Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Living Life to the Full

Life has been a bit hectic lately.

Im a bit stiff in my joints and back but otherwise I feel good.

My middle sister turned 60 in October and because I was in hospital I missed her birthday lunch so I took her out to lunch on Saturday and then on to see "Woman In Mind" with Noni Hazelhurst. It was something she normally doesnt do and I think she enjoyed the day out.

On Sunday we had friends for lunch and it was an extremely long lunch with me finally getting into bed around 1 a.m.

Monday night I went to the last Sydney U2 concert and danced and sang the night away. Maybe not the best thing to do for a recovering back but boy did I have fun. Everyone keeps saying, including Mark, I dont know any songs that U2 sing so last night I tuned my ipod into the radio and played all their songs for him.... oh yes, he had heard them before. Have just ordered an ipod shuffle to complement the ipod 40gb one I have as I needed something smaller for walking. Sounds silly doesnt it but I find my normal ipod too bulky.

Finally bit the bullet last week and bought a ghd hair straightener over the internet. Good price, although not as good as, was it Mary?, but anyway I was pleased. Jess has had one for nearly a year and when she is home I use hers but she seems to be coming home less as the session goes on and her days at the college are getting longer. So, I bought my own.

Finally finished my "Walking Africa" challenge. Looking forward to the next one but as I have broken my pedometer, snapped the back off this one, dont know my own strength, I will have to wait until new one arrives.

IMPORTANT QUESTION: Now everytime I open my blog up it asks me to sign over to the new version. If I do this will it make problems for me, knowing I am not that computer literate. It says it wont but should I believe it.

Have instigated Shannon Lush's latest book "Speed Cleaning" into my life. Initially it was a bit daunting, because even with a cleaning lady, this house had not been cleaned properly for a long time but now it is easier and as long as I follow her tenets I think I will be able to keep on top of it. Of course having only two people here is a bonus.

My study (formerly known as Gareth's bedroom) is finished. Repainted, new carpet, all my desks, bookcases and some of my painting equipment moved in. Will have to get Optus to move broadband connection but am managing at the moment with a very long Cat5 cable run under the house. Just got to clean out his wardrobe of all the things he has left behind and then I can use that for additional storage. It is heaven.

Gareth is participating in "Mo-vember". Being so fair (but extremely cute) his mo is taking some time to grow but I sent off my donation today and am looking forward to it hopefully being shaved off on December 1.

Have gone to see a doctor re the dreaded menopause - a GP who is also a naturopath. I have to have a blood test done and then we will see where it goes from there. Didnt mind the "power surges" in winter but I think that they will be a bit hard to take in summer.

Back to the back surgeon next week for a final check. PT at gym says I cant go back to pilates for 3 months total (2 months to go) so I will have to rely on walking although my muscles feel like jelly and the first few walks felt like I was walking on marshmallows. I cant believe how quickly the muscles degenerate. I will know more after I talk to surgeon next week. I could kiss this man - I am so grateful not to be in pain anymore.

Anyway, enough rambling. Hope you all are having a good week and I will catch up with your blogs tomorrow and Friday.
Take care


  1. I am not changing over to the new google version of blogger because what I have is working for me.

    about the ipod, not stupid at all. I found my original too big so I got a shuffle for walking but found it too small in memory so settled on a Nano in the end

  2. It's great to see that you're not letting your pain get you down.

    How good was U2??! I went to the first Melbourne gig and loved it, although now it sort of seems like it never happened.

    So, what are your best speed cleaning tips? I just cleaned out the dishwasher filtre and now feel I deserve a medal.

    A mate's work is taking part in Movember and he recently sent through a progress pic - hilarious! I hope Gareth doesn't get too attached to his...

  3. Hi Julie
    just wondering how you are doing? Hope all is well.