Thursday, November 27, 2008

I can smell gardenias

Its that time of year again, I can smell gardenias. Ive picked some of the first ones and they are in my bedroom and everytime I walk in the perfume hits me. The garden smells wonderful too. Makes me feel good.

The jacarandas are out too (nearly finished) and they look wonderful against the stormy grey skies. Such a beautiful colour.

Everything good.
BP down for the first time in ages so meds are working.
Still having to have methotrexate injection (am tempted to say metho injection but people might get the wrong idea)
Dr has sent letter to gym so I am back in there tomorrow.

Off to walk Lucy and tire her out before the next storm hits so she doesnt keep us awake tonight guarding us against those bloody possums. I wonder if daughter would lend me her tasar or her gun. (Just joking - She doesnt have a tasar yet.)

Three weeks before school holidays start - 5 glorious weeks off - yippee!

Saturday, November 22, 2008

Gran Torino

Gran Torino

Click on above for trailer I think. This has taken me forever.

Have seen the trailer for this movie and if looks good especially if you are a Clint Eastwood fan. It reminds me so much of the Dirty Harry films - just a lot older. I think the guys would love it. It is being released in USA in December so hopefully it wont be too much later that it comes to Australia.

Post edit: Thought for a while this morning they were not going to let me do pilates but in the end they did.

Friday, November 21, 2008


Guess what, because of my new blood pressure problem the gym wont let me work out until I give them a letter from my GP. I know they are just covering their backsides but hells bells, if I hadnt mentioned it in passing to someone then they would never have known and I could have done my session today. I'm a bit pissed off!

Ive been stewing about it since I got back home and I had no one to tell. The husband is off being a lightening rod somewhere (I mean playing golf), the daughter is on duty and not answering her phone (how inconsiderate) and sisters seem to be incommunicado. So....... I thought about you all. I am sure that this will make me feel better.

Oh and the house looks like a bombs gone off in it - so much for a day at a time. Lucy the wonderdog is worrying the hell out of me with her new squeaky toy. Wants to play but wont give it over.

Regarding messy house - a while ago there was that email going around something along the lines of - went to wash my car, found my keys in the study, noticed that bills had to be paid, turned computer on


Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Doom and Gloom - You have been warned

Home is slowly getting sorted out. Ive started cleaning a room a day when I get home from work so that I am not spending one day of the weekend cleaning the house. Seems to be working out okay but for how long?

Weight still terrible but I am starting something new probably on Thursday. Talk about putting off the inevitable. If successful will share - if not you will never hear me mention this latest attempt again.

Blood pressure is now officially through the roof and am on tablets. When I went to doctors last week for methotrexate injection (a 15 minute visit) was there for 50 minutes as they took my blood pressure 7 times in various positions. Ending up ringing the husband and telling him I was being held hostage at the doctors just in case he was worried about me - should have known better.

Made appointments yesterday for radiologist to do anesthetics under xray and fluoroscope. Am taking the first two Fridays in December off to do these injections and maybe some Christmas shopping.

Am tired, irritable and not terribly good company at the moment.

Molly, am making another attempt at Enbrel next week when I see the rheumotologist and am definitely stopping methotrexate as I dont think it is doing me any good and when the person doing the injection wears gloves because the stuff is pure poison then I think enoughs enough

Have a great weekend and remember I would be lost without you.
In the words of Jeff Fenech - "I luvs you all"

Tuesday, November 04, 2008


I am sick sick sick sick sick sick sick sick sick sick of it!
(Imagine foot stamping and clenched fists and a little red face)

What I am about to tell you is true -

At forty I was overweight but I lost it all in 6 weeks without too much angst.

BUT I noticed the subtle changes in my body. Boobs sagged. Not major not big.

At fifty I lost my waist. I have always had big hips (good childbearing hips - yeah right - how wrong could they have been) but I had a very very small waist. Gone disappeared.
Weight battle still going on but not too onerous although getting harder.

Let me tell you, at fifty five this is not fun. Not only has waist disappeared but have developed almost overnight a large roll around my middle.

This is really giving me the shits.

And by the way Zanna, gave up on scattergories. Do you know how hard it is to find words starting with "j". Ended up was cheating and putting in words like jirrafe and jidnapped etc. I am sure that smarter people than me could have done it but not this jittle jlack juck.

Hope everyone else is having a good week. For me, its the pits.

Im off to work out what in the hell I am going to wear to this wedding on Saturday and take the recalcitrant dog for a walk. I am going to tire her out somehow. She keeps us awake all night chasing brushtails in hobnail boots who have started tap dancing on our roof in the wee small hours of the night. And she is not too fond of the milkman either.

Disclaimer: I am crochety, fat and old and entitled to a whingey post every now and again.

Postscript: This has made me feel better but I bet you could have told me that.