Thursday, September 20, 2012


Hi, back again.

Still dont have a voice much to the hilarity of everyone I try to talk to. 
M cant hear me (that might be a ruse), my boss thinks I sound like Don Corleone and another work colleague said I sounded like I should be doing adult phone calls.

Still have the cough too but that is mainly at night or when the temp drops a bit.  Means sleeping is difficult for all of us but hopefully it will lessen soon.

Second last day of term today and after tomorrow am officially on school holidays yet again.
J and I are going to see Madagascar 3 on Tuesday.  I just love the giraffe - "afro circus afro circus afro polkadot polkadot afro.  Everytime I hear that I just break up.  Look out - second childhood coming. 

Last weekend we went to the Mooney Club at Mooney Mooney for lunch.  Such a nice day with nice people.  Am going to take Jess there next Tuesday and join up.  Very popular restaurant - requires booking in advance.

Lovely thing happened last week - NZ Jenny T rang me.  She is still here visiting her daughter and I am hoping that my voice returns soon as that will make it easier but whatever, we will meet up, if possible, if she has some free time inbetween official mother/grandmother and nurse duties in the next two weeks.

Weather in Sydney has been glorious.  Warm sunny days and cool nights.  The storms have started and except for the fact that they terrify Lucy I love them and the garden has had at least two good soaks.

There will be pictures next time I post.  The wisteria is in full bloom as are the blossom trees.  Looking forward to the jacarandas soon too.  Nothing says storm season to me like the blooming jacarandas against a dark gray sky.  My birthday azalea is just starting to bloom.
M has made a plant stand (apparently the first of a few).  They look quite good.  Not quite what I wanted or envisaged but he is so proud of it.

Re last post - list is back in operation and my world, which was slightly out of kilter, is back where it should be.  

Any way back to the title of this post - It is 7 years this month since I started blogging.  Have met quite a few of my fellow bloggers (unfortunately most are not blogging anymore) and I cant tell you what your friendship, advice and encouragement has meant so much to me over all these years.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart....

Tuesday, September 11, 2012


Am having trouble doing this on the iPad.

Control.... Something I have lost in the last week of being sick.
Still can't talk, still coughing but throat has subsided.

Still being asked what are we having for dinner - I actually don't care at the moment please yourself is not going down well.

No washing is being done but to be fair if I put it in the washing machine it does get hung out and brought in folded.

I must check today if the canary is still alive.  Feeding it probably is not high on the list of things to remember.

I'm thinking I should make one of my famous lists so that when I am incapacitated the normal processes will continue.  Rather like a checklist.  I know that everything I do everyday may not be  essential to anyone but me (and the canary).

So I lie here plotting and planning about how I am going to try harder when I am well again - please let it happen soon.

Try to exercise more (gentle walking is a good starter), eat well, drink alcohol less (hasn't been a problem lately as it all tastes vile).

As an aside.
Thank goodness for SMS and emails.  It is how I am corresponding with everyone even M.
Thank goodness for the iPad. It keeps me in touch with the world.
Thank goodness for the kindle and the unending supply of books.
Thank goodness for Words With Friends - it is keeping my brain from turning to sludge.
Thank goodness for my little dog who rarely leaves my side and makes me smile often just by looking at her.

So from the control freak - hope you are all having a better week than me but the good news is it is all up from here.

Sunday, September 09, 2012

Life wasn't meant to be easy...

Finally able to type something.  You know - one of those days when nothing goes right.

I am sitting in bed, a place I havent left in two days except to vote in the council elections.  I have been as sick as a dog and let me tell you I am over it.

It started with a bit of a cough on Monday.  Progressed on Tuesday to starting to lose my voice. Still went to a work conference on Wednesday/ Thursday even though I had started to feel terrible.

Just made it through but got a doctors appointment on Friday and cancelled the endoscopy which was to have happened on Friday because didn't think an anesthetic was such a great idea.

Couldn't face the trip home by public transport so Jess offered to drive into the city and pick me up.  On the way home she rang the doctors changed my appointment to that afternoon, took me to the doctors and the chemist, brought me home and I went to bed and I have been there ever since.

I obviously have a secondary infection but had to plead with the doctor for antibiotics.  They all know that my immune system is impaired and can't fight even normal infections.

I am still coughing like I have a 3 pack a day habit, my voice hasn't returned as yet, my throat (complete with ulcers) is slightly less sore than it was, no energy, no food in the house, no clean clothes, have run out of the medication I am supposed to take first thing every morning and I don't have a prescription because I think I thought I was having the endoscopy on Friday and I might not need to take it any more.  At least that is what I thought I thought, I can't remember.

I am supposed to fly to Mudgee tomorrow night for another conference but I don't think I am going to make it.

M hates it when I am sick.  Big problem at the moment is that I still have to tell him what needs doing - he is deaf and I can hardly talk and he asks me to repeat everything I say.  If I was well enough I may hit him.

Oh well, what did Malcolm Fraser say all those years ago - life wasn't meant to be easy.