Wednesday, January 03, 2007

If at first you don't suceed.......

OK here I go again. Hopefully this will work this time as Im finding typing tedious and extremely hard.

I had my hand operation on 21st December. Pins inserted into the thumb, index and little finger on my right hand to fuse the first joint. The plaster came off yesterday and I now have individual splints held on with hot pink velco and exercises and pshysio for the next 4 weeks. My joints were so badly affected by the arthritis I had to have a bone graft (taken from my wrist). I cant work out which has been the most painful.

You would think that is enough wouldnt you but oh no
Last September I slipped over in the city and I thought I had just badly sprained my ankle. Guess the healing process meandered on because I wasnt doing much while I was awaiting my back operation in October but once I was over that I was off and running literally. Couldnt do weights but concentrated on cardio. Mid December lower leg blew up and I hobbled back to GP (who has now instigated a care plan for me) had it xrayed and guess what, old break (probably Sept fall) had shifted and of course all the ligaments I had damaged werent helping so off to foot surgeon the next day and now have one of those big boots because I couldnt have plaster or crutches as I was going into hospital the next day for my hand.

So here I am, yet again virtually housebound for another school holidays. Oh well the rest will do me good.

NEW YEARS RESOLUTION: No hospitals for me in 2007 (pray the ankle heals well and I wont need surgery).

DD is home at the moment from college and she has been driving me to drs appts. She goes back next Friday week and then it is only a couple of weeks to graduation.

DS is off to Bali in a couple of weeks. My opinion that he should not go was ignored as usual but he did ask me.

DH and I are driving down to Rutherglen next week using the time DD is in Sydney to mind Lucy so we can take the car for a spin.

I hope everyone had a great Christmas and New Year. I have caught up with most of the blogs.
Sharon I love your new hair cut. It looks amazing.
Zanna, the poem "Twas the month after Christmas" is winging its way to some of my friends who I know will relate to it.
Jodie, congratulations on the new teeth milestone.

Have read two books -
Whitethorn Woods by Maeve Binchy and The Dreamkeepers Daughter by Kim Edwards. Both completely different but both really enjoyable.
Enjoying listening to my Edith Piaf CD (Chrissie present from DD)
Have started my french lessons so hopefully by next year, if and when, we go to Europe I will be able to at least understand it and maybe speak it.
Am slowly working my way back to my sensible eating plan (notice the absence of the word diet). Exercise is a pipedream at the moment so I will have to rely on eating better and drinking less (perhaps another pipedream).

Take care and enjoy 2007 - I intend to.


  1. Your poor body has certainly been through a lot. I hope there are no hospitals for you in 2007. Enjoy the trip with DH.

  2. I agree, definately NO hospital stays for you in 2007 Julie! You well and truly had your share of ops. We may need to come and wrap you in cottonwool and take care of you!

  3. Gosh you must have offended the gods in a big way - what a time you've had. But I so admire how you manage to stay so positive.
    Be gentle with yourself

  4. OMG I hope 2007 brings you more joy health wise

  5. I hope you can keep your NY resolution. Hospitals are a pain in the butt at the best of times!! Take care!! XX

  6. Hope that is all your bad luck well and truly out of the way!! Take care and hope that 2007 is a far better one for you:)