Saturday, December 30, 2006

Update and sign out

Heaven knows what happened to this post. Thanks Michelle for alerting me. Will try again tomorrow as I only have one hand working at the moment and it takes forever to type.

Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Living Life to the Full

Life has been a bit hectic lately.

Im a bit stiff in my joints and back but otherwise I feel good.

My middle sister turned 60 in October and because I was in hospital I missed her birthday lunch so I took her out to lunch on Saturday and then on to see "Woman In Mind" with Noni Hazelhurst. It was something she normally doesnt do and I think she enjoyed the day out.

On Sunday we had friends for lunch and it was an extremely long lunch with me finally getting into bed around 1 a.m.

Monday night I went to the last Sydney U2 concert and danced and sang the night away. Maybe not the best thing to do for a recovering back but boy did I have fun. Everyone keeps saying, including Mark, I dont know any songs that U2 sing so last night I tuned my ipod into the radio and played all their songs for him.... oh yes, he had heard them before. Have just ordered an ipod shuffle to complement the ipod 40gb one I have as I needed something smaller for walking. Sounds silly doesnt it but I find my normal ipod too bulky.

Finally bit the bullet last week and bought a ghd hair straightener over the internet. Good price, although not as good as, was it Mary?, but anyway I was pleased. Jess has had one for nearly a year and when she is home I use hers but she seems to be coming home less as the session goes on and her days at the college are getting longer. So, I bought my own.

Finally finished my "Walking Africa" challenge. Looking forward to the next one but as I have broken my pedometer, snapped the back off this one, dont know my own strength, I will have to wait until new one arrives.

IMPORTANT QUESTION: Now everytime I open my blog up it asks me to sign over to the new version. If I do this will it make problems for me, knowing I am not that computer literate. It says it wont but should I believe it.

Have instigated Shannon Lush's latest book "Speed Cleaning" into my life. Initially it was a bit daunting, because even with a cleaning lady, this house had not been cleaned properly for a long time but now it is easier and as long as I follow her tenets I think I will be able to keep on top of it. Of course having only two people here is a bonus.

My study (formerly known as Gareth's bedroom) is finished. Repainted, new carpet, all my desks, bookcases and some of my painting equipment moved in. Will have to get Optus to move broadband connection but am managing at the moment with a very long Cat5 cable run under the house. Just got to clean out his wardrobe of all the things he has left behind and then I can use that for additional storage. It is heaven.

Gareth is participating in "Mo-vember". Being so fair (but extremely cute) his mo is taking some time to grow but I sent off my donation today and am looking forward to it hopefully being shaved off on December 1.

Have gone to see a doctor re the dreaded menopause - a GP who is also a naturopath. I have to have a blood test done and then we will see where it goes from there. Didnt mind the "power surges" in winter but I think that they will be a bit hard to take in summer.

Back to the back surgeon next week for a final check. PT at gym says I cant go back to pilates for 3 months total (2 months to go) so I will have to rely on walking although my muscles feel like jelly and the first few walks felt like I was walking on marshmallows. I cant believe how quickly the muscles degenerate. I will know more after I talk to surgeon next week. I could kiss this man - I am so grateful not to be in pain anymore.

Anyway, enough rambling. Hope you all are having a good week and I will catch up with your blogs tomorrow and Friday.
Take care

Saturday, October 21, 2006

I'm fine

Sore but not sorry. The nerve pain in the left leg has gone. Just operation sore now I think. Resting heaps, eating for more than 1 (even though there is definitely only one - damn here I go again). Will take my first walk on Saturday under supervision (DH insists). Looking forward to getting back to normal. Thankyou for the kind emails and ecards. Hope your week is going well.....
PS Have been trying to post this but either broadband is being difficult or blogger is. No Saturday walk because it is rainy and cold again. Progressing well though.

Wednesday, October 11, 2006

A Prayer

This prayer was sent to me by a dear friend. I am not a religous person but I loved the words and hence I pass it on to anyone who cares to read it.

May today there be peace within.
May you trust God that you are exactly
where you are meant to be.
May you not forget the infinite possibilities
that are born of faith.
May you use those gifts that you have received,
and pass on the love that has been given to you.
May you be content
knowing you are a child of God.
Let this presence settle into your
bones, and allow your soul the freedom to sing, dance, praise and love.
It is
there for each and every one of us.

Im off tomorrow for the operation that I seem to have been talking about forever. I am not sure when I will be able to return to blogging because as usual I forgot to ask some important questions like when will I be up and about. I expect to probably be home on Saturday or at the latest Sunday.

Friday, September 29, 2006

Causes for Celebration

Today is the last day of work for this term. Yahoo. Once I finish up the BAS and final payments and end of term reports, back up computers it is time to kick back and just enjoy. Sleeping in is on the cards for the next month.

Sleeping in the next month because I have my back op on 12 October - under 2 weeks! So looking forward to it. Who would have thought! Two weeks holiday and then 2 weeks recuperating

Tomorrow is my 53rd birthday. I cant tell you how quickly the years are flashing past now. It seems to me that I am on fast forward all the time. DH is still in France. I was going to the races with friends but sanity has prevailed and they suggested that I might not be able to manage it without having my rock (DH) with me. I must admit I heaved a sigh of relief - I didnt want to be the one to pull the plug. So, I am going up to watch the Swannies win another grand final with friends (I will yell and shout and have no idea what in the hell is going on but will enjoy the atmosphere anyway) and then on to a special birthday dinner with more friends which is incredibly sweet of them.

DD is coming up from Goulburn and taking me out to lunch on Sunday. I suggested that she do this as I dont need any presents - maybe out to one of those nice plant nurseries out Dural way where I can buy some plants.

I will catch up with DS sometime on Saturday I think. He has been helping me with pool maintenance this week, especially after last Sunday - the backyard looked like a cyclone had gone through it. We had our roast on Monday night - my butcher made me the cutest little lamb roast - just enough for two. Yesterday he came up and put the garbage bins out for me as I just cant manage them at the moment.

Having lunch next week with M. I am going to the opera house for a matinee performance of The Tempest and we are catching up. I am so glad as I have missed so many meetings(?) over the last six months.

Middle sister is coming down for lunch next week and eldest sister is coming down to stay for a couple of nights at the end of October. They are still not talking to each other and while it did cross my mind to engineer a meeting ES has warned me not to or she wont come. It is so hard as I dont want to alienate her so I guess I will be a chicken and let sleeping dogs lie. (How is that for a group of cliches.)

MS is 60 this year, next month actually. Nothing has been arranged. Have tried to contact her partner but he is either never home or maybe on the computer. Dont want to leave a message as it would arouse her suspiscions. So have sent an email to her daughter asking if anyone was going to arrange something to celebrate her birthday. I am a bit annoyed. She does so much for her children and they should know that even if she says dont worry they should do something. I actually was thinking about having a surprise dinner for her until I remembered that I would still be recovering from op. What I have decided that belatedly, in November, I would take her to the theatre to see the new play "Woman In Mind" with Noni Hazelhurst. Have made the offer and am waiting to see what she says.

Anyway enough waffling. GO THE SWANS! Have a great weekend (a long one in NSW).

Sunday, September 24, 2006

Missing DS

I got halfway through reading everyones blogs and have to give up.

It is all too much.

Im tired - pain making sleep impossible
My DH is now overseas - thank God or I would be keeping him awake every night too
Im in pain - seems to be getting worse and the demotivation is phenomenal (or however you spell it). Luckily only fairly heathly food in house at moment although I am eating far too much of that even.
Im lonely - God it has only been two days

Please stop the wind. I dont need the extra work of trying to keep the pool clean. (Im a whinger arent I?)

Spent this week at a conference and met some really inspiring women from all over the State. If I was in a better frame of mind it would have been awesome.

Off to bed.
Things to look forward to this week:
Last week of work before 2 weeks holiday and then 2 weeks sick leave
Being audited by the dept auditor (no not really looking forward to it)
Birthday on Saturday (either at the races or watching the Swannies with friends win another grand final)
Dinner with son tomorrow night - since he has moved out we are so close. Funny isnt it. I really look forward to him visiting. Now just have to get him to clean out his room (aka my study). Speak of the devil, guess who just rang to make sure I was okay and to sort out what we are doing for my birthday.
Second call, eldest sister(es) having a really bad time with Mum. Finally understands what middle sister and I was (were?) talking about.
Rambling now - bed time
Hope everyone has a great week

Thursday, September 07, 2006

Feedback on Calorie King

A quick question - is anyone following calorie king? I just had a quick look at it, and found out I already have the book (one of many). Thinking I might give it a go as I am seriously demotivated with Weight Watchers. It's not entirely their fault but I know I need help at the moment and I dont feel that I can get it by revisiting Weight Watchers again.

Have just cancelled my account for the online diary etc with Weight Watchers which I think was costing me about $16.95 a month. Calorie King offers a years subscription for $29 with an online diary. Seems good value for me as I did like the online diary at Weight Watchers although I found it cumbersome and awkward to use.

Anyway, if anyone is using this plan let me know. For once I am not rushing into something mainly because I know the problem lies within myself. I have to get my mind around this problem I am having with food.

Monday, September 04, 2006

Kind of sad

Hi everyone
Have been reading everyone's blogs and am kind of sad that people seem to be dropping off (including me). Life gets busier and busier doesnt it.

I dont email or read blogs at work anymore as I found it was interfering with my workload. Anway, they are starting to block personal emails and other things now with their new system. Hasnt quite caught up with our centre yet but it is coming.

Home life is busy too.

Am home today as I fell over on Saturday and twisted my ankle and cant quite flex it enough to drive. (High heels, all day at the rugby and alcohol definitely dont mix - you'd think I'd know that by now wouldnt you?)

All booked in for operations - back op is on 12 October and hand op is on 21 December. (My sister reckons I am just trying to get out of Christmas again and she is probably right.)

DH is due to go to France on business again soon. He is trying to get out of it - typical of a person who travels a lot and is a real homebody. He may be away for my birthday but I have told him that is okay but I expect a HUGE present. May end up going to races for my birthday with friends. We'll see.

DS is all settled in his unit with mate. They have now bought everything they need and we only see him once a week for the baked dinner. He sold his king single bed for me on ebay and he came up to be here when the bed was picked up. Got heaps more than I thought I would and I am one step closer to setting up my study in his old room.

DD is not in the newbie group at college anymore. The new recruits started today. She has exams coming up and so wont be home this weekend (first time since she went down). She is still loving every moment of it and doing extremely well. Funny isnt it - she struggled at school, being more interested in sport than schoolwork but she is doing extremely well down there.

The children came home yesterday (fathers day) and cooked lunch for DH. It was really funny, DS rumbled his sister constantly all day - she couldnt walk past him without being attacked. He said that it was something he missed as they arent usually at home at the same time and when they have seen each other it is usually in a pub or club and he didnt feel he should rough her up (read brotherly love) in public.

Anyway, enough about me and mine - CONGRATULATIONS TO JODIE AND JAIMIE. Zoe is absolutely beautiful. Well done M for keeping us uptodate. Hope Jaimie enjoyed his first fathers day - well timed!

Congratulations to everyone who received flowers lately. So did I - from my boss (actually a beautiful deep pink cyclamen) for SASS (school admin support staff) appreciation week. What a surprise. Thought he had had enough of me being sick.

Anyway, hope everyone is having a great week.

Thursday, August 24, 2006

Attempt number (god only knows)

Here I go again. I am starting again again again.

I am going to weight watchers for weigh in tonight even though I know it will be ugly (even more ugly than last time).

I am going to have to deny myself all the extra special treats I have been having (as much as I can anyway). And it really will be deny.

I think my problem is that my brain (or is it my stomach) doesnt ever register as being full. I just keep eating.

I watch my children and husband all say they have had enough, and am continually amazed that they can say this. I dont think that I have ever not finished a meal completely and I eat extremely fast (actually a family joke about the speed of my eating). I try to slow down and leave some but cant do it (yet). Same with drinking alcohol, I guzzle. Thank goodness for rounds otherwise Id be under the table quicker than you could say, yes I'll have another one.

Anyway it is heading toward lunch time and I havent caved in and ambushed the bikkie barrel at work (either of them - sweet or savoury) so hopefully this augurs well for the rest of the week.

I have a 21st at the races this weekend to contend with and not wanting to sound defeatist dont hold out great hopes of me not eating or drinking too much. The saving grace is I have a toothache and it might slow me down a bit (that's sad isnt it?).

Aside: the lyrebird has come down to my office window and is loving his reflection and making noises like a bicycle bell (at least that is what I think it sounds like) and calling to his mate. Magic.

Stay within points each day (back to 18 a day to get me back in line)
Exercise each day somehow (neurosurgeon tomorrow)
Cut down on carbs (my favourites)
Get new trainers organised (keep walking into shops, looking and leaving - it is all too hard)

Have a great weekend.....

Friday, August 18, 2006

The delight of Spring

From Wind in the Willows:
"Spring was moving in the air above and in the earth below and around him, penetrating even his dark and lowly little house with its spirit of divine discontent and longing."

I know how Moley felt - I can feel the stirring and the general feeling of well-being that these gorgeous days with their brillant warmth, incredible sunrises and sunsets bring. The warmth makes the aches and pains less and fills me with "joi de vie".

Had the MRI today at the San. It was fine. I was a little sleepy from sedation and my sister came down to drive me again but I treated her to a fine lunch at the local pub with a glass of wine which all in all was a pleasant way to spend Friday. Had xrays of hands done at the same time and it is off the hand surgeon on Tuesday week to talk about fusing some joints.

It is surprising the number of people who have told me that they too have had bulging discs and that it righted itself after months or even years. How on earth do you put up with this pain for so long? I cant walk, I cant stand, I have trouble sleeping because of the pain when I am lying down. I have stood it for 4 months but if I can possibly have an operation and get some relief I will chance it.

Anyway back to wind in the willows:
"up we go, up we go till at last, pop! his snout came out into the sunlight and he found himself rolling the warm grass of a great meadow. This is fine he said to himself. This is better than whitewashing!" The sunshine struck hot on his fur, soft breezes caressed his heated brow, and after the seclusion of the cellarage he had lived in so long the carol of happy birds fell on his dulled hearing almost like a shout. Jumping off all his four legs at once, in the joy of living and the delight of spring without its cleaning, he pursued his way across the meadow till he reached the hedge on the further side."

Tuesday, August 15, 2006

So sorry...I've been slack

I've been slack lately. Giving in to the blackness - well not really but it sounds dramatic.

Back to weight watchers last week. Knew the result was not going to be good but I was over by 1.8 kgs (not a lot but extremely hard to move). Paid my money and have tried to hop back on the wagon. Know what to do but am finding it hard this time round but have been tracking even if some of the daily results have been horrific.

Thanks for the emails of support especially M. I dont know what I would do without them.

Cirque dul soleil with DS was wonderful. Not only was he a wonderful person to go with and enjoyed it as much as me but he took all the stress I was feeling about going out of the day and made it even more enjoyable. Nothing was too much trouble. When he came for dinner last night for his weekly roast he actually mentioned that we get on so much better now we dont live together and he is right. I get lots of help when he is around as well as all encompassing hugs (I think I come up to his armpits).

We are in the middle of a storm at the moment and Lucy is sitting on my lap shivering so typing is a bit difficult.

Went back to rheumatologist today and he supplied me with a new form to get the MRI done before I go to next neurosurgeon. Sister is once again coming down to drive me because I may have to be sedated because I dont like enclosed spaces. Also getting my hands xrayed as I have an appointment with the hand surgeon. Need to have the thumb and index finger joints on my right hand fused (arthritis strikes again)apparently. So many doctors so much money - oh well. DH keeps muttering about trading me in on a new model (something about when cars start costing you a lot of money it is time to trade them in).

DS loves the police academy. She missed her boyfriend but comes home every weekend but loves Goulburn and what she is doing.

I hope everyone had a great time at the dinner on Saturday night and you all ran/walked well in the C2S. I was thinking of you all and looked for you on the TV. I know you were the ones in the red caps.

I have been trying to do sudokus at the moment. Am trying to keep my brain active and I do love numbers but I fear that these may be beyond me. I get so far and then realise that Ive made a mistake and give up. I will have to buy a book with easy ones in it until I work out how to do them. I thought I had it today but was wrong again.

Anyway I hope everyone is having a great week and I am going to catch up with your blogs this week if it kills me.
Take care........

Thursday, August 03, 2006

Pain Management Blog

Well lots of things have happened.

As per previous post, decided I didnt really like the spinal surgeon I went to see a couple of weeks ago but thought I would have the MRI done so I was prepared for whatever next happens. Of course, I lost the form. Have rung and asked for another one but I am not holding my breath as the receptionist did sound too hopeful. Probably justifies my thoughts on the doctor.

I have broken out into a rash - dont know what it is caused by but my GP is overseas so I went to see the locum and got some cortesone cream which seems to be working. Skin is really dry and itchy and I have a feeling it is something to do with menopause. The locum was also an acupuncturist and talked me into having acupuncture on my back. DH was not enthusiastic and in the meantime, between appointments, I had a meeting with a personal trainer at the gym to work out a program that I could manage without having to put my membership on hold. She was great and had had two back ops herself (dont know why and didnt like to ask) so was able to help me with a very small exercise program but she also gave me the name of three doctors.

I rang the first one, first thing Monday morning, and the receptionist told me that he had closed his books but they were having a meeting that morning about reopening them and to ring back at lunchtime. Now I feel this is good karma because when I rang back she gave me an appointment for 25 August.

Anyway the upshot is I cancelled the acupuncture, made an appointment with my GP next week so I can get a referral to the specialist.

This is fast turning from a weight loss blog into a pain management blog but hopefully not for long.

I have been a bit up and down with my food lately and today has been particularly woeful. Anything that faintly resembled food has been eaten without a backward glance. I know I shouldnt and I am telling myself I shouldnt as I shovel it in but cant seem to stop myself.

Am bored at work - maybe because it looks such a lovely day outside and I wish I was out there. As nobody is here today but me I went and sat outside in the sun for a while - could have laid down and nodded off.

Friends are coming for dinner tomorrow night and then the rugby on Saturday night. DS turns 24 on Sunday. DD is home for the weekend (sort of).

Nearly time to go home - time to close everything down. Hope you all have a great weekend. Sunshine here I come.......

Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Life moves on

Found out what is wrong with my back: a herniated bulging disc. Three options:
Learn to live with the pain
Try injections again
Have an operation to cut away where the disc is bulging and pinching the nerve.

I guess the next step is an MRI. Have to ring and find out about having one with sedation because of the claustrophobia(?).

Anyway am surviving with minimum amount of sleep and eating everything in sight.

My sweet little canary, Spike, died last week. He has had a number of strokes over the past couple of years but always managed to survive and recovery but I guess this time he didnt. He looked very peaceful, I actually thought he was asleep.

We have removed our slow combustion fire from our loungeroom and replaced it with air conditioning. We have had the fire for over 20 years and it was lovely but its use by date was up and I must admit pushing a button is easier than trying to light a fire everynight. DH keeps muttering - "its not as warm as the fire".

Children have all settled into their respective new homes. DD came home last weekend (only to shower and trash) and we met the boyfriend for the first time. He was nice and it was so funny watching her be all soft and sweet. DS spent last week in Queensland at a conference. I dont think Brisbane will ever be the same.

DH very kindly gave up the option of watching the second match of the Bledisloe live this Saturday to go with friends to see Doug Parkinson and have dinner at the local Thai. We will tape it and watch it when we get home. Hopefully it will be a better result than last time (for the Wallabies that is - sorry to all the All Black fans).

Am getting back into the swing of things at work but as usual the days are not long enough. Roll on summer

Tuesday, July 18, 2006

I dont know what's wrong.....

Thank you for comments and emails.

I dont know why but I am sad today. Cold and sad. Im tired of the pain. Seeing surgeon on Friday and hopefully he will know how to fix me. I try to walk Lucy a couple of times a week and I cycle at the gym but I know that is not enough for me. I used to do so much. I feel bad.

Yesterday I went to a conference and heard a motivational speaker who was wonderful and she made me feel wonderful too. But today I feel sad - a bit like a sugar spike I guess.

Did I mention that I am married to a simply wonderful man. Im surprised he hasnt mentioned trading me in on a new model as I feel like I am wearing out rapidly and he is so patient. If it is not one thing it is another thing wrong with me. Damn damn damn!

Children are fine. They visit or call often. Everything seems to working out well for them. DD loves the police training and DS has gone to a conference in Brisbane this week.

Hunter was nice. Lots and lots of kangaroos. Probably too many due to drought. I spent my morning walks stepping over dead ones on the side of the road. Saw two foxes (alive) as well. Nice wine, good food and met new people.

Sorry if I am depressing anyone. I have been dodging posting because I have felt like this for a while. Havent been checking my emails. Guess it will pass in due course. No it is up to me to get over this. Im off........

Monday, July 03, 2006

Finished walk finally

Hooray, Ive finally finished the North half of Bibbulmun track and I am off to Africa for a safari. I honestly thought that I would never make the end of the track but I did. Honestly, it is one of the few things keeping me motivated at the moment - now if I could just remember to put the pedometer on first thing everything will be great.

Slight disaster with my hair. Remind me never to listen to son's advice again. My hair is now a butter colour. Didnt leave it in long enough. Decision now is to whether to try again to lighten it or go darker. Either way it could be another disaster in the making.

DD has returned to Goulburn after a weekend at home. It was like living with that tasmanian devil from the bugs bunny show. A whirlwind of destruction. But house is more or less back in order and we probably wont see her again for a few weeks unless her boyfriend returns from europe and then she will definitely be coming home.

Have been a bit unmotivated lately and not been using my e-tools for tracking and generally pigging out a bit. Went back into e-tools on weekend and discovered that they have improved it (you can now print out your daily points tracker so that you can read it - or analyze it in my case to find out where I have been going wrong or just to keep me on the straight and narrow). So hopefully I am back on track again although I have the theatre this Wednesday and our holiday in the Hunter commencing Friday. Oh well, will just do my best and try and work some walking in to the mix to help conteract any excesses.

Hope everyone had a great weekend. Am off to the gym shortly to do some cycling.

Monday, June 26, 2006

Back again

Well we are virtually childless. Son has moved out but until he took his computer last week was back every afternoon and usually stayed for dinner. They finally bought a refrigerator on the weekend and some furniture and he has taken the day off today to await its delivery.

DD starts at the police academy today. She has been down in Goulburn since Friday and was all teary on Friday night as she was bored and lonely. Saturday she had to pick up her orientation timetable and induction and Sunday was orientation. DH and I drove the last lot of furniture down last Tuesday and organised to rent a fridge. Her little unit is quite sweet inside. She has found out that she gets lunch 5 days a week and dinner 3 nights a week provided at the academy so that means less expense for her. She SMSed me this morning saying it was minus 5 degrees, her car was iced up and she had no feeling in her toes.

Thanks for all your kind thoughts. I have a question - how do I reply directly (via email) to your comments?

Back is still pretty bad. Spoke to surgeon who operated on my foot and "the putter to sleep person" (cant say that word let alone spell it) and they think I should go and have my back checked out by a spinal surgeon.

Haven't weighed in for over 2 weeks and I dont think that I have been very good foodwise. No excuses I have just lost the plot at the moment.

BUT home is so peaceful without children. I can feel that some of the stress has disappeared. Can even now, leave my things out and know that they wont "get borrowed" at least until she returns for visits. Have started cleaning the DS's room to convert into my study and folk art room. Am going to sell his king single bed on ebay when I can work out how to and then I will move my desks in and then I can reorganise the family room.

We have so many plans and no Suzy, he wont be back. I know I must sound like a terrible mother but we have told them they have only one right of return and DS has used his. I love him dearly but our house isnt big enough for 4 adults. Our first weekend home alone was very pleasant.

Anyway, hope everyone is travelling well. Only this week to work before holidays begin again (lucky me). Going to see Romeo and Juliet on Wednesday week at the Opera House (one of my twice a year Shakespeare doses) and of course it is time again for our annual 4 day Hunter Valley visit mid school holidays. I have to make the soup this year for the Friday night dinner.

Go the socceroos tonight or tomorrow morning. Even though I know nothing about soccer, I mean football, it would be a real fairytale if they could manage a win tonight.

Take care.

Friday, June 09, 2006

A week in the life

Well the cortisone injections were not really successful but have relieved the pain I feel when I go to bed at night a bit. Pain and pins and needles running through left leg still happening. Dont know what is next but know that I am not going to let this cripple me.

Went to the gym on Tuesday after work and did some cycling which was fine and then tried to walk on the treadmill. The fastest I could go was 4.5km and that hurt. Considering I used to think 6.0 km/hr was slow made it all very frustrating but I will keep pushing the boundaries.

DS has decided to move out forthwith. He and a mate have leased a really nice (read really expensive) unit at St Leonards for 12 months. I dont think he can afford it but he wont listen so we will see. Anyway, he will be moved out by next week and I will have my folk art/study back again. Yah. Mind you, they are coming home every Monday night for a baked dinner LOL.

DDs move to Goulburn is progressing. She has the keys to the unit and has bought a lounge on ebay. DH is going to get it from Burwood on Sunday and take it and other things straight to Goulburn. It is supposed to rain on Sunday - could we possibly break Goulburn's drought - and we arent even bbqing. She was a bit teary this morning. A lot of big changes in her life but have tried to reassure her I am only a phone call away and we are so proud of her. Her boyfriend being away in Europe for the world cup is not helping either.

Mum has told my Sis2 that she is not happy in Queensland. We knew that this would happen but hopefully it was just a bad day. I must admit she sounds dreadfully tired on the phone. Have not heard from Sis1 at all but Mum is not happy that she is never home although Sis1 did warn her that she was always out playing bowls and golf. Anyway, life is calm and good without Mum continually creating problems 40 minutes away.

Am still planning to walk (at best run down hill) the city to surf. Dont know about dinner as mentioned DS and I are going to Cirque D'Soleil (?) on the Saturday afternoon and am not sure what time it finishes.

Went to to WW last night. Was not going to go because I have been a bit down and comfort eating lately but had second thoughts and realised I couldnt keep ducking the consequences of how I was feeling. Anyway was pleasantly surprised. Although I had put on 700 g in 3 weeks am still within my goal weight range. Instead of staying for the meeting went to a yoga session at the gym which was okay. I will probably go again next week although I found the instructor a bit strange. She obviously was a proper yoga person not a yoga/gym instructor (if you understand what I mean).

Hasnt the rain been welcome. Everything is looking fresh and green again Although there must have been a million weed seeds lurking in my gardens and they have now all sprouted.

Anyway plans for the weekend -
I am going to taichi tomorrow morning and will just have to sit down if I cant stand for the long periods required.
Breakfast with Irene at the gym

Not sure if there is room in the car for me to go to Goulburn too but will go if there is.
If not I may try Body Balance class
Rugby at Telstra - Australia vs England
(Hope it doesnt rain too much)

Monday (long weekend public holiday yah)
Relax day

Hope everyone has a great weekend

Friday, June 02, 2006


Am going to have a cortisone injection into my spine today. Am very very scared. I wouldnt even have an epidural when I was in labour but the pain and discomfort has become so bad and/or not improved over the last six weeks that I have given in and am now taking this course.

My sister is driving down from the Central Coast to take me, hold my hand and bring me home afterwards which is truly wonderful of her.

Didnt go to WW last night as have not been up to going out much lately and also have been pigging out a bit (but we wont go there).

Mum rang this morning before I came to work. She sounds so different now she has moved to Queensland and is going to ring me back tonight after 8 (cheap rates). Probably happier although she said she was freezing and going back to her warm bed.

Wish me luck.


Am going to have a cortisone injection into my spine today. Am very very scared. I wouldnt even have an epidural when I was in labour but the pain and discomfort has become so bad and/or not improved over the last six weeks that I have given in and am now taking this course.

My sister is driving down from the Central Coast to take me, hold my hand and bring me home afterwards which is truly wonderful of her.

Didnt go to WW last night as have not been up to going out much lately and also have been pigging out a bit (but we wont go there).

Mum rang this morning before I came to work. She sounds so different now she has moved to Queensland and is going to ring me back tonight after 8 (cheap rates). Probably happier although she said she was freezing and going back to her warm bed.

Wish me luck.

Edit: All seemed to go well. The most painful part, apart from having eight needles stuck in to me was lying on my tummy and being still for the 15-20 minutes. Was a bit wobbly when I walked out but BigSis was there to guide me back to the car and bring me home. Have to take it easy this week end and I mean to. No housework or shopping of any kind.

Michelle, hopefully things looking up for C2S. DD and I are going to seen Varekai Cirque Du Soleil on the Saturday before so I may not be able to make the dinner, will have to wait and see what time and where you all go to eat.

Tuesday, May 30, 2006

A Small Update

Lucy and I completed the Million Paws Walk at Parramatta Park. Everyone was extremely well behaved and it was a fun day. Mark came with us because he was worried I would get into difficulty and therefore I didnt get to stay as long as I wanted to after we finished our walk but next year I will be better prepared.

Have been having physio once or twice a week on my back. Have not managed to get to tai chi once this term and have been going to pilates but not doing much. Finally had a CT scan on my back last Friday and the results were not great. After talking with rheumatologist today am going to have a Xray guided injection of cortisone into my back by a radiologist. Just have to make sure I have not infections beforehand.

Jess has found a place to live in Goulburn and starts at the academy on 26th June. She is very excited. If anyone knows any good places to buy secondhand furniture in Goulburn let me know.

Congratulations to any Crusader supporters out there and commiserations to the Hurricane supporters but wasnt the final a hoot. I dont think that I have ever seen such thick fog. As for the Waratahs, oh well there is always next year.

Wish me luck with this injection. I am a bit tired of all the pain and just want to move on. The people at the gym have forgotten what I look like and have started ringing me to find out why I havent been lately. Still hoping to register for City to Surf again.

Hope everyone is travelling well. Am still reading you blogs when I get the chance.
Work is fine and has quietened down considerably.

Monday, May 08, 2006

A Cross Road

A Cross Road

A thought has been percolating in my mind for a while now.  Maybe I am spending too much time blogging and not enough time doing.

As you dear readers will know, I have had a few health problems starting with breaking a bone in my foot last May which took eight months to resolve and since February two bouts of bad back and now a cold which has subsided into a nasty cough which could lead to the divorce courts and has resulted in me have to learn to sleep sitting up.  Really strong antibiotics has cleared the sore throat that has been around for weeks, the pinched nerve in my leg is getting better and I have been told that it takes six weeks to get better with or without physio.  I think Im up to about the fifth week so no wonder it feels better.  Anyway this is all old news.

I am going to take a month off and try to instigate a new fitness plan which is really the old one but since I haven’t exercised in months now it will be like starting new again.

Monday:     Walk Lucy
Tuesday:     Gym – Weights and a little cardio
Wednesday:     Walk Lucy
Thursday:     Gym – Weights and a little cardio
Friday:          Walk Lucy
Saturday:     Tai Chi and Pilates
Sunday:     Family walk with DH and Lucy

Am not tracking this week as I have had two days of eating badly.  I think, looking on the positive, that it could have been two months of eating badly with the old Julie because I would have been feeling immensely sorry for myself and think ‘what the hell”.  The fact that it has only been two days after 6 weeks of pain is heartening for me.  It shows me I have learnt something, not everything, but something.  Also, now I am back to WW goal I am going to cut back going to the meeting to every two weeks rather than weekly.  For no other reason than time constraints.  I enjoy the meetings a lot and have always got heaps of advice and support from them.  This is heading towards not tracking at all –just knowing what or whatnot to eat and in what quantities.  I know, I know, it all sounds good on paper.

Anyway, will sign off now.  Am going to try to keep reading your blogs in my lunch hour so I can keep uptodate with all your lives.

If there is anything important like lunches etc just email me. Take care.

City to Surf in August (a lot of work to do before that is confirmed)
Million Paws walk in May (if I can talk Mark into going)
DD joining the police force this June (keep your fingers crossed)
Mum is leaving on 25 May and hopefully she will be more happy at her new home

Friday, May 05, 2006

Still Battling On...

Low down on health:
Back getting better slowly. Traction is helping heaps and pinched nerve is not too bad just at night it really aches when I lie down.

Now have a cold - started with a sore throat which is still going, moved on to head cold with all the horrible implications that come with that and now a cough is developing as well. Going to hit the warm brandy with lemon juice, etc etc tonight.

Really upset tummy - who knows why.

You know, a couple of weeks ago (maybe four) I felt on top of the world and invincible. Is this some kind of test?

Physio said I can try pilates this weekend but have to keep to all the low levels but at least it is better than nothing. That is of course if the cold has subsided.

Tai Chi starts to tomorrow but will have to give it a miss but since it is the first week it shouldnt be too bad.

Weighed in last night 500g heavier than last week which makes me feel better as I had no idea why I should have lost so much weight last week. Still within WW Goal weight range (4th week of maintenance).

Our litte suburb finally has a restaurant so group of friends are walking there tonight to have early dinner. It is Thai which is my favourite. Hope it is nice and hope it succeeds because it is nice to have something local that isnt fast food.

Sister No. 2 tells me Mum's furniture is being packed on 22/5 and she is moving on 24/5 which makes more sense than what she told me last weekend.

God I feel like crap. I should get back to work. One more meeting a noon and then I might go home early and have a rest.

Hope everyone has a great weekend.

Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Small things

I am so thankful for:

* a clean house. Linda came today and I have come home to a sparkling house.

* Kate from Walking With Attitude who must have felt extremely sorry for me and my pedometer woes and sent me a nifty little thing to attach my pedometer to my clothes (a sort of a safety belt) so I stop losing them.

* my health. And I promise I will appreciate it even more when the cold subsides and my back gets better so that I can exercise again.

* my lucy dog who constantly brings me great joy, companionship and love.

* my husband who, although sometimes qualifies for that TV show "Grumpy Old Men", is a rock who has put up with me unable to sleep for the past week or so and the myriads of other things wrong with me at the moment. He surprises me sometimes with his patience.

* my children who have both promised to move soon and hopefully visit often.

* my mother for moving to Queensland. Our relationship will improve dramatically when this happens. (18 days to go.)

* my friends for just that, being my friends.

* the sheer luck of being born in this wonderful land.

(The above are not listed in any particular order although the clean house was what prompted me to write this list.)

Friday, April 28, 2006

Another week gone

Well today is the last day of the holidays for me. Back to work on Monday and I am actually looking forward to it - being inactive is driving me stir crazy. This holiday has virtually been visits to the physio (and let me say here traction feels wonderful).

Shock last night when I got on the scales at weight watchers. Have been struggling all week to keep within points allowance and had estimated that I was over 20 points for the week. Got on the scales and the weight loss was 1.1 kgs for the week. I made them weigh me on the other set of scales too as I thought something wasnt right. The only thing I can put it down to is that I overestimated the dining out meals points (but I know I didnt count everything I ate as it all became too tedious). Anyway a loss is a loss.

The lovely thing (in my mind anyway) is when the physio straps me into the traction belts she tells me everytime how little I am as the belt goes around my hips and has to be tucked under again! LOL.

I am so glad Wal and Adro won last night and didnt they look great. Jess and I were a little disappointed with some of the others. On the US show when they all came back they seemed to have lost more and toned more then the Aussies. DH watched it for virtually the first time and was amazed that some had lost quite a lot of weight and still looked large. Maybe the timeframe was different. Id like to see them all again in 6 months at perhaps another reunion just to see how they are going. Adro surely must be an inspiration to his family. Jess was telling me that apparently he was seen jogging in the next suburb recently as when he jogs where he lives he gets mobbed. Dont know whether this is true or not but it couldnt happen to a nicer guy.

I am trying to change my mindset about losing weight. This time my journey has been different from any other time. Before I have followed the WW menus religously which in hindsight was not a good thing to do. I thought it suit my regimented style (a life of lists) but in reality it set me up for failure once I reached my goal as I went straight back to eating anything and everything. This time Ive done it myself, tracking as best I could, but eating meals I devised myself.

Alcohol still remains a problem and have decided that I wont imbibe at all during the week as that one little glass usually led to two. Not enough water being drunk daily which is an ongoing problem at home but no so much at work. Have started to slowly change my family's eating patterns (as regards to what they eat). I dont care how slim they are though I do tend to nag about eating the chicken skin etc.

Not much movement happening. Cant go to gym and am not allowed back at pilates this week. Physio wants me to wait another week before I try it again. Walked up to letterbox at top of the street the other day and I swear, if Id had my phone with me, I would have rung Mark and asked him to come and get me. Leg really started to ache. Tai Chi starts again on the 6th so hopefully I am well enough to stand by then. If not I will sit and try to do some of the exercises that way. Am thinking of trying swimming again but will have to check with physio first. I WANT TO GET BETTER!

Another question (thanks to everyone who gave me answers last time)
Have decided to get a mini tramp and duly circled one in the Rebel Sports catalogue for around $80 and gave to son and said this is what I want for Mothers Day, maybe you and your sister can go halves. Have seen a rebounder in the KMart catalogue and wonder what the difference is. Can anybody tell me?

Things I have achieved this week:
1. New kitchen installed in 1999. Coating on doors peeling off where heat affected. Also doors (white) have yellowed. Have been doggedly chasing kitchen company since last November and they have been fobbing me off quite well but someone came yesterday and they will replace all the doors and drawers free of charge.

2. Sent my first grocery order in online for delivery tomorrow. Took me a long time to do but got there eventually and have now set it up so next time will not be so arduous.

3. Foxtel arriving today for a 2 month free trial. I will be able to watch the rugby to my hearts content for 2 months.

Busy weekend ahead - going into the city to watch rugby with Mark and then off to have dinner in Surry Hills with friends from Queensland. Housewarming tomorrow night at Arncliffe (another trip across the harbour for us). Sunday rest and prepare for work on Monday.

Cleaning lady starting next Wednesday. Yay!

Have a good weekend everyone, catch up during the week with you all.

Friday, April 21, 2006

A Gain and I'm Having a Moan

I had a gain this week of 200g. I know this is not much but it is something I am having difficulty with at the moment.

Without eating any chocolate whatsoever this week I was 29 points over. We have been out a lot and I am finding it extremely difficult to monitor what I eat and drink when we go out. No the drinking usually isnt too bad and I try to go for the best dish I can find on the menu - yesterday went with Mum to RSL for lunch (not my choice) and had the vegetarian fettucine in nap sauce which looked the best of a bad lot and a diet coke. My problem is that we went out again last night to friends for dinner and I couldnt exactly order from a menu and it was pasta again. Mark said to ask them for a really small serving (this was after they had served) but I felt it was rude to do that - stupid I know! The dinner was for their eldest son who is off to Iraq in a couple of weeks for 6 to 9 months so I felt my dietary problems didnt really amount to much at that particular moment.

Here I am again roughly 13 points over for the day and I will spend the rest of the week trying to peg that back.

Good news is we are entertaining tomorrow night at home and I am in control of the menu so I will be able to pick things that suit me like marinated atlantic salmon, new potatoes and a salad. There will be a tart for dessert but not for me.

Note to self: get mineral water to make spritzers.

How to go out as much as we do and stay within my points.

To learn how to eat only, say half, of a "bad" meal when I am out.

1. Need new shoes - thinking about Rykas (?)from Athletes Foot. Does anybody have these shoes and are they any good?
2. Want to buy a mini trampoline to exercise on. Does anybody have one and are they beneficial?

I missed my dentist appointment this morning by 45 minutes. Unbelievable! My mind is going on me. It was written in my diary correctly but infused into my mind wrong. Oh well there is always next school holidays.

Cleaning lady is coming this afternoon to talk about cleaning house for me. Now dont laugh but I have to go and clean my house before she comes.

Oh also made a meatloaf which I got off a WW forum for dinner last night (still fed the children)and it got the thumbs up from the kids especially Jess who normally doesnt like meatloaf. Its estimated points value per serving was 5.5 and it was really yummy and easy to make.

From the kitchen of LEANORA_96
Servings 4

500g extra lean ground beef
1 egg beaten
1/4 cup grated low-fat tasty cheese
1/2 cup fresh wholemeal breadcrumbs
1/2 cup grated carrot
1/2 cup chopped red pepper
1 small onion chopped
2 tsp minced garlic
1 tbs parsley
2 tsp Italian Herbs
1 tbs tomato sauce
1 tbs worcestershire steak sauce (I used just plain worcestershire sauce)
salt and pepper

1. Preheat oven to 180C and lightly grease a loaf pan
2. Place all ingredients in a large bowl andmix thoroughly
3. Press mixture in prepared loaf pan and bake for 1 hour

There was a special note - wheat bran is a good substitute for breadcrumbs.

Hope everyone has a great weekend.

Wednesday, April 19, 2006

City to surf

Made a decision this morning. Am going to enter the City2Surf this year. I havent done it since I was diagnosed with rheumatoid arithritis but except for the back am feeling really good at the moment. Registration is in June so have a bit of time up my sleeve to drop the final 3 or 4 kilos to my own goal weight, build up my strength and get prepared to start the 10 week training program. It will only be the Fun program and I will probably walk the course rather than run it but all going well I will be there.

My back is feeling better after 3 physio visits and am now doing stretching and strengthening exercises one to two times a day. Taking it slowly with no gym, pilates, tai chi, yoga or balance.

Have cleaned out under my bed of the bags of clothes (they are now all in the family room)and boxes of teddy bears. Have made the difficult decision to send my teddy bears to Lifeline or somewhere. They are just taking up room at the moment and I am sure that there are small children out there who would love them as much as I do. The clothes are even harder. I didnt realise I have so many tops. The throw out pile is small, the charity pile is small and the stay pile is growing daily. Am going to go through it again today to try to be a bit more ruthless.

Had vacuumed under our bed as best I could and when Mark came home from work he and Gareth actually moved the bed and vacuumed where I could not reach for which I am really thankful.

Ironing lady's husband came last night and picked up the excess ironing which was once again a great relief and I am going to try to contact someone today about helping me clean the house. This should give me more time out in the garden (where I want to be on the weekends we are home).

Hope everyone is enjoying their short week. The weather is glorious.

Saturday, April 15, 2006

Goal reached!

Funny thing happened this week. I got back into the range for my Weight Watchers gola weight. I lost 1.2 kgs this week.

Now how I lost it I will have not idea. My points were way over, I have not exercised at all because of my back being so sore (am back at physio again so hopefully that will get better soon but it is a slow process). Admittedly I did try to reign in the point overload during the last 3 days.

Anyway my WW weight is 63kgs - I would like it to be a little less but the good news is that if I keep it under 64 kgs I dont have to pay. So that should be another incentive.

So far Easter has been horrendous points wise and I have even got to Easter Sunday yet!

On the home front, Mum has announced she is moving to Queensland to be near my eldest sister which should be good for her. Whether it actually happens or not only time will tell. She rang to tell me on Thursday all excited and then rang back yesterday stressed out. I think that this may be one of her "tyre kicking" exercises (she used to drag us around looking at houses she had no intention of buying, for something to do) that has now progressed too far, or further than she intended it to progress, and she cant back out of it without looking foolish. ES will be good for her as, while ES is very active, she will be able to monitor Mum herself and not have to rely on us. Hopefully Mum will settle down and behave when she gets up there. If not ES will know first hand what we have been going through. Seems to be happening really quickly. Should know on Tuesday if house offer has been accepted and then Mum will send up cheque and the legal things will be completed and Mum will be off.

Keep your fingers and toes crossed that all goes to plan.

Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Soppy Stuff

Just a short one, hear me Julie, a short one.

I read everything that comes my way - the newsletters from Weight Watchers in both Australia and USA, magazines, newspaper articles etc etc. Looking for that slight edge that will help me make sense of what I am trying to achieve.

But really, the most help comes from fellow bloggers. You are not experts but ordinary people (and I mean that in the nicest possible way) who are trying to achieve the same things that I am trying to achieve.

You all inspire me, I would miss you if you werent there anymore. You provide so many wonderful ideas, recipes and of course the all important motivation to keep going. Any problems - you help solve them, questions - the answer is usually there next time I look

I cant believe how lucky I was to find this medium to correspond with some really remarkable women (thanks M, you were the first one I found and it has grown from there).

I know some of you are talking about taking a break and I know that you are entitled to do this but please do not underestimate the impact that you have on others.

In other words, you guys really rock and my world would be less without you and no matter how many articles I read or television shows I watch nothing could possibly replace you.

Friday, April 07, 2006


Wasnt all doom and gloom last night. Lost 100g which was better than staying the same (only just) or gaining (definitely).

Want to get back in the 63kgs because I then wont have to pay WW anymore as I will be in my goal weight range for Weight Watchers although not in my personal goal weight range which is a bit lower.

Big weekend coming up - may go to pub tonight to watch rugby but it starts at 5:30pm so may not make it on time and I really need to catch up with paperwork at home. I actually think that there are a few bills that I have not paid due to lack of time (I know that is not an excuse). I remember when I was younger that pay day was a big thing but I suppose that is one of the bonuses of growing older and having less money hassles, paydays come and go now virtually unremembered. This of course will change once we become pensioners and need to worry about money again.

Saturday is the last tai chi lesson for the term. This terms form has been rain and it has been a short sequence of movements but a bit tricky with lots of turning. When I practise the children think I'm cute (I think they are humouring me). The movements still dont come naturally and are a bit stilted as I have to think what I am doing but grace will come eventually I hope.

After tai chi may go into gym to have breakfast with Saturday morning ladies. I only know their first names and have known them for about six months, but I really enjoy their company between tai chi and pilates when we have breakfast.

No pilates this week as I am off the see Dusty at the Star City Casino (at least I think that is where it is at). Some girlfriends organised it and we are going to the matinee and then afterwards catching a ferry from Darling Harbour around to the Quay to meet the menfolk for dinner. They opted not to come to Dusty - a move that they may come to regret as I am sure that we will not be able to get the songs out of our minds and will be singing them for weeks to come.

Planning on getting stuck into the garden again on Sunday plus a trip out to Swanes at Dural, if I have time, to buy a few more plants to replace the ones that didnt survive summer. I love garden centres - they make me all enthused and this is a really big one.

Autumn is here in Sydney. The humidity is gone, the nights are cool. Daylight saving has ended and my body clock has gone back to normal - all's right with the world.

Hope everyone is enjoying this magic time of year - my favourite (just in case you didnt realise it).

Only four more working days (after today) before school holidays start and I get to sleep in (kind of) for two whole weeks. Big cleaning out plans afoot concentrating on my bedroom and getting rid of clothes that no longer fit me or I havent worn for a while. Hopefully I can talk DH into repainting that room too. If not I think it is time to call in the painters. Ive never known a man to procrastinate as much as he does - we are in the beginning of buying a new TV and DVD recorder but this will take months of research. Not me, I would have bought it last weekend when we visited the Sony shop.

Oh, have worked out my problems with my blog. Just cleared the cache and it is all good now. Thank goodness for blogger help.

O-oh spoke to soon. I have had to save this as a word document as it seems to be trying to disconnect me (or it might be those government nerds).

Have a great weekend

Wednesday, April 05, 2006


Or should I say durr.

Took my measurements the other night and realised that the measurements I showed in my side bar were for inches not cms. Think I have converted and corrected. People must have thought I had the measurements of Minnie Mouse. Or, if nobody noticed disregards the above confession.

Secondly, thought I would activate plan manager in etools and took the quiz. It has automatically lowered my points to 18 a day rather than the 20 I was claiming. I actually knew that I should only be having 18 but I was working on the tried and true formula that if nobody else knew then it didnt count.

I think that this week may be a baaaad week, weigh-in wise. I was over to start with so heaven knows what the end result is going to be.

I dont seem to be able to check my blog at work anymore. I have a feeling we have gone over to "secure internet" whatever that is and my blog is not showing any updates since 17 March at work but at home it is okay. I also cant read recent comments. Curse you government nerds. As a result I am having trouble keeping up to date with the ya yas but I will soldier on grabbing any spare seconds I have a home to check up on you all.

Hope everyone is having a good week. Back after weigh-in.

Friday, March 31, 2006

This weeks rambling

Well, I have to rethink last weeks no loss/no gain - maybe it wasnt a plateau, maybe it was a lovely long lunch with friends on the Sunday which I tried to be good at but went over my points (by quite a lot) and spent the rest of the week playing catch up with points.

This week I lost a kilo! Cant say anything much was different. I thought that last Sunday (bbq lunch with Mum and Sunday night drinks) might have done me in again but no. Im not complaining but I dont really understand.

It looks like Jess will be in the June intake into the police. She is soooo excited and I am soooo apprehensive. I will miss her as she has been so happy lately. She has met up again with the girl she was a buddy with in Year 5 (the peer support scheme). This girl is a lovely girl but has a few problems and Jess has taken on the task of being her mentor again as this girl has cried out for help (sort of a big sister).

DS dislocated his shoulder again at soccer training just running so it was off to the sports doctor on Tuesday and he is booked in for a MRI on next Tuesday and probably a shoulder reconstruction.

DH has had to have his pancreas checked out via a blood test this week and will get results tomorrow. Could just be something to do with eating too much (dont care how skinny or how fast your metabolism is - overeating will get you in the end). He actually didnt eat all the fat from the lamb chops last night which despite my constant nagging would be the first time ever.

As for me, in this house of crocks, all okay with foot. Bone has regrown again. Plate will stay in foot. Have to wait 3 or 4 months for new orthotics as foot is still swollen and it will take 6 to 12 months for the swelling to go down. Strenuous walking or beloved running will have to wait a bit longer I think - damn.

Finished walking France a while ago and have joined the 10,000 steps a day.

Have given up trying to resolve family problems. They wont discuss it together and it just degenerates into "she said, no she said, etc etc". When Mum was trying to tell eldest sister about latest argument with other sister, she just kept saying "I dont want to know". I am going to adopt that attitude too. They can fight among themselves but I am not going to listen anymore - it is not my problem and they are missing out on each other. Am ringing middle sister today as I have not spoken to her since she hung up on me last week although she has sent me a lot of long emails justifying her position. (Am going to enact one of the four agreements about not fuelling gossip.)

Off to the rugby tonight and then a normal weekend of tai chi, pilates, walking Lucy, grocery shopping etc etc.

Have just received my notifications for the renewal of Oprah and Notebook. While I love both these magazines might give them a rest for 6 months as I am having trouble finding the time to read them. I know this should come into me time but there are quite a few books I want to read too and there are just not enough hours in the day.

Did anyone see Biggest Loser on Monday night (what a silly question). Isnt Wal a spunk. Cant wait for when they all come back at the end to see how far they have progressed. I reckon if either Shane or Adro fall beneath the yellow line tonight they are gone. The girls have formed a strong alliance and I feel that they will be the final three - the guys have let themselves become outnumbered and therefore left themselves open for elimination. Kristy has immunity, Fiona has a 1kg advantage and they are very protective of Ruth. Cant wait to see their weights this week although someone has put on weight this week (I think I saw that in the promo).

Made Mary's Tomato and Basil pasta on Wednesday night as a side dish and it was well received. Nice change from noodles, potato or rice as the carb part of their meals.

Have a great weekend everyone. Hopefullying this post will publish. Something strange is happening to my blog lately but it may only be on my end.

Friday, March 24, 2006


No not really. There was no loss and importantly no gain this week and it has been a busy week. Mark thought it was good that I hadnt put on weight after last Sunday when we had 6 friends for lunch. Anyway I know I also havent been as careful as I was previously so I will have to try to get back on track.

One of the couples who came to lunch have just bought a motorbike. They are not novices as bike riding and the reaction of their children was hysterical. They got quite a lot of lectures and have been told they are not to ride it in the rain. I had a ride around the streets (pillion only of course) and it brought back a flood of memories and I felt 18 again. Although I did have a bit of a problem getting on and off the bloody thing LOL.

Family problems bubbling along and they have just about worn me out. Had one sister hang up on me the other day although she had sent me a number of emails since.

Dont know whether I mentioned it last week but Jess has passed her physical for the police force and now is just awaiting placement in CSU I think. She is so excited and I must admit, a pleasure to live with at the moment.

Lovely autumn weather in Sydney at the moment. The nights are getting cooler making it easier to sleep.

One thing, the post prior to this one is no longer showing the number of comments. The comments are still there but not being shown on the post page. Does anyone have any idea why?

We are off to the rugby tonight at Aussie stadium. Meeting Mark at the pub for dinner before. Keep your fingers crossed that I make good choices. I always have good intentions. I have been hungry lately but dont know whether that is to do with the cooler weather.

Also a bit fed up with the fact that most of the weight I have lost has seemed to come off my top half which is fine except now people are saying I look a bit gaunt with only a little coming off the bottom half. Its a pity we cant pick the spot where we would like to lose weight from - it would make it a lot easier.

Have a good weekend everyone. :o)

Friday, March 17, 2006

Another weigh-in down

What an incredible morning it has been. A soft, slightly cool, autumn morning but the sun is now rising above the hills and its probably going to get humid again but it was a nice preview of what is to come - hopefully soon. I'm so over the humidity.

Anyway - I have lost another 700gms this week. I am nearly in the 65s. Woohoo - I havent been there for yonks. You never know I may even fit into my jeans again comfortably. I fit now but there is a lot of muffining going on above the waistband which isnt a pretty sight LOL.

Had a slight disagreement with the WW meeting last night. I mentioned that I live in a house with three people who dont really have to watch what they eat - (a) because their metabolism works really well and (b) because they are not gluttons like me. It was suggested that since I am the primary food buyer that I dont buy food that I shouldnt eat thereby removing temptation from my life. Yeah right. My argument was that my family shouldnt have to miss out on the things that they like just because of me and it is something that I am going to have to, and am, confronting every day wherever I go so why not start learning about control at home and working at distractions like taking packets of WW nibblies to drinks on Sunday night so I dont feel that I am missing out.

The other good news is that my gym has got all new cardio equipment ie bikes, treadmills, steppers, crosstrainers, rowers each with individual TV screens. Mind you we will all have to be taught how to use them again but it looks really good.

Anyway must get back to work - have a good weekend everyone.

Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Calmed down

Had a long talk to oldest sister. Told Mum to stop fuelling the feud between sisters. Other sister has gone away for the week so will catch up with her on the weekend when she gets back - luckily I have calmed down somewhat. Thanks for all your kind thoughts.

Had a moment today - yesterday while lifting potting mix out of trolley into boot of car I pulled the muscles in my lower back yet again (will I never learn). Pain pretty much immediate. Midway through last night thought I would take some digesics so that I could get some sleep and got up, took two and went back to bed. When alarm went off, hadnt been asleep much but felt okay, got up had shower and then it hit me. Dizziness and nausea. Would lie down for a minute and feel okay and get up and the same feeling would wash over me.

Could drive so couldnt go to work so rang and said I may be in later. I felt really strange. Around 11 a.m. worked it out - I had taken two really really strong pain killers instead of the digesics and I guess that was where the reaction was coming from.

Ended up driving to work because they were having problems but within ten minutes felt dreadful again and somehow managed to drive home again and went to bed and straight to sleep. Feel okay now although back is starting to ache again.

The interesting thing was when I felt sick I wanted to eat all the bad foods and six weeks ago I probably would have even though I know it doesnt really help but today I made a conscious decision not too. I am so surprised with myself - this would be a first.

Off to have my hair cut again tomorrow as a little reward/distraction for my achievement. It is getting a bit curly (read boofy) on top and I liked it really short so may have to have a trim every 4 weeks to keep it in check.

Anyway off to bed to read for a bit. Hope everyone's week is going well. Will try to catch up with blogs tomorrow at work.

Thanks again, your ongoing advice and support is so appreciated. Reminds me of the YaYa Sisterhood. Take care....

Friday, March 10, 2006

Pissed Off

An extra post - Ive just gotten home and found evilness permeating my home. A telephone message from my mother (and I use that term loosely) about not coming to my sisters 60th birthday weekend as it had all "gotten out of hand" and then an email from my eldest sister filled with utter crap. I am so angry at this moment. I have emailed both sisters and said that I am going to sort this out one way or the other and I will deal with Mum tomorrow.

I am past caring about their feelings and am just glad that Dad isnt alive to see this all.

What in the hell is wrong with my family. Thank God for Mark and the kids - they help keep me sane.

Still on track

Was a bit worried last night when I went to weigh in. I have, as mentioned earlier this week, been fighting the demons in my head this week.

They have been telling me the reason why I am tired is that I am not eating enough (couldnt have anything to do with working hard sleeping little).

We talked about it last night at WW. About distracting yourself and I guess I have been trying to do that this week - semi successfully. I need to drink more water because it really does get my mind of the "hunger" and it makes my skin so much better.

Anyway, I managed to lose 700g this week which was a little better than what I was aiming for and I was so relieved. I cant remember the last time I have been under 67kgs - certainly over 2 years ago and this weight it fully clothed with sneakers at 6.30 at night so I guess my morning after shower weight is a little less.

Am trying really hard not to weigh myself at home yet as I know if I know that I have lost weight during the week I will give in to the little extras as I did last night when I got home from the meeting.

The other problem is that bloody foot again. It has been quite sore this week, so much so, that Jess made me sit the other afternoon and iced it for me and made me a cup of tea so I must have looked bad. I think I may have pushed myself a bit too hard on the treadmill at the gym so I am scaling back the cardio as of today.

Am going to do a little bit of warm up on the bike and then weights and exercises and that's all.

My cardio for the next couple of weeks until I go back to the doctors will just be walking Lucy which I wont mind because it is such a lovely time of year (a bit hot today). Anyway, that's the plan.

Am trying to organise a weekend away for my sister's 60th birthday later this year. Other sister has already emailed me that she will not be coming as they are still not communicating. So I sent her a reply stating "build a bridge and get over it" but I hope I said it nicely. What is wrong with people!

Busy day again today at work and off to the rugby at Aussie stadium tonight. Meeting Mark at pub at Central around 6 and then bliss - a weekend where we actually have nothing else on except of course Sunday night drinks. I have a day of gardening planned for Sunday which I am so looking forward to reclaiming my own private piece of jungle.

Have a great weekend.

Wednesday, March 08, 2006

6 Week Crash and Burn

Was reading the other night about the 6 weeks crash and burn syndrome and it wasnt really sinking in until I gave it a bit of thought. Hey, that is where I am! That is what is happening to me.

Still tracking but the sneaky sampling has snuck in. A jatz here and taste there, it is all adding up.

I think I feel that I deserve it because I have been doing so well. But if I dont keep doing well I wont feel good. I actually think, no I know, it is just my mind trying to sabotage me.

I'm a little off colour, work is hectic etc etc etc. So many reasons and none really valid to warrant giving in to my demons.

This is a lifestyle change and it will not have to be this rigourous forever but I need to get some control back into my eating.

I want my waist back
I want my rear to disappear
I want my tummy flatter (this one may be a lost cause)
I want the tops of my thighs to stop rubbing together

So many wants and there is only one way to get there (at least for me) - track, watch what I eat and drink water.

My questions from weight watchers last week were:

Q: What would I like to see when I step on the scale next week?
A: Another 500g gone.

Q: Can I do it?
A: Yes.

Q. Am I willing to commit to my weight loss effort?
A: Yes - I have to.

Q: What steps do I need to take to help me achieve next week's desired outcome?
A: Dont give in to the little mean voices in my head who tell me it is okay to just have one taste - for me its not okay. I need to track honestly, drink as much water as I can and move more.

I didnt realise that I had such a sedentary job but since wearing my pedometer every day I see I hardly move at work at all. So I will have to incorporate some more movement into my day at work even if it is just a walk around the building every hour starting tomorrow.

Foot has been playing up a bit but I will sort that out in a couple of weeks when I have it xrayed again and go back to the surgeon.

Anyway I hope you all are having a great week. Weigh in tomorrow night.

Friday, March 03, 2006

Weigh-In No 5

After a really hectic week (anniversary and 4 days away in Kiama socialising) I somehow managed to come in at the end of the week only slightly over in points and when I weighed in last night had still managed to lose 500g. Was happy with that because that is what I am aiming at every week.

Am a bit frustrated that I havent been able to catch up with everyone due to work and housework commitments.

I used to post at work (probably not ethical I know) but find because it is still chaotic here (though getting better - except for me spilling a full cup of coffee all over my desk on Tuesday MAJOR STRESS OUT) but I havent had time and I really miss catching up with everyone in blogland.

Mary - bought the book "The four agreements" - probably tenets I need to apply to my life.

Am enjoying reading AJ Rochester's books.
Interesting point, which I have read a lot lately, about it taking 21 times to create a new habit but she also points out it takes 42(?) times to break a bad one.

Everyone home now although Gareth does not seem well. I think his asthma may be playing up but being a typical male wont go to the doctor to renew his medication.

Jess has not heard from the police force yet but should know yay or nay within the next 10 days.

Off to the rugby on Saturday afternoon to watch the Waratahs play the Sharks. It is an early afternoon match so that, heaven forbid, the rugby crowd doesnt get caught up in the Mardi Gras.

Mums' birthday on Sunday. Middle sister already stressing out about having to spend time with Mum so probably will not be a terribly enjoyable day because of tension.

Anyway I hope to catch up with you guys soon. Must update my stats and take some new measurements. Am well along on my walking tour of France but need to pick up the step count a bit.

Have a great weekend.

Friday, February 24, 2006

Weigh in No. 4

I feel really good. I've lost another 700g this week and I feel so much better.

Mind you, this week is going to be playing catch-up as dinner last night put me over the days points allocation and I still have the weekend ahead of me to look forward to. Bought some WW Nibblies so that I can have something that I can track easily when we have sundowners. So many challenges ahead and believe it or not I am looking forward to them. Bring them on - I'm ready.

Mark liked my really short hair cut which was a relief as he always says when I go to the hairdressers dont get it cut too short and this time I did.

My computer problem is Microsoft Works on PC. Not the Mac it always performs well. I must have been unclear. I hate cumbersome computer programs.

Have joined Walking with Attitude now that I can and am currently walking around France. Have to do a bit of research on the places that I am walking through.

Oh well, I am off to pack for Kiama. Hope the weather is kind. Talk to you all on Monday. Have a great weekend.

PS: Sue, the Tahs have a secret weapon. Mark keeps tipping against them in the tipping competition and they keep winning. He doesnt think its funny but we do.

Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Quiet week

Have a fairly quiet week with Mark away and therefore have managed to stay well within my points for the week. Now we all know who the bad influence is - no, not really. As mentioned before he has been very supportive of this weight loss effort lately which is making it a lot easier. I'm afraid the bad influence was me. (Note I said WAS.)

Bought a pair of pants from Sussans yesterday in anticipation that we might go out tomorrow night (after weigh-in) for our anniversary. Couldnt believe it but they were a size 12 and fitted really well. They maybe a bit long but the short size looked too short even with my flatties on so opted for the slightly longer ones.

Still stressful at work. Maybe someone could give me some advice. We use Macs at work and I love them but I also use a PC at home and for some things at work (I have two computers in my office). For years I have been using Microsoft Works and find it very easy to use for database and merging using the word processor but Microsoft in their wisdom no longer support Microsoft Works for Macs. So I have installed virtual PC on my Mac and am using Works 8 but it is nowhere near as easy as when I used it on the Mac and now I have to keep going back to my old eMac to do the invoicing etc until such time as I figure out what is going on. Anyway if anyone can help me with an alternative database/word processing package for Macs let me know. Have had a look at Appleworks but it seems as cumbersome as Works 8 is proving to be. Email/comment or carrier pigeon would be most welcome.

Enough about work.

Mark is home tomorrow (haven't had word that he has been offloaded anywhere so assume he is winging his way towards me as I type). Trouble is he will probably make it home after I go to work but that just gives me something to look forward to all day.

Have signed up for the Mikibo exercise program and am slowly implementing it into my day. Even took Lucy for a short walk yesterday. Luckily I didnt have to carry the fat little podge back home. Did a 15 min walk on treadmill at gym today. That is the most I have walked on the treadmill in eons. Still cant walk very fast but have made a start. Foot not too sore so it all looks good.

Couldnt believe they voted David off BL but doesnt he look good. His family seemed so nice (arent Mums wonderful - mine not included in that comment).

Speaking of Mum went to visit her on Sunday and came away depressed. BUT for the first time staved off the lamingtons, breadrolls etc. Couldnt get away from the cold fried chicken and creamy pasta but had small amount only and said no to seconds. Had black coffee because no skim milk (which I didnt mind) and my water bottle. She is a very negative person who has continual sly digs at you (in the nicest possible voice) and a visit (especially without Mark) is always very draining. Her 84th birthday is in 10 days time so another visit is on the cards but Mark will be with me so it should go well. She doesnt muck up as much when he is around.

Anyway I will try to record tomorrow nights weight in before we go to Kiama.

This weekend is going to be tough WW-wise because it is a continual non-stop party, catching up with friends we haven't seen for a year. Suzy we used to all camp in a big circle with the cooking and socialising area in the middle and it was a really fun weekend (for a camping weekend) but the camping ground has slowly changed to cabins and onsite vans so we all now stay in cabins with spas and I cant say I was sorry to say goodbye to the tent although your sites with ensuites did sound appealing.
Hope everyone is having a great week.

Friday, February 17, 2006


Woohoo - another 600gms gone!

After weighing in last week my leader asked me what I had done differently to get the weight loss.

Not being good at answering questions off the cuff I answered I had tracked and drank more water. She didnt sound impressed or convinced and asked me was I going to be able to keep losing. Now both of these facts were true to some extent but afterwards when I was thinking about it I realised they were not completely true.

I had tracked (in a fashion) before and I had also drank water before in the many times (at least three when I had reached goal weight) - maintained for six weeks and then gone my merry way usually back to the bad old habits I had before.

But this time is different - I feel different.

When I followed weight watchers before I got the weekly menus and followed them fairly religously because I felt that the regimentation suited me. Of course, it is really hard to follow them completely. I really wasnt learning anything either.

This time using the e-tools, I am working my own menus out to fit in with my life and my family. I know how many points I have left at any given time each day (it's only a keystroke away) and I am finding it so easy.

An example, by boss gave me a mini Mars bar the other day. I looked it up and it is worth 2.5 points. I decided that I would rather spend that 2.5 points on wine so it is sitting on my bedside table. I will give it to Gareth when he comes home. I feel I am in control (at the moment). I know that this feeling could change at any time but I am no longer worried. I know slip ups or whatever they are called are fleeting and I just have to climb back on the wagon and set off forward again.

On that thought I will sign off.
A week until Mark returns from France in time for our anniversary and yearly visit to Kiama for the rugby 7s.
Just over a week until Gareth returns from Canada.
Jess off to Goulburn tonight to attempt the physical test for the police force.
Me to Tai Chi and hopefully a pump class in the afternoon on Saturday and driving up to the Central Coast to visit Mum on Sunday and buy a new birdcage for the boys (Spike and Rosso Canary).
Hope you all have a good one.

Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Reach Out and Connect

Just a quick post.

Got my new copy of "Notebook" today and in the editors letter she talks about a woman whose son died posting a cry for help in their online forum and finding support in the replies from other Notebook readers.

This is why this forum and you people are so good. There is always someone there (wherever there may be) for me to share my thoughts, triumphs and downfalls with. And yes the day to day drudgery that we all come up against.

My life has been enriched by the kind, funny, witty and just plain commensense advice I have received. I have managed to connect with people who think along the same lines as I do (not about everything - that would be too boring) but who always seem to be there when I need a lift, a kick in the pants or even just a cyberhug.

Guys, in the words of my children - you rock!!
(keep chanting short post, short post short post)

Tuesday, February 14, 2006

A perfume by any other name would smell the same - not!

Mark rang this morning to let me know he had arrived okay. Sounded so tired. Cant find the perfume I want and tried to get me to agree to another one without having ever smelt it. At least this time he asked - he sometimes just buys it for me - often with dire consequences. Not to worry anyway, I will order it from Singapore. It will work out just as cheap.

After a disasterous but fun weekend I am back and tracking hard to try to get my points down. It is a bit cooler today and I was a bit hungry but instead of getting stuck into the bikky barrel at morning tea I went to my food cupboard (a new idea) and got out a WW bar and had that.

What did you all think of "The Biggest Loser"? Is it my imagination or did those people cry more than their american counterparts? Found it slightly annoying. Anyway, besides that, looking forward to watching tonight again. But aside from all that, what a house!

Have been out and had my hair cut today. Jess helped me streak it last night and I took along photos of the time when I really liked my haircut to the hairdresser and I think she did a fairly good job of replicating it. Really short (Mark will have a fit) but I feel really light and not 110 years old. If anyone was home I'd get them to take a picture.

Increased my weight repetitions yesterday at the gym. And even managed 5 mins on the treadmill although very slowly (5kph). Am thinking of doing a pump class on Saturday afternoon. I looked it up yesterday it is the same instructor who does body balance on Sunday.

Gareth is now in Canada near Banff. He dislocated his shoulder again on his last day in Alaska but put it back himself. I think he is living on nurofen at the moment. Stupid child. I guess he will have to think about a shoulder reconstruction when he gets back or give up snowboarding. He saw a moose when he was in Alaska while he was snowmobiling.

Anyway, off the make dinner and watch biggest loser before I go to folkart.
Hope everyones day was great

Sunday, February 12, 2006

When new friends get together....

Well yesterday was really nice. I'm sorry I had to leave earlyish but Mark was leaving for France and things needed to be done before departure.

Funny thing was I must have walked further than I thought (or my pedometer recorded) because when I got home and went to take my shoes off, I couldnt get my sandal/thong off my left foot. It had swollen so much. So it was a case of forcing it off, and putting reliable old sneakers on before anyone noticed and gave me a lecture.

Anyway, I had a lovely lunch with the girls. Mary and I discovered that I had been married longer than she was old. Michelle and Linda flying in from points north and south - incredible. M was every bit as witty and funny as her posts. Jodie had that look that only expectant mums have - a certain bloom and Kathryn, who remembered to bring wine thank you so much. Mind you I think I have blown my points for the week (I knew that roti was too good to be true) but I had a lovely day. Good choice of restaurant Jodie. The weather was beautiful and we had the added bonus of dragon boat races being held at Darling Harbour as well. I didnt know so many people dragon boat raced. Once again sorry I had to beg off early and hope you had a good time and didnt spend too much money.

By the way, I would like Kathryn (am I spelling it right?) and Linda's blog addresses. Actually I think I have found Linda but just want to check so that I can keep in touch with you two as well.

Different tack now, I read an article in the Sunday Herald today that mentioned a website that I am going to investigate more later tonight after garden watering time. It is a free exercise/training site called Mikibo.

Did a modified Body Balance class this morning at the gym which was great. Explained foot problem to instructor and she just gave me modified options which worked pretty well. May consider this class rather than pilates on Saturday or maybe alternate them.

Hopefully I will get a chance or a lot of chances this week to catch up with everyone. If not, happy tracking

Friday, February 10, 2006

A loss - finally

I had a win! Lost 1.3 kgs this week. Have been using e-tools and tracking everything. Finally some movement down.

Will update my ticker when I get the time, hopefully Sunday.

Stressful day today going to and from work. Anyway not to worry - its FRIDAY!!!

Have just read the comments from last post - Michelle I didnt realise you were coming to lunch too. How wonderful. I printed out the directions today and the telephone number in case I am running late but I dont intend to. Must look up and see if there is any trackwork planned for this weekend. I am so looking forward to lunch. You wont be able to miss me - I'll be the one trying to walk without a limp.

Hope everyone else has a good weekend.

Go the Tahs!

Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Touching Base

Hi, I'm still here. The cave was lovely.

I'm refocussed and recommitted.

My meeting the other night really shook me up which was just what I needed.
Am using e-tools to track both food and exercise and enjoying doing it.
Back at the gym doing very gentle short bursts of exercise and a little little bit of cardio.

Looking forward to catching up with Margaret, Jodie and Linda on Saturday. Must have another look at where we are going so that I can plan my trip.

Thanks to you all for your kind thoughts. I will catch up with everyone asap.

As you can see from my ticker January was not a particularly good month for me but February is going to be great. For the first time Mark is being really supportive. He actually asked me to go out and have dinner but didnt want to disrupt my diet too much. That was the first time ever he has been that considerate about my eating habits. Am going to buy the eating out guide this Thursday.

Have been really busy at work which is really chaotic at the moment due to new office furniture and computers that will not do what I want them to do easily.

We are enjoying a child-free house. It is like being newly married again. Just ourselves to please.

Mark is going to France next Saturday with work but will be back in just under two weeks time for our anniversary which I thought was really sweet.
Jess will be back on Saturday from Bryon and with her permission I have been opening her mail and relaying it to her - she finally passed her medical for the police force and now has to do her physical/fitness, maybe in a couple of weeks time.

I'm not the only one who has to lose weight - Lucy has lost her waist (do dogs have waists?) and has to lose weight too. As soon as my foot is a bit better we are off!

Anyway, this was meant to be short. Take care and once again, will see you Sydney girls on the weekend.