Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Been a little while.....

Havent posted for a while because I keep running out of time but have been reading and commenting when inspiration hits me.

Fairly uneventful time lately.

Had my 54th birthday on Sunday. Nice day but missed the kids although DD did call in between shifts and DS called from UK. DH took me out for lunch which was nice. My two best friends had a surprise dinner for me (DH had forgotten all about the arrangements so I was watching the news eating vegemite toast when the phone call came wondering where we were!) and some lovely aloe vera lotion from evelyn and crabtree and a borders gift card.

I wanted a pandora bracelet for my birthday but I didnt quite realise how hellishly expensive they are but what I have just done is ordered one over the internet with some charms and from now on the children and husband will not have any problems finding something to give me - they can buy another charm. Good plan. I know I am hard to buy for as I tend to buy whatever I want whenever I want which leaves nothing for special days.

I also downloaded some new albums for my iPod -
Joni Mitchell's new one - Shine
Kate Melua
Amy Winehouse
I love iTunes!

Put my car in for its first service today and I have a hairdressers appointment this afternoon. Nearly had a serious accident on the way to service centre and it would have been my fault. Turned in front of someone and I never even saw him coming. I was a bit shaky for a while afterwards. While car was being serviced I went to the gym - is this multi-tasking? Trying to get all my computer stuff done before DD turns up to do her uni assignment. Still hasn't got the internet on at home.

DD and I are going shopping to IKEA yet again tomorrow to buy her some new stools for her breakfast bar plus maybe a few things for me.

Thursday is staying at home day waiting to see if Optus manages to deliver my new phone which was supposed to come last Friday.

Friday I am driving out to my sister's to see her new home and give her partner a big hug as he has just found out that he has bowel cancer and it has knocked him a bit (as it would). My first trip out west on all the motorways (me driving that is).

DH is heading overseas on the weekend I think and will be away for a couple of weeks. He hopes to catch up with DS in either France or the UK.

Next week looms large and empty although I havent really tried to organise anything as I have been strangely tired and always seem to have some sort of upset tummy and nausea. If it keeps up I will go to the doctor and have it checked out. I might follow Anne's lead and start eliminating food additive(?) 950 and 951 from my diet.

I have been promising my self a trip to the city to look for some more work clothes so that could be on the cards for next week and also I want to get down to lulumans at warringah mall to check out the yoga gear.

Have rebooked for my third term of yoga but have decided to give tai chi a miss next term. There is only so much you can fit in a week isnt there?

Time to start painting Christmas decorations and gifts - will try to post photograph of the Christmas elf that is going to sit in my front window this year.

Oh well off to do housework now - it is so nice to have the time to do computer stuff, housework and read as well. Bliss!


  1. So lovely to read a post from you - been meaning to email you but can't seem to find enough hours in the day. I know what you mean about presents - my lot have the same problem - but the bracelet sounds a good idea - haven't heard of a pandora bracelet - will go and check it out in a minute. I already have one charm bracelet I got for my 21st and it's got no more room for charms. As you'll see from my post I'm struggling to get back in the groove but I'll just keep taking one day at a time and hopefully it will all come together. Need to get the holiday kilos off before our trip to NZ in November when I hope to meet Anne and Chris H (see my sidebar). Am really excited at the thought of my first live blogger meeting. Now the other one at the top of list of bloggers I want to meet is you - I'll have to work on that one for next year. Not running at the moment but hoping to work up to it maybe next week. Great to hear from you. Take care
    Love Z xx

  2. Forgot to say - hope you had a wonderful birthday!

  3. Hope you had the greatest of birthdays...hope you get better real soon, there's nothing worse than being "off colour" !
    Have a great week...don't overdo it!!

  4. Happy, Happy Birthday Julie xx

    Bracelet sounds like an excellent idea.

  5. Hope you had a lovely birthday!

    Something else we have in common - I have a Pandora bracelet, love them! Funky, pretty and just different. Go for it!! My kids all gave me charms for my birthday, grandkids didn't look too impressed at the 'small' packages. I do feel better with the additives. Not to say they will be totally of the menu but will be watching my reaction next time I try them. All things in moderation maybe?

  6. Belated happy birthday!


  8. Fifty four? Just a wee slip of a girl still! Happy birthday!