Monday, October 18, 2010

Things I have managed

In the last week I have managed to finally lose 1.2kgs mainly through not stuffing myself with food or overdoing the wine. Not rocket science but nonetheless hard for someone who has quite enjoyed stuffing herself and overdoing the wine.

Even went out to dinner two nights and still managed to keep my appetite under control.

Been to see "Eat Pray and Love". Enjoyable light chick flick. They probably could have made three movies concentrating on each country Liz Gilbert visited in that year but nonetheless got the main points across I think.

Have put my back out yet again. I am so over my health. Cant get into see the neurosurgeon until January so GP has put me on a low dose morphine patch to cope with the pain. Doesnt seem to working all that well but then again I have not stopped living my normal life even if walking Lucy does take a lot longer than it did. Off to get CT scan and xrays on Wednesday.

Went back to yoga last Wednesday. Slightly painful because of abovementioned back, but I managed and glad to be back there again. Teacher still wonderful.

Bestfriend and her husband arriving on Thursday and then two hectic days of dinners out and off to see Jersey Boys on Friday night. They leave on Saturday to continue their trip further south and I have plans to watch the first movie "The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo" if I can find it at the video store on Saturday night while I recover.

Sunday is beloved middle sister's birthday so off to visit her.

It is so busy at this time of year - no wonder everybody gets frazzled.

Mum's estate is finally being wound up this week which is good. The amount of work that Mark has done to sort it all out has been mammoth and I know he will be glad that it is finally finished.

Builder hasnt been sighted re doors. Hopefully soon.

That's all. Hope you had a great week and are having a great week.


  1. 1.2 kgs! Well done Julie :-)

  2. P.S. Burnie Ten is 10 kilometres.

  3. Well done on the great loss, thats great !

    Sorry to hear about the back..hope your health improves soon xx

  4. I am sorry your back has gone out again *hugs*. That is such a hassle & worry

    But yay on the 1.2kg. That is so good. I blame the tricky wine on making it so difficult :)

    I am glad you enjoyed the movie. I loved the book and have made plans to go and see the movie with friends.

    Hope your back starts feeling better soon. x

  5. Sorry I'm a bit late in commenting - read your post last week and meant to comment later then didn't get back to it. Life sounds pretty busy for you - bugger about your back - hope it's coming good and well done on the 1.2 loss. Bet Jersey Boys was brilliant. Stay beautiful. Love Zxx