Monday, May 10, 2010

Days of Wine and Roses are over

(Maybe not the roses)
Weigh in - same weight - no loss no gain. I must be grateful for small mercies.

Not surprised really. Horrible weekend for someone supposedly watching her food intake. Friday night out was a total disaster. Too much wine, far far too much wine. You would think that a woman my age would know this but noooooo. So so sick to begin with and then absolutely no energy on Saturday.

So I have hitched my little red wagon to Zanna's and am not going to have any alcohol for 23 days. Why 23 days I dont really know, it was a number that popped into my head but it also takes me to the end of May. Then we will see.

I nearly capitulated last night (day 2!) when friends dropped in for drinks but I stuck to diet cordial and mineral water but I felt a bit grumpy. Maybe that is just part of the the drying out/detox feelings.

Had a lovely mothers day with my gorgeous children + one. We had a wonderful breakfast locally which left the rest of the day free to potter. I hope you all enjoyed yourselves too.

On a brighter note, foot feeling a lot better and am actually wearing shoes today rather than ugg boots. Will be taking it slowly and might even take Lucy for a small walk today. Will try to elevate it during the day and must remember to do physio exercises every day.

If you havent got the latest WW magazine have a look at it. There are some really nice winter warming recipes in it. I made the Veal Paprika last night and it was well accepted. I just make it for 4. I have a small portion, Poss has probably enough for 2 and there is another portion to put away for either later in the week or his lunch now that he is home and semi retired. Works out well.

I hope you all have a great week.


  1. Good luck on the alcohol free - trust me once you get used to it - it becomes so easy - and then you have a couple after the break and get a buggar of a headache and it puts you off again - a good thing!! So good to hear your foot is a bit better. Hang in there chicken - the no wine does make a huge difference. Zxx

  2. So good to hear your foot is feeling a lot better:-)

  3. I received the new ww magazine early this week, some really great reading in it for you.
    Good luck with the no alcohol.
    Glad to hear foot is a lot better..don't forget those physio exersises!