose weight too. My two months of inactivity have meant that she has also been fairly inactive and needs to lose around a kilo. I got roused on at the vets when I took her for her yearly shots and check up.)

Got my new sneakers yesterday. After talking to my podiatrist last week, got runners rather than cross trainers. My new orthotics should be ready this week and he will fit them into the new shoes. Went for custom made orthotics this time which was an interesting experience especially the mold imprinting. He suggested that I get runners because they are lighter and the orthotics willgive me all the support I need. Picked Rykas because I liked the fact that they only make shoes for women but virtually had to arm wrestle the nice child in footlocker to get them. He was polite and pleasant and I am old and fiesty but I dont appreciate being lectured to about what shoes I should buy. I didnt get exactly what I wanted as apparently they were last years style - this years style was pink. Oh well - they look all new and sparkly.

DS is back from Thailand safe and sound. Have had yet another heart to heart with DD and hopefully things will get better here at home.

Off to Officeworks this morning with DH. Love stationery stores.

Have a great week everyone and will really try this week - I promise.

Sunday, February 11, 2007

It's hard sometimes

To succeed at what we have decided to do we have to become selfish.

Putting ourselves and our needs first.

This can be a very hard thing for women (sorry if there are any guys who read this). There are so many things and people pulling us every whichway that sometimes it is just easy to say, "damn it, it's all too hard, pass the chocolate".

Well, someone once said "life wasnt meant to be easy"! Its not easy, its not fair but we do have choices. And most of us are making good ones most (but not all) of the time. We are not perfect, we stumble, get up, trip, get up, run, skip, stumble again - this goes on and on - this is life.

I read your blogs - your wonderful inspirational blogs - that have kept me going when times and circumstances seem so overwhelming.

I know you all struggle at some time, we all do, but we keep coming back to this place and saying help, give me your knowledge, support and do you know what, it always arrives.

This week:
  • I am having my first day back at the gym tomorrow after an absence of over 2 months and I have worked out a program so that I can start slowly and hopefully build up to the levels I was at pre every thing going pear shaped last year.
  • I went swimming today and improved on what I did last week and felt more comfortable doing it.
  • I am going to take Lucy walking this week two or more times building up the distance each time.
  • I am getting rid of my picture on my blog (when I can remember how to) because I look like a toothless old hag - my god whatever possessed me to put one up.

I hope you all have a wonderful week.

Friday, February 02, 2007

Good and Bad

So much for trying to be good over the weekend. I know I'm not alone in this - when confronted with food I eat, when stressed I eat, when drinking alcohol I eat, when unhappy I eat, when bored I all get the picture. I think I may have had one or at the most two days since I last posted when I can say I stayed within the points. Bugger!!! My fault completely. Oh well Im have to start again.

Good news - aircast is off foot. Ankle is still sore and I think my calf muscle has wasted (apparently only takes two weeks) but doctor says break has healed well and I can start walking, swimming, cycling again. But start slowly and build up to it. I think I have forgotten how to walk and stairs are giving me a bit of a problem but I will try. Might even go swimming this Sunday.

Only my little finger is still in a splint. Apparently healing quite well. Back to surgeon in 4 weeks for another xray and evaluation. Seem to have forgotten how to type and my writing looks like a 5 year old but these too can be relearnt. I am mobile again and can drive myself.

DD graduated on Tuesday. I dont think I could have been any prouder and when the 799 marched onto the parade ground I got all teary. I know I wasnt the only one. Her graduation photos are beautiful. She has started work already and tonight is her first night shift.

DS sounds like he is having a ball in Thailand. I think a lot of alcohol is involved. Will be glad when he is home again. Im such a mother!

First week back at work and everything seems to be going well. Better than I expected. Everyone will be away next week at conference so I am looking forward to the peace and quiet to get some of those things I keep putting off done.

Hope you all had a better week than me food wise and your weekends are relaxing.