Thursday, March 24, 2011

Things Not to Believe

I have come to the opinion this week that men (husbands and tradesman) have a very loose grasp about how long something takes.

Still no laundry and doesnt look like it will be before this weekend.

Statements not to believe:
This wont take long
Be finished by the weekend (which one?)
Not a problem
Couple of days

and I am sure that you could all add more of these pronouncements.

Patience is wearing thin in proportion to the pile of laundry that needs doing. On a brighter note the floor is finished, the tubs are going in, the new doors are at least ordered but the tiler who assured me he would be finished in 2 days is not coming back until next week now to do the wall. Give me strength!

Still not having much luck on the weight loss - I usually go so well during the week but then the weekend comes and it goes to hell in a handbag. All down to me I know.

Re-instated the list of things to do system yet again. I think it has something to do with the lack of control in the laundry problem (I know I am harping).

On to food - last week end I tried to make some spicy tomato sauce or ketchup. While the result was okay it was not what I wanted so if anyone has a recipe I would appreciate it.

Had more success with an Italian Chicken and Vegetable soup - it was utterly delicious and I can see it being made again during winter. Served with crusty sourdough - yum yum.

Lucy and I are still walking every morning or nearly. It is dark when we start and dark when we finish. Daylight saving ends the first weekend in April so we should go back to a bit of daylight again soon although the sunrises are pretty - very red and orange lights on the horizon, but not a lot of light that early.

I hate getting up but I love walking early in the morning it is a nice way to start the day. Such a time for optimism isnt it.

I am having trouble inserting a link but here goes yet again
I am nearly ready to go back to yoga and maybe pilates and have found this wonderful post Nadine. Maybe I will get lucky this time. Am planning to do some classes in the next school holidays (less than 3 weeks away) at the gym to see what my mobility is like now before I commit to classes. I wish I could go to classes on a weekday. Am finding the thought of going out at night during the week or Saturday morning something I really dont want to do. Think I am starting to look forward to retirement - only a couple of more years and counting.

Anyway, back to work. Have a great weekend.

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  1. Oh yes, I know that male concept of time well...