Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Small things

I am so thankful for:

* a clean house. Linda came today and I have come home to a sparkling house.

* Kate from Walking With Attitude who must have felt extremely sorry for me and my pedometer woes and sent me a nifty little thing to attach my pedometer to my clothes (a sort of a safety belt) so I stop losing them.

* my health. And I promise I will appreciate it even more when the cold subsides and my back gets better so that I can exercise again.

* my lucy dog who constantly brings me great joy, companionship and love.

* my husband who, although sometimes qualifies for that TV show "Grumpy Old Men", is a rock who has put up with me unable to sleep for the past week or so and the myriads of other things wrong with me at the moment. He surprises me sometimes with his patience.

* my children who have both promised to move soon and hopefully visit often.

* my mother for moving to Queensland. Our relationship will improve dramatically when this happens. (18 days to go.)

* my friends for just that, being my friends.

* the sheer luck of being born in this wonderful land.

(The above are not listed in any particular order although the clean house was what prompted me to write this list.)


  1. What a beautiful post Julie. What a treasure!

  2. Good for you for counting your blessings - I know I don't do it half often enough. I to have a good fairy who visits once a week - definitely one of my things to be thankful for too.

  3. Can you please send Linda to my house??? Glad you found so much to be happy about and I know that is not always easy when you have been having so many health problems. Take care of yourself.

  4. LOL at being grateful for your Mum moving to QLD. It is true though and I found it with my Dad. Our relationship is so much better since I don't live at home anymore and with every year only gets stronger now. We actually talk!! XX

  5. What a lovely post, and, yes, sometimes our men can still surprise us!

  6. Great post and we all need to from time to time look at our blessings:)