Friday, August 29, 2008

Today’s the day

I have 10 weeks to get myself back in shape for a wedding. That’s the goal anyway.

I don’t want to diet anymore. I don’t want there to be anything that I cant have. In moderation. I want to reprogram my brain and body to eat slowly and eat in moderation (that word again) rather than vacuuming any and all food up throughout the day.

I am doing this with a friend except I think she is dieting.

I am going to try to exercise each day (baby steps but I will get there). DD is coming to the gym with me today and helping me on the exercise bike – not the one that everyone rides but the one that looks like a real bike – I don’t know what it is called but for some reason it scares me. So she is going to help me get past this fear or laugh herself silly at my attempts. Also aiming for 10,000 steps per day.

Drink more water. Of late have not been drinking water. Have been eating instead so will use this as a deterrent to eating. Will try to drink 2 litres a day but not to have any after maybe 4 as I will be up all night wearing a track between bed and bathroom.

Eat food that I know is good for me. I know what it is – I have been doing this for centuries. Except in my mind I think this food is not fun. Sausage rolls, chiko roll, hot chips, any carbs, wine etc = fun. Have to change this mindset. Don’t know how to do this as yet but am going to try.

Okay weighed in this morning and got a bit of a shock. I knew my work clothes were getting tighter but didn’t quite realise how much I had put on. I actually think I was in denial.

I am going to try to lose 1kg a week. That might put me into the ballpark of the weight I want to be especially for summer. It means I will have to refocus on me for a while.

DS is finally making moves to move out of home. I love him dearly but he is driving me mad. Cant seem to have normal conversations with him – it is all centred on him: his job, his girlfriend, his moods, his friends, the fact that he doesn’t earn enough money etc etc. It just goes on and on. He has kind of overstayed his welcome and I gravitate between really enjoying his company to hiding from him which is hard to do as our house is not that big.

DH has gone away for a weekend with the guys to play golf up the coast. Believe it or not he actually took his computer with him. I hope he relaxes and enjoys himself. He really needs a break.

Have nearly decluttered/cleaned out my study and it is wonderful. Still have a bit to do but ran out of bin room in both the rubbish bin and the recycling bin. Cupboards and drawers seem to be my weakness although once they get full I do branch out. I think the key to decluttering for dyed-in-the-heart hoarders is to do it more than once, maybe every month. It is way too hard to get rid of everything in one go but if you do one big clean out (the first) and then say every month a minor one it might work out easier. Had to laugh though, DD went through my Lifeline box and took heaps of stuff home. Her partner was probably not too impressed.

So a quiet weekend ahead. Just Lucy the Wonderdog and me unless DS hangs around. Hope I don’t have to do too much cooking.

Take care and wish me luck this week.


  1. Need to do a bit of de-cluttering here too....I not a hoarder, I just tend to put things aside for "when I get time" to whatever !!

    Have a great weekend....and enjoy the no dieting...that word moderation does work.

  2. You can do it, Julie! Getting started is often the hardest bit, but after a few days all the clean, healthy food, water and exercise feels good - you know it does ;o).

    It might sound whacky, but listen to your body and give it what it asks for. You will soon find a balance and it feels great. I have put on 7kg over winter, but in all honesty I am not bothered one iota. That 7kgs is with me NEVER eating at home (seriously, I emptied the bin today for the first time in six weeks - hehe, don't worry, there were no stinky food scraps in there), and I can't recall when my last alcohol free day. Terrible, yes, but lots of fun all the same! The thing is, I KNOW that the weight will fall off with a little bit of refocusing and I can do that while enjoying myself.

    Do what actually feels good and healthy for you. Sometimes that will include wine and chocolate, it's just the way the world is. Why fight it?

    Have a great weekend, and all the best decluttering - a big job but well worth the effort.

  3. Anonymous5:52 PM

    Have a great weekend and I want good health for you forever !

  4. Anonymous6:04 PM

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  5. very good blog, congratulations
    regard from Reus Catalonia
    thank you

  6. Good for you - sounds like we might be on parallel again - I've been really good and going to the gym 3 times a week. Like you haven't been drinking enough water - it gets cold in my office so I tend to head for coffee - roll on summer! As you'll read I've got DS back again - although I don't mind - we get along really well - he's good at helping around the place and the only real problem is the utterly chaotic mess that he lives in - but he does confine it to the bedroom so I just shut the door! I'm in totaly agreement over the 'dieting' word - it's not in my vocabulary - I'm striving to eat in such a way that my weight either goes down if it needs to or stays stable and I think I've almost managed to get to that mindsest that I eat what I want - my choice - but then I have to deal (if necessary) with the consequences of that choice. Sorry ... huge ramble. Have a great week Z xx

  7. Our DS left a few weeks ago, while I enjoyed catching up with him again, was kind of nice to wave him of once more!

    Facing up to the scales this morning after the holiday was hard! Needed to though and they aren't going to get any higher! I think we have all being doing this so long - it should be easy, but it's not! At least we keep on haning in there!

  8. By the way - Jake is a huge Spurs supporter. Though I suspect he chose them because one of his mates is an Arsenal fan and Jake loves to stir up that rivalry. But as part of my parents' London story, Dad taught at a school full of Spurs fans, so he was one too.

  9. You should google "flylady". She'll get you decluttered! Her ideas really work.....Hope your quest for moderation and health in eating is successful.Good luck!lyxscw