Monday, May 17, 2010

I've lost a little bit of me - woohoo!

(This turned out to be quite a long one - sorry)

Managed to misplace 500g last week. No alcohol appears to have worked because there has been minimal exercise. Probably could have done better if I was a little more diligent but I tend to lose the plot on the weekend foodwise.

I am back with my lists/timetables of what I have to do everyday. I do love lists and I do know they can be self defeating but when they work they work really well. I managed to get the housework done in stages throughout the week without too much trouble although as mentioned before there was not a lot of structured exercise.

I took Lucy for a walk last Monday and it was so hard. Just a short flat walk but obviously my muscles had packed it in yet again because it felt like I was walking on marshmallows. That short walk put paid to my plans for walking in the "Million Paws" walk on Sunday. I realised that I couldnt do it which was disappointing.

On a brighter note I went back to pilates on Saturday morning. First time since last November. New teacher so had to explain again my problems but it was wonderful. I was very very nervous but so glad that I went. I felt I had achieved something. If nothing goes wrong (touch wood) I plan to go back to yoga in July.

Also spent yesterday gardening. In the last 12 months my gardens have become a bit like the wild woods. Mark has done a bit of hedging but I have to watch him like a hawk. He is very good at "boy pruning". I cant tell you how many plants I have lost to that form of gardening. Anyway the rose garden is now looking a lot better and I will do some more in that garden next week if I get the chance. Plus I swept and decobwebbed.

My poor baby had a bad week last week. Because of the lack of manpower she had to spend two days going through rubbish at the tip looking for evidence. I dont really want to know what she encountered but I believe that Sydney does not recycle well. We took her out to dinner on Friday night which was lovely. She is such a treasure.

I bought myself my usual weekly supply of flowers for the house this week and I bought some extra yellow tulips to keep in the kitchen near the sink. They make me smile everytime I have to do something in the kitchen. I am also plotting on how I can get a new mixmaster. I would like a KitchenAid one and I havent decided on the colour yet - apple green, purple or orange are in the running. Another reason to smile when I go into the kitchen.

I am loving the latest MasterChef season even though I think that some parts of it are ridiculous and a bit harsh. I really hope Jake does well and I am coveting Alvin's glasses. Some contestants are annoying but not many (just two really). What I love about this show (whether it really is or not) is the consistently upbeat nature. After last Friday nights master class I am going to practise cooking pork tonight with yet another attempt at getting the crackling right.

Well, I am going to have another crack at walking Lucy today providing the rain holds off. If it rains I may go into the gym and just walk there for a little while. Have to get those muscles working properly again.

Was so thrilled to see Jessica Watson sail in the heads on Saturday afternoon. She looked so calm and powerful at the tiller of her yacht until she reached her family. Brought tears to my eyes too. She kept saying that she was just a normal teenager who had a dream. What a great role model. And the other special thing was when the other round-the-world sailors boarded the yacht to help her bring it into the dock. Jesse Martin and Mike Perham. So nice.

All in all it was a very satisfying week last week.
I hope this week is just as good and that everyone is also going to have a good week too.

Monday, May 10, 2010

Days of Wine and Roses are over

(Maybe not the roses)
Weigh in - same weight - no loss no gain. I must be grateful for small mercies.

Not surprised really. Horrible weekend for someone supposedly watching her food intake. Friday night out was a total disaster. Too much wine, far far too much wine. You would think that a woman my age would know this but noooooo. So so sick to begin with and then absolutely no energy on Saturday.

So I have hitched my little red wagon to Zanna's and am not going to have any alcohol for 23 days. Why 23 days I dont really know, it was a number that popped into my head but it also takes me to the end of May. Then we will see.

I nearly capitulated last night (day 2!) when friends dropped in for drinks but I stuck to diet cordial and mineral water but I felt a bit grumpy. Maybe that is just part of the the drying out/detox feelings.

Had a lovely mothers day with my gorgeous children + one. We had a wonderful breakfast locally which left the rest of the day free to potter. I hope you all enjoyed yourselves too.

On a brighter note, foot feeling a lot better and am actually wearing shoes today rather than ugg boots. Will be taking it slowly and might even take Lucy for a small walk today. Will try to elevate it during the day and must remember to do physio exercises every day.

If you havent got the latest WW magazine have a look at it. There are some really nice winter warming recipes in it. I made the Veal Paprika last night and it was well accepted. I just make it for 4. I have a small portion, Poss has probably enough for 2 and there is another portion to put away for either later in the week or his lunch now that he is home and semi retired. Works out well.

I hope you all have a great week.

Wednesday, May 05, 2010

Week One (again) done and dusted

I lost 700g this week. Only 4300g to go in this 10 week challenge to myself. Not sure what sounds better 4300g or 4.3 kilos.

Back on meds again and starting to feel slightly better. Definitely not taking as many (if any) painkillers lately. Foot is feeling less sore and I think my original diagnosis of severe deep bruising was correct. Still a bit sore and still wearing ugg boots most of the time but only now, because I dont want to rush back into shoes and aggravate it again and put the healing back. Probably next week.

So looking forward to being able to walk again or even god help me doing housework and gardening. I might be delirious!

Have a great week everyone.