Friday, April 28, 2006

Another week gone

Well today is the last day of the holidays for me. Back to work on Monday and I am actually looking forward to it - being inactive is driving me stir crazy. This holiday has virtually been visits to the physio (and let me say here traction feels wonderful).

Shock last night when I got on the scales at weight watchers. Have been struggling all week to keep within points allowance and had estimated that I was over 20 points for the week. Got on the scales and the weight loss was 1.1 kgs for the week. I made them weigh me on the other set of scales too as I thought something wasnt right. The only thing I can put it down to is that I overestimated the dining out meals points (but I know I didnt count everything I ate as it all became too tedious). Anyway a loss is a loss.

The lovely thing (in my mind anyway) is when the physio straps me into the traction belts she tells me everytime how little I am as the belt goes around my hips and has to be tucked under again! LOL.

I am so glad Wal and Adro won last night and didnt they look great. Jess and I were a little disappointed with some of the others. On the US show when they all came back they seemed to have lost more and toned more then the Aussies. DH watched it for virtually the first time and was amazed that some had lost quite a lot of weight and still looked large. Maybe the timeframe was different. Id like to see them all again in 6 months at perhaps another reunion just to see how they are going. Adro surely must be an inspiration to his family. Jess was telling me that apparently he was seen jogging in the next suburb recently as when he jogs where he lives he gets mobbed. Dont know whether this is true or not but it couldnt happen to a nicer guy.

I am trying to change my mindset about losing weight. This time my journey has been different from any other time. Before I have followed the WW menus religously which in hindsight was not a good thing to do. I thought it suit my regimented style (a life of lists) but in reality it set me up for failure once I reached my goal as I went straight back to eating anything and everything. This time Ive done it myself, tracking as best I could, but eating meals I devised myself.

Alcohol still remains a problem and have decided that I wont imbibe at all during the week as that one little glass usually led to two. Not enough water being drunk daily which is an ongoing problem at home but no so much at work. Have started to slowly change my family's eating patterns (as regards to what they eat). I dont care how slim they are though I do tend to nag about eating the chicken skin etc.

Not much movement happening. Cant go to gym and am not allowed back at pilates this week. Physio wants me to wait another week before I try it again. Walked up to letterbox at top of the street the other day and I swear, if Id had my phone with me, I would have rung Mark and asked him to come and get me. Leg really started to ache. Tai Chi starts again on the 6th so hopefully I am well enough to stand by then. If not I will sit and try to do some of the exercises that way. Am thinking of trying swimming again but will have to check with physio first. I WANT TO GET BETTER!

Another question (thanks to everyone who gave me answers last time)
Have decided to get a mini tramp and duly circled one in the Rebel Sports catalogue for around $80 and gave to son and said this is what I want for Mothers Day, maybe you and your sister can go halves. Have seen a rebounder in the KMart catalogue and wonder what the difference is. Can anybody tell me?

Things I have achieved this week:
1. New kitchen installed in 1999. Coating on doors peeling off where heat affected. Also doors (white) have yellowed. Have been doggedly chasing kitchen company since last November and they have been fobbing me off quite well but someone came yesterday and they will replace all the doors and drawers free of charge.

2. Sent my first grocery order in online for delivery tomorrow. Took me a long time to do but got there eventually and have now set it up so next time will not be so arduous.

3. Foxtel arriving today for a 2 month free trial. I will be able to watch the rugby to my hearts content for 2 months.

Busy weekend ahead - going into the city to watch rugby with Mark and then off to have dinner in Surry Hills with friends from Queensland. Housewarming tomorrow night at Arncliffe (another trip across the harbour for us). Sunday rest and prepare for work on Monday.

Cleaning lady starting next Wednesday. Yay!

Have a good weekend everyone, catch up during the week with you all.


  1. Well done on your loss this week!! A loss is a loss and never be disappointed by one. XX

  2. Well done on the loss no matter how it was achieved - be careful your week doesn't come back next week to bite you on the butt (although that would make your butt smaller which wouldn't be a bad thing would it ??)
    Good plan for the booze - hope it helps - would hate to think you were abstaining and it didn't help !!!
    Can't help on the difference between a trampoline and a rebounder - sorry.
    Well done on getting the kitchen cupboard company back - too many people just put up with slack service and dont' push the issue - good for you !!!
    Have a great week - watch all the rugby you want - sport is the only reason we got Austar and it really is quite good although does account for chores/exercise sometimes not getting done !!!!

  3. 1.1kg is fantastic hun - a suprise loss is always good.

  4. I would be over the moon to have a loss like that!!!

    Have a great weekend:)

  5. Well done on the loss!

    I am so glad Adro and Wal won too. I am even more impressed that Wal is donating 50% of his win. How close were they! My favourite was Christie :-)

    I hope you get better real soon so you can get back into the Tai Chi etc (not that you need it for weight loss!).

    Mmm...I would advice against buying your gear from KMart. I've bought equipment from there and it hasn't been very safe or well made. I'm in the opinion (tried and tested) that you should *invest* in some good stuff. I'd go with Rebel or Workout World. Ask M where she got her tramp from! That's just my opinion though.

    YAY for home delivery. I do most of my shopping this way because it makes it easier to plan and not buy the junk.

    Have a great weekend!

  6. Congrats on the loss!

    Just popping in to say a quick hello. I will return to my Body, Mind, & Spirit blog this Fall. For now you can find me here:

    and here


  7. Julie, my mini tramp is the one from the Kmart (they are on sale at the moment). It is excellent. Has no springs but works well. I have been jogging on mine for more than a year and it is as good as new.

  8. P.S. I jog on my tramp with bare feet. Haven't had any problems whatsoever.
    Will you have to check about your foot before using a tramp though? Be careful.

  9. Yaaaay for your loss Julie. Fantastic.

    Bugger about the leg though. You have worked really had and this little 'rest' is not going to set you back forever. Take it easy on your leg now so you can give it a real thrashing soon :)

  10. Hi Julie. You certainly have been getting a lot done lately. BTW my tramp is the mini one from Kmart and it is great. Your weight loss is going great. Must be doing many things right. I also use home delivery and it is well worth the time taken to set it up.