Friday, September 25, 2009


Something I have been pondering - Last week I bought a block of Lindt chocolate - Orange Intense. Dont ask me why - I dont even particularly like dark chocolate but I do like the orange/chocolate meld thing. Every night this week since Tuesday Mark and I have had a square each after dinner. Now since Tuesday I have virtually stopped feeling nauseous all the time and I have been sleeping better. Actually we both have been sleeping better. Does dark chocolate hold some magical powers? Reminds me of one of my favourite books - Chocolat by Joanne Harris. Mystical and Magical stuff.

Some other good things -
Lost 100g (LOL - but better than putting on)
Bacterial stomach infection has gone
On at least two occasions, in the early morning, my right ankle has actually looked like an ankle and not a swollen tree stump.

Now a recap
One of my sisters came up and spent last Sunday with me which meant that I didnt get any gardening done but it was lovely to sit and chat.

My other sister, supervising the sale of Mum's house in Qld, managed the sale within one week for a really good price. Way to go! One less worry.

Gareth's cast finally off his arm. He took it off himself. Back to the snow fields this weekend not that it has stopped him snowboarding. Boys!

Think my DSLite is helping me. Either way I enjoy doing it.

The red dust day was incredible. Could not believe the sky on my way to the gym for my shower (yes I am still doing this). Mind you I think we will be cleaning up for a long while to come. The red dust just blended with the dust coming out of the bathroom. Just heard that our red dust has fallen in Auckland! We really are a sharing and caring nation.

Bathroom was waterproofed yesterday, the new ceiling has gone in, the drains are being done today and the tiling starts on Monday (I hope). Lucy needs another bath as she has turned back in to a "builders dog".

If I had just talked a little louder at WW meeting last night I might have been in trouble - the question was: What do you think of when I say Lasagne, Fish and Chips and there was something else. Everyone else was saying things like "fatty" and all I could come up with was "yum". Bad bad Julie.

Anne I can now see you on Facebook and will be able to keep in touch and comment. Anni if you have time to read this - I am so jealous and you sound like you are having a ball.

Have a great weekend everyone and take care.


  1. Anonymous4:47 PM

    Hi Julie,

    Long time no speak!

    Glad to hear that all the different facets of your life are coming along for you. How's the new couch? I'm still jealous!

    I think of the day with you and Jess in Rhodes quite often. The relationship you two appear to have is wonderful. It's good to know that history need not repeat. It wasn't a long time ago, but to think of everything that's changed with me since then... Any chance of a trip to Melbourne in the short/mid future? Not sure when i am next in Sydney, but in any case it would be great to chat to you soon.

    Have a great weekend!



  2. Chocolate is magic medicine! I haven't read the book "Chocolat," but I saw the movie and loved it! Every time I listen to the sound track I have to get up and dance!

  3. ahhhhhhh Chocolate....mmmmm !!!! But apparently dark chocolate is good for you, something to do with cocoa!

    Hope you had a great weekend.

  4. I have had the flu and my appetite has gone (not a bad thing!), but guess what I just came home from the supermarket with .... orange intense chocolate! :-)
    Hope all is well with you Julie xx

  5. Oh yes it's the chocolate for sure! So good to hear your health is getting a bit better - see that it's two weeks since you posted this so hoping further progress on the bathroom. Z xx