Wednesday, December 07, 2011

It's Backkkkkkkk

Was it Jack Nicholson in the Shining. Wish I could type it with the right inflection.

That 1.6kg I lost last week is back. I am so over everything at the moment. I was hoping to be in the 60s before Christmas - looking doubtful.

Last week:
Virtually no tracking
3 Lucy walks and 1 gym session
Alcohol - best we not dwell on that one

It spite of all of the above I can fit into my work pants but they produce such a muffin top that I could get a job at Muffin Break. Tried them on this morning and quickly took them off again before anybody saw me and back on with my rolltop yoga pants.

Am trying to write down what I eat today without entering into computer. Hopefully at the end of the day I can enter it and see what happened. I think that if I don't enter everything straight away I cant see how badly I may be doing and then I stop tracking. Does that make any sort of sense. It sounded okay in my head when I was thinking about it this morning.

I also have been thinking about Obsessions for want of a better word. I really want to travel but I love my home so much and I think that is the problem. I am one of those compulsive people who likes everything in its place and when you are travelling nothing is in its "right place" and it drives me crazy. Plus leaving Lucy is heartwrenching for me. I always enjoy myself when we are away doing whatever but am really really glad to get back home again. Renovating also drives me mad because once again everything is not in its right place. I guess I have developed a series of coping mechanisms over the years so that I dont seem like a complete looney. Spur of the moment plans are not great with me either but I try.

Moving right along to things I love
The smell of books - new or old doesnt matter
My hair straightner - it allows me to have longer hair because it used to be short so that I could keep the curl/wave out of it - now I just straighten it everyday and although I know it is just in my mind, I feel better with myself.
A new notebook - I love opening a brandnew diary or notebook - it is a new beginning.
New purses, shoes, handbags, lipsticks and watches - Trying very hard to curb the wants for these things.
Smells - bread baking, fresh coffee, the smell of the earth after the first shower of rain, lawn when it has just been mowed, gardenias which are now all coming into flower, the red rose in my front garden, so many things to mention - this list just goes on and on.
Did I mention my hair straightener.
Oh, nearly forgot - Lucy the wonderdog. The "no strings love" she gives is priceless and such a wonderful stress release to have this small bundle of fur launch herself at you when you walk in the door. You'd think you had been gone for days by the welcome you get.

J's 27th birthday today. It has all gone so quickly. She is a beautiful, strong and talented woman. I am so proud of her and what she has achieved. That said, there are still times I could happily strangle her but she is my bestie and my baby.

On the first day of the school holidays (end of work now only 2 weeks away before 5 weeks break) we are having a day together at the zoo to see the baby tigers and all the other babies that have been born. Hope the weather is good. Going to Forsyth's in Naremburn for coffee first. Will have to arrange another day in the city shopping with lunch at DJs and definitely a visit to Zaras.

G has moved in with his girlfriend and everything seems to be okay. She is a lovely sweet generous person but this is their second attempt at going out. Maybe this time, now that they both are a bit older, it will work out. He is happy and that is very important.

I am aiming for more exercise this week - I have increased gym session to twice a week and mixing it up a bit with cardio and weights. I have got to tone up a bit. The overlaps are not attractive. Did I mention that this is one of the things I hate about getting older. I aim to walk Lucy at between 5 and 7 times depending on weather.

M is pottering along in retirement as usual. He has now agreed (well sort of) to do the vacuuming every week because it puts a strain on my back. Either that or the dyson has to go and we get a lighter vacuum cleaner. He is a much better vacuumer than me so it has been a win win situation. Two weeks in a row - am going for three - no use in overplanning and him thinking that I am taking him for granted/or advantage of which of course I am.

Oh well, back to work - 14 more sleeps and then holidays, then Christmas, then New Years then Queensland etc etc etc.

Monday, November 28, 2011

Thoughts all over the place....grasshopper mind strikes again

Let's get the business over and done with.

Lost 1.6 kgs this week BUT this is probably a false reading as I have had another tummy upset over the weekend (my third in 7 weeks).

Exercised with two Lucy walks and one gym session. Been appalling weather here last week but has returned to fine and sunny so we did start the week well this morning with another early morning walk before the heat and humidity kicked in.

Four no alcohol days.

The tummy upsets are limiting me a bit. Might be I am eating too much fruit but it is summer, or nearly, and the fruits are just amazing. Don't think it is anything more sinister unless M is trying to get rid of me.

Talking about M, because the weather was terrible on Saturday morning, raining and windy and therefore no golf, and because I was not feeling great he did all the vacuuming for me. He does such a great job. I wish he would do it every week. Maybe if I turn around three times and click my heels together this wish will come true. Here's hoping.

It was a nice weekend - dinner with old friends who seem to be forever travelling since they have all retired. The three of us worked (I still do) for the education department which was how I met them and we take turns arranging a dinner every four months with our other halves who luckily get on well together as we make them sit down one end so we can catch up. One of the other couples has just got back from South America and are off to Europe next March and I think the other couple is off to either Europe again or Canada next year too.

Went back to the podiatrist last week and he checked my feet again. I have decided that when my care plan runs out I will still keep going to him because he has made such a difference to the amount of pain my feet give me. He assures me that he sees worse feet than mine.

In between the nausea etc I was feeling on the weekend I managed to get some gardening done. Found three enormous and beautifully camoflagued grubs on my basil so hopefully that will stop the carnage that has been going on. I kept feeling ill so at one stage ended up lying on the back lawn watching the clouds go past in a perfectly beautiful sky. Something I dont think I have done since I was young.

I have moved my yoga mat from my car boot to the family room. It has lived in the boot for about a year (since before my last back op). I have bought some things to hopefully refocus me and I will let you know how they go and as I have said before when I work out how to put links in I will link to Nadine's blog so that you can see what I am talking about. That probably doesnt make sense but I am running out of time and must get back to work.

Kids and their partners coming for baked dinner tonight as usual.

Goal for this week is to aim towards preserving a healthier me. Thinking maybe a naturopath?
Carpet gone from bedroom completely along with all the nails and tacks that took him hours to get rid off. Makes such a difference and I think my breathing has improved greatly at night in bed. Sinuses not giving me as much of a problem. Lucy having trouble slipping and sliding a bit when she jumps up on and down from the bed (naughty spoilt much loved dog).

Planning started towards trip to Qld in January. Linda, will be in touch when I have firm dates to see if you are free.

Have a great week.

Monday, November 21, 2011

A year ago

This weekend was a bit of a disaster. It isnt called yo yo weight for nothing - back up 400g this week.

Goal update:

Managed 3 days with no alcohol (should have been four)
Four Lucy walks plus one gym session (Missed a walk)
No tracking after lunchtime on Friday until this morning (this has to stop)

Just looked back at my WW online and exactly a year ago I was 1.8kg lighter.

I returned to this time last year on my blog too.

My back was really giving me a lot of trouble.

A friend has just suicided. (There was actually a rememberance ceremony last Friday for her which I went to for a little while - still miss her)

I had to get to work early this morning to open up for one of the consultants who is running a staff development day here today. Up at 5.30 - walked Lucy - at work by 7.30 and boy am I tired. Here it is Monday morning at 9:45 am and I want to go and lie down for an hour or two and I cant stop yawning.

Carpet is coming up in the bedroom today I think. I don't know how M is going to do it by himself but I am glad I am not there to watch or hear it.

Update: 9:47 am and Carpet has gone. Yay!

He is also redesigning our built-in wardrobe and has been harping on about my shoes and how I possibly couldnt need all of them. He is right but it is something I am not ready to tackle yet so I have dug my heels in (no pun intended) and told him to back off.

I wish everything would just go away and leave me alone. (I think that is the tiredness speaking.)

Having a blood test today to check out my thyroid and going to the podiatrist later this week to check out my feet. I have 5 visits under the care plan and the first one made such a difference to the pain in my feet.

Also going to get my hair cut tomorrow. Think I have had enough of trying to grow it.

This was a really pretty moth that came to visit on the weekend. It was on the deck railing and obligingly waited for me to get my camera and take a photo. Good moth. Dont you love the lacy pattern on its wings.

Anyway, I cant blame anything or anyone for my gain this week unless of course it is myself. I am feeling a bit down but it will pass.

Walking Lucy this morning was gorgeous. Cool before the humidity kicks in again, nobody but the two of us, so I could let her off her lead for a little sniff and run. Mark has clipped her a lot over the weekend because she has been really suffering and while she looks a little strange she is much much happier being a shorthaired dog.

This week will be better. I will try and remember all the things that I know about why I am doing badly. I will exercise more, drink alcohol less and try to keep an accurate record of everything for 7 days. I may not succeed but I will try. Hope your week goes according to plan too.

Monday, November 14, 2011

Visitors from last week

These were the visitors from last week.

This is the first echidna I have seen close to the building.

The water dragon is a regular visitor. He sits on the huge rock outside in the garden and holds court and does push up (maybe a courtship thing). His chest goes bright red when he does. Very entertaining.

Well good news for this weeks weigh in this morning.

Lost 700g of the yo yo weight again.

Re the goals:
Had four alcohol free days but I think I made up for it on Friday and Sunday nights. Got to work on that aspect. No wine while I was cooking dinner was hard and felt very righteous that I made it. LOL. Such a twit.

Walked Lucy four mornings and managed a session at the gym doing upper body weights.
Am behind the eight ball this week as I didn't walk her this morning.

Damn what was the other thing. Just let me check.

Oh yes, tracking - Good for four out of seven days. Some improvement needed.

No carbs as in bread at lunch on five days. So a tick there as well I think.

Now down to life's nitty gritty:
J is home from Canada. I am so so happy. The daily multiple phone calls have started again and she even visited yesterday and I didnt care that I had stacks to do, if was just so nice to sit and have a cuppa and gossip. They are all coming for dinner tonight. Hopefully the promised southerly will hold off just long enough that we can sit outside and have dinner.

G is thinking about or should I say has decided to move in with his girlfriend. Slightly freaking out (him not me) because it is a big step. We'll see how it works out. He had to grow up one day.

Nothing much else - have decided to rip up the carpet in the bedroom. There are old polished floorboards underneath and I think I would rather have them then carpet. Especially old dusty moth eaten carpet. We will see how we go and either end up replacing the carpet or repolishing the floor when we repolish the rest of the house.

Everything is going well at the moment and I am very thankful. Let's hope that the weight thingy keeps going down. Silly season fast approaching and I am very susceptible to the silly season.

Have a great week - off to eat another salad - this one with corn and chicken and mayo.
Yum Yum

Wednesday, November 09, 2011

Lunches and other things

This was today's lunch. My lunches this week have basically been the same. Points free salad - carrot, tomato, lettuce, herbs, mushrooms, cucumber, capsicum and onion. The protein changes - sometimes chickpeas or chicken or ham or egg or fish. The dressing changes but I try to make it as fat free as possible. Oh and I occasionally add a small tin of super sweet corn. No bread of any sort. Third day in a row.

No wine for two nights so far but I am sleeping so badly. Will persevere but am looking forward to Friday.

No exercise this morning because I slept so badly last night but am going to the gym this afternoon for some upper body weight training IF there isnt a storm and I dont have to rush home to placate Lucy.

Yesterday was a problem. Am tracking as best I can and can now see why I am putting on weight rather than losing it. I think when I was going through the Breakfast King, Lunch Prince and Dinner Pauper phase I was eating enough points at breakfast to last the whole day, nearly.

Actually thought about ringing my surgeon today to ask would it be okay to start running on a treadmill. Luckily commonsense prevailed. BUT I really really miss running. I've tried running in the pool but it is not the same.

I am very grateful that I can still walk and that is something hugely to be thankful for.

After talking about the brush turkey on Monday, guess what? A baby turkey turned up this morning in the garden outside my window. So so pretty and cute and so little. They are virtually self sufficient from the moment of birth and there he/she was scratching around in the garden like a grown up. Five minutes later a goanna walked passed so hopefully he got away. If I can get a picture I will.

I am half way through the last school term of the year and it is hump day. Bonus!
Enjoy yourselves.
PS - Am not going anywhere near the scales until next Monday although it is so tempting to check.

Monday, November 07, 2011

Wasn't me, did you see me?

I just wanted you to know that I am still in denial. LOL. At least I recognise it. Is that a good thing or a bad thing?

More weight crept on this week. Can no longer get into my work trousers without them attempting to cut me in half and doing myself a very very nasty injury. Am wearing my Bonds roll top yoga pants to work. Thank god J is in Canada and cant see me. Boy would I be in big trouble. She hates me wearing them if we go shopping. It's always "put some jeans on......"

Okay am going to try a few steps:

  • Tracking - I hate it and have great trouble doing it but I will try at least until some control comes back into my life.

  • Wine - Am really really going to try and limit my intake to four days off/3 days on. I know that I probably should try to abstain completely for a while but I think I would be just setting myself up for failure.

  • Carbs - Have to cut them back, a lot. What was I thinking?
I think it is amazing how clever I am at justifying eating and imbibing as much as I have been lately. The old chestnuts such as I deserve it because I work hard/feel like crap anyway/a small treat wont hurt etc etc etc. continually revolve around in my mind. I am so good at it.

Lately I have not been able to do much housework or gardening without starting to feel dizzy and sick. Lots of short breaks need to be taken usually involving lying down. As you can imagine everything takes an eon to do. It is the pits feeling like this. Everything becomes a chore including the work I am actually paid for. I think I went MIA last Friday as when I came into work today I realised all the things that I should have done on Friday and hadnt. Luckily I play catch up well but I was so annoyed with myself.

Anyway enough whining about me, things in general:

The next lot of renovations have been put back until early next year because the builder is running behind again. Oh well.

J reckons she is staying in Whistler but she is coming home on Friday. She loves it so much and I have explained that holidaying in a place is different to living in it but you sometimes can't tell these younguns anything. Miss her so much although we facebook and skype continually. Here is what she saw on her bike ride this morning.

I saw a brush turkey at the end of the street on Saturday morning when I took Lucy for a walk. I see them all the time in the national park and their population has increased dramatically in the last couple of years with the demise of foxes but this is the first time I have seen them this close to home. I am not too sure I want them in my garden as they absolutely destroy everything when they build their nests but it was a novelty. We actually have a nest next to the stairs at work and national parks have meshed it to stop people walking through it to get to the public toilets. Interesting to see if we get to see any babies.

Anyway, have a lovely week and I hope there will be less of me next week and I can stick to this plan this time. I hope you all can reach your short time goals too. Let me know what they are for this week.

Tuesday, November 01, 2011


I hope that I too can be accountable to myself on this frustratingly long journey.

I didnt realise how tired I have been until M asked me would it be okay to have some people over on Saturday night. He was checking because he knows how tired I have been getting. Bone crushingly tired by the end of the week and the end of the week seems to be coming earlier and earlier.

Am off to GP today to talk to her about it. I wanted to go last week but she was away. I need to talk to her about the blood test from a few weeks ago re the anemia. I came to the realisation that the call I got from the rheumotologist's reception was very unsatisfactory and answered none of my questions except that it wasnt caused by lack of iron. I can't believe it took me weeks to realise this - I can be such a drongo. A friend suggested I get my thyroid checked out too so I will ask. It is lovely having friends in the same age bracket - we all seem to be going through similar things.

Made a couple of small changes this week - forced myself out of bed on both Saturday and Sunday (with the mantra in my head that I could go back there once I got home again) and Lucy and I went walking. Just short walking but I was mobile. This is probably the first exercise I have done in nearly 7 weeks due to the tendon damage that I think I did. Just took time and rest to heal itself. I will wear my MBTs again but maybe not on my Lucy walks which is a shame because they did make me feel like I could walk forever. It is such a lovely walking motion but anyway, preservation has to come first. We have also walked both mornings this week too.

I am going back to the gym again tomorrow afternoon after work and will start doing upper body work mainly. Only once a week to start with. I think I did too much last time and really paid the price of sore and overworked muscles. Time to find a happy medium.

Weight has still been climbing. I know I have been eating too much again. I was fooling myself that I would have a big breakfast, a medium lunch and a small dinner but it never worked out. And I have to stop snacking because I dont have that stop mechanism that most people have. I am sure sometimes I could eat until I exploded, patch myself up and come back for more.

On the home front: M is still wearing himself out sanding the deck back and restaining. I dont quite know what all the rush is about unless he knows something that I don't. Anyway he off to the Hunter tomorrow to play golf.

G is starting to make serious noises about his new/old girlfriend. Maybe second time around they will make it.

J is in LA at the moment. They spent yesterday at Venice beach and the sights had her wishing that she had brought her SLR. She absolutely loved the place even though I remember it as a fairly tacky place. She probably sees it through different eyes. She is a really good photographer and takes some amazing photos. She had a great time in Las Vegas and went for a helicopter ride over the Grand Canyon. She is off to Vancouver in a couple of days. She has heard from her friend there that it is snowing in Whistler so she is looking forward to that. She absolutely loves what she has seen of the US and is talking about her and Marc going back there in the future and visiting the east coast.

In general: I just read the eulogy by Mona Simpson on her biological brother, Steve Jobs. It was so moving and if I knew how I would put a link in here but I sure that if you are interested you will be able to find it. It appeared online in today's edition of the Sydney Morning Herald.

Today is Melbourne Cup day! If you have a bet or are in an office sweep I hope your horse does well. It really is the "race that stops a nation". Have you ever driven on the road when it is on. The place is like a ghost town.

Enjoy the rest of the week - I am going to start adding links to my posts next week to others who have inspired me and why. That is as soon as I work out how.

Take care

Monday, October 24, 2011


I am a bit AWOL at the moment. Feeling tired and a bit grumpy. Talked to a friend who is a nurse last night and told her what happened with the results of my blood test for the anemia which was actually nothing really. The specialists secretary rang me and read the report to me but couldnt actually answer any of my questions. Perhaps I am just a bit too accepting of things. I should have insisted in speaking to the doctor. Anyway I have made an appointment to see the GP next week so will talk to her about it. Don't know what it is but cant seem to get motivated and I should be because it is spring and everything is green and lovely.

Ankle is okay. Some degeneration in the other ankle joint (there are apparently two) but he doesnt want to do anything about that until he absolutely has too as if the second joint is fused it will make the prosthesis fail. Oh joy.

Weight gain this week which I guess just goes with the mood. So today, have started again. Put the biscuit barrel away at work - you know out of sight out of mind.

J is on restricted duties until nearly Christmas. God I hope she is okay overseas. If she stuffs it up completely it could mean a hip replacement. Someone should outlaw snowboarding.

G is having relationship issues once again. He is a bit of a sunshine sucker - love him dearly but he is so much like my beloved Dad. Always seems to see the glass half empty rather than half full.

M is still enjoying his retirement. Sanding the back deck back at the moment and restaining it. He is like "pigpen" from Snoopy. Seems to be encased in a cloud of dust all the time. He is loving this wonderful weather but there is a cool change on the way tonight so hopefully this doesnt interfere with his home handyman plans.

Strange things are happening at work. Nothing to do with me but impacting on me.

Enough doom and gloom. Going to get stuck into some jobs that I have been putting off. The dreaded filing as I can't seem to find anything when I need it and I might even get a look through my intray.

Hope that your week is bright and sunny.

Monday, October 17, 2011

Back again

Spoke to soon last week.

Last Tuesday night was hit with a full blown gastric bug. Unable to get out of bed the next day and lost over 2 kgs in weight in a 24 hour period. Of course it has nearly all returned. Drastic way to lose weight though.

In my bid to make sure that the specialist doctors in NSW dont go without - I went to dermatologist on Friday morning and everything is AOK there and now dont have to go back for 18 months. (Woohoo - I may nearly be retired in 18 months, or maybe not.) Had coffee with Jess, did some shopping and got some Bond's Tshirts at 40% off. They are such nice Ts and they are getting hard to get for some reason.

The afternoon brought a CT Scan and then walking the local shopping mall looking for a present for an 18 year old. Luckily Jess had done some advance legwork and found a perfume she liked, sent me a picture of it so that eventually when I ended up back at DJs just showed the perfume lady the picture and bought it. As she said, I wonder what we did before all this technology! Also bought some more bras (30% off) and found some more Ts at 40% off. Except for the fact that my feet were killing me it was a very successful shopping trip.

The 18th birthday party was at Tumut which is about 4.5 hours south of home. So on Saturday afternoon, after golf of course, we set off. Got there about 5 pm and headed straight to the pub to meet Mark's brother.

Back to the motel to get changed for the party - fancy dress of course. Had to be something that started with a letter of the birthday girls name. I went as a MasterChef complete with apron, potmitt and teatowel, Mark went as a Mexican with a striped poncho and sombrero. The hit of the evening in my eyes was his 70 year old brother whose wife managed to talk into dressing up as an elf/leprachaun coomplete with red tights and pointed ears. I loved it and so did all the little kids.

Home the next day in time for the RWC semi final. So sad for the Wallabies. I am sending them some of Linda's love, hugs and positive energy. At least rugby is now over for us until next year. Congratulations to the All Blacks - you played superbly.

Jess has found out that she had a stress fracture in the pelvis. I can't believe it. She probably ran the city2surf with a fractured pelvis. Nothing much can be done. Just rest for 6 weeks - not too much walking, no running etc. Not good news as she leaves for the US on Thursday week and trying to keep her still has always been nearly impossible. She can swim because it is non weight bearing so she will have to expend some energy that way. If she is not careful it might collapse completely and she will need a hip replacement and I will kill her.

Taking my scans to the ankle surgeon tomorrow morning. Hopefully the news is good and it is/was only tendon damage and I can start walking and gyming again.

Have a great week and hopefully I will catch up with your blogs soon.

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

A hopefully short post

I realised today that it has been three weeks since I last checked in. Today is the the day from hell back here at work. Have been flat out all morning and then realised that I forgot to join a conference call this morning. Have apologised profusely and asked to be included next time. Where is my head at the moment?

The holidays were lovely - well kind of.

Had a lovely birthday - three full on days. Thank you to all who sent me messages on facebook and emails. Family bought me a new espresso machine, coffee bean grinder and some coffee beans from an apparently special coffee place in Naremburn. My sisters gave me pandora charms for my necklace which was lovely. Also had dinner at Epoque at Cammeray. Chilli mussels - yum my favourite.

My girlfriend and her husband had flown down from Queensland especially and we had a wonderful time. On Saturday we had lunch in at the antipasto bar in DJs in the city, then shopping and I even managed a visit to Zara, something that I have been wanting to do for a while. It was packed and I will definitely be revisiting some time soon. Girlfriend's husband came with us everywhere, carried parcels and never complained once. He really is a patient lovely man.

We dropped them back at the airport on Sunday afternoon and then came home to prepare a sausage sizzle for a group of friends. Nice night but was really really tired by Monday.

Monday started with sore throat and sniffles and then progressed into full blown cold. Ended up bedbound later in the week. Just couldnt be bothered. So annoyed that I had to spend my holiday sick. Back at work now but still not too well.

Bone scans and xrays have been done but I have to go and have a CT scan on Friday as surgeon wants to make sure that the thing that is now my ankle has become dislodged. It definitely isnt as sore as it was but still swells. Also went to the podiatrist and he has definitely helped with the pains I had in my feet too.

Jess has been having really bad pains in her groin and went to physio but it wasnt getting any better. She thought she had hurt herself when she ran the city2surf. She went to a sports doctor today and he had xrays and scans done but couldnt see anything. He kept saying that he was sure she had a stress fracture in her pelvis so she is now going for an MRI. Just had a call from her - she suddenly remembered that she did have a fall when she was snowboarding and maybe, just maybe, that was when it all started and running has just made it worse. Cranky daughter is not happy as it is 2 weeks until she leaves for US and Canada. Here's hoping that she will be okay. Me, I'm worried about whether it will affect my being a grandmother eventually. LOL.

Short post my foot - I'm off - I have work to do.
Going to try and do this more regularly - want to ask advice about diet but have run out of time.
Take care.

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Why Does this Happen?

I really need to talk about this hence the second post this week.

Yesterday was a really blah day for me.

I guess it was depression in some form. I felt so down and exhausted. I ate everything in sight. I don't really know what triggered it.

I did think about what was happening to me and possible reasons. The main one is the threat of my ankle really being trashed this time and another operation looming and a secondary one is that I was just getting back into the swing of exercising again and now nothing. I know exercise makes you feel better - endorphins etc and I love doing it.

I have pulled myself back - really there are so many people worse off then me.

I am going to take some painkillers at lunchtime and go for a little walk around the picnic area in the national park to get some sunshine.

But if you have any thoughts on this I would appreciate them.

Monday, September 19, 2011

WARNING - Weight Hazard

OK I am officially declaring the Rugby World Cup a weight hazard!

How am I going to survive 6 weeks or maybe only 4 now of partying (yes yes I know I have nothing to celebrate at the moment), drinks, dinners, nibblies and generally having a great time. This is really rhetorical as we all know what I am going to do - drink, dine and eat in no particular order. Oh well it only comes around every four years thank goodness.

After all that, and in spite of that, I managed to reclaim 600g of the yo-yo weight last week. By reclaim I mean gone again. I am trying to eat sensibly during the week with a meal plan etc etc but on the weekend that meal plan opens the window and flies away so I was glad the scale movement was down again when I had been thinking it was going to be up.

The weather in Sydney is warming up and is glorious. Haven't had a jumper on all day.

Can't remember if I mentioned it last week but my ankle is playing up again. I think I did. Went to GP and she has referred me on the the ankle surgeon again who I see on Tuesday week. Hopefully it is something that can be easily fixed with physio or something like that. But as a result there has been no exercise at all done for nearly two weeks. I have thought about walking Lucy and taking my phone with me just in case I needed rescuing. The pain can be quite a lot or hardly at all. I don't know why. By the end of the day yesterday my right ankle looked enormous.

Also back to see the rheumotologist tomorrow. Hopefully I can stop taking some of the tablets. I think the rash I have got is from the plaquenil - similar to the rash that methotrexate gives me and is driving me slowly crazy. Also hopefully not anemic anymore so can stop the iron tablets too. I'm a walking timebomb at the moment but doing my bit to keep doctors in gainful employment. My GP has put me on a care plan again so I am off to see the podiatrist again and hopefully he will be able to help me with my feet too at minimal cost.

Work has only a week to go, and then holidays for two glorious weeks and more practising for retirement.

Hope everyone has a great week - I intend to.

Monday, September 12, 2011

Excuses Excuses Excuses

Not really, no excuses.

After weeks of carefully planned eating and exercising, the sabotage fairy hit back with a vengenance. Serves me right for feeling smug and in control.

Two days at a conference in a beautiful hotel in Darling Harbour with an overnight stay and all the trappings including a dinner were just the beginning. Who knew I could eat that much food - well really I did but I conveniently forgot it at the time.

Have done something to the foot which had the tendon repair and ankle replacement. Can hardly walk at the moment so Lucy and the gym are once again on hold. Appointment with GP today and another appointment with specialist in two weeks time just to make sure I have not done permanent damage that will require another operation. Christmas is coming and all that (Mark will kill me if I am on crutches for another Chrismas) but I think everyone else is getting used to seeing me like that. Meanwhile am trying to rest it as much as possible. Have a horrible feeling it might have something to do with the MBTs but cant say for sure. They are so comfortable and I love walking in them but maybe I overused an already sick tendon.

Rugby world cup started on Friday night and we went to friends for a homemade pizza and wine night. Damn there I went again.

Saturday night was a 30th birthday party for another friends son and boy did they have great fingerfood and lots of it. Actually was so full that I had to turn some down. Not like me at all. Also there were bowls of soft lollies (snakes etc) on each table and I actually wrestled one of the husbands who tried to take it away. Comical but sad.

Yesterday wasnt too bad but the damage had been done. Stepped on the scales this morning with eyes squeezed tightly shut. Didnt make any difference - the gain was 1.4kgs. Isnt it amazing how quickly it comes back in just 4 out of control days. No really it is amazing.....oh okay, it is pathetic.

Anyway back on track this morning - the planning, the water etc. Mind you we still have a few of weeks of rugby world cup to go but I am going to try and make it through.

Now the good news - Lucy has started walking up steps, sometimes. She is getting better and we are desperately trying to make sure she doesnt overdo it. Mark has thought about ringing the vet to see if he could have some of the injections that she had as they seemed to do the trick. That and an awful lot of spoiling from us. I wouldnt mind having the injections either. I might mention it to the rheumotologist when I go to see her next week.

The weather has turned freezing here again. Really need some warmth soon.

Have a great week - onwards and downwards!

Tuesday, September 06, 2011

What a Drag it is Growing Old (thanks to rolling stones)

Another 700grams gone this week. I can see it has gone from my face but not the places I want it gone from. It is so frustrating. Used to be so much easier when I was younger. Let this be a warning to all you young-uns!

Last night on FB M alerted us about the interview on ACA (I think) about three former contestants of Biggest Loser and what had happened to them since the show. Someone provided the link and I must say that I was shocked. These people have put the weight back on and in some cases more. They were talking about having a packet of timtams with their coffee and buying a cheesecake and eating it by themselves in one go and semi-blaming the show because they didn't get enough support after the show had finished. While I don't think the show is perfect, it could have been the perfect springboard to a healthier life if this is what they really wanted. Stop making excuses and just do it. As a person who could be a world champion procrastinator if I really tried I know how hard it is. But you just have to make choices and one of my choices is that I don't have the food in the house that I love because I know at low moments I would be eating it with no regard to the damage that I was doing. It is hard work but most of us care about ourselves and treat our bodies well.

Spring has sprung in Sydney and the days are glorious again though they are threatening thunderstorms later today. Light enough in the mornings now for Lucy and I to walk. The sun was this enormous bright red ball this morning. Makes you realise hos lucky you are to be awake at that special time of the morning.

A brush turkey has made a nest near the front steps at work. The scourge of gardeners because they ruin gardens he is fine in the national park. Although the female was there the next day haven't see either of them near it lately so perhaps it was just a practice one. Might not be warm enough to form the incubator they need.

Mark is slowly rebuilding the back steps. I think he is enjoying the challenge most of the time although the air does turn blue occasionally. He made the North Shore Times last week with a article on his family's history on the North Shore. Picture of his Dad working the the family butcher shop was printed too. My goodness I can tell where the boys get their good looks from.

Lucy is better but still wont go up the steps at the back. She has started umping up on the lounge again occasionally. Maybe the warmer weather is helping her too.

I am off to a conference at Darling Harbour for the next two day. Get to stay in the city overnight and go out to dinner as well. Looking forward to it although we will still be working hard.

Have a great week everyone.

PS Endoscopy last week showed that the ulcer had finally healed although I will have to keep taking the medication because the other medication is what caused it and I can't stop taking that or I will seize up. Don't have to have another endoscopy for a year. Good times

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Quick one

This was last week's post - have only just discovered it didn't get published. So here goes

I have to get back to work so this has to be quick.

Lost 1kg this week.

Much as I hate the term "mindful eating" (see last week's rant) that is what I did on the weekend.

Had friends over for dinner and rugby on Saturday night so had a light lunch and tried to minimise what I was eating at other meals on the weekend (except for sunday morning which traditions says is the heart-foundation breakfast with all the trimmings).

The weekends are usually my downfall so was not expecting that this weekend would be any different. Pleasantly surprised by scales.

Lucy is getting better slowly. Still wont do the back steps which is making my back ache but now goes up and down the front ones okay. Mark has actually demolished one set of steps out the back to make way for new ones.

My house is a continual building site. I wonder what he will do when everything is up-to-date. Probably never happen will it?

For some reason my hands have gone blue and I have lost feeling in my finger tips on my left hand which is making typing hard. Strange - not that cold here today. Better go and get a warm drink to warm my hands on.

Have a great week and take care.

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Mindful Eating

Mindful Eating - This term, used by people annoys me immensely. It sounds so smug. Do they think that most of us are unaware that our eating habits could be improved either a little bit or immensely. Minor rant is over.

Well I lost 700g this week. Followed propoints quite well, drank less alcohol (notice I said less and not none) and tried to drink 2 litres of water each day. It was a hectic weekend with Thai food on Friday night - Thai food really isnt all that calorie friendly and then as it was Mark's birthday on Sunday with lots of food and alcohol and much laughter and good company I was surprised on Monday morning to see the scales down 700g.

Exercise is okay as usual. I am just so grateful to be able to move that it isnt really an issue. When I feel like I want to stay in bed of a morning instead of going to the gym I remind myself that the day will come again when I cant exercise at all and that spurs me on. It is getting lighter in the morning (before daylight saving kicks in again) so I will be able to walk Lucy before work rather than after work which I prefer.

Not much else to report. Thinking about going north in a month or two for a little while to feel some warmth again. Tired of the rain. They keep promising that the weather is going to warm up/fine up but it never seems to happen. Or maybe I just have a short memory.

Have a great week - hope there is less of me next week when I check in again.

Monday, August 15, 2011

Another Monday another new start

Last Monday's funk only lasted the day.

I spent hours at the opthamologist and I have never had so many eyedrops put in my eyes but everything is okay. The blurring is just old age and normal. Back on the plaquenil again.

I stayed the same weight this week and I am really going to try to not have a drink Monday-Thursday. Mind you this is my mantra every Monday morning LOL. I am exercising moderately every day.

Bought some new shoes for the gym. Nikes Lunarglide - black with bright pink and blue on them. Wore them this morning and it felt really strange not to be wearing white sneakers - I don't know why. Must go back to podiatrist and get new orthotics made as it has been a while.

Going to get some new gym clothes soon when spring comes and as a treat when I reach a certain goal. May never happen.

Jess ran the C2S yesterday. She was going to walk with a girlfriend but as Mark said, she wouldn't be able to stand everyone running past her - especially fairies, gorillas, bananas and assorted superheroes. She ended up running the whole way. Even though she is fairly fit I bet she will be a bit sore tomorrow.

Am aiming to walk the C2S again next year. If my body is my temple then it is time I did some temple renovating and the City to Surf is going to be my goal. That and not going to hospital this year or next.

(Don't you love Mondays - everything is new and shiny and nothing seems impossible.)

Lucy is getting better. Can now get up and down the front steps easily but the back ones are still a problem. Hopefully in time she will regain the strength in her back legs. She stands at the bottom of the steps and barks for a lift and when you go out to bring her in she sidles up against you into the lift position and waits to be lifted. So cute.

A while ago I bought a pair of the MBT shoes for walking. I have been wearing them around the house and out shopping but yesterday afternoon I wore them on my walk with Lucy. I felt like I was walking with springs on my feet - the rolling motion is really quite pleasant - but I could feel myself using muscles I don't usually use. It was only a short walk and I will keep increasing the distance as I get more used to them.

Well that's about all the news I have. Not terribly exciting at the moment. Big weekend coming up with dinner with friends on Friday night and then Qld friends coming to stay on Sunday night while they are in Sydney. Just by chance it is Mark's birthday so having them with us that day (and night) is a special treat but I know that the diet will suffer again. I really do have good intentions but deep down I think I am a foodaholic. I find it totally irresistible:)

There was something else but I have forgotten what it was.
Have a great week......

Monday, August 08, 2011

Blue Funk

Blue Funk - Def. disappointed feeling, dismay

That's me today. I am in a blue funk. Didnt sleep well last night, couldnt be bothered going to the gym this morning, everything is just too hard.

Scales also told the tale - a gain of 400g I think. Here we go again, gaining and losing the same weight week in week out.

It's the weekends that I find the killer.

I dont want to work anymore either.

I want to stay home.

I think I need sunshine. Definitely dont get enough. Stuck in an office all day and then it is cloudy and rains on the weekend.

Over winter.

I think I am like this every year about this time. Must look back and see what has been happening at this time of the year in previous posts. One of the good things about a blog.

Off to opthamalogist at lunchtime and have decided I am not coming back to work. Have lots of sick leave so will take some and might try to fit in that missing gym session.

Lots of reassessing to do.

Okay hopefully have got that out of my system. Love you lots - thanks for listening.

Tuesday, August 02, 2011

Week One done and dusted

Well I made it through Week One. I was really really good for 6 days and 22 hours but those 2 hours on Sunday night nearly undid me. Isn't it amazing that such a short amount of time can undo all the good stuff you have achieved during the week.

We went to drinks on Sunday night and initially I wasn't going to go but Mark wanted me to and I know I really cant be antisocial just because I am trying to lose weight but I am hopeless when it comes to nibblies. Did I say nibblies - I don't know what came over my girlfriend because I know she is worried about her weight too - the short list of what she supplied was

  • mini spring rolls (at least baked not fried) with sweet chilli dipping sauce

  • honey and soy chicken drumettes

  • a cheese platter - lots of different types plus the saving grace of strawberries

  • Cheds biscuits

  • mini salmon rissoles with a relish

I came home and cooked Mark dinner and didn't bother with me because I had eaten heaps and really I would have just been eating for eating's sake if I had had dinner.

Okay, the bottom line was, even with that car crash on Sunday night, I lost 1.3kgs last week.

I did some form of exercise 6 days last week - not strenuous but still got me moving and motivated.

Off to the doctors today - have been having trouble with blurring vision lately - mainly when doing office work or reading. Seem to be squinting a lot. Had my eyes tested by optometrist three weeks ago but he could see no discernible changes in my prescription and then suddenly remembered what the rheumotologist said when she prescribed some extra medication to see if she could get the swelling down in my hands - this medication can affect eyesight. So rang yesterday morning and left a message for her and her reception rang back and said stop taking medication immediately and see my GP at my earliest convenience. Don't quite know what GP is going to do but have stopped taking the medication and am off to the doctors this afternoon after work. Hopefully it is not permanent damage.

Counting down the minutes to lunch time - have a great week everyone.

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

False Starts

False starts - what I seem to be particularly good at when it comes to my weight. I have crept back up into the 70's again and my body is starting to ache again with the combined extra weight and the cold that I am finding particularly difficult to bear this winter.

Yesterday another start - sorted out some menu plans from the weight watchers site, adjusted them for my needs i.e. no dairy etc (something I have not been policing very well lately and am paying the price for), shopped for produce and started yesterday. I love the fact that although Mark has seen me start this jurney many many times he is so supportive in a quiet way - he wants what I want for me and tries his best to help me.

After our heart to heart talk a month or so ago about the grumpy old man syndrome, he has been so much nicer to be around and I can feel his approval most of the time. It is nice to not be taken for granted.

Blood pressure has been raging lately so medication has changed and it seems to have gotten it back under control. I dont feel any different but the doctor is happier. I did say to her that since she was the one getting upset about the figures on the machine, perhaps she shouldnt take my BP anymore. Ignorance is bliss. Guess what, she didnt agree.

Daughter and son have gone snowboarding this week together down south. Into day 2 and they seem to be surviving in each others company. Jess was so excited about going, the first time since she was in Year 12 and has been taking lessons each morning this week. She is a natural athlete which may annoy her brother, probably always has, as he is the person with all the experience, her big brother. Hopefully she will have the commonsense to let him take the lead, at least this first time, especially if she wants to be invited back.

Lucy the wonder dog is not well. We have known she has a laxating patella since she was a puppy. In the last month though she must have overdone it because she can no longer go up stairs or jump up on things. We have to lift and carry her and when we have had to go out, especially in all that horrible weather last week, had to barricade her on the deck because if she had gone down the steps she wouldnt have been able to get back up. We took her to the vet who put her on anti-inflammatories but she was the saddest little dog I have ever seen. Her eyes were reflecting such sadness and her normally springy tail was just drooped and dragging on the floor. Other than that she never complained. We took her back last week as there was no improvement and Angus started her on a once a week injection of a glucosamine type medication. Apparently it is something that is given to race horses. While she still cant go up stairs she is happier and the spring has returned to her tail. I think an operation may be on the cards.

Every year I watch Le Tour de France religously. I love watching the scenery and the fit looking men on bikes and cheering for Cadel, appreciating his BMC team and the protection and help they gave him this year. Marvelling at Mark Renshaw's ability to lead Mark Cavendish into a winning position. Admiring the Schleck brothers - so many many things to mention. Oh well, it is over for another year and life returns to normal. At least until the Tour Downunder starts. Time now to catch up on MasterChef.

I had better get back to work - swamped this week and it is only the second week of term.
Have a great week and I will catch up with you on facebook and through your blogs as time permits. (Zanna is only beating me at 15 or so games of Scrabble on my iPad and I wonder where my time goes!)

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Back to Blonde

Well my foray into brunettedom has ended. Fun for a while but not really me and made me look even paler than I already am. Funny that, I would have thought that blonde would drain colour. Go figure.

Feeling really yuk yesterday so met up with Jess after work for coffee and a spot of retail shopping (her more than me) and then she came home to have dinner with us and she helped me streak my hair. Happy with the result although I need a cut as well but that is slotted in for next week.

About to change my routine too. Am finding it so hard to either get to the gym in the afternoon or walk Lucy. So have decided that I will just bite the bullet and try and get up earlier and go to the gym before work and try to walk Lucy in the afternoons as soon as I get home from work. Have changed my starting and finishing times at work to try and accommodate early morning gym at least 3 times per week and will give it a trial for the next week and a half. After that I am on holidays again for two weeks - bliss. So further tweaking may be necessary.

Finally, here is the photo of the oprah pendant with the diamonds. Not the world's best photo but it is a start.

And while I am at it here is a picture of the new polished floors and new bifolds (before the furniture was put back or new stuff bought). Plantation shutters and roller blinds coming next week I hope.

Super rugby playoffs start this Friday. We will be watching with our fingers crossed that the Tahs beat the Blues but have a feeling that it might be a big ask considering injuries. Nevertheless I will be sitting in my new look family room (imagine above room with furniture) with my scarf and beanie on cheering them with friends who wanted to go out to dinner but have been roped in to watching the rugby and having a nice, hopefully not too hot, Mark-made curry at home afterwards and maybe wine. Or should I say definitely wine.

Nothing much else to report - the Weapons of Mass Reduction weight loss challenge looks like it is falling in a heap. Which brings me to a book excerpt I read this week - Women Food and God by Geneen Roth. The part I read was how she had suddenly realised that she had been losing and gaining the same weight for all her life and it amounted to thousands of pounds, or words to that extent. It made me think about me too - whenever I am on a "diet" most of the time I am feeling either:
a) superior and virtuous because I am supposedly taking care of myself
b) deprived and cross.

The trouble is I can't maintain it for ever because there are too many yummy things in this world that I havent tried yet or I want to try again. I think I can only try to eat healthy most of the time and stop making excuses about why my work pants are getting tight and really hurting.

Time to go back into the room of mirrors and have a good talk with myself.

An aside, funny story which also applies to me. My middle sister is overweight, very but she tells me she has lost 5 kilos recently just by writing down what she is eating. She came to visit the other day and we had a cuppa and I offered her a biscuit. No, I shouldnt eat them, thanks all the same. Later when they were leaving she took the cups out into the kitchen and I glanced in and there she was literally stuffing a cream biscuit in her mouth. I nearly said something about are you going to put that in your book but didnt because maybe I recognised that that was something I know I have done in the past and I might add the not too distant past at that.

Hope you have a great week and hope this lovely, although cold, winter weather continues. A month to the winter equinox and then the days will start getting longer again. Sunshine definitely makes you feel better.

Wednesday, June 08, 2011

Marathon Effort

I dont know what is going on but it took me a long while to get into my blog - maybe I was entering the wrong address - who knows - old age again I am sure.

Has to be quick as I am just about finished lunch now.

My oprah necklace came yesterday - the diamond one. Smaller than I thought it would be but still it is very elegant looking. Cant wait to give it its first outing.

Weight has been going back up slowly. Think I will have to cut out the alcohol again. Every morning I wake up and think no alcohol on a week night but when the end of the day comes my resolve weakens. Especially when the devil (oops I mean Mark) asks me do I want to join him for a sundowner. I have already rabbited on in previous posts about how he can eat and drink whatever he wants and it makes no difference to him so I wont bore you again.

Floor in the family room was polished last week and we went out on Sunday, under the watchful eye of Jess, to buy some furniture. A new TV (3D as well as HD - basketball in 3D is a wonderment), a low TV unit and a new rug. Mark is going out tomorrow to buy a new coffee table. If he shows me one more picture and debates the pros and cons of the size I may have to kill him. The problem of being married to an engineer.

Looking at a new system for hanging pictures and I warned the ladies in the framing shop that he may come in and ask them lots of questions. They just laughed and said they would be ready for him.

Of course we had to upgrade Foxtel to HD which meant that I would loose all my previously recorded programs on the IQ hard-drive. So guess what I have been doing for the past two days whenever I could - watching as many as I could. MasterChef had to go because I just couldnt fit them in. So now I start again.

It is freezing in Sydney at the moment. The winds are blowing from Antartica - no rain just clear, very cold days.

In my quest to downsize the amount of things I have in my pantry I have been eating all the soups that are in there. Discovered Cup-of-Soup Chinese Chicken and Corn - probably not terribly healthy for me but it hits the spot on a cold day. Really kills my hunger cravings.

Oh well, I have better go. Run out of time again. Have a good one.

Monday, May 16, 2011

Dawning of the Age of Aquarius.....

Well, what can I say - lost a 100g last week and I tried. I did try. I'm not good at going out to dinner or behaving myself (and by behaving myself I actually mean depriving myself) on Mothers Day but I walked everyday and did not drink any alcohol during the week. So - this weekend I wasnt as vigilant and we shall see what damage I have wrecked on myself.

Had lunch with the ladies I used to do pilates with on Saturday. Lovely time catching up but we all agreed with have the same problem. Being of a similar vintage, that roll of weight that grows around the middle is a universal problem for people my age. I really dont think it is fair that I didnt get a say in it. I'm sure I could have dispersed the weight better than this.

The great "Weapons of Mass Reduction" weight loss challenge has continued. One member when to Noumea for a week so couldnt be around for the weigh in, I only lost 100g and the male member of our group lost another 2 kilos. That is four kilos in 2 weeks! He reckons it is because his wife was away and he wasn't eating well but I reckon he needs to wear his glasses when he stands on the scales. No, that isnt fair either - men seem to be able to shift weight more easily than women dont they? Mark still wants to be a part of the challenge and I said I would consider it but he would be putting on weight not losing it. He got on the scales late one day fully clothed and still only weighed 71.6. I really could hate him sometimes. Eats and drinks whatever he wants.

Still walking every morning. Have been making Lucy wear a coat because I am all rugged up and she only has her little fur coat but she hates wearing it so much. Actually hid from me on Friday so I wont't make her wear it unless it is windy as well as being cold. She hates the wind. Sunrises have been spectacular lately and the show the planets are putting on at the moment is wonderful. Four of them clustered in the eastern sky every morning - hence the naming of this post. Beautiful.

Saturday afternoon also saw me finally colour my hair. No one home - perfect oppotunity. Well, the colour was dark blonde and it is more like a light auburn with red highlights. A bit startling especially for a husband who left a blond wife and came home to a brunette. The comments were flying thick and fast and I just had to tell him to settle down, it will eventually wash out (I hope) but I just felt like a change. I think that is something men dont understand - the need for a little change to spice things up - whether it is furniture rearranging or hair. Or at least mine doesnt understand it but he can be a bit thick on that level sometimes.

Jess's new unit closer to the city is beautiful and I can see them being very happy there for a while. They are still renting and probably will be for some time yet due to Sydney housing prices but the rent is not all that much different from the house they were renting further out and they are saving heaps on fares and late night taxis etc. It is an older style unit that has been beautifully renovated - new kitchen, new bathroom, fresh paintwork, high ceilings, closer to both their works and she is very happy and when Jess is very happy the world is a much nicer place to be in. LOL - that red hair is not there for nothing.

At right is me dressed for work complete with red nose. Very very cold here in the mornings in winter. Frosts cant be far off. It will eventually warm up but it is nearly midday and I still havent taken anything off including the gloves.

The mailman reckons I look like I am going skiing.

Hope everyone has a great week and I dont freeze to death at work.

Tuesday, May 03, 2011

Back to the Hard Slog

Got the home study more or less sorted and everything taken to LifeLine or clothing bins that needed to go. I must say it is nice to walk in there now and not have to step over boxes and everything else. I am trying to deal with the paperwork as it comes into the house and put everything back into the spots I have created for them. We'll see how long that lasts for.

Painting of family room is progresssing and should be finished soon. I think floors will be polished next and the ebay shop will open to try and get rid of the excess furniture.

Trip to Queensland over Easter was a great success except I ate and drank too much and put on 2-3 kilos but a good thing has come out of it. My BGFs husband mentioned that he wanted to lose 6 kilos and I thought that it would be good to have a little contest until we meet up again in July at the Hunter (for more eating and drinking). BGF decided she wanted in too although she only wants to lose 4 kilos. So the "Weapons of Mass Reduction" Weightloss challenge has begun. (Read that somewhere and thought it was a clever play on words.) We had our first weigh in last Thursday, the day after we got home from their place. I weighed in at 71.1. Yikes. Where did that come from - oh yeah the wine and the food. We then stated our desired weights and I have worked it into a spreadsheet over the next 10 weeks. There might be a really nice bottle of bubbly for the winner which of course I am sure we will share. Since we all weigh different weights I decided I would work out the percentages, like Biggest Loser to make it more fair although I have already have had an email asking for relief because honestly, these peoople have a social life that would exhaust someone half their age. But no, being the hard taskmaster that I am - told them there would be no dispensations for the terminally popular and to suck it up. Mind you BGF is incredibly good and strong minded at maintaining her weight.

Caught up with big sister (age not size) in Queensland too. She drove down to the Gold Coast and we had lunch at BGFs recovery BBQ at her friends units entertainment area - whoo that was a mouthful.

Jess has moved closer to the city and seems a lot happier. A friend of mine adopted her cat and we are catching up this Friday night so hopefully everything is going well. She is a new friend and I really enjoy her company and would hate for the little ginger cat to cause problems. Jess now refers to where we live as "the outback". The hide of that child. Actually her brother refers to us as living in a rural area. Ungrateful wretches.

We have had lots and lots of rain lately. Too much actually. Think I have had enough for a few weeks please.

MasterChef has started again. Looking forward to getting down to the nitty gritty of it and the master classes. I am full of admiration for these people following their dreams and putting themselves out there. (How's that for cliches?)

Also kind of watched the end of Biggest Loser last night. Have not watched it at all because I was kind of over it but was amazed at the transformations. Had to tape the end because it was past my bedtime but will finish watching it this afternoon when I get home from the gym. I never realised that the commando was so dishy.

Jenny and Anni - havent got back to you about scrabble on Facebook but I will. Don't think I have forgotten you both but there are just so many hours in the day and Words with Friends on iPhone/iPad is taking a lot when I am home and Mark still expects clean clothes and meals everyday. Some people.......

Take care and have a great weekend (rats its only Tuesday)

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Round 2..... I mean Week 2

Still in the study but the pile of things leaving this house is growing daily. It is so daunting and slightly sad. Why the hell would I keep appointment diaries eons old - as evidence in a court case, for reminiscing, because I have a hoarding sickness - who knows. Anyway shredder has been going non stop. Hope the recycling truck empties bin carefully tomorrow or it will look like it has been snowing out there and I will have a lot of picking up to do.

Journeyed into the city on Saturday in the pouring rain. Was feeling a bit off plus it was really raining heavily but set off and am so glad I did. The Bell Shakespeare Company's "Much Ado about Nothing" was really enjoyable and I met some lovely people while I was having lunch. They drive down from Port Macquarie to see these shows. Now that is dedication.

Having lunch tomorrow with the friends I used to do folk art with. Haven't seen them for a far while so looking forward to it.

Not talking about weight at all this time. Have still been walking Lucy everyday that it doesn't rain but my food habits leave a lot to be desired. Sigh. Not to mention the wine.

Mark fishing tomorrow night with the male members of his family and assorted friends. They have been doing this for a very very long time and the theory is that we all get together on Friday for a big family (and friends) meal of fish. Sometimes it works out, sometimes it doesn't. Not casting nasturtiums on their ability/luck but it is always a good idea to buy some fish just in case. He actually had a practise run with his brother last Thursday night and they caught 9 fish (of which Mark's contribution was 2). Keeping fingers crossed they have a good night. Anyway it is a good male bonding exercise. They used to stay all night and come home the next morning but these days they are getting a bit long in the tooth and the younger ones are not as tough as they were and want the comfort of their own beds and not the ground. Me, I will be home where it is safe and warm and dry catching up on all the TV shows I have recorded.

We are off to the Gold Coast on Saturday for 4 or so days. Staying with girlfriend who is having her 60th birthday party on the Sunday and on Monday my sister is driving down to have lunch with us at the recovery party. Recovery party? at our age.

Lucy is going to Gareth's for sleepovers and runs around the golf course with him when he goes to work. It has worked out well, he has had a bad Autumn racing carnival, punting wise, so cant afford to go out and has to work to make up lost ground. It is a win win situation for me though it may cost me a few bottles of wine in ransom to get her back. He knows my thoughts about leaving animals locked in the house when nobody is home - it doesn't happen. Although he has promised if he goes out he will leave her with a fire hose and a hard hat. Only joking, I hope.

Have been playing Words with Friends with Zanna. That woman is diabolical and incredibly smart. Beating me by heaps but I am learning so many new words. She is really good at keeping it nice and tight with a few letters making lots of words across and down for lots of points. Certainly making me think a lot more than I have been. Don't really think you're evil - love you heaps.

Finally something I found in the great clean out and I think I got it from Sue, a long time ago, who is currently bounding on Happy Ground. It is now pinned on my notice board in front of me as it makes me smile everytime I read it -

Live your life in such a
way that when your feet
hit the floor in the morning,
the Devil says:
"Shit, she's awake".

Just love it.

Hope you are all having a good week and have a wonderful Easter break no matter what you do.

Thursday, April 14, 2011

MIA yet again

I have been missing in action yet again.

Thought I would clear out my study at home - allocated one day.
On day one (give you a hint) I realised that it may take a bit longer.
Allocated a day per wall/side i.e. 4 days
4 days later I am still on wall one and have filled the recycling bin - cant find anything in the study otherwise I would have taken a picture and posted it here to show the carnage. How could I have collected so much stuff - paper - whole forest have been felled and are living in my study. I am trying to reuse all the paper that is printed on one side but there is far far too much. I thought the linen press was daunting - this room takes the cake.

Laundry is virtually finished. Still a bit of painting to do but usable. Did I mention in my last post that when we put the washing machine back it blew up - literally. Loud bang and smell of electrical burn. No washing done for many days but eventually got a new machine as it was only a couple of hundred dearer than getting the old one fixed.

The painting machine (Mark) has now moved to the family room. Having a feature wall in Linseed, other walls are Antique White USA and ceiling and trims white white. These are Dulux colours. After this happens, I guess the floor gets sanded and polished and maybe the kitchen floor as well. God what am I thinking. Then apparently, after the school holidays, the electrician is coming back to replace the switchboard. I may just have to keep working for the rest of my life to support Mark in retirement. I may have already mentioned all of this - my memory is going on me too.

On a brighter note - Have been gardening in small doses. Planting violas, filling gaps, removing ailing plants etc. Bought the most gorgeous tibouchia today (purple flowers) from the markets and I am going to plant it where the tiler has claimed a part of my garden for cleaning his gear. Of course I have to sort out the soil first because I am sure he has wrecked it but it is another gap that needs filling.

Autumn is absolutely glorious at the moment. Lovely days and cool to cold nights. Mark brought the gas heater back in last night from its summer storage spot and hooked it up to the new outlet. Worked a treat.

Daughter is moving to Greenwich in just over a week's time. She is happy that they are going to be closer to work and the city. I am happy we are going to be on the Gold Coast and not participating in the move. It will be all over by the time we get back and we have inherited a relatively new bbq and the suburban bane, a leaf blower. Gareth is lending them his fridge as his flatmate has one that they are going to use.

Speaking of Gareth, he is currently driving back from Darwin. A friend of his has scored a job flying for Qantas so he has packed up and is moving back to Sydney. Gareth flew to Darwin so that said friend had someone to travel back with. The roadtrip has been documented on facebook. They left Cooper Pedy this morning and hopefully will be home safe and sound in the not too distant future. Some amazing photos and so green in the outback. It looks like they have had a bit of rain - maybe it is the rainy season?

M0re good news is that his friend has volunteered to play Words with Friends with me. It is an iphone or ipad app and I really love playing but people keep resigning on me just because I get a little bit in front. Anyone else want to play let me know and I will send you my username.

Going to Opera House this Saturday for my yearly fix of Shakespeare with the Bell Shakespeare Company.

I am having a nice "at home" holiday and getting lots done without overdoing it. I was pretty rundown leading up to the end of Term 1 so it is nice to start feeling good again.

Back soon - have a good one.

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Things Not to Believe

I have come to the opinion this week that men (husbands and tradesman) have a very loose grasp about how long something takes.

Still no laundry and doesnt look like it will be before this weekend.

Statements not to believe:
This wont take long
Be finished by the weekend (which one?)
Not a problem
Couple of days

and I am sure that you could all add more of these pronouncements.

Patience is wearing thin in proportion to the pile of laundry that needs doing. On a brighter note the floor is finished, the tubs are going in, the new doors are at least ordered but the tiler who assured me he would be finished in 2 days is not coming back until next week now to do the wall. Give me strength!

Still not having much luck on the weight loss - I usually go so well during the week but then the weekend comes and it goes to hell in a handbag. All down to me I know.

Re-instated the list of things to do system yet again. I think it has something to do with the lack of control in the laundry problem (I know I am harping).

On to food - last week end I tried to make some spicy tomato sauce or ketchup. While the result was okay it was not what I wanted so if anyone has a recipe I would appreciate it.

Had more success with an Italian Chicken and Vegetable soup - it was utterly delicious and I can see it being made again during winter. Served with crusty sourdough - yum yum.

Lucy and I are still walking every morning or nearly. It is dark when we start and dark when we finish. Daylight saving ends the first weekend in April so we should go back to a bit of daylight again soon although the sunrises are pretty - very red and orange lights on the horizon, but not a lot of light that early.

I hate getting up but I love walking early in the morning it is a nice way to start the day. Such a time for optimism isnt it.

I am having trouble inserting a link but here goes yet again
I am nearly ready to go back to yoga and maybe pilates and have found this wonderful post Nadine. Maybe I will get lucky this time. Am planning to do some classes in the next school holidays (less than 3 weeks away) at the gym to see what my mobility is like now before I commit to classes. I wish I could go to classes on a weekday. Am finding the thought of going out at night during the week or Saturday morning something I really dont want to do. Think I am starting to look forward to retirement - only a couple of more years and counting.

Anyway, back to work. Have a great weekend.

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Creature of Habit

I am really a creature of habit. I like things in order. I have basically the same breakfasts on the same days every week and the same lunches on weekdays. So much that I have made them Monday breakfast, Tuesday lunch in propoints. A lot easier to enter in the food diary.

Mess at home finally got to me on the weekend and I spent hours cleaning the lounge room and dining room. Adding fresh flowers etc. To get up on Sunday morning and walk out into a nearly perfect room made my heart sing. It's amazing how simple things make you feel better.

I've had some sort of lurgy. Don't want to talk about it too much but there is definitely something going around at the moment in various forms. A day in bed has made me feel better thank goodness.

Having my hair cut today. Dont quite know which way I am going, probably shorter as it is easier to look after and am seriously thinking of a different colour rather than blonde. Will talk it over with hairdresser today and ask her for some suggestions. Maybe a redhead so that I can match my children. Maybe not - it suits them more than I think it suits me.

Havent walked Lucy for the last two mornings and no gym today because of hairdresser but hopefully tomorrow if it is not raining we will be out there again. If the rain can hold off this afternoon we will go for a walk before dinner. I dont mind getting wet but a wet little dog is not nice.

Weight still wont budge.
Renovations finished, well kind of. Still floor polishing, painting and new furniture to go and maybe plantation shutters on the windows. Mark carried out his threat and demolished the laundry. The builder is coming back on Wednesday to put in new floor waste and repair some areas where the "kanga" got out of control. The tiler is coming on Thursday to start the waterproofing and then back, hopefully on Monday, to tile. Painting the walls when tiles can be walked on, new doors put on and then a general clean up and that's it - at least for a while.

Endoscopy showed that the ulcer is healing but hasnt healed completely. More tablets to take and then another endoscopy in 6 months time.

New rheumotologist doesnt think that I have rheumatoid arthritis after all. She is thinking it might be psoriatic arthritis. I dont think anyone really knows, no I know nobody knows what is attacking me but hopefully something may come out of this.

Hope everyone is having a good week.

Thursday, March 03, 2011

Carrying on

I have been slack but really just trying to get back into the swing of things.

Back at the gym this week for the first time in over 3 months. Just walking and cycling but nice to see everyone again.

Still walking Lucy every morning, even in the dark, which is kind of scary for me but have rearranged my mornings so that I get up and pack my lunch etc first and then walk a half an hour later so the sun is thinking about showing itself. A bonus is that I am getting to see some lovely sunrises and a bootcamp type thing has started in the mornings in the park where I walk so there are a few more people around.

Weight wise - it has been up and down but still hovering around 69-70.

And talking about weight brings me to ProPoints. I just cant seem to get it right. I am basically eating the same things as before but blowing out every day. I am constantly amazed at the number of points things cost. I am recording on line when I can (not weekend away) and have only seemed to stay within range once in 3 weeks. Is anyone else managing?

We went to Melbourne the weekend before last for the first game of the Super 15's and there was lots of alcohol and food involved but there was also a lot of walking although I did dip out on the tour of the MCG as there is only so much my little feet and ankles can do. It was a great weekend. I love Melbourne and catching trams was a great adventure.

Last weekend we were in Kiama for the rugby 7's. The coast walk there is a beautiful walk to do early in the morning. Lots of food and alcohol again but managed to maintain the weight i.e. didnt put any on. Also walked my first hills for months too.

Yesterday's morning walk actually felt a few extra muscle kicking in and didnt feel like I was walking with concrete blocks attached to my feet. A certain spring returned. Hopefully I can build on it. Going to buy a bumbag today (although I am worried about how big it will make my bum look) and maybe some wrist weights. Jess carries one and it looks good and she carries her iPhone etc, though of course she is 15 kilos lighter than me. I am tired of carrying things in the morning for our walks. I have one somewhere but I dont know where and I can't be bothered looking.

Renovations are nearly finished finally. House is an absolute disgrace but it is too hard to clean with mess everywhere and no matter how hard I try the dust etc returns everyday with interest. Now Mark is talking about pulling out the laundry and retiling. I know it will look lovely but I am honestly over it. Washing machine is going out on the deck and somehow I am still going to be able to use it.

I read an interesting phrase in a book recently along the lines of:
You need a sense of humour to stay married for a long time otherwise you would take to them with a hammer....
so true - sometimes.

The possum has left the house. After setting up webcams etc finally went with my suggestion to just wait until it left for its nightly forage and block up the entry/exit point. Been fairly peaceful ever since. Before people start worrrying about a homeless possum the engineer I married built him/her a new home but dont think it met its approval as I dont think it has moved in although some king parrots were eyeing it off.

Another endoscopy tomorrow morning to check on ulcer, trivia tomorrow night at golf club, dinner in the city with niece and her husband who are visiting from Queensland for the weekend to see the Chinese clay warriers at the art gallery. Hopefully Sunday will be back in the garden.

I am also going to start catching up on everyones blogs - so be prepared for comments appearing for posts eons old.

Happy it is Autumn at last - looking forward to warm days and cooler nights. Enjoy your weekend

Friday, February 04, 2011

It has been a while but

Well I have completed my first full week at work since mid-December. The weather here is stifling and by the end of each workday I am exhausted.

I'm not supposed to sit for more than 30mins at a time but of course I get engrossed in something and forget. The leg/muscle cramps usually remind me I am being stupid.

I am still wearing the corset/brace but hopefully that will end next Monday when I go back to the neurosurgeon. Also hopefully I will be able to drive again. Mark has been really great but not having any independence and having to rely on other people to get out of the house has not been easy.

Lucy and I walk early every morning - trying to get it in before the day heats up too much. Walking still is difficult - only because of muscle wasting. But everyday it gets a little better and hopefully the feeling that I am walking on sand when I am actually walking on a footpath will end soon and I will be able to increase the distance we travel.

Still doing the physio exercises at least once a day plus every afternoon I try to do some in the pool. Physio gave me a laminated sheet with exercises on it for the pool which has been lovely at the end of these long hot days.

The renovations will take another step to completion tomorrow when a renderer finally turns up to finish off the inside walls. The first renderer had to have a knee replacement and then his father died so we got another renderer who hurt his back, then his ankle. Now we are back with the first renderer. More fingers crossing please. (Seemed to work for the chicken pox - didnt get them!)

With all that, the fact that the rendering wasnt finished hasn't made too much difference to our life. The bifolds are in and the difference they have made to the family room is amazing. It seems so much bigger and we are using the deck more now. Having most of our meals out there when it is not too hot.

Did I mention how hot and humid it is here at the moment. Gareth has had enough and reckons this will be the last summer he spends in Australia. Looking towards Canada I think. In a way I hope he doesnt, as I think travelling is moving beyond what I can do anymore and I will miss him so much.

Jess has received her new posting. It will be a change after four years in one LAC but she will be okay. She is playing ActionBall with a group of workmates (it is indoor netball on steriods I think), registering to play softball again after a break of a couple of years, still going to the gym and boxing etc, swims there too. She is so fit - fits into a size 6 pair of jeans - I could say those were the days but I wont because I only ever got down to a size 8 but I was nowhere as active as she is.

Oh well, I'd better get moving as I can feel the numbness and vague pain starting again.

Have a great weekend and take care.

Thursday, January 06, 2011

2011 here I come

No resolutions this year. Last years list of things I wanted to do never got completed let alone acted on.
Keep it simple.
Three weeks since op. Taking it very easy. Up to walking around the block now. What used to take me 10 mins now takes 30 but baby steps - remember baby steps.
Corset/brace makes me look so slim but after a while hurts - maybe too tight but I do look slim if slightly lumpy.
Thinking of giving the gym away. I will miss it but I don't think there is a lot I can do there now. Will talk to neurosurgeon when I see himnin February.
Love my iPad so much. It comes with me everywhere and has niftly little red leather case. Am playing a form of scrabble with my sister and children and seriously kicking a**e. Take no prisoners is my motto.
My kindle has had some serious workouts. Easier for me to read lying down then a book - lighter.
Except for new years day the weather has been cool and rainy. Summer seems to have disappeared but I know it will be back with vengeance. Actually went in the pool on last Saturday. Had trouble getting in and out but It was just gorgeous. Must mention a handrail to the powers that be.
My big sister came to stay for a few days and it was so nice to have her near by instead of hundreds of kms away.
Bifold doors look like they are going in today. The renderer won't be here till next week but the builder has finished moving the steps out on the deck and building the new platform. The deck looks so big now without steps cutting into it and the doors open up that end of the house onto the deck and make everything look bigger and lighter. Bliss.

Now I need some serious fingercrossing please. The builders wife and children called in two days ago with coffee and cakes for morning tea for everyone. That night they found out that Catie has chicken pox and now if looks like her mother has them as well. Firstly, they also have a baby who hasn't been immunized yet so it might be good for him not to get the full blown chickenpox and also I would really appreciate not getting them at the moment too. Okay everyone on the count of three - fingers crossed and concentrate.

OK - I hope everyone had a wonderful new years eve and I am seriously going to try to not to over think 2011.
KISS (keep it simple stupid)