Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Doom and Gloom - You have been warned

Home is slowly getting sorted out. Ive started cleaning a room a day when I get home from work so that I am not spending one day of the weekend cleaning the house. Seems to be working out okay but for how long?

Weight still terrible but I am starting something new probably on Thursday. Talk about putting off the inevitable. If successful will share - if not you will never hear me mention this latest attempt again.

Blood pressure is now officially through the roof and am on tablets. When I went to doctors last week for methotrexate injection (a 15 minute visit) was there for 50 minutes as they took my blood pressure 7 times in various positions. Ending up ringing the husband and telling him I was being held hostage at the doctors just in case he was worried about me - should have known better.

Made appointments yesterday for radiologist to do anesthetics under xray and fluoroscope. Am taking the first two Fridays in December off to do these injections and maybe some Christmas shopping.

Am tired, irritable and not terribly good company at the moment.

Molly, am making another attempt at Enbrel next week when I see the rheumotologist and am definitely stopping methotrexate as I dont think it is doing me any good and when the person doing the injection wears gloves because the stuff is pure poison then I think enoughs enough

Have a great weekend and remember I would be lost without you.
In the words of Jeff Fenech - "I luvs you all"


  1. Hey it wasn't that bad *hugs*. And I so understand about the house and doing a room at a time. I just want to get off the cleaning the house on a weekend treadmill. It seems to eat into all the fun family time.

    Good luck with your plan for Thursday.

  2. Sorry you are having BP trouble. The methotrexate sounds awful too.

    Thursday sounds interesting..
    I can't believe I was so close to you when I was in Newcastle and I didn't realise it!

  3. Sorry to hear your ups and downs. Interested to hear what you are starting Thursday - whether it works or not!

    BP problems are so frustrating. You woulnd't be alone in being one of those people that the thought of having it taken at the doctors makes it go up even further. It's quite common. Shame you have to go on medication for it - from experience it's a hard one to reverse. Good luck!

  4. It takes a while for Enbrel to work, so don't give up if you can't go dancing after the first injection! The pharmacist told me Enbrel was much less toxic stuff than methotrexate, but I still take three pills a week, in addition to E. Where would we be without our drugs?? I'd probably melt into a messy puddle on the carpet.....Good Luck! Keep us updated.