Friday, June 14, 2013


Wow two posts in one day but it has just really hit home why I am so ill.

I am just about to finish up and go home because there seems a lull in the cramps and I can hear bed and hot water bottle calling.

Had a lightbulb moment and could have almost cried.

This lightbulb moment caused me to reread some of my highlighted parts of "Wheat Belly" and I am having exactly the reaction that he describes.  It has been so long I had forgotten but my body's reaction to wheat and dairy is not lying and it has certainly not forgotten.

Stupid me thought I could get away with it and I got lazy.

I wonder how long it will take to get this stuff out of my body.  Sigh.

A time for kindness and courage

I am so glad that today is Friday.  So very glad.
Only 2 more weeks of term left until next school holidays.  It has been a short term only 9 weeks but has really dragged.  It is winter and I think that makes it hard getting up and going in the mornings.

I am unwell yet again.  Some kind of tummy bug I think.  Keep getting really bad cramps but they pass which is why I am at work.  I may go home early today.

This weekend is really quiet compared to last weekend and hopefully remains this way.  I think I need time to recover.
Last Friday I think we managed to come last at trivia but not by much.  I think there was only a couple of points between first and last.

Had dinner with friends we have not seen for months at a lovely Italian restaurant in North Turramurra on Saturday night. Very nice but of course I ate things I probably shouldnt have.  Sometimes it all gets a bit too hard and it is easier to go with the flow.  I get tired of explaining everything but I must really learn to be stronger.  This is probably why the rash is back and my stomach is feeling like it is.

Last Sunday I managed to get out into the garden and do some winter maintenance.  Also managed to spread the lucerne that I had bought months ago around as mulch.  No more snide comments from the Fox about it sitting there doing nothing.

J left yesterday for Ireland and Croatia.  I miss her already.  J & her man, and G came up for dinner on Monday night and it was a lovely time.  Happens so rarely nowadays.
She has had a stressful week - not sure where her relationship is going to head but I hope this break helps them both clear their heads.  As mentioned before, she is a very strong minded individual and so is he.  Not ideal - can be very explosive.

Regarding the trip, I hope that their friendship (the 8 girls that are going) survives.  More strong minded individuals.  I think it must be the generation.

On a clearly unrelated note to anything - I have made the decision today to not listen to or watch the news.  It has never been easy to be a woman in this country but the things that have been happening lately have destroyed my faith that the good and honest people in the country will stand up for themselves and what they believe to be fair and right.  From the Prime Minister being harangued about her partners sexuality on drive time radio to sex tapes originating from the armed forces.  I feel that one of those people standing up is the Chief of the Army, Lieutenant General David Morrison.  The look of mortification on his face and the hard hitting words made that little candle of faith spark again.  I know there are good men out there - I know many - but my question is why do the ratbags get the airtime?  Why do people (men and women) have to attack other people personally over their race, religion, sex, political views.... the list goes on and on.
Sorry, I just cant stand the way things are panning out lately and I feel a bit crushed.

Anyway, another beautiful winter day today.  Looking forward to going home and having my wine and catching up with my sister.

Friday, June 07, 2013

This week in Wonderland

Actually got to spend last weekend at home.  Silly isn't it to look forward to not having to go out at all.  A sign of age no doubt.  Just enjoyed myself pottering around, tidying and cleaning as I went.

It was a really wet Sunday and I looked forward to catching up on some paperwork in the office.  I make promises to myself that I will do it every day but it never happens.  Things just get tossed into the in tray to await my attention.  Rainy days are perfect for catching up arent they?

Something funny is happening with my weight.  The good news is that I spend most of the week back in the 69 kilos but every weekend it goes back up to 70.  I look at what I eat and cant see the difference.  It is very puzzling especially  as I tend to walk Lucy more on the weekends so I am exercising as well.

My appetite has lessened since the change of medication I think.  A number of things can be linked back to this.

This weeks medical adventures have been the podiatrist (he of the magic hands and tools) who makes my poor old twisted feet feel so much better.

The GP to increase dosage of the pain patch.  (She doubled it).

The physio who checked me out and pronounced me 100% better than I was 8 months ago.

So all in all a good week.

My baby girl leaves for Ireland in 6 days.  Every day has had at least one phone call where she is stressing out about something.  I have had to use all my powers of calming to settle her down.  I know this is going to be a great adventure but travelling with 6 girlfriends for 3 to 4 weeks is really going to test their friendships.

The above viola is one of my treasures.  It has self seeded in a crack in the paving probably from a plant I potted out last year.  I think I enjoy these unexpected surprises more that the ones I have bought and planted myself.  I noticed that there was also lobelia doing the same thing.

Autumn has come to the garden.  The Japanese maple has turned the most beautiful colours and that little splodge of yellow in the left hand side of the tree is the first jonquil of the year.

 I was trying to photograph the contrast here.  I hate it when I can see something with my eye but cant capture it on film.  The late afternoon sun was hitting the tops of the trees and the sky behind was a stormy steel colour.  It looked quite dramatic.

Same day sun finally going down.

Went through Google Reader last week and deleted a lot of blogs that I haven't read for a long time and have no connection with anymore.  Also ones that people no longer seemed to be blogging on (no activity for over 2 years).  It was hard in some cases like losing an old friend.  Now I just have to import the remainder to somewhere else to save the links before Google Reader disappears.  Maybe this Sunday.

I have been feeling off colour for most of the week.  Not actually sick but not well either.  On Wednesday I was so cold, right to the bone, and I really dont think it was that cold but anyway I went off to Target yesterday and bought myself some thermal long johns.  I feel quite snug today but I sure looked funny getting dressed this morning.  Oh sorry, get that picture out of your mind - not a pretty sight! LOL.

I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend this weekend.  Ours has reverted to busy.  We are going out to dinner and trivia tonight and catching up with old friends tomorrow night.

It is a long weekend in NSW this weekend so I also get to sleep in on Monday.  I think I really need this.  Racoon girls farewell dinner on Monday night.  Might even make a dessert.
Have a good one.