Friday, June 22, 2007

I surrender but I will survive to fight again

Well it has been a bit of a stressful week.

I finally succumbed on Monday to that tummy bug that is going around and even though I wasn't as sick as some people have been, after 3 weeks of feeling offcolour, I gave up and stayed in bed. I’ve still got it, it seems to linger, but at least the nauseousness has gone for the moment.

Of course, new car was arriving on Monday so DH had to pick up but they needed a copy of my licence so they could register it. DD found her printer and photocopied it for me and then I had to go over to the post office and fax it to the dealer. Not exactly what I wanted to do.

So I said goodbye my little white car which was kind of sad. I have had it for over 13 years and it has been wonderful. I taught both kids to drive (dents to prove it) in it and it has taken me lots of places. It was zippy and cute. Oh well, a girlfriends 26 year old daughter bought it for the price the dealer was going to give us as a trade in which was a bargain as it has nearly 12 months rego on it and it has been a very well maintained little car.

Anyway, new car is nice and I am getting used to it.

Had a farewell sausage sizzle for DS on Sunday night with a group of friends who are known as “the rellies”. It was a fun night with lots of reminiscing and laughter.

I have also surrendered the following this week:
What I eat
House cleaning

I have two adult children operating out of the one bedroom (remember I turned DS bedroom into my study when he moved out last year) and it is like when they were younger. Each of them comes to me with complaints about the other. I guess they never grow out of it or else mine don’t seem to have. Finally on Wednesday, I got sick of it and ventured into the said bedroom and starting at the door, sorted clothes – dirty clean, folded, picked up rubbish until I made it around to the windows. Now as an extra job each morning before I go to work I go in there and do the same thing again but on a smaller scale just to keep the peace between two extremely messy and not a little bit lazy people. I can hear you now - yes it is my fault I guess, I lost the plot somewhere because they were not like this when they were younger.

Because of the extra work with having these two at home I have not exercised this week. It is like the bad old days when they were younger and I didn’t have a life of my own – it was just an extension of my familys. I have worked hard at reclaiming my life back to focus on me and it amazed me how quickly I lost that ground.

Except for yoga – nothing will make me miss yoga. Not even coming home all relaxed to find a family stressed out because dinner wasn’t ready when they got home and heaven help him, DH had to cook it. ##!@@@%%%!!!! OK, deep breathing, focus, relax.

Mentioned to DH that maybe he needs to get his hearing checked. After eons of working with aircraft I know he has a hearing problem but I feel it is getting worse and he tends to snap and accuse everyone of mumbling. I know it must be frustrating for him but it is really frustrating for me too, either having to repeat everything two or three times or getting no response at all. Anyway I suggested he might like to get his hearing tested with a view of maybe some sort of hearing aid and the answer was just a flat no. He was never going to have a hearing aid. I can see myself strangling him in the near future.

Been to rheumatologist today and he has upped my meds again. Yay! The joint swelling and soreness might subside a bit. He agreed that winter was probably not the best time to reduce meds and that that experiment hadn’t work. I think I may have forgotten to go and get my blood test done lately as he only had a result from March and I thought I had gone in May. Obviously another senior moment and I have gotten my Ms mixed up.

OK DS leaves next Thursday finally. Oh how my tune has changed over the last month. He is really good company and we get on exceptionally well but he is a bit of a nightmare to live with. I had forgotten, but I will still be very sad that he is not near to talk to and for hugs.

One more week of work before the next school holidays. Yay!! It is the Winter Solstice today which means .. ta da… the days are going to start getting longer again.

Busy weekend ahead yet again. I hope everyone has a good one.


  1. I had to laugh when I read about your suggestion for a hearing aid for your DH! My dad got one 3-4 weeks ago, under my pressure from the family, and has not worn it once yet! So stubborn!!!!
    I hope you are feeling better this week.. You will get back on top of things once you get rid of the dreaded bug!
    Hope you have a special week with your son, before he heads off o/s..

  2. I love it - "nothing will make me miss yoga" :-)