Sunday, June 17, 2007

Some new rules

Have instigated a new regime. Made a list (another one!) of 10 things that I would like to happen most days as follows:

No. 1: Restrict alcohol to nights that I don’t have to go to work. Effectively means that during term time only on Friday and Saturday nights.

No. 2: Drink more water

No. 3: Exercise everyday if possible, doesn’t have to be strenuous just keep moving.

No. 4: No snacking between breakfast and lunch and by snacking I mean no biscuits, toast or cake.

No. 5: No snacking between lunch and dinner (same as above). This is a really hard one.

No. 6: No snacking after dinner.

No. 7: No cups of tea

No. 8: More herbal tea

No. 9: More fruit

No. 10: 1 cup of coffee per day.

I have also being weighing myself each morning to see how either keeping to the above or not keeping to the above effects my weight.

The reason for this was Mary’s post about running and how she has put C25K on hold. She mentioned ideal running weight so I googled it and found a website and worked it out that I was a few kilos over my ideal running weight. I know a few kilos doesn’t sound much but with my dodgy joints a few kilos is a “mountain” and looking back on my running the easiest week was the one when I was at my lightest, still not at “ideal” but closer. So that is what I am aiming at.

It is getting harder to motivate myself with exercise because of the cold and wet but except for the slight hiccup last week have managed to maintain my exercise schedule.

Water or the lack of it has also been a problem. Since it has cooled down I haven’t been drinking much, if any, water. So now have a little bottle which I fill with water and try to drink lots of each day.

Minus 5 Bar last week was fun but cold. They give you coats, gloves and ugg boots if you want them, but after about 20 mins the cold begins to seep into your bones. It was actually -15 deg. The cocktails were yummy but don’t ask me what was in them other than Absolut. One was called “snowball” and the other was “frisky penguin”. We were the only “oldies” in the group and had a great night. After leaving that bar we went down to the Lenin bar for a few more drinks and then DH and I left the younguns to party and we went and had a light meal at City Extra before heading home. A fun night.

My new car was ordered on Sunday. A Subaru impreza hatchback. Should be here in a week or two. A bit sad to be losing my 121 (I do get attached to things) but a new car is always exciting. I’m looking forward to having an all wheel drive car again especially driving to work down a windy narrow road everyday. The 121 is fine in the dry but the wet is scary and I have to drive very slowly because it tends to slide on the corners.

(Edit: New car arrives tomorrow - instead of trading in Mazda have sold it to a friends daughter for what they were going to give me for a trade-in. She has promised I can visit.)

DS moved back home last night and you cannot move in my loungeroom or study because of the number of bags etc that are there. Hopefully they will not stay there too long. His job has fallen through or been delayed in the UK but he says he is still going but is putting the departure date back a week.

(He has now booked to fly out on the 28th. Damn him - I am going to the airport. He cant ban me - I'm his mother! I promise not to sook too much.)

Have rebooked my yoga for next term plus have managed to get back into my tai chi class. My new blanket and mat made this weeks yoga class snuggley warm.

Another wet weekend in Sydney. A bit of stress from having two grownup children living at home, masses of washing, a stressful message from my mother on the answering machine when I got home Friday night (not going there) etc etc. Sunday night feeling better, had drinks and dinner with the rellies tonight (rellies are close friends and kind of neighbours that we have known since our children were little and hunted in a tribe together (the children not the adults). Gareths farewell from them, a fun night of reminising(?) etc - our history goes back around 20 years.

I hope you all have a wonderful week.


  1. Heyyyyyyyyyy go for it girl!!

    Don't let the stresses of life get you down, remember this journey is for YOU, it's your life and you have to enjoy it too. So keep at it, keep smiling, have a great week!

    Jen xx

  2. Good to plan and have lists!! Good luck!

    I envy you with your new car, since I won't drive our 4 wheel drive (too big) I'm left with an old corolla, never minds it gets me from A to B.

    Will be thinking of you at the airport.

  3. Gosh we do run in parallel - I am a keeper and writer of lists extraordinaire, and as for your list of 10, well it could be mine. Know what you mean about the airport thing - Clive has come and gone quite a few times now and I always used to go to the airport much to his dismay - he hates anyone seeing him off. But this last time I didn't since I could see that he really doesn't like the airport thing - and amazingly enough the sky didn't fall in - but it still doesn't feel right - I think actually being at the airport seems to give some sense of closure to the parting. Anyway thinking of you with all the bags, washing etc - but isn't it wonderful that they feel they can and want to come back to Mum's - some parents have children who just go without a word. Hang in there. Z xx

  4. It's amazing how writing a list can keep us more focussed.. I think I'll write myself a list this week too.. Water and exercise have been my two biggest downfalls lately..
    Congratulations on the new car too!
    Hope your week goes well..

  5. Good luck with your list. We need extra focus during the winter to be able to stick to our goals and I am sure that writing things down does help.

  6. Ideal running weight can bring about interesting debates as I've found out. I'm still going to lose a couple of kilos before I start again and wait 'til it's warmer.

    I think it's harder exercising when it's cold and wet too and forgot I had an exercise bike last year for cardio. I'm finding I'm doing more yoga and weights now. Itching to get outside though but I refuse to walk/cycle in the rain. Good going with maintaining your own schedule!

    Minus 5 sounds like an experience. I keep getting invited to go but always find an excuse not to and not on purpose LOL. Maybe in summer too :-)

    Great to hear you re-booked yoga too! Blankets are your best friend right now.