Thursday, April 05, 2007

A tiny loss but still a loss

Well the weigh in went okay. I lost 300g this week and I know a loss is a loss.
I exercised every day. I stayed within my points (I think - not sure about Saturday night when we ate out but did my best - grilled barramundi and salad but had 2 wines). Which brings to a total of four wines in the past four weeks - this is some sort of record for me.

Have bought everyone easter eggs and a tiny chocolate penguin from DJs for me. I mos well have something really really nice if I am only going to have anything. Also there is a packet of hot cross buns in the kitchen but I will probably give it to DD who is going camping this weekend.

DH has gone fishing with DS, one of his brothers and a posse of nephews tonight. Oh and a neighbour. They go every Easter (and have done for as long as I have known DH) and usually catch enough fish for everyone to have for dinner tomorrow. Mind you they used to go all night and come home tomorrow but as they are getting older they like their bed, as we all do, so I expect them home sometime late tonight. Usually it is a wild and woolly night but fingers crossed it doesnt seem too bad out there tonight.

I have go a stack of DVDs from the shop to watch over the weekend. Starting with the Lakehouse tonight when I get back from dinner with a girlfriend and DD.

Term 1 has now officially ended and I am on holidays! Yippee. It has been a tough term and I am glad it is over. Looking forward to catching up with people, gardening and giving my house a damn good clean. Plus I have a new book from the library to read - a chick-flick type book - nothing heavy and a new crossword book. Bliss.

I have downloaded the C25K podcasts as instructed by Zanna and am going to start them. I realise I cant run with Lucy. It is like dragging an 8kg weight behind me (someone is very unfit and I dont mean me). So I will have to add another exercise time to my day during the next two weeks. Also want to do some classes at the gym during the day. So many things, so little time.

Now I just have to survive dinner tonight, dinner tomorrow night, the chocolate penguin and the hot cross buns and I hopefully will not put on any weight this week. Once again, a loss, even a small loss would be okay.

Hope you all have a wonderful Easter break
Take care


  1. Well done on the loss Julie and Happy Easter!

  2. Hi Julie, a loss at this time of the year is a super effort! So much temptation and eating out & drinking to be done.. Your weekend sounds like a blissful one.. Hope you are enjoying it.. Chris xx

  3. Those little losses all add up - well done:)

  4. Hi Julie, Hope you had a lovely Easer. Congratulations on those losses - they all do add up - trust me - I'm getting there but it's ever so slowly. How are you finding the C25K - I started Wk 3 today and I'm amazed at how easy I'm finding it so far. Keep thinking there must be a huge shock in store one day soon!

  5. Sorry for typos - brain goes faster than the fingers!!