Wednesday, September 28, 2005

So much to do - so little time

I really have a lot to be thankful for - an acquaintence has just found out she has to have her breast removed because of cancer. Hopefully it has been caught early enough. She only discover the prognosis today and will probably be operated on next week.

My older sister visited Mum today and did not have a good time. I think I got off very lightly yesterday.

Got a lot of small jobs done today - banking, returning library books, visiting Medicare etc etc. Boring I know but when I work I have trouble fitting it all in especially since I work in a remote location with no access to the shops.

Food wise not too bad - when I am overeating I am still trying to make it a healthy alternative rather than biscuits and cheese and anything else that isnt nailed down.

Increased arthritis medication today as per doctors instructions. Keeping fingers crossed I will be okay.

Am trying to declutter my family room at the moment (it would help if I could get some ironing done). Finally threw out a dried flower arrangement which I cant even remember how old it is but I think it had a life of its own. Have a stack of magazines to go through before recycling. Bought some plants inside and hopefully there are not creepy crawlys in them.

Found a note on my computer when I sat down to type tonight saying "I love you mummy" from my nearly 21 year old daughter. I am blessed and I am grateful.

See about my foot tomorrow. Hopefully there is some good news there.

Better get on with the decluttering.

Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Let the healing begin!!

Great day today with Mum. She had walked down to subway and bought what I guess was a 12 inch roll and we had half each. Salad and meat - tasty and enjoyable and I know it is okay with weight watchers. Ducked the cakes etc and just had two cups of tea and one cup of coffee. Yah did well.

Had two chocolates tonight and a licorice from DH's fathers day bag. Naughty but nice.

Read Margarets blog tonight about "Bloggers for Joggers" and am quite looking forward to the walk on the 16th October. Will download the transfer for the tshirt - probably tomorrow. Must arrange to make a donation for her. Hopefully my surgeon says that I can start walking again and that my foot has healed completely. If it has I am going to start working up to running again. Woo hoo. Cant wait.

Bad news - rheumatologist says that arthritis is accelerating. Have to increase medication and hope it doesnt made it as sick as the methotrexate (?). DH wants me to go to a naturapath which I am considering doing.

The meditation today is very apt to the above:

"I will look around and open myself to as yet undiscovered sources of support wherever they are available."


Monday, September 26, 2005

Faint Not - fight on! Tomorrow comes the song.

It was wonderful this morning to wake to the sound of rain on the deck roof. So needed and so welcome.

First day of holidays and enjoyed the leisurely start to the day instead of the racing around that normally happens.

Did part of my gym session before pilates and was going to finish it after the class but decided I didnt need to do any more stretching although a bit more cardio wouldnt have gone amiss.

Did some grocery shopping and bought all Weight Watchers products and low fat because I reasoned when I go off the rails today, and I usually do, at least I could minimise the damage - well that was my reasoning anyway. Isnt it amazing how you can rationalise anything if you want to.

Having lunch with Mum tomorrow. She usually has enough food to feed a small army so I have told her a sandwich would be great. I hope she listens this time. Also finally going back to the rheumatologist so will find out the results of all my tests.

Dear Daughter (DD) has been offered a new job and is justifably nervous. I have advised her what questions she should ask but have stressed to her that the decision is hers and hers alone.
It looks good on paper but then every thing always does doesn't.

Ex brother-in-law is having his leg removed tomorrow. He is in a pretty bad way. He has reached this stage by not managing his diabetes at all. It does not look good but if nothing else he is a fighter.

Anyway, tomorrow is another day. Looking forward to once again trying to hold off the hunger pains. I must try to drink more water. I certainly am not drinking enough water at the moment.

Sunday, September 25, 2005

"You never get a second chance to make a first impression" (WW thought of the day)

It is not easy being a luddite. Tried to add a ticker to my blog last night for ages and couldnt work out how to bring it from the ticker site to the blog site or how to put it into the blog site.

Will email M and see if she can help me. Children holding me to ransom before they help me.

Have been a bit off today. I really think that I am addicted to food. My weight is going down but ever so slowly but that is my fault no one elses. I just luv food.

Anyway I'll try to add a picture to my blog site as soon as I get a decent one - it could take a long time LOL.

My tipping record for all major footy games was on track this weekend which is not bad for someone who goes purely on intuition - no skill involved.

Tomorrow is the first day of school holidays so inspite of many doctor appointments, I plan to do extra classes at the gym, mainly body balance and pilates and my normal sessions. Also I am going to sign up for tai chi on Saturday mornings - it is supposed to be good for arthritis.

My post is a bit all over the place at the moment - I can only get better:)

Saturday, September 24, 2005

Scarey stuff

This is my first post so I will keep it short. Not really sure what I am doing but working it out slowly. May have to ask children for support.