Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Quick one

This was last week's post - have only just discovered it didn't get published. So here goes

I have to get back to work so this has to be quick.

Lost 1kg this week.

Much as I hate the term "mindful eating" (see last week's rant) that is what I did on the weekend.

Had friends over for dinner and rugby on Saturday night so had a light lunch and tried to minimise what I was eating at other meals on the weekend (except for sunday morning which traditions says is the heart-foundation breakfast with all the trimmings).

The weekends are usually my downfall so was not expecting that this weekend would be any different. Pleasantly surprised by scales.

Lucy is getting better slowly. Still wont do the back steps which is making my back ache but now goes up and down the front ones okay. Mark has actually demolished one set of steps out the back to make way for new ones.

My house is a continual building site. I wonder what he will do when everything is up-to-date. Probably never happen will it?

For some reason my hands have gone blue and I have lost feeling in my finger tips on my left hand which is making typing hard. Strange - not that cold here today. Better go and get a warm drink to warm my hands on.

Have a great week and take care.

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Mindful Eating

Mindful Eating - This term, used by people annoys me immensely. It sounds so smug. Do they think that most of us are unaware that our eating habits could be improved either a little bit or immensely. Minor rant is over.

Well I lost 700g this week. Followed propoints quite well, drank less alcohol (notice I said less and not none) and tried to drink 2 litres of water each day. It was a hectic weekend with Thai food on Friday night - Thai food really isnt all that calorie friendly and then as it was Mark's birthday on Sunday with lots of food and alcohol and much laughter and good company I was surprised on Monday morning to see the scales down 700g.

Exercise is okay as usual. I am just so grateful to be able to move that it isnt really an issue. When I feel like I want to stay in bed of a morning instead of going to the gym I remind myself that the day will come again when I cant exercise at all and that spurs me on. It is getting lighter in the morning (before daylight saving kicks in again) so I will be able to walk Lucy before work rather than after work which I prefer.

Not much else to report. Thinking about going north in a month or two for a little while to feel some warmth again. Tired of the rain. They keep promising that the weather is going to warm up/fine up but it never seems to happen. Or maybe I just have a short memory.

Have a great week - hope there is less of me next week when I check in again.

Monday, August 15, 2011

Another Monday another new start

Last Monday's funk only lasted the day.

I spent hours at the opthamologist and I have never had so many eyedrops put in my eyes but everything is okay. The blurring is just old age and normal. Back on the plaquenil again.

I stayed the same weight this week and I am really going to try to not have a drink Monday-Thursday. Mind you this is my mantra every Monday morning LOL. I am exercising moderately every day.

Bought some new shoes for the gym. Nikes Lunarglide - black with bright pink and blue on them. Wore them this morning and it felt really strange not to be wearing white sneakers - I don't know why. Must go back to podiatrist and get new orthotics made as it has been a while.

Going to get some new gym clothes soon when spring comes and as a treat when I reach a certain goal. May never happen.

Jess ran the C2S yesterday. She was going to walk with a girlfriend but as Mark said, she wouldn't be able to stand everyone running past her - especially fairies, gorillas, bananas and assorted superheroes. She ended up running the whole way. Even though she is fairly fit I bet she will be a bit sore tomorrow.

Am aiming to walk the C2S again next year. If my body is my temple then it is time I did some temple renovating and the City to Surf is going to be my goal. That and not going to hospital this year or next.

(Don't you love Mondays - everything is new and shiny and nothing seems impossible.)

Lucy is getting better. Can now get up and down the front steps easily but the back ones are still a problem. Hopefully in time she will regain the strength in her back legs. She stands at the bottom of the steps and barks for a lift and when you go out to bring her in she sidles up against you into the lift position and waits to be lifted. So cute.

A while ago I bought a pair of the MBT shoes for walking. I have been wearing them around the house and out shopping but yesterday afternoon I wore them on my walk with Lucy. I felt like I was walking with springs on my feet - the rolling motion is really quite pleasant - but I could feel myself using muscles I don't usually use. It was only a short walk and I will keep increasing the distance as I get more used to them.

Well that's about all the news I have. Not terribly exciting at the moment. Big weekend coming up with dinner with friends on Friday night and then Qld friends coming to stay on Sunday night while they are in Sydney. Just by chance it is Mark's birthday so having them with us that day (and night) is a special treat but I know that the diet will suffer again. I really do have good intentions but deep down I think I am a foodaholic. I find it totally irresistible:)

There was something else but I have forgotten what it was.
Have a great week......

Monday, August 08, 2011

Blue Funk

Blue Funk - Def. disappointed feeling, dismay

That's me today. I am in a blue funk. Didnt sleep well last night, couldnt be bothered going to the gym this morning, everything is just too hard.

Scales also told the tale - a gain of 400g I think. Here we go again, gaining and losing the same weight week in week out.

It's the weekends that I find the killer.

I dont want to work anymore either.

I want to stay home.

I think I need sunshine. Definitely dont get enough. Stuck in an office all day and then it is cloudy and rains on the weekend.

Over winter.

I think I am like this every year about this time. Must look back and see what has been happening at this time of the year in previous posts. One of the good things about a blog.

Off to opthamalogist at lunchtime and have decided I am not coming back to work. Have lots of sick leave so will take some and might try to fit in that missing gym session.

Lots of reassessing to do.

Okay hopefully have got that out of my system. Love you lots - thanks for listening.

Tuesday, August 02, 2011

Week One done and dusted

Well I made it through Week One. I was really really good for 6 days and 22 hours but those 2 hours on Sunday night nearly undid me. Isn't it amazing that such a short amount of time can undo all the good stuff you have achieved during the week.

We went to drinks on Sunday night and initially I wasn't going to go but Mark wanted me to and I know I really cant be antisocial just because I am trying to lose weight but I am hopeless when it comes to nibblies. Did I say nibblies - I don't know what came over my girlfriend because I know she is worried about her weight too - the short list of what she supplied was

  • mini spring rolls (at least baked not fried) with sweet chilli dipping sauce

  • honey and soy chicken drumettes

  • a cheese platter - lots of different types plus the saving grace of strawberries

  • Cheds biscuits

  • mini salmon rissoles with a relish

I came home and cooked Mark dinner and didn't bother with me because I had eaten heaps and really I would have just been eating for eating's sake if I had had dinner.

Okay, the bottom line was, even with that car crash on Sunday night, I lost 1.3kgs last week.

I did some form of exercise 6 days last week - not strenuous but still got me moving and motivated.

Off to the doctors today - have been having trouble with blurring vision lately - mainly when doing office work or reading. Seem to be squinting a lot. Had my eyes tested by optometrist three weeks ago but he could see no discernible changes in my prescription and then suddenly remembered what the rheumotologist said when she prescribed some extra medication to see if she could get the swelling down in my hands - this medication can affect eyesight. So rang yesterday morning and left a message for her and her reception rang back and said stop taking medication immediately and see my GP at my earliest convenience. Don't quite know what GP is going to do but have stopped taking the medication and am off to the doctors this afternoon after work. Hopefully it is not permanent damage.

Counting down the minutes to lunch time - have a great week everyone.