Wednesday, April 18, 2007


Times seem to be changing. I have been brought up short by other people's observations this week. Blogs disappearing, people moving on. Sad but inevitable.

I like to live by lists. But, they can be counter productive too because it opens you up to failure if you dont achieve everything you want to do in a day. So, have scrapped lists yet again and am just trying to find some sort of natural routine which leaves me open to changes.

I have managed to tidy, hedge, weed, prune two gardens in the front yard so far but have run out of green bin space. Have rung the council and asked if it is possible to have two bins and the answer was yes so I have ordered it and it should arrive next week. Ive still got lots to do but nowhere to put green waste. The compost is full (happy little worms), the worm farm is full, the green bin is full, the weeding bins are full and I wont get them empty until tomorrow so I am kind of stymied.

Have also had a massive cleanout of the family room and a rearrangement, bought some new indoor plants, rehoused the canary and am generally feeling happier with that room too.

Have been a bit off with my eating for the last couple of days (read... eating all the biscuits). A bit bored really with being at home. I guess I do like being frantically busy and cramming as much into the day as I can. This does not augur well for retirement does it?

Have discovered custard apples. They are rich and creamy and so so sweet. Love them. Also have been having smoothies for breakfast with raspberries I bought when they were cheap and froze. Such an incredible colour and the taste sensation is wonderful.

Highlights for the next week:
DD picking up new car today and we are going to IKEA for some retail therapy
I will finish my book and be able to start another one
Rugby (not really a highlight but the social side is okay)
Parramatta Girls
The Ballet and dinner with friends
Back to work (a four day week)
Plan to start my C25K running program - podcasts loaded on nano and ready to go (thanks Zanna)


  1. OOOhh...IKEA! I lurve that place, probably to an unnatural extent. Have a great day with DD and look forward to seeing you tonight!

  2. You've got lots of great things to look forward too! Change is always a good thing :-)

  3. Good luck for Day 2!

  4. Mmm I love smoothies for brekky too.. I buy the boxes of frozen raspberries and blend some up with skim milk & a them!!
    Hope you are enjoying your week..

  5. Sounds like you have been very busy.

    I don't like lists. I even forget my shopping list when I go for groceries.
    Good luck back at work.