Wednesday, January 24, 2007


I am weighing myself everyday which I know is not ideal and I shouldnt do it because I know it can be very disheartening, and I will STOP this Saturday but because I am not exercising I have been interested in seeing that if I can keep within my daily calorie intake whether I can lose the weight I have put on over the last 5 weeks.

I have been tracking religously except when I eat out (too hard to guestimate but I do try to be sensible). I am trying to keep within allowance although most days I find I just go over.
I have been drinking at least 6 glasses of water a day.
I have a little book to write everything down.
I have been wearing my pedometer again even though I cant get over 5000 steps per day.
I am surprised at the amount of carbs in fruit (are there such things as good carbs?).
I mostly have confined myself to one glass of wine a day, when DH gets home from work, but am aiming for every other day.

It is raining today and the bushfires are receding. We were okay here at home because the wind was always on our side but I was worried about work. Although over 900 hectares of my beloved park has been burned no properties or people were destroyed.

DS had his own fire to fight on Monday at work. They think kids started it as two were seen running from the area just prior to it going up. He arrived home for his weekly baked dinner covered in black soot and smelling like he had been smoked and extremely abuzz. Elvis was there too and apparently amazing to watch in action close up. The course staff concentrated on put out the spot fires that had jumped two fairways and were heading towards houses and left the main fire to the regular firies and of course the magnificant Elvis and friends. I gave him some of his fathers clothes, he went for a swim and I washed his clothes. So proud of him, he is growing into a magnificent man.

DD has her roster now and starts next week. She is understandably nervous and is not a person I would recommend talking to at the moment as she is a bit depressed or as I've come to classify these people "sunshine suckers". I know this probably seems harsh but she does not like new things or change, never has, from her first job at a fast food call centre at 15 when I had to drive her to work for her first shift after training and force her out of the car (she worked there 5 years). I dont think I can do that this time, after all she is an adult and armed and certainly does have attitude.

DS off to Thailand on Friday (I know he will be fine but he enjoys stirring me up by talking about skydiving etc).

Rugby season is nearly upon us again and I have just signed up for a tipping competition for the Super14s. I really have no idea, and DH will tell me so, but it will be really interesting to see how I do as opposed to those who "know" what they are talking about. Teehee. I have great aspirations.

A big weekend ahead - at least two long lunches (there goes the tracking again) but I will try. Early start tomorrow as we have to pick up DDs furniture and bring it back to Sydney and of course we have to fit in with DDs plans ie a hairdressing appointment in Sydney at 1:30 pm. Some things never change. I am just there for company as I am still classified as disabled, and once I am fully wake up will plug in my iPod and sing to DH to keep him alert. Nobody could not be alert at the sound that I make.

Hope all you Aussies have a great Australia Day. Make good choices and enjoy. Have a good week too.


  1. Hi Julie,
    I know just how scary these bushfires can be as my property was damaged in the New Years Day bushfires last year! The firefighters are the most amazing people, I can't speak highly enough of them!
    I'm also a daily weigher! I just feel that I can stay on top of the battle if I weigh daily.. Plus I'm just too impatient to wait for a week.. lol
    Enjoy your big weekend and the long lunches - sounds great!

  2. You sound like you've had a really good week - good on you for restraining the alcohol - wish I could do that but as the saying goes one's not enough and a thousand's too many!!

  3. Keep trying with the tracking, if you can't, make good sensible choices.

    Have a great weekend


  4. Sounds like you are doing really well.
    Hopefully we get more rain to stop the threat of fires. It is such a worry.

  5. I am a daily weigher too...really keeps me on track...I was getting to the stage that I was weighing everytime I was in the bathroom ...but now I only do it first thing in the morning, naked to get a true is amazing how weight flutuates during a week!!!

  6. Hi Julie, we could call it the NTQG--Neglected Treasures Quilt Guild!Interested to read that you work in environmental education. My 19 yr. old son is thinking of majoring in environmental science. You lack of rain down there must be a huge worry, along with your brush fires...Girls playing rugby??For real??