Thursday, March 19, 2009


Hey guys, I can only say sorry for not blogging or reading lately. I am so focussed on losing weight (not always successfully), trying to fit in exercise, bringing all at work uptodate and more, getting my house in order before I go into hospital that there are just not enough hours in the day.

Anne I hope everything is going well with Peter.
Zanna, everytime I hear something about RioTinto I worry about you.
Suzy, you caring makes me smile.
Jen, I hope your son is behaving himself and everything is fine on your side of the country.
Molly, I miss your photographs.
Linda, I hope you have found your dream job.

The good news is I will soon have unlimited time to catch up and read. Expect lots of comments. I will be two weeks in plaster and then back into my big skiboot. I am so looking forward to being about to lie around for a month. Mind you nothing will get done at home and not sure how we will survive food wise but I dont care at this moment.

Must be off, boss has just rung in with urgent email to go now.


  1. Good luck in hospital - I hope it all goes well and you recover with no pain and fantastic results *hugs*.

    Life is busy. That happens.. :)

  2. Good luck Julie xx

  3. Best of luck Julie! Take care - and looking forward to catching up when you are back blogging.

  4. Good luck Julie, hope all goes well.
    Alls well here, look forward to catching up when you return. xx

  5. Im such a slack ass - meant to be on here to wish you all the best - but I am thinking about you - hope all is going well. Youre such a love for worrying about me - but with my recent move from working for a site to working for Rio direct Im actually sitting in a better position - the future is probably still a bit cloudy - but right now so is most peoples so Ill just keep on enjoying life and see what happens. Take care Z xx