Friday, March 01, 2013

I Should Have Known Better

I really should have known better.

I have been telling everyone how great I felt, exercising lots even started back at the gym again.

Latest news - my kidneys aren't functioning properly and they (doctors) have taken me off all medication or downgraded the ones I cant stop taking.

No more arthritis medications at the moment.  The pain, swelling and stiffness has amped up in the last week. After yet another doctors visit last night I at least now have a "pain patch" that might help.  Also sleeping tablets for the nights that I cant sleep because of the pain.

Cant get in to see the renal physician for two weeks.

Also my HRT has run out and my hormone doctor is away for another week.

Can anything else go wrong.

I am so over this.  Sometimes it really depresses me.

Officially end of whinge.

Next post will be positive I promise.  Just needed to get it off my chest.