Tuesday, August 28, 2007

I’m a buzzin’

Should be a cute picture of a bee here
but having trouble and dont have time.
Please visualise!

I’ve lasted 5 days. No not lasted that’s too harsh.
I’ve drank 2 litres of water each day
I’ve done some sort of exercise most days
I’ve stayed within my 18 points most days

DD has moved out, sort of. This could take a while.
She is happy and I am happy. Her house is interesting and nice and she is busy furnishing it (there have been several trips to IKEA already). I bought a plunger and big pack of ground coffee as a house warming present as she only had instant.

Off to a conference in the city for the next two days. Staying overnight and there is a dinner as well. Tracking will be hard (I know it will) but I will enjoy I, not stress out and I will pack my joggers so that I can try to get in a walk in the afternoon between end of Day 1 and the dinner. I think the Domain is nearby but if not I will just walk through the city.


  1. Go Julie!! No wonder you are buzzing. So easy to slip back into old habits and so hard to get out of them - but you have!

  2. I'd say you are going very well! Daily exercise is a great habit to get in to - find something you like and you will miss it when you can't do it. While away I ran for spurts on our bushwalks as I felt sluggish not getting my heart pumping. I know, I didn't believe this from me either ;oP.

    DD sounds all sorted and Ikea'd-up. That shop is a great day out!

  3. Way to go Julie. This is a great effort.

    And if you are out and about in the park today, I am actually going for a walk to the fountain and back.. I will wave if I see you :)

  4. Thats great, you are doing extra well.

    Yep, pack the joggers...a walk before dinner will be a bonus!


  5. Great to hear you sounding so upbeat and focussed. Glad you're enjoying the travelling tart's tales
    Take care Z xx