Friday, May 31, 2013

Home alone

Or should I say at work alone.  Have made myself a coffee and am settling in for a catch up.  But, first let me read what I last posted so that I know where I am.

Okay now I know where I was at and such a lot has happened since then.

Healthwise, I have chronic kidney damage caused by the medication I have been taking or probably the mixture of medication I have been taking.  Honestly, sometimes I wonder what I am paying these doctors for.  I was told that I would never be able to take anti-inflammatory tablets again.  

For the past number of weeks I have been living in constant pain mainly down the left side of my body.  Fox is worried I am about to have a heart attack and is lobbying me to go and have my heart checked out but to tell the truth I am a bit over the medical profession at the moment.

Anyway, went to see the rheumotologist this week and my kidney function is back to normal and she prescribed me a very low dose anti-inflammatory but I had to check with the renal physician first which I did yesterday.  She also offered me a cortisone injection for the pain or tablets.  After discussing the side effects of these medications I opted for the pain.  The renal physician agreed that since my kidney readings had returned to normal I could take the low dose anti-inflammatory tablets so last night I had one with dinner and I dont know whether it is psychosomatic but the pain is definitely less this morning and it is the end of the pain patch so I am looking at the silver lining.  I am just going to take these tablets, drink lots of water and closely monitor my bloods.  

I actually feel like going for a walk again.  So different to how I felt yesterday.  What a difference a day makes.

Now the rest:

We went to the races in late April with a group of old friends.  Had a lovely day but those old friends are no longer really friends.  One of the men is a proper a***hole.  There is no other way of describing him and after putting up with him for over 20 years because Fox liked him and was willing to overlook his bad form he finally overstepped the line and upset the Fox so much we have kind of cut social ties with them all.  The funny thing was that he was the reason for my new years resolution this year - I was not going to take things personally, real or imagined, because it was not my problem.  That resolution was working really well too.  Sort of like a mantra I chanted to myself if things got too hard.  Any way, I believe in karma and I believe that his behaviour will come back to bite him eventually.

An aside from this event was that DS was there too and if it hadnt been for him, the day and night would have been even worse.  These people had left me standing in the middle of Randwick by myself and Fox, who admittedly had had a bit to drink, was blaming me for the fact that the others had left.  DS appeared out of nowhere, collared his father, and talked him down.  Honestly, it was rather like the knight in shining armour riding up on a white stallion to rescue me.  Made me realise how what a special man this boy has grown into.

Lunch with Zanna was lovely.  She and Bloss are very very special people.  After the previous days troubles they were like a breath of fresh air.  She has more energy in her little finger then I have in my whole body.  Fox was dubious about meeting people this way (as they all are) but he had a lovely day too.

We have been out to watch the rugby at Homebush (Tahs won) and down to Melbourne to watch the rugby (Tahs lost).  But we had a lovely time in Melbourne exploring the lanes, eating and drinking etc.  Mind you, after the game on Friday night we ended up in a pub where the cigarette smoke in the courtyard was stifling and the smoke from the wacky weed unpleasant too.  I don't know - young people.  Oh dear, I am sounding like a real grumpy old lady.

Racoon girl has a new man in her life.  He is Irish.  Stormy times ahead I think.  Both of them are stubborn people.  He bought me strudel on mothers day and we woke up one Saturday morning to find homemade tomato soup and soda bread on the front verandah.  He and Fox have very interesting rugby conversations.

Racoon girl is off in two weeks for a trip to Ireland and then to on to Croatia with 6 girlfriends. She will be away for about 4 weeks.  When they get to Croatia they are sailing from Split to Dubrovnik.  We had a mother & daughter dinner last Tuesday and I have never seen them so excited.

I think that is all for the moment.  This weekend we are actually spending at home but that could change at any moment.

You may have heard of all the troubles we have been having in Sydney with fog.  Today wasn't as bad as it has been but here is a photo of down at work this morning.

Also, for friends not on Facebook here is the link to Racoon girls latest youtube offering.

She is very talented.  This link has had quite a lot of views and I think most of them have been her father.  He is so proud of her.  I wish I had her imagination and eye.  

I told Fox I wanted a DSLR camera for my birthday this year (the big 60) and he thinks I should learn how to use the point and shoot camera I have.  Another retirement project will be a photography course I think.  By the way December 2014/January 2015 has been decided as my retirement time (at the moment anyway).

Work is calling, dammit.  Last day of autumn  today for us.  Hope whatever season you are going into will be wonderful. I feel so much better today then I have for ages.


  1. Lovely to see a post, been wondering how all was going.
    So happy to hear you are feeling much better today, hope that feeling stays for you.

  2. Certainly sounds like you have had a fun filled few months. Sorry to hear that your health is still troubling you - I have decided that it really sucks to get old !!!!
    I am wanting to do a photography course through TAFE - now that A is away so much maybe I should look into it a bit more seriously to see what is involved.
    WOOHOOOO for having a tentative retirement date - I wish my retirment was in the foreseeable future !!!!!
    Have the best week and take care !

    1. The problem with having a retirement date is that it means I am so much older than you and sometimes I really feel it. But on the flip side, now that I have a date in my mind I am starting to look forward to it. Even started cleaning out the filing cabinets at work - it will take me 18 months at least.

  3. Cool u-tube video by your daughter Julie! Sorry to hear of the worsening health problems. Sometimes the "cures" cause more problems than they fix. Don't blame you for opting for the pain instead! Glad you're still getting out and about though. Gallant of your son.

    1. That is the perfect word that describes him that day - gallant. Made my heart swell with pride.