Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Summer rain taps at my window.........

Well last weeks weigh in was a bit of a fizzer. Only lost 100g but at least it was a loss and it counterbalances the 1.8kg loss the first week so I guess I am more or less on track.

I have been writing down what I have been eating this week to see where maybe I went wrong. The “CORE PLAN” is easy to follow – maybe too easy.

We had an interesting experience last week. Went out for dinner with friends to restaurant in Neutral Bay. It was a degustation menu and as we got to the final course we had to evacuate the restaurant due to a gas leak next door. Nobody could pay but of course they had a contact number for all diners so my friend was duly rang the next day and fixed up the bill minus a discount (after her husband had a word to them).

Am off to the rheumatologist today for an emergency appointment as my ankle is quite swollen and painful and I think I need a cortisone injection before he disappears on holidays. Very nice of him to fit me in but I am sure his secretary is pulling her hair out.

The wet humid stormy weather continues. The garden is really lapping it up and seems to be growing before my eyes. It looks perfect. I have a section that looks a bit so-so and I have decided to plant it out with waratahs and minature kangaroo paws as the soil is poor and I have been inspired by a friends garden who has planted native plants in her garden even though the majority of my garden is planted with buxus, gardenias, azaleas, jessamine, roses and magnolias.

Talking about inspired – I have spoken to two friends about their gardens and have discovered that both of them did the stone walls around their garden beds including terracing all by themselves. So I am going to attempt to do the same in the back yard to lay the foundations for a new garden bed to hide an ugly paling fence. But first I am going to pick their brains and one has even offered to help me but I think I want to try to do it by myself (body willing of course).

My baby turns 23 this Friday. She came into the world in a rush, induced out of the cocoon because of toxaemia. Mind you she had been trying to fight her way out for quite awhile. I claimed her as my baby just after she was born and, even though we have a love/hate relationship we are incredibly close and there is rarely a day goes by when I don’t speak to her, sometimes many times. She was a screamer and did it nonstop for the first few months of her life. She is the reason that we have only two children because we were so exhausted we decided that we couldn’t do this again and that was even after the firstborn being a copybook perfect baby. She never learnt to walk - it was a run from her first step. She spent her early life wanting to be a boy like her brother, wearing his hand-me-downs, scorning dresses (I still have them packed away) demanding the same things that he got and trailing after him and his friends with the plaintive cry “wait for me”. I look at her in constant wonderment that I produced (Mark had something to do with it too) this firey,fiesty, slim build (didnt get my hips), fair skinned, green eyed redhead whose determination to succeed at whatever she chooses never ceases to amaze me. In the constant paradox she is, she wanted perfume and a multipurpose knife for her work belt for her birthday. I hope she has a wonderful birthday and knows how proud we are of her always.

Less than three weeks of work before five weeks off. Yahoo!!

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  1. Loved hearing about your daughter! She sounds stunning with her colouring:-)