Thursday, July 19, 2012

Minor Meltdown

Everything has been chugging along nicely lately.  Except for the aches and pains as winter progresses not feeling too badly.

Except last Tuesday
Had a doctors appointment booked two weeks prior for 4 pm. 
4.45 pm doctor wasnt even in the building being out on house calls.
then when she did show up the muppet of a receptionist put someone else in first because they only wanted a prescription!
I probably over-reacted but it was the end of a tough day and I had a few questions for them, such as
When did my time become less valuable than anyone elses.
Could you imagine me turning up 50 mins late for a doctors appointment and expecting everything to be hunkeydorey?
Did they perhaps ever think about the fact that she was overbooked.
I really didnt expect a visit to the doctors to flare up my ulcer and blood pressure.

The said muppet tried to tell me that this was a rare occurrence but that is rubbish.  It is happening more and more and I am continually hearing people complain that they have had to wait over an hour to get in to see her.

Dont get me wrong, she is a great doctor and I really dont want to have to go to another doctor.

A letter has to be written when I calm down more and I will try again to get an appointment.
Sigh -  Maybe a Saturday when I dont have to keep taking time off work.
Is it just me or is this happening to others too?


  1. I can understand how you feel. I have worked as a Dr's receptionist and no way would you have been treated like that with me. I know that Dr's are sometimes unavoidably held up (our Dr used to deliver babies so yes it did happen that people were held up at the surgery)but to take someone in ahead of you is not on. You booked an appointment and if theirs was booked for after you ....too bad....they should have been the ones to wait no matter if it was just a script they wanted!!!!! I hope you get the apology you so deserve.......maybe I should give the muppet a lesson on treating patients & their rights!!!! lol
    Hope you feel better looking forward to finally meeting you.......on the countdown now :)

  2. Rhonda9:23 AM

    Hello Julie, I totally agree with everything you have said. I thought it was just me. Over booking of appointments seems the norm these days and its unacceptable. Its good to put things down on paper. We must learn to voice our opinions. Hope things got better for you,

  3. I usually book an evening appointment, so its just before they due to go home themselves, find they usually running on time then :-)

    1. Have recovered. Have a letter half written and also will try your advice and next I book an appointment I will book the last one of the day.