Sunday, August 24, 2008


Well it is still cold here but I have the spring cleaning bug. Not really spring cleaning because, well, it's still too cold to be out washing windows and blinds etc. but I have started decluttering. This is going to take a while with the culmination here in my study which is progressively getting harder and harder to get into.

This Friday coming is the start of my 10 week plan to get back into some sort of shape for a friends sons wedding. No set plan about how I am going to do this. Maybe drink more water, wear my pedometer and aim for 10,000 steps a day and eat less rubbish. Should do it.

There is so much to do - crosswords to finish, ironing to finish, plants to water, clothes to put away, bathrooms to clean, books to read, knitting to start, folk art project to finish and I am sitting here typing my blog.

I had better get back to decluttering - family room and lounge/dining room almost done. Only came in here to shred some papers. I just cant be trusted.

Have a great week. I am getting back in the swing of reading blogs again so you will hear from me soon.

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  1. Can smell spring in the air here too.....mornings are lighter, not as cold AND I have started walking again before work....yeaaaaaaa starting to feel a little better...

    Have fun with the de-cluttering...