Thursday, February 07, 2008

Well I'm back, sort of.........

I looked at Google Reader last night and saw that I have 170 unread posts to read. My God you guys are prolific.

I had a lovely relaxing Christmas and January. I did very little except try to whittle off the holiday weight gain and plan for 2008.

I had a small side trip to the Gold Coast to my girlfriend, husband in tow for 4 days in which we packed a lot of stuff. Many drinks and lots of food, a river cruise, the races, yum cha, bbqs. I dedicated the weight gain to her but in the end it only turned out to be 200g. I walked every morning and even inspired my girlfriend to take it up again. We now communicate regularly via email about our progress.

My plans for 2008 are:
Walk Lucy every day for at least 30 mins (she needs to trim down too). Rainy days I head for the gym and walk on the treadmill and Lucy misses out.
Lose those last 4 or 5 kilos.
Start the major renovations on my house finally
Help my son to move out of the house (yes he is still there – so much for needing two weeks accommodation 3 months ago)
Tone up my muscles

I have found a personal trainer I really like. The first one I tried nearly killed me. I could have told her I was a paraplegic and it would have made not one iota of difference. Sandra is perfect for me – listened to what I had to say, set up a weights program for me to be reviewed in 4 weeks time and made the whole session fun with lots of laughter.

I have a MRI scheduled for next week. My left ankle has swollen up incredibly over the last couple of months and the cortisone injections I had before Christmas only worked for a couple of weeks. The rheumotologist thinks it is arthritis but the MRI is just to check that something else hasn’t occurred. Hopefully another operation is not on the cards but if it is, it is.

Life is very hectic especially since I am trying to fit in exercise time. It would be a lot easier if I didn’t walk or swim or go to the gym and gave up pilates and yoga but after many many years of putting everyone else and their interests first I regard this stage of my life as mine. It may be selfish but I don’t care.

I’m not spending hours on the computer any more. I will try to read and comment when I can because I have become extremely fond of some of you and the support and friendship you have offered to me over the last couple of years has been phenomenal but life is moving on.

I’ll be in touch……


  1. So glad to see you around again - was just getting to the panicky stage and thinking I'd better email you and make sure you were OK. Know what you mean about not spending too much time on the PC - I'm only posting weekly and although I have a quick read on bloglines - I've become quite slack at commenting. Well done on maintaining such a good focus over the holiday season and for still having it - if you've any motivation spare you'd better send it over to me!!!! Take care Love Z xx

  2. Haha - 170 unread, overwhelming! Sounds like you had a great start to the year and it's good to hear that you've found a PT you like. I've heard some horror stories. I hope you let us know how it's all going in 4 weeks.

    I know what you mean about being busy and the computer. I only have time to comment on my favourite blogs and now that I'm studying as well, I'll only get to catch up on blogs while I have some free time at work. Oh well. It's still nice to keep in touch!

    Fingers crossed that your ankle sorts itself out.


    wowwwwwwww only 200 grams gain, thats awesome...walking really helps ehhhh?

    Be is time for you, go for it!!

    Jen xx