Friday, February 17, 2012


I have been very quiet lately.

Feeling a trifle overwhelmed lately.

Hit the floor running at work 3 weeks ago and have barely had time to draw breath.
Also struggling with the normal: housework, meals, washing, ironing and of course the perennial favourite - weight.

By Friday am exhausted.

Sometimes wonder how I did it all and coped with the kids extra curricular activities but I guess the answer is I was younger and probably had better energy levels.

Tomorrow we are going to see Love Never Dies and then out to dinner.
The weekend after we are in Kiama for four days.

Really looking forward to it all but I am dragging my feet.

Anyway off to bed in a minute. Have to play Words with Friends because apparently I haven't played it for 3 days (SMSs starting to arrive) but will do that in bed.

Good night and have a wonderful weekend.