Tuesday, February 26, 2008


X-ray guided injections of cortisone went okay today. Jess was able to drive and I took a sick day off work. Had lots of injections starting with anesthetics and they hurt like hell but a bit like childbirth, once they were finished the pain diminished quickly. At one stage I was crying my eyes out and heard the "work experience" doctor suggest that perhaps a bigger or longer needle would work better. I actually told him to hush!

Caught up with a few blogs today - am down to 130 to be read. Cant comment because of time constraints but rest assured I am keeping up with you.

Stormy and rainy and hot tonight in Sydney. Off to bed.

Weight has not been good but could be the medication. No who am I kidding its the food and alcohol from the theatre/rugby weekend, the anniversary weekend and should continue with the friends moving back to Queensland weekend this weekend. After that it might settle down a bit. Here is hoping.

Enjoy your week everyone


  1. Ouch!!!!!
    I hope the injections help you though and you are feeling better today.
    Sounds like you have had some nice times celebrating lately. A girl's gotta live. I reckon if we are "good" 80% of the time it's OK ;-)

  2. Anaesthetics are reknown for causing weight increase....but sure hope they have made you feel better. We can't be "good all the time, but heyyyyy we do try and thats the main thing!!
    Keep smiling....and enjoy,


  3. How's things? I'm off the wine again - was becoming all too much and the old BP was climbing up the scale? Hope the cortisone is working - think of you often Z xx

  4. Been wondering how you are? Hope all is ok?