Friday, June 14, 2013


Wow two posts in one day but it has just really hit home why I am so ill.

I am just about to finish up and go home because there seems a lull in the cramps and I can hear bed and hot water bottle calling.

Had a lightbulb moment and could have almost cried.

This lightbulb moment caused me to reread some of my highlighted parts of "Wheat Belly" and I am having exactly the reaction that he describes.  It has been so long I had forgotten but my body's reaction to wheat and dairy is not lying and it has certainly not forgotten.

Stupid me thought I could get away with it and I got lazy.

I wonder how long it will take to get this stuff out of my body.  Sigh.


  1. Gee hope you can get all that "stuff" out of your system soon and move onto a happier and healthier...and pain free you .

  2. Glad you had the lightbulb moment.......sometimes it takes a while for the bulb to shine lol. I too have found that at times I go with the flow only to feel like "&$"? later , if not the next day but sometime during the next few days. After weeks and weeks of trying to accommodate all tastes we are back at home and in charge of our own food. We both sure need this time to clean our bodies of all the things that had been knowingly consumed but unavoidable to avoid any hassles !
    Enjoy your's wet, cold and miserable here.
    Yep you will miss your daughter it's natural......thank goodness for technology though to keep in touch :)

  3. Julie, what a co-incidence! I went to an acupuncturist last week for the first time because I am weary of taking pharmaceuticals, and some friends who get acupuncture persuaded me it couldn't hurt to try. The first thing she wants me to change has to do with wheat. I had thought that all this recent mania for "gluten free" was a fad. She says it's not. It's not the wheat itself so much as the fact that all wheat these days is genetically modified (even stone ground whole wheat!) and THAT is what our bodies react badly to! But how do you cut out bread? and pasta? and rice? and even oatmeal which I always feel virtuous eating? All from grains! At least quinoa is on the good list....Hope this realization helps alleviate your symptoms and pain!