Monday, October 27, 2008

You Can Tell.....

You can tell that I am back at work again due to the lack of posts and comments.

This last term of the year is always busy as some person (read moron) decided that the financial year for schools should end on 30 November. Now it is hectic for me and I dont have students preparing for exams, end of year festivities etc etc. I just have teachers who have forgotten that they were supposed to do fieldwork activities ringing up begging a day but what can I do - we are just about booked out or should I say booked. Every year it is the same thing, book early I tell them but no. Oh well maybe one day the planets will align and everything will slot into place.

Weight is stable at too much. Wedding is two weeks away so it doesnt look like I will reach my goal started all those months ago.

Weather is back to broiling again. But I dont mind after all it is spring/summer.

So I will apologise for my slackness yet again.

Folk art and yoga and pilates and Princess Lucy take up so much time not to mention work.

Off I go once again as the tribe is descending on the house tonight for their weekly baked dinner. They never miss it if they are in town and our week wouldnt be the same without them especially now that they have all flown the coop.

Wednesday, October 22, 2008


Was I waffling on the other day about it being Spring.

Then it serves me right!

It's bloody freezing today.

It's snowing up in the Blue Mountains.

It is pouring rain and blowing a gale.

The people across the road have lit their fire again.

I have to go out in it again to yoga!

I will sleep well tonight.

They have promised back to hot by the weekend although I could do with a wet Sunday. Still havent done my tax stuff for the accountant.

Should get a phone call any day now.

Waffling again - I'm off.

Saturday, October 18, 2008

Black and Blue

I have noticed this week that I have a few large bruises on the left side of my body - legs and arms.

This morning when I was straightening my hair I saw more enormous bruises on my arm and innocently asked The Husband if he had taken to beating me when I was asleep.

The look I got was priceless - didnt I remember falling over in the hallway last Sunday night (see previous post for that day), then getting angry with him for no reason and he just threw his hands up in the air and let me go my merry (or not merry) way.

Oh I was bad - I dont remember at all.

Mind you I only have his word for this event happening and even though he is so trustworthy I think my explanation sounds better and doesnt reflect badly on me so that is the one I am going with.

Have been dress shopping this morning for a wedding that is coming up - bought him 4 new business shirts and an attachment for the vacuum but no dress.

I hate dress shopping!

Friday, October 17, 2008


I had some free time at work today so I typed out my post and emailed it home.


At work I use Macs and I have been upgraded to Leopard 2008 (sounds cute doesnt it) but when I tried to open the doc here at home it comes through as hieroglyphics.


Have to wait until Monday when I can convert it back to a usable old word document.


Is it just me or are the computers of the world ganging up on us.

PS: Felt the "Christmas Shiver" today. It is pure pleasure and I dont know what brings it on - probably the weather or the colour of the sky or the green green trees, but I have felt this feeling since I was little. I feel like purring.

Monday, October 13, 2008

Trust Me

Trust me, it may have been alright on Saturday night but drinking a bottle of wine (probably more) on Sunday night was definitely not a good idea.

Walked (or should I say danced) home with The Husband holding on to me to make sure I didnt kill myself or run out into the traffic, in my socks, because I couldnt get my boots back on.

You would hope that I would be passed this phase by now but NOOOOOOO!

Very very very very unwell and turned into the bitch from hell (why dont I realise that alcohol makes me agressive).

I slept in the spare room as I was very very very cross.

All in all a hell of a night. Very little to eat today. Went back to bed after The Husband left for work and was late for said work. But I really think they were lucky I was there at all considering all I wanted to do was lie down and die.

I only went because there was supposed to be a group attending a 4 night course arriving and if I didnt turn up they would be milling around outside waiting for my workmates who get to sleep in. Nobody turned up. Convenor had thought he had told me that the course had been cancelled (maybe he told the other Julie from the other planet - the nice one).

And I looked like hell - still do. BUT I did go the gym after work and I have finally had something to eat.

I think I am still married although this morning I didnt get a goodbye kiss *sigh*.

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Day in the life

Yesterday started out all bright and shiny and full of hope.

Weighed myself "gasp", wrote it down and commenced Plan Z.

Turned up at gym late because The Husband had once again left his computer powerpack eons away at work and heaven forbid that his computer battery would die and he wouldnt be able to do his usual overload of work. I had to try and find a powerpack to buy or borrow which would fit his computer "thanks IBM for changing your powerpack jacks from normal to obscure - morons".

Missed breakfast with girls as they were all hurrying off to do important things like go to weddings and have meetings with accountants (which reminds me I must do somethiing about our tax).

Gym girl wouldnt give me my pilates pass because I was 5 minutes too early (good grief) so sat and had a calming cup of green tea and waited.

Got pass. Went into pilates class - Deb didnt turn up - sick apparently. This lovely old lady who talked like her teeth were missing did however but couldnt teach pilates so we were going to do yoga. Now I love yoga, I do it everyday and go to classes on Wednesdays but, dammit, I wanted to do pilates but my father brought me up the right way so I just smiled and got on with it and hated every single second of it. What a waste of an hour when I could have been secret shopping instead.

Went to the postoffice 30 minutes before it closed and the queue went out the door. I went to stand in the line and somehow managed to queue jump in front of a policeman. This little plaintiff voice said behind me "but I was in the queue". Stupid cute policeman, as I walked up he stepped back and I thought he was just getting out of my way. We swopped spots and 1o minutes later he gave up and told me I could have his spot afterall. When I eventually left there he was at the back of the queue again. Maybe I scared him or reminded him of his mother.

After shopping came home, had lunch, a nice healthy prawn salad and then laid down for a rest. I have to stop doing this as I am back at work on Monday and I dont think the boss will be impressed finding me having a nanna nap after lunch.

House didnt get cleaned but as I have said before I dont think anybody has ever died of dust and it looks tidy although my sister visited the other day and said that it didnt look like my decluttering was working. Sometimes sisters can be too honest. (Warning: dont try being honest with them)

The phone rang next to napping husband (hard day at the golf course) and we missed the call. So did last caller thing and it was a friend of his so I called the number and put the phone against his ear - a sure way to wake him up. Did we want to go to their place for dinner? There goes my well laid plans *sigh*.

Dinner was lovely, I only had olives pre dinner and white wine of course even though the large cheese platter was calling to me (funny how cheese knows my name). More wine with dinner and water and more wine and of course dessert and coffee. The wife who luckily happens to be a good friend of mine too drank copious quantities of red wine and I had a lovely time ragging her about her spoonerisms. It is usually me that starts speaking a strange archaic dialect. All in all I drank a bottle of white wine all by myself (do I sound proud - children dont try this at home) which I probably shouldnt have but it was fun and I didnt feel at all sick when i went to bed (translation - bed did not start spinning madly out of control).

The Daughter left today on road trip with boyfriend for two weeks to South Australia with instructions to play nice and bring him back. I think he is being really brave - she is a feisty firey redhead who likes her own way - you'd all love her after you got over the initial thing of wanting to strangle her.

Am now off into the garden and am going to ignore the calls of the bathroom to clean it. It is too nice a day to be inside anymore. See ya!

Thursday, October 09, 2008

Shoes Glorious Shoes

I went shoe shopping today. I needed a pair of navy blue flat shoes for work. I might as well have been asking for the moon.

My trusty comfy navy blue flat shoes I wear to work have developed a squeak. I dont think it is me. Im pretty sure it is the shoes.

The only navy blue flat shoes I could find would have looked great if I was 120 years old but not on a bit overweight hip 55 year old. Hip not hippy though the second also applies at the moment.

I got to look at all the gorgeous shoes that you wear in your 20s and 30s and sighed and moved on. Ended up buying a pair of flat tan pointy toed shoes. They are comfortable, look reasonable modern and I figure that they will sort of go with my uniform.

Next time I see a pair of suitable navy blue shoes I am going to buy two pairs!

I will dream tonight of gorgeous high heeled sandals in the latest styles and be content.

Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Problems problems

So sorry dear friends I have been remiss but I have once again been fighting the demons or kilos. For some reason I have begun stacking on the weight again. I know I am having trouble with exercise but I dont think I have been eating too badly for the last month but instead of losing weight it is still creeping up.

I am at my wits end as nothing fits me anymore and I look lumpy. It would be quite easy to ignore, move up a clothes size or two but I really dont want to. I got through winter unscathed and cant believe that I am putting weight on in spring. Not the way it is supposed to happen.