Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Things have been travelling along normally for a change although I did miss the gym last weekend.  Just couldnt get myself there.

I find the weather effects me horribly.  I hate doing the housework on rainy days so having to do the housework last Saturday and then going to the gym on a cold, rainy day was beyond even my super powers.

Today is sunny and from the weather reports quite a pleasant day out there.  Unfortunately I am at work but I have a nice view of the national park and people sitting out in the sun enjoying myself.

M is sick at the moment.  This man never gets sick but after day 5 I am over it.  I get a blow by blow description of how he feels and what is happening within his body.  I dont mind looking after him and doing everything because he is sick but I dont really want to hear about it in minute detail.  Anyway, doctor has finally decided that it prostratitis and told him today that he should start feeling better from today onwards.  The power of positive thinking!  When I left for work this morning he was telling that he would probably end up in hospital.  Oh, give me a break.  After the visit to the doctors he was a bit more chirpy.

G is off to US on Saturday with his on again/off again girlfriend to attend a friend's wedding in Alaska and to celebrate his 30th birthday in Las Vegas.  This is so weird.  He is sleeping on the couch at J's place because he has realised that he cant live with this girl yet he is travelling to the other side of the world with her.  She drinks far too much, spends money like it really does grow on trees and is a bit of a pyscho, but a very attractive one.  Sometimes I just want to smack him.

Maybe I should try out for that show "Grumpy of women".  Seem to be spending a fair bit of time lately ranting.  LOL

OK calm again.  Have been using the app on my iPhone call Runkeeper and although there have been a few hiccups am really pleased with it.  Thanks Linda for the headsup.  I have found the music that I walk to makes a hell of a difference to the speed I walk.  So have made some special playlists in iTunes for my iPhone with an upbeat tempo.  I've found when the tempo is faster I walk faster without even noticing I am walking faster except for the little voice that tells me all the stats for my walk as I go.  I know it is a new toy but it is really making me want to walk every day.  Becoming a bit of an obsession, we (as in Lucy and me) even walked in the dark last night - thank goodness for soccer training and the sports lights being turned on at the oval.

Busy busy weekend ahead.  You know, when you say yes to things because it seems like a good idea but then when it actually rolls around you wish you could stay home in your jammies - that's me this weekend.

As Jen says, hooray today is hump day.  All downhill from here workwise.
(Sorry have forgotten how to do links again to the marvellous women I have mentioned above)

Thursday, July 19, 2012

Minor Meltdown

Everything has been chugging along nicely lately.  Except for the aches and pains as winter progresses not feeling too badly.

Except last Tuesday
Had a doctors appointment booked two weeks prior for 4 pm. 
4.45 pm doctor wasnt even in the building being out on house calls.
then when she did show up the muppet of a receptionist put someone else in first because they only wanted a prescription!
I probably over-reacted but it was the end of a tough day and I had a few questions for them, such as
When did my time become less valuable than anyone elses.
Could you imagine me turning up 50 mins late for a doctors appointment and expecting everything to be hunkeydorey?
Did they perhaps ever think about the fact that she was overbooked.
I really didnt expect a visit to the doctors to flare up my ulcer and blood pressure.

The said muppet tried to tell me that this was a rare occurrence but that is rubbish.  It is happening more and more and I am continually hearing people complain that they have had to wait over an hour to get in to see her.

Dont get me wrong, she is a great doctor and I really dont want to have to go to another doctor.

A letter has to be written when I calm down more and I will try again to get an appointment.
Sigh -  Maybe a Saturday when I dont have to keep taking time off work.
Is it just me or is this happening to others too?