Monday, December 10, 2007

On track

I like the core plan at WW. It is boring but easy. I lost another 1.2 kgs this week (as at last Thursday) so am still on track for Christmas.

Of course I have been a bit social lately so am not overly confident of another loss this week.

I went to the ballet on Saturday and saw "The Nutcracker" which was beautiful but trying to find something healthy for lunch was a nightmare. Settled for a ham and salad baguette which I cut in half and bought home for the eating machine that is living with us at the present. The ballet was summed up for me by the young girl I saw at the ballet and then again on Waitara station with her Mum leaping along like a ballerina (the girl not the Mum). Such exuberance was infectious.

It's raining again - it was actually hailing yesterday. I have pictures of our front lawn covered in white balls. I was gardening, in the middle of building a new stone wall for a new garden when I heard the storm coming. I just picked up everything and ran - thought it was the rain and wind I could hear but it was actually the hail. Luckily our cars were under cover and I rang the kids and warned them what was coming their way. Mark actually had red welts on his back where he got hit. Hmm, summer in Sydney.


  1. Hope that you have a wonderful Christmas and all the best for 2008:-)

  2. I love the ballet. I am yet to go to a 'live' performance but the TV is almost as good (NOT!).

    Have a very Merry Christmas Julie, hope to catch up with you in the New Year. xx

  3. mmmmm they say Australia will have a wet summer...sure looks like it there and likewise here too, thou we haven't had the hail you have...

    All the best for christmas....hope its a good one...take care, be safe...


  4. Merry belated Christmas wishes to you and your family, and I hope your feisty baby had a very happy birthday!