Wednesday, September 05, 2007

That bloody wagon

Fell of it again this week. It doesn't take much - a disruptive day, a conference, fathers day, too much wine and upset tummy and off I go but am back in stride again.

I am trying so hard to keep up with everyones blogs and I am reading them (thank god for googlereader) but I don't have time to comment which is what I really like to do. My god some of you are prolific - I really do have trouble but I wouldnt miss them for the world.

DD hasnt quite moved out yet but the house is definitely feeling emptier. She is working 7 or is it 8 days straight in the city and staying on her feet for 8 hours and wearing all the gear (she is very slight) is draining her so much. I want to tuck her into bed and look after her like I did when she was little and unwell. She looks so exhausted.

After some beautiful weather the days are cold again with a breeze that feels like it is blowing off the snow.

Looking forward to the long weekend this weekend (the only good thing about APEC I think). Am going to sleep in and take it easy and probably go to Trivia at the golf club with some friends. Also the world cup starts but I think that will have to be taped (thank you Channel 10 for going over to Foxtel).

I have to go and update my online weight watchers food planner (yes I have gone back yet again). I'm off to yoga tonight and really looking forward to that.

Have a great rest of week.


  1. How ridiculous is hosting APEC?? The cost is obsene and who does Bush think he is needing 700 people with him?! (Surely it doesn't take that many to operate a puppet? ;oP) I did think of you with your daughter possibly being involved. In many ways it would be a great experience, but largely boring I would expect.

    I'm pretty happy about Channel 10 too, now I will watch it again (love the planner). Don't forget that 'Summer Heights High' is on the ABC tonight, it looks good.

  2. PS. I just saw footage of Bush and Howard on a boat, sitting on chairs at a tableclothed table with a flower arrangement on it! Not an esky, empties or fishing rod in sight, tsk tsk!

  3. How good is it that Channel 10 have finally come to the party. It will make it a lot easier to record the programs now, and another channel for me to actually read what I am flicking over LOL.

    Yes, I am trying to only see the good and the long weekend it is for me. Not so much for DH as he doesn't get paid for a day off (bugger!)

    I hope your DD comes through this safely as I wish that for all our Police and armed forces.

    Have a great weekend Julie.

  4. Hope things are getting back to normal for your DD now and I hope you enjoyed your long weekend.